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#60 - MED - Ongoing confirmation of the Gnostic investigatio

#60 - MED - Ongoing confirmation of the Gnostic investigatio

Archive of #60 - MED

Greetings once again to each and all. Yet again this is JLL coming to you with Gnostic Intel on the Internet. It's the 15th of September 2017 and this would be the 56th upload on Mandela Effect Decoded. I'm calling it “Ongoing Confirmation of the Gnostic investigation”.

To begin, I'd like to say a little bit about my timing. I believe I remarked in April and May that this investigation was going to proceed very rapidly and I expected to wind it up in early June or something like that.

Well, you may recall that I've also referred to another time frame from November 2016 to October 2017 and that's my time frame actually and it looks like that's the time frame of this race that I'm in to complete the installments of this investigation.

Much to my surprise it's dragged out somewhat and I now face the final stretch here okay. I'm in the final stretch and I'm doing my best for my own sake really to complete it sometime in the month of October which is in the next couple of weeks.

You will note if you go to the tracking page we're now on tracking page number six that I'm listing this talk ongoing confirmation of the Gnostic investigation and then I've listed the numbers for the remaining talks 57 through 64.

So as I upload those talks you'll find their titles listed there and the date of upload but there won't be any content provided right now I find it necessary to discontinue the work that I was putting into the tracking page.

Possibly at some future time, if someone comes along who can work under my supervision, I may be able to go back and fill in content links, illustrations and other relevant material regarding this talk and the remaining talks.

But for right now there will be no content. I simply don't find that I have the time or attention or patience to undertake that little task. So the best that I can do for you now is simply complete the audio form of uploads for this channel, okay?

The way life goes, I can't always deliver on my promises. I do recall telling you all that you would have a complete notebook, a complete course of studies that you can print out and go over year after year if you wish, based on the talks that I release on this channel. And that was certainly my primary intention.

Well, I managed to maintain it, maintain that intention until the 55th. installment and like I say if someone comes along who will do this for me and I can oversee it and I will certainly complete it. It's important to me that there is a printable written record of this investigation.

Also I want to tell those of you who are current with the investigation, that is to say who are listening to these uploads as they occur within the time frame that I've described. I want to highlight to you that you all have a really special responsibility.

You're in the front line of the installation of the super-learning event. You are in the front line of a Gnostic investigation which is incomparable and unique. And you always will be designated, at least in my mind, if not in your own minds, as the first course students, the avant-garde as it were.

You are those who took the course and undertook the investigation at the very moment that the effects tracked in the investigation were unfolding in real time, right? Okay.

The same applies for the Gaia Navigation Experiment. Quite a number of people around the world followed that experiment in real time from March 2011 to March 2014. And they belong to the premier group or avant-garde of the Gaia Navigation Experiment.

Now those people know that they carry a unique responsibility to be the transmitters and teachers of what they learned during that three-week, during that three-year experiment. Likewise, you as well.

Obviously, other people are going to come along and stumble on this channel after October or November of this year. They're going to go through the uploads, maybe in sequence, maybe at random, I don't know. They're going to glance over, perhaps they're going to glance over the tracking pages, I don't know.

But those of you who are with me for the inaugural event, for the real-time installation of the Mandela Effect, have a responsibility to transmit and teach it to others whom you meet in the course of time and you will always be in an outstanding role, you have an outstanding status in regard to this investigation.

The same applies for this investigation as applies for the Gaia Navigation Experiment. Even though the events I was tracking as navigator in that experiment were time factored, closely and minutely time factored. That does not mean that the content of the Gaia Navigation Experiment is in any way passé or obsolete.

As a matter of fact, those talks I gave, something like 140 of them, of just over an hour each, have now been transcribed and some students of Planetary Tantra and collaborators of mine and friends of mine are in the process of editing that material which will eventually be published in the Navigator Logs for the GNE and those logs will consist of 10 books of a couple of hundred pages each. And that, I asked for that to be done. I dreamed of that being done during the time I was presenting the Gaian Navigation Experiment.

I know that that experiment is not limited to the time, the importance and significance of it, the thrill of it, is not limited to the time in which it occurred, even though the events in the experiment are closely time-factored.

It's as if I plotted a journey on a schooner, on a sailing yacht with a crew and we sailed, say, from the coast of Scotland across the Atlantic and down into the Caribbean and then around the Caribbean and somewhat down the coast of South America and then back again and we plotted all that in our logs.

Well, everything that goes into the captain's log or the navigator's log goes in on the day it happens, obviously. So we arrived at this cape on that day. We went through this storm on that day. But such a log remains as a record for sailors and crew and passengers who come later in time. You see?

The same applies for this investigation. The total content of the 64 talks and the written material, however it turns out to be, complete or incomplete, stands as a record that I place in your hands and there's a responsibility for you, who are in the inaugural phase of this investigation, to transmit and teach and communicate and share it with others who come along later and you have a special status, you hold special status in that respect. That's something I've been wanting to say for a while.

So, on I go, and I'm feeling more and more like, well, someone once described me as the dark horse of spirituality or whatever, I don't know, what was I the dark horse of? The dark horse of Gnosticism and the Gnostic message.

You know, the dark horse who tags behind in the race, but then at the end of the race comes forward and wins. As I say, using that pun, the horse wins by a nose, wins by a Gnosis.

So I have to say that I do fit that role, and I do see myself in that role. The dark horse of Kali Yuga, I would say. You know the white horse of Kali Yuga? You know who the white horse of Kali Yuga is? Well, that's the Kalki Avatar. I've written quite a bit about that on metahistory.org.

If you want to go just put Kalki Avatar in the search engine, it will come up. There's a search engine on the homepage of the site. Traditional horse of Kalki who comes as the avatar at the end of Kali Yuga, the tenth avatar of Vishnu, is white and has no rider.

Well, I guess you could say I'm kind of like the dark counterpart to the white horse of Kalki. And what I have to do now as coming into this homestretch with this presentation is to throw off any baggage or excess weight that I may be carrying as I plunge into the home stretch and sprint toward the finish line, gallop toward the finish line.

I have to throw off any baggage. I can't take any more time to do this than is absolutely minimally required. And who knows, you know, maybe the dark horse of Kali Yuga finishes the race like the white horse, like the 10th avatar of Vishnu, a horse without a rider.

Bear in mind that Vishnu in Hindu mythology presents a paradigm of the Dreaming Power, of the Aeons. I've spoken a lot about this Dreaming Power, the correct way, the Gnostic way of viewing human life on this planet, your life, the life of everyone, the life of the planet as a whole is to view it as a living dream. It's not an illusion.

Maya does not mean illusion. Do not fall down that rabbi hole. Maya means projection or dimensionalization. That's all. Maya refers to the scalar properties of the universe. That's all.

It also refers in the term Mahamaya to the framing power of Parasamvitta, which is the primordial ground awareness. You will know by now that the idiom of dreaming, if you will, the metaphor or analogy of dreaming, call it whatever you wish, comes up frequently in the Sophianic cosmology.

But it's not merely a manner of speaking, it's literally true. You are literally living in the dream of an Aeonic or cosmic being. And that entity, the Aeon Sophia, like the other Aeons of the galactic cores of all the universes, excuse me, of all the galaxies in the single universe, that entity, the planetary animal mother, exhibits the power of divine imagination, which is to be distinguished from human imagination.

Characteristic of divine imagination, as I've often stated, is that immediate and instantaneous with the conception of something comes the materialization of what is conceived. Just think of that for a moment.

So those Aeons in the galactic core, when they conceive something, they can, through their power of imagination, materialize directly what they conceive. Now you can't do that. If you conceive to, say, build a canoe, well, the mere conception of the canoe, as clear as it may be in your mind, will not materially produce the canoe, will it?

You have to go through a process to construct what you have preconceived or imagined, but the Aeons, due to the way that divine imagination works, do not have to go through any such process.

So, the god Vishnu, in Hindu mythology, presents a paradigm of what is called Oneiric Cosmology, O-N-E-I-R-I-C, from the Greek word oniros meaning dream. And it is said, according to the tradition of the Hindus, that Vishnu dreams the manifest worlds.

And in one particular instance, he dreams ten different worlds in which he intervenes. He comes down into that world as an avatar which is a Sanskrit word meaning the one who descends.

Now the Aeon Sophia is not exactly an avatar in this world, is she? Due to the anomalous conditions of this experiment, she is present in the dream that she materializes as a planetary setting for the Rhome.

So the case of the Aeon Sophia is not the case of an avataric intervention of an Aeonic power coming in from without. That is, however, the case that's described in the ten incarnations of Vishnu, the Cosmic Dreamer.

Now, so far they say, nine of those avataric interventions have occurred. There's some dispute about what the ninth one was. Some say it was the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni.

In any case, there is no question in the traditional body of knowledge that the tenth avatar of Vishnu, called Kalki, remains to manifest. And it's remarkable and instructive and highly enlightening, entertaining and thrilling and deeply mysterious to consider how the Kalki myth applies to the current situation of our divine planetary mother.

Although she is not as such a Krishna, a Vishnu-like avatar, she is, has the capacity to intervene in this divine experiment in a way that no avatar could because she has found herself, as it were, embodied as a planet within the experiment.

Remarkable situation and the more you think about it, the more novel it becomes. The more novel it becomes, the more vivid it becomes in your mind and it forms in your mind and in your NLP a unique narrative that roots your NLP to source.

No other mythic story you can hear, except the one I'm recounting right now, can root your NLP to the source of your consciousness and of your biological existence. So there's a lot to say about the power of dreaming. It's delightful and it's instructive. And in vain of the theme of this installment, confirmations of the investigation.

I'd like to start out with an example that refers directly to the theme of dreaming. Now as I present this example I want to highlight two points. First point is that this example represents a case of timing of discovery of a Mandela effect.

You know this is an issue and I haven't discussed it specifically before, I don't believe. It is certainly an issue, certainly the question that arises in the mind of anyone who follows the Mandela effect phenomenon seriously goes like this. Well, when are these effects discovered?

Is it important to know exactly when an effect is first detected and how would you find that out? And second, is there some significance in the moment or timing when that effect becomes known to me, even if that is not the moment that the effect was initially discovered? That is to say, if I have not been the individual who initially discovers an effect, then I become aware of that effect at a later time.

So there are two moments involved, right? The moment of the initial discovery, whenever and by whomever, and then there's the moment when it comes to your attention that this effect has been discovered.

Now, naturally, we have to wonder a lot about this. Well, I have asserted that the Mandela effect, being as it is, the direct intervention of the planetary animal mother or plenary sovereign intelligence of the earth, or Annamumundi, working directly into human attention at the most superficial level, that's called the zone of the first attention, and also working in a most intriguing manner, deeply into the zone of the second attention, which is where memory functions. Okay, this being so, I have asserted that the phenomenon of the Mandela Effect is highly interactive.

So the more you become aware of how it works, the more clearly it works and the more directly and pertinently it works in regard to you, the observer, witness and participator. So, needless to say, it's no big surprise to any of you that there is a factor of synchronicity and what some people call synchromysticism in the Mandela effect.

I doubt if there is anyone listening to me speak now who's been following this effect in a sober and serious manner without fabulation and speculation taking you off into loops and loops and loops and loops outside of what is verifiable. I'm certain that any of you in that category have noted the significance of the timing, the moment when you become aware, when you first hear of a Mandela effect is often reflected in the events around you at that time. Not always, but often may be.

Now I'm going to give you, as a second point to highlight here, what I consider to be a paramount example of that case, which is also proof of the interactivity of the Mandela Effect, but I must add, and I must add, such interactivity as cannot be detected and tracked unless you have the framework of planetary tantra to assist you in doing so. Okay?

So let me give you an example. I'm going to go back to last year, over a year now, a year and like three months. It was only in June of last year, 2016, about six weeks before the Aeonic Mother gained agency, which was around August 6th, 7th or 8th, 2016.

It was only at that time, less than two months before that, that the Mandela Effect phenomenon came to my attention. And I looked at it and I was immediately convinced within half an hour, an hour and a half, that this was something serious and I knew immediately that it was evidence that the Aeonic Mother had agency.

You see, I was prepared to read the clue because I knew what crime had been committed. I knew what cosmic event was underway and so I was able to detect the signals showing me how to read the effects of that event. It's so clear. I mean, it's crystal clear. Now, that was June.

Now, scroll ahead a little to July 4th, 2016. Now what happened on July 4th, 2016 was that there was a new moon in the sky. Now one of the aspects of practicing planetary tantra, one of the practices of that shamanic method is to follow the lunations or the lunar cycles from new to first quarter to full to last quarter to new again.

And all students and practitioners of planetary Tantra who are called Shaktas follow this procedure and we do it together in accord. And you can do it all around the planet and people do it in Australia, Canada, South Africa, in Russia, in Turkey, all over Europe and we all do it at the same time so we are all tracking in the same moment of real time certain events which are pertinent to the life of the earth and to her intelligence and to her communication system uniquely designed for the Rhome. Okay?

Very exciting practice. So I noted on July 4th and I had only been following the Mandela effect at that time for a couple of weeks, two or three weeks, that there was a new moon and so the first day, this is, and so the next day, July 5th, would be the first day of what is called the new shift.

So the first day of a new shift is always the day after the new moon. The new moon there, therefore, is the last day of the previous shift. And Shaktas in planetary Tantra follow these shifts with meticulous care and with keen excitement.

It's extremely thrilling when you see the crescent moon at sunset, when you are a Shakta following this cycle and you know that hundreds of others, maybe thousands now, around the world are doing the same thing at that same moment. They are in the same time frame.

Why do we follow these lunations? There are many, many reasons. I'll just give you two of them. First one is that it is a meditative practice in which you do an ongoing meditation throughout the 28-29 days. It's not a meditation for an hour or two hours. You live in a state of meditation interactive with the Earth and the Moon and the Sun, the three-body system.

You put yourself as a human creature in an interactive meditational trance connected to that cycle. And doing so, you achieve many things, many things, but primarily, you achieve the capacity, or you, no, you already have this capacity, but you own and develop the capacity to feel the moods of the Earth to feel her moods, her mental and emotional states change according to cyclical patterns and you as a creature of the Earth can actually attune yourself to her moods and methods, her emotional weather as I call it.

The second point, and this comes around to the relevance of this instance I'm going to cite of the Mandela Effect connected to dreaming. Second point is that by this practice you also attune your mind and your NLP to receive DI or Dakini instruction.

So at any given moment in time the Aeonic Mother, Sophia, the goddess who is embodied in the earth is transmitting from her mind a field of signals through 16 channels into the human mind and all you have to learn how to do is to identify these channels and identify the input or download through these channels and that is called Receiving Dakini Instruction or DI.

So those chakras who practice this know at the beginning of any given shift, they anticipate what frequency will kick in on that shift. And each of these 16 frequencies is associated with a particular devata or dakini or an aspect of the planetary intelligence.

Most of the names are Sanskrit, not all of them. The name of the dakini who came on shift on July 5th, 2016. Are you following the story here? It is Vajrayogini or Dorje Fagmo in Tibetan. Vajrayogini in Sanskrit.

She is one that we fondly call Tantra Mother and we also call her Miss Piggy because she's associated with Dorje Fagmo which means the diamond sow in Tibetan. This is a really mysterious designation of the properties that emanate from the planetary animal mother.

You know the Aeon Sophia embodied in the earth has an enormous field of emanation. She doesn't just come on one channel, she comes to you on 16 channels. The Big 16. Remember the Mandela clue in the name Mandela in the German version? 16 is the Big 15. So the 16 channels are the Big 15.

Why is that? Because the 16th channel, which is one of the 16 separated from the previous 15, is a two-way channel or intercom whereas the other 15 channels are simply broadcast channels.

So you have not only the 15 broadcast channels, which is a cluster or a shock of frequencies, a shock of frequencies, but you have the big 15, which is the 16 channels in totality, including one interactive intercom channel.

So you see, you couldn't read that mysterious 15-16 clue encoded into the name Mandela if you didn't have the cipher text of planetary tantra to tell you what it means, right?

So we're observing the I'm enjoying telling his story. By the way, I've been waiting for a while and relishing the moment when I can tell you this because it is really, really something. So comes around to July 5, 2016. I'm just beginning to get on to the Mandela effect. Talk about it to maybe one other person, I think.

And anticipating what's going to happen in August when the Aeonic Mother gains agency. How this is going to manifest through this phenomenon which I associate with her agency. Very exciting moment and typically like all the other Shaktas who observe the planetary shifts or Dakini shifts, excuse me, I'm thinking about the specific intel that comes from the Dakini on shift.

Everyone following this practice, you get it now, anticipates a certain kind of intel because the Dakinis or Devatas or planetary tutelary deities or frequencies of the PSI field, however you wish, that operate in these monthly cycles are specific in the intel that they present. They're highly specialized.

So I have taught for years that the specializations of Vajrayogini or Tantra Mother are about five or six particular teachings and instructions and methods. For instance, she teaches the method of the five skull crown initiation. She teaches tantric methods of transformation and visualization and release that are unique to that particular frequency.

So every year when that frequency comes around, due as marked by the lunar cycle, Shaktas get very excited because they're going to have another course delivered by Tantra Mother or Vajrayogini, right? Okay.

You fall in love with this process. You can. You can fall in love with it. You can fall in love with this process which is so beautiful and so innate and so verifiable. I verify these matters over and over again with Shaktas I know and they among themselves do the same all around the planet now.

And one factor of the shift of Tantra Mother as we call her, Miss Piggy, is that, is a feature, an instruction that we all dearly, dearly love. It is an instruction that brings tremendous release and liberation. There's a saying of Vajrayogini that her dance is freedom. And she is not only the hostess who brings people to planetary Tantra and teaches them the fundamentals, but, and she also uses, she also works at the level of Sophianic baby talk, as I explained in the GNE.

That is to say, Tantra Mother accesses your NLP circuits at that level of neural mesh, just at the border between pre-verbal and verbal experience. This is a very great fact. My friends, this is verifiable Gnostic intel. So she does that. It's always exciting. It's always wonderful when Tantra Mother is on shift.

And the supreme lesson, you could say, certainly one that has given tremendous freedom and tremendous moral and emotional strength to people I know is the instruction she gives in the end of pretending or release from pretending.

So you'll find if you go to metahistory.org and you put release from pretending in the search bar on the homepage you'll find this material comes up describing the instruction of Tantra Mother in this magnificent process of liberation of the human creature. Release from pretending. So important and so essential.

You cannot really come into Planetary Tantra and be part of this wonderful experiment on the terms that it was designed to succeed unless you are released from pretending. So there I am. On Monday and like on Tuesday Tuesday, July 5th, 2016. Bingo! First day of the Vajrayogini shift.

And by the way, that shift is indicated, was indicated with the appearance of the crescent moon in the constellation of the crab. That's not the sign Cancer. That's the actual constellation of the crab. So when the crescent moon appears at sunset in the constellation of the crab, all the Shaktas around the world who observe it know that it's the beginning of a Vajrayogini shift, you see.

So I was, that was on the 5th, and I was anticipating that, and I went on the internet and began to look into reports of Mandela effects, because I had no way at that time of investigating them myself or making my own discovery as I have done later on as you know and lo and behold what happens?

Well, Mandela Effect comes up and I have the clip right here in front of me on another computer. I was looking at a subscription and this happens to be someone who presents what they call voting videos.

So they presented an incidence or alleged incidence of the Mandela Effect and they show generally, they show some residue for the occluded form, how it used to be remembered and then after that they show the current shifted or occluding version and he invites people to vote.

So if you do a thumbs up, you agree that a genuine shift has occurred and you remember the occluded version, and if you do a thumbs down, you do not detect a shift in this instance and so this was actually voting video number 17 coming from this channel. I have it right in front of me. Here it was published on July 5th 2016 and the instance occurs in the lyrics of the song California Dreamin'.

Oh, it's 1966, the Mamas and the Papas. I didn't particularly follow the hippie movement and I didn't particularly like this group, but how could I have not known about that song? I heard it a thousand times or more. And lo and behold, where is the Mandela effect in the lyrics of California Dreaming?

Well, it's in the passage where the male singer sings about going into a church he passed along the way and he got down on his knees and he began to pray. Well, that's how I remember it. I got down on my knees and I began to pray. That's how I remember California Dreamin'. And apparently, that's how more than a thousand people remember it.

I'm looking at the thumbs up and thumbs down on this clip now well over a year since it was posted, is a thousand K thumbs up and a hundred thumbs down, so one to ten. Pretty impressive people remember the song to go like this and I began to pray but the Mandela shift has the song go like this and I pretend to pray.

Well I have to say I mean, what can I say, having told you about the setup for my discovery of this particular case of the Mandela Effect? That is one hell of a setup. I had only been investigating it for a couple of weeks. And when this came through, when I saw on the first day of the shift of Tantra Mother who teaches release from pretending, that the word pretend had been placed in the lyrics of California Dreamin'.

Well, how do you think I felt at that moment? I took that as 1000% platinum confirmation, not only that the Mandela Effect was genuine and comes from the planetary animal mother, but that I was in a unique position to interpret it to the world due to the framework of planetary tantra because all the clues in the world don't count if you don't know what crime has been committed.

Now I have to say this is a really thrilling and momentous Mandela effect. I would not be surprised to say that most people would put it in the top ten. Of course, I read at the time of the Gnostic investigation of the Gnostic investigation, her wisdom is so mischievous and so profound.

She's telling you that everybody who stops by the church and goes in and drops down on their knees is pretending to pray and the time for release from pretending is on hand. And it doesn't stop there or it didn't stop there. I mean it gets even better.

During the GNE I introduced the metaphor the image of the Dakini pinball machine and I described how human NLP is sort of like a pinball machine with the stoppers and the lights and the holes where the balls go in and the spring device for ejecting the balls into the game and that the Dakini instruction comes into your mind like the silver balls of a pinball machine and then it hits all these different posts and goes off the different flippers right and left which is the right and left hemisphere of the brain and flashes on and off.

It's a wonderful analogy and it really fits. Well, at the moment of detecting this Mandela effect, the change from pray to pretend in California Dreaming, the Dakini pinball machine went off with spectacular thunder and lightning effects for me. I mean, look at the clue. Not only is it evident that the change refers directly to the instruction specific to Tantra Mother, release from pretending. Not only does it point ahead to the intention of the Aeon Sophia to absolutely demolish Christian faith by rendering absurd the faith in scripture, which she has done innumerable times by material changes in the Bible. Not only does it point to those massive themes, but look at the clues and the delightful hints that are nested into this example.

It's California dreamin'. It's not dreaming, it's dreamin'. Well, what's dreamin'? Well, in the 60s, and this is a song from the 60s, there was a phenomena of the lovin' or the bein'. But we didn't have the phenomenon of the dream man, but now we do.

Now you know, since the Sophianic narrative has been restored since the year 2002 or so, and fully elaborated in “Not in His Image”, now you know that the whole human race is participating not in a love-in or a be-in, but in a dream-in and you are living in the dream of the planetary wisdom goddess.

Not only that, but the song is from the Mamas and the Papas. The Mamas refers to Tantra Mother. I need to point out that of the 16 Dakini frequencies that operate in the field of the Shakti cluster, each of which has instructive and ritual content for you. Among all those frequencies, Vajrayogini is the only one who is considered to have a motherly or maternal aspect. This is a really important point.

If you read the book by Kinsley, I think it is, what is it, “Tantric Revelations of the Divine Feminine” or something like this, you'll find that he talks about the Mahavidyas, which is a name for these Telluric Frequencies of Planetary Intelligence and Emotional Impact. He speaks of them, the Mahavidyas, as not having children or having any maternal properties. They are infernal witches. They are non-maternal bitches.

They are really serious, serious forces of the earth, turbulent forces that work into the intelligence and the body-mind of the human animal in very specific ways. And of all of them, Vajrayogini uniquely is the one we refer to, we shaktas, as having maternal qualities.

So the song is by the Mamas and the Papas, and it not only states the Mama, but it anticipates the Papa. And what's the Papa? Well, that's the coming in of Thelete, of the male masculine component, of the male warrior component, the Talisman. And that came in just about exactly a year after this Mandela effect of July 2016, didn't it? So there you have it. A year is three seconds of her time.

Now, it doesn't stop there either, because what does the name California mean? Well, Kali, California, as you know if you listen to the Hot Chili Peppers, that great song, Californication. California refers to Kali, and Kali is the head of the frequencies. She's the head frequency. She's frequency number one of the sixteen infernal powers of the plenary sovereign intelligence of the earth. She is the primary frequency and the summation frequency.

This is something you learn when you study the Shakti cluster. So the mamas are there, the papas are coming, right? And it even gets better because California refers to that particular aspect of Sophia, Kali is an aspect of Sophia, but it also refers deeply to the story of the evolution of the Rhome on Earth. Because where does the name California come from?

Well, it comes from a Spanish legend that was written down in a popular romance in the 16th century by a Spanish author named Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo. And this is called “The Adventures of the Esplandian”. And it refers to a semi-mythical kingdom called California, off the coast of California, that would probably be Catalina Island. That was meant.

Very close to the side of the terrestrial paradise, and it is peopled by black women without any men among them, for they live in the manner of Amazons. The island was ruled by Queen Calafia. I rest my case.

If you go to metahistory.org, which by the way is under renovation right now, but if you go there and you go to translations from the Andromedan, which is a long poem with commentary in the category of living myth, well, what do you find?

Lo and behold, big surprise. You find an entire mythological narrative about the first women who inhabited the earth when it was a terrestrial paradise and they are called the Arboreal Nymphs or the Gaian Shi and at that time only women inhabited the earth and they were Amazons. They were women after the model of the huntress Artemis and they became so, they learned to be hunters, by their encounter with the men who came from Orion. And this is called the Chthonian Romance. C-H-T-H-O-N-I-A-N Romance.

It is the true story of the development of the Rhome and the gender binary on the planet Earth going into the remote mists of history before history before the prehistory of prehistory. And the story is all based upon the same motifs that you can find in this romantic novel of around 1510, published in Spain and written by a Spaniard.

And I was in Spain, by the way, when I discovered the Shakti Cluster and also when I discovered the Mandela Effect. So there you have it. The Dakini pinball machine flashing and shuddering with the many signals and clues and allusions and intimations and mythopoetic connotations packed into this single instance. Wow, this is really something. And that was my first confirmation that I was on the right track in the Gnostic investigation in which you are now involved. Tak.

So let's fast forward now to the present. I wind up this talk as best I can without dragging out too long. And let's see how the clues look nowadays, you know, over, over a year later, you know, say July, August, you know, a year, 14, 15 months later, how are the clues looking?

I'm going to just cover quickly three or four current Mandela effects that have come to my attention. But I'm going to preface that with the caveat that I don't find these clues, I don't find these instances to be powerful, vivid and convincing clues on the level of the one I just described. No.

I would say that it's as if we are combing the crime scene over and over again. We've combed the crime scene many times. And now the genuine clues are thin on the ground. And the clues that are turning up in the form of alleged Mandela effects are, in my opinion, somewhat feeble. They're rather weak. They're ambiguous and they might be placed in the category of what you could call circumstantial evidence.

Well, you know, no case in court can ever be proven by circumstantial evidence alone, although some circumstantial evidence may be admitted if it fleshes out the narrative to be developed in the proof process, okay? Gather evidence, you put the evidence together into an evidence chain, you build that chain into, you shape it into a plot or narrative, and that narrative leads to the proof that you're seeking. And I don't find that the current instances are terribly supportive of proof, but they are suggestive in their own ways.

For instance, recently there was a reported effect with a Rolling Stones song which is called what? Sympathy for the Devil. Hmm. Interesting title. And that song appeared, I guess, about the same time, didn't it? A little later. It's a classic song of the 60s. Note that it refers to St. Petersburg. That's a clue inherent in the lyrics.

You want to go and look at the lyrics of this song, not merely the line that has been shifted, but the lyrics, which refer to the devil appearing in St. Petersburg.

Well, that's a reference to something that happened a hundred years ago in November, on November 8th, when the Jewish Bolsheviks hijacked the Russian Revolution and they entered the chambers of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg at something like, what was it? 2.10 in the morning. Those chambers and they hijacked the Russian Revolution.

There was no Russian Revolution. There was a Bolshevik takeover of the Russian Empire. And that occurred in St. Petersburg.

So the song tells you that the devil or Satan, whatever you want to call the enemy of humanity, the adversary of the Rhome and of the divine experiment on earth, aka the whatever you want to call them, they're alluded to in that song. This instance came up on the same channel which presents the Mandela Effect voting videos and this was voting video number 184.

So what, we've come ahead from voting video 17 to 184. There's already a hundred instances of Mandela Effects between California Dreaming and this one on this single channel alone okay. So what's the change? Well won't you guess my name or hope you guess my name. There's the ping, won't, hope, hope, won't, won't, won',t or won't you guess my name, you know w apostrophe o n t, won't you guess my name, hope you guess my name.

Well, there's a ping, there's the toggle, there's where she gets access to your NLP. Now bear in mind, as with so many of these effects, but not all of them, it doesn't really matter which one was the original. Which one do you remember? Won't or Hope?

In any case, what is the message right here, right now? You have to like it right here, right now. The Sally Fields, that is to say, the vibratory field of the field of dreaming of the mind and body of the earth is throbbing all around you and you are throbbing with it.

The Sally Fields, the jumping fields of the electromagnetic body of the earth and it is through those fields that these signals are operating. They're being broadcast toward you on 16 frequencies and you have the opportunity on one of those frequencies to return and to reply telepathically to the Earth. That's channel 16.

The Sally Fields are the activated electromagnetic frequencies of the Earth that come into operation in correction for the purpose of bringing the Rhome back to the beauty and power of the true narrative of our story, the true narrative of the history of the human species, the true narrative of World War I and World War II, the correction of the historical narrative.

And those same frequencies guide you into her divine presence and they anoint you with her intelligence. Those same frequencies are psychoacoustic frequencies in the range below 40 hertz operating through those 16 channels. Love and the supernatural operate on the same frequencies. Remember that.

By the way, someone just told me, a close collaborator, not just someone, not just anyone, that one of my talks on Gaia regarding the true Lucifer, Sophia, has over 30,000 views.

So remember I introduced that series of talks just under a year ago in October of 2016 as a foundation for going into this investigation which then began in February of this year. Love and the supernatural operate on the same frequencies. Power of love guides you to the true story of the Rhome, your true story.

And that story needs to be seen by the correction of the historical lie. And at the same time, the story continues with your involvement, with your commitment to the truth of history. Triumph of the will, triumph of the truth.

They go together and this is the moment for the second movement of that symphony. Three more current events, current instances that I consider circumstantially, you know, provisionally, maybe genuine Mandela effects.

The next one concerns Hurricane Harvey. Now I will point out that Hurricane Harvey has a name which goes back to a Celtic root once again or to be more precise a Breton root that is reflected in English and Scottish forms and it actually consists of the elements that mean two elements that mean battle or carnage and worthy so Harvey really means battle worthy. And also, there's another derivation of Harvey, equally relevant, which refers to the image of a hot iron, like a sword that is ready to be used, and it is a flaming sword. It is a sword of metallic iron.

Well, this refers to events that the Aeon Sophia is producing in the electromagnetic field of the earth through the excitation of the iron component of the field. Iron, by the way, is the metal of Kali. She is the supreme warrior goddess. If you are in the company of Kali, you are called a Kalika, and you are battle-worthy, Harvey.

So there is a massive hurricane whose effects are known to the entire world hitting Texas. And curiously associated with this is a Mandela effect concerning the name of an evangelical preacher who lives in Texas, either in Houston or Austin, whose name is Joel Olsteen, O-L-S-T-E-E-N, but the Mandela effect now has his name as Osteen so there is enormous amount of residual evidence of the occluded version Olsteen, O-L-Steen and there is a little bit of evidence that people are saying or the current evidence says, the current record says Osteen, O-S-T-E-E-N.

So I don't know this guy's name. I mean, Hurricane Harvey is an event that is known to the entire world. Very few people, I would suppose, except those who are in the evangelical community in Texas, would know about this character, Joel Osteen Olsteen. And what do you see encoded into that name?

Well, first of all, let's take Olsteen. It's pronounced or it's spelled S-T-E-E-N, but watch your homophones. It can be pronounced like S-T-E-I-N, like Berenstain, Berenstein. And stein means stone, so it decodes as all stone.

But what is O-L? What is the O-L stone? Well, the O-L stone is the organic light which is the Philosopher's Stone. So the name of the organic light and the alchemical mystery of the living luminosity of the earth is encoded in the name of this Texas evangelist.

Now when I come to talk about, I mean, how good does this get? Please break out the banana cream pie and champagne, okay? When I get to talk about CERN soon, I'm going to use the analogy of TV evangelists, and I'm prepared to say, I've been working up to this for a while, you know it takes me time to get around to things, that Geordie Rose and others, Elon Musk or whoever they are, the proponents of quantum mechanics and quantum computing are merely evangelists. They are no better than TV evangelists pounding the Bible and telling you to touch the TV screen and be healed.

So, the reference to a Carpetbagging Texas evangelist named Joel Osteen is not too low for the Aeon Sophia to go. I told you she has the Christians in her sights. And so why does his name come up in the context of this hurricane?

Well, because he promised that he would make his church open, or he didn't leave his church open for people who were fleeing from the damage.

So people are saying what a hypocrite Christian he is. But then again, he only pretends to be an evangelist, doesn't he? He only pretends to pray, doesn't he? He only pretends to preach. All right.

So it's not too banal. It's not too absurd. No, no element in the first attention is too contaminated for the Aeon Sophia to use it and encode through it a signal pointing to herself and to her power, which is the Organic Light, the O.L. Steen, okay?

But suppose that it's just O.S. Steen. What does O.S. mean? Well, O.S. is Operating System, right? So what is the operating system of the stone?

Well, that is what I work with all the time. The operating system of the planet is the Shakti cluster. It is the console. It is the instrument panel. And remember that the Shakti cluster is also the geode. I mean, how do you get the fractal and scalar repetition and self-referencing of so many clues in these single and particular elements of the Mandela Effect?

I ask you honestly, how do you get that? The fractal and scalar repetition and self-referencing of the clues is evidence of the operation of the third attention, which is the mirroring attention, which she is actually using to produce these effects in the zone of the second attention and the first attention, and that is technical Gnostic intel, and you can take it with you to paradise.

Now moving on quickly to the final two clues, be they circumstantial, be they trivial, dubious, or profound? I let you decide. You can apply your own discernment.

A big one has come up, big to many people, because it comes out of the pop song from the album Thriller by Michael Jackson, considered by many people to be one of the greatest pop albums of all time. And in the lyrics of that album, there are passages that were recited by the actor Vincent Price who played in many horror films.

Note the horror theme and note also the zombie theme of the album Thriller. The concept of a zombie apocalypse in that album is very clear, right? And in the lyrics there is a specific reference to guess what?

Well, creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorize your neighborhood. Right? Vincent Price is reciting these lines. Well, that theme, creatures crawling in search of blood, links to the vampire theme, doesn't it?

And I would suggest, I would propose to include this thriller Mandela effect in the vampire cluster which has yet to be considered. So it is a piece. There are now about four pieces in the vampire cluster.

Who are creatures who crawl in search of blood across the face of the earth and who commit the most hideous transgression that can be committed among human creatures in this experiment? What is the most hideous transgression of those who search for blood, who drink blood. Whose blood do they drink? Whose bodies do they torture with pinpricks? Whose flesh do they eat blended into bread?

That is the ultimate transgression on this planet. Of all the evils that can be done to the Rhome, there is no greater evil than that. The allusion to that evil and to the transgression clue which is part of the vampire cluster appears vividly here in these lines, but the Mandela change apparently is like this.

Vincent Price does not say, and remember Vincent Price was someone who was known for the articulation of the human language in a very particular way, does not say to terrorize your neighborhood. He says to terrorize y'all's neighborhood.

Wait just a minute. Even in the written lyrics on the Internet now, it says y'alls. But who says y'alls?

Well, Vincent Price never in his life said y'alls because y'alls is something that Democrats say, ain't it? That's something that Whitey says, ain't it? Whitey. White Southern Earth in the United States, right?

Where there is another hurricane that's hit, by the way, in Florida and its name is Irma and Irma means the ire or anger of the mother. I-R or I-R-E, ire, anger, the anger of the mother.

I need to talk a little bit more about the turbulent and catastrophic events in the weather that are happening and how they relate to the Mandela effect and to correction. And I'll make a note to do that soon.

But just to wind up on this clue, well, it's good to see that some more pieces are coming into the vampire cluster. And I would say that this shift, I mean, this is hilarious. I mean, she will even use slang. She will even use the language that is attributed to, you know, rednecks and white bread trailer trash white people. Why?

To bring attention to white people. That's why. It's y'all's neighborhood. The third galactic arm. It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood where the Aeon Sophia provides the planetary setting for her magical children, y'all Rhome, y'all white children.

The white race is not the only race, of course, that comes from the human genome. Nope but it happens to be the race that reflects the highest properties of the human Anthropic genome. The preservation of the gender binary and the highest demonstration of the genius of the Rhome comes through the white race and the white race is now a minority.

It is the racial minority on the planet and it is targeted for extinction by the Xenosh. So y'all, crackers, y'all white folk, well, pay attention. There's a signal coming through and it refers directly to you.

Now, ha ha, in conclusion, I know I'm writing a little long, but I just I don't want to leave this one out. I want to leave you with a real thrill.

You know, the Aeon Sophia can use Southern slang cracker language. She can use the names of carpet-bagging Texas evangelists. She can use whatever she wants to get your attention and to get a message through to you to her witnesses and allies in this great experiment.

And she is so diverse and so completely familiar with the products of human creativity and imagination that she can scan the entire field of art, literature, sculpture, geography, song and dance and pick out whatever suits her.

For instance, she can pick out a line from Shakespeare, from Romeo and Juliet, and what is that line? Well, it comes up in number 191 in that voting video series. Currently, it was posted on September 6th. It's about 10 days later.

There's 311 thumbs up saying they recognize a genuine Mandela effect here and they remember the occluded version. And 62 thumbs down. I'm surprised there is even that many people in the world who know Shakespeare.

Romeo and Juliet. Is it Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Or is it O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Well, in both cases the O is repeated, right? And what's the O? It's not a circular O, is it?

The letter O is always shown as an ellipse. The Shakti cluster is an ellipse, right? O is also an exclamation of discovery. What are you discovering in the Mandela Effect?

Well, among other things, you're discovering your true identity. Hey, watch your homophones. Rhome, O. Wherefore art thou? Rhome, Romay.

On that happy note, I'll leave you until the next installment. And until then, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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