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#65 - MED - The point where it turns

#65 - MED - The point where it turns

Archive of #65 - MED

Hello again, and yet again, this is JLL coming at you with Gnostic Intel on the internet. It's the 30th of September 2017. I'm recording talk number 61, installment 61.

That's four in the countdown to the completion of the Gnostic Investigation on this channel. I'm calling this installment, “The point where it turns”.

I'll begin with a sort of anecdote. I am a bit of a raconteur in my own way from time to time, describing a little digression that I undertook since I last recorded. You may recall that I said that I was investigating the most recent works written on J.R.M. with the intention of seeing if there was any record of alleged cases of J.R.M. that have happened since 1913.

Bear in mind, again, once again, that the hallmark of the Beilis case is not that it represents the cessation and terminal point of the perpetration of ritual child sacrifice by the Xenosh, not in the least. It's quite likely that there has been more ritual child sacrifice by the Xenosh since then than in any previous time.

A couple of the researchers in this area have pointed out that of course we have to take into account the condition of the records, but based on the records that do exist going back through the Middle Ages and going back all the way to the Roman historian Cassius Dio, well there is a certain frequency of these cases that have been investigated over time, over those many centuries.

Several investigators have noted that the number of cases that occurred in the 19th century leading up to the Beilis trial was far more numerous than in any previous centuries. Well, quite possibly.

I mean, I think it's arguable that that is due to the fact that cases that did occur during those preceding centuries were not, you know, recorded. It's absolutely amazing. I mean, it's impressive. It really is impressive when you go back and look at the body of evidence of these cases that were recorded.

When you look at the extent of the testimony and of the forensic facts, the forensic fact checking and the examination and scrutiny of the evidence through the Middle Ages and up into the Renaissance. It's very, very impressive, you know.

People in those times took this matter very seriously and there were a number of trials and in a good many of these trials, the majority of these trials, the suspects were convicted and executed. And in some cases, an entire band of people who were proven to be accomplices to the murder were executed.

So there is an impressive record of the use of the probative faculty in different societies in Europe, in different nations, countries of Europe over time, as people attempted to confront this horrific activity coming from the Xenosh. And needless to say, okay.

I mean, isn't it more than obvious that one of the factors that caused the populations in one country or another to rise up against the Xenosh and to drive them out of the country to expel them, one of those factors, perhaps the prominent factor, was the belief among the people that they were committing this particular crime.

Now the way that those who defend the Xenosh present it is also an obvious trick, an obvious deceit. They say that the Xenosh were hated because of a paranoid delusion in the population that they were committing child sacrifice, not to mention other hideous acts such as poisoning the wells, introducing plagues into the country, and things of that sort.

So it's an impressive record, but I would venture to say that even though no case of JRM has been brought to trial since Beilis, it doesn't mean that those crimes have not been committed. And I do suspect that they have been committed massively in the 20th century and continue to be.

You know, it's a fact, maybe you don't know, I shouldn't say you know, it's a fact that some of you may know, that the world capital of organ trafficking and the underground trade in human organs is where? What country in the world would that be? So what am I getting to here?

The point that I want to make is that, oh yes, as I was investigating, my little digression, okay, I'm digressing from my digression, as I was investigating what books may have been written recently and what cases may have been reported recently.

I came up with the name of Philip DeVere. Then I discovered it was a pseudonym for a gentleman whom I would call Dr. Harold Rhome, R-H-O-M-E.

So if you go and investigate Dr. Harold Rhome, you will find his photograph or the presumed photograph of that presumed person. If this is indeed not a fictional persona, you will find his photograph on the internet and a number of articles, quite substantial articles, well-researched and soberly composed, written by that individual.

So as I was relishing the discovery of Dr. Harold Rhome, I went a little bit further in the investigation, as it is quite easy to do on the internet, and I clicked on his name. And what came up was a domain, GnosticLiberationFront.com.

That's actually the domain that you go to. Now if you want to research, Dr. Harold Rhome put his full name in the search bar and that will take you to his material. But the link from the source that I had used initially brought me to GnosticLiberationFront.com and that was really a bit of a jolt. That was a bit of a hit. A bit of a dopamine payout in the neural circuits.

So I took a moment to enjoy the discovery. One of the pleasures of sleuthing is to relish your clues. And I looked at the page GnosticLiberationFront.com and I saw a window that led to five other links.

Illuminati Symbols, Psychic Spiritual, Spiritual Psychic Readings, Hypnosis, Liberation Treatment, and Front Closure Bras. Well, I immediately clicked on that link.

Something in my instincts told me that I might find a clue there that I would enjoy. And I had a strong sense that if I looked into front closure bras, something might pop up and illuminate the course of my investigation.

So I spent a little time looking at the image file for front closure bras. Yeah.

Well, I was so intrigued by this lead that I opened a little file and collected some of these, some of the photographic evidence along this trail of clues. And I'm pretty certain that if I continue to pursue that, and I kept my my nose close to the trail of clues that I might encounter something quite revealing sooner or later.

So that was my digression, building up a small file on front closure bras and putting it in the file cabinet with the massive accumulation of material, research, correlations, forensic verification and so forth that constitutes the matter of this Gnostic investigation, right?

And also it would be incomplete of me in reporting on this little digression not to point out that I did look behind the scenes and see who owns Gnostic Liberation Front. And what I found, that's easy to do you know, you can find out who owns any domain on the internet and when they purchased it.

So I found out that it was purchased or established in August of 2005 and that it had a 10 year or nine-year run and it was updated in August of 2014 and it expired in August of 2015. The date August of 2014 really struck my attention, caught my attention.

That was the exact moment that I gave the talk about white genocide and the Archontic infection on red ice. So this domain has expired now for over two years. That explains why you get the landing page with the link to FrontClosure Bras when you click on the name of Harold Rhome.

The person who originally established this domain may have been Harold Rhome. But now it is owned by one of those companies that acquires lapsed domains and offers them up for sale. So GnosticLiberationFront.com is for sale.

While it is for sale, the agency who's selling it will park on that website on the landing page, various kinds of material linking to other subjects and topics. So it's a felicitous clue, the front closure bra, but it's not necessarily an essential clue. But you never know. You never know. So I'm going to keep that file on hand for a little while. Tak.

Now to proceed into the deeper matter of this particular talk, I'd like to take a moment and to correct some names and some pronunciations that you've heard recently coming from yours truly.

Now it's a fact that I am just a country boy from Maine. I am self-educated and I am not a polymath by any definition of the term. I do have a deep connection with the ancient Greek language and Greek literature and culture but I don't speak Greek, and I do not speak or read Coptic. So I don't really know how to pronounce those words correctly.

I'll start with a word in Greek that refers to the language of the New Testament. A word that refers to the way Greek was spoken at that time commonly across the Hellenistic world and in the Roman Empire. That word is koine, K-O-I-N-E. Koine means the common or vernacular use of the word Greek in ancient times.

So the pronunciation of words in koine and even of the letters of the Greek alphabet differ somewhat from the way Greek is spoken today. Modern Greek differs from Koine and Koine in turn differs from classical or archaic Greek, the language in which the Greek tragedies of Aeschylus were written. Why does this matter now? Why does this matter at all, if I pronounce these words correctly or not?

Well, it does matter in regard to the Gnostic investigation. Remember Sophianic baby talk? Remember that correction includes a process in which the Aeon Sophia, your Divine Mother, is actually reprogramming your NLP. She does it through phonemes, and so the pronunciation of phonemes correctly or in an agreed upon manner would be a wise policy among us who follow this investigation.

I'll return to that point and develop it a little more a bit later in this talk.

Right now, I'd like to recall an experience I had around, I guess it was 1986, a meeting that occurred in Boulder, Colorado with my college mentor from the University of Maine, Dr. C.F. Terrell, Carol Terrell, who told everyone to call him Terry.

Now, Terry was a world-class Pound scholar, an expert in the works of Ezra Pound. In case you don't know, Ezra Pound who lived from 1885 to 1972 was without question the leading and outstanding literary and intellectual figure of the 20th century.

Pound was the mentor to other great and more well-known writers such as James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, and even T.S. Eliot. He was the mentor as well to a gentleman called Eustace Mullins. You might have come across the name of Eustace Mullins on the internet.

There are many talks by him exposing the Illuminati and the machinations of the globalist parasites and predators. Ezra Pound mentored Eustace Mullin as he did quite a number of other people. And in that particular instance, he directed Mullins to the matter of the Federal Reserve. And he pointed out to him that the Federal Reserve System was not an instrument of the United States government.

It was an illegal and criminal cabal of Xenosh bankers and their non-Xenosh accomplices. So that set off Eustace Mullins on his investigation with his probative faculty, which was excellent when it regards to anything that happened after 1600, but not so good when it concerned anything that happened in ancient times.

In any case, there is a remarkable document by Eustace Mullins called “The Biological Jew”. And so there you have, in connection with Ezra Pound, a direct link to the Archontic infection of the Xenosh. Wouldn't be surprised if a clue to Ezra Pound shows up in the array of Mandela effects. Maybe it's showed up already. Who knows? Maybe it is due to show up soon.

There are still some telling clues to appear in the Mandela effect. I'm looking at a kind of sunset effect of the effect, a kind of sunset burst before it fades out and phases into whatever comes after it.

So anyway, I met with Terry in Boulder, Colorado. I think it was sometime in winter of 1986. One result of that meeting was that I actually had my first piece of work professionally published. Terry ran a journal of Ezra Pound scholarship. He ran several journals, but one of them was called Pieduma.

And that journal contains in the 86 issue, I think, it contains the first article that I ever published professionally, a translation of the poem in 12th century Tuscan Italian, by Guido Cavalcante, who was the teacher of Dante. That poem is called “Donna Mi Priega” and it's probably or certainly the most famous love poem ever written.

So I published my translation of that poem and a commentary thanks to Terry. Well, when we were in Boulder together, Terry had the occasion to speak to a small group of people, including the beat poet Ann Waldman, who I think kind of put the make on me at the time as I remember.

Anyway, Ann Waldman was a key figure in the, at the Naropa Institute, and in particular at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. So there is yet another biotropic clue concerning yours truly.

At that time, Terry addressed some members of the Naropa Institute, and he spoke about “The Cantos of Ezra Pound”, a subject on which he was a world-class expert. By the way, “The Cantos of Ezra Pound” represent, without question, the paramount example or demonstration of a mythophrenic fugue in the 20th century.

Those who read and study the cantos, which is a massive work, will see that Pound included in them many references and citations to other languages, particularly classical Greek, also Latin, 12th century Tuscan Italian, French, Provençal French of the Troubadours, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Chinese, there's probably several that I forget.

So there is a melange of other languages scattered through the cantos and on that occasion, I remember vividly that Terry was telling the people present that no one really knows how the Greek language was spoken by the Greeks in classical times.

Perhaps we can approximate to the Koine the vernacular use of the language, but it's really questionable how the archaic Greek of Aeschylus was actually spoken. I vividly remember this moment in a room with these people when Terry presented this example.

He cited the name of the Greek goddess of pleasure, not a fertility goddess, but a Greek goddess of pleasure and sexual rapture, Aphrodite. And he said, Aphrodite is a silly word. It's a silly name. It's sort of as if you said, well, there's Aphrodite in her teeny weeny bikini. The common pronunciation today, Aphrodite, doesn't reach the heretic and mysterious presence of that goddess.

So Terry proposed to them that it was much more likely to have been pronounced Aphrodite. Aphrodite. That is a pronunciation that has some power in it.

Likewise, he cited the demonic or infernal goddess of Phrygia, whose name is spelled today in English transliteration C-Y-B-E-L-E. Cybele, generally it's pronounced Sibeli. Terry said, no, this is the name of a ferocious witch. You have to pronounce it Kaibili, Kaibili. It's, it's a scream. You have to scream her name.

And I was really stunned and amazed to hear him speak in this manner. And obviously as it has registered on me until this very day, and therefore I transmit to you what I learned at that moment. The power of these phonemes is extremely important in the correction of the Aeon Sophia.

So I'm going to make a couple of small suggestions regarding the pronunciation of words that have come up so far. I'm not going to go into a big elaborate song and dance about it. Alright?

The name of the trilogy of plays composed by Aeschylus, which contains the Eumenides as the third part, is the Oresteia. And the name of the Furies in Greek is the Irenes, the Irenes. You don't pronounce it with the Y. I have tended to say erinyes. That's not correct.

So you say Irenes with the emphasis on the second syllable. Now just pause for a moment and take a look at the message phonemically encoded in this name by transliteration or elision into the English language.

Remember, she's using the English language primarily to promote and propagate the Mandela effect and she knows exactly what she's doing. Irenes. Er means error or mistake, in means innate, that which is within us, and ease means ease or easy.

So what is the effect of the Furies intended to be once they are transformed into the Eumenides? Well, the Irenes will then in that transformation into social conscience and individual conscience because no conscience can stand alone.

If you are the only person living in the world, the only person on earth, you don't need conscience. Conscience is an accessory of social participation.

So what occurs in the creation of social conscience, in the implementation of it existentially one choice at a time, acting as if the whole of humanity were guided by what you do, what occurs there is that the errors that arise in the process of human transactions socially, which are due to the innate difficulties of self-understanding of the human creature, are eased and released. Er-in-ease. Can you see that? Can you sense and feel that?

There is an entire instruction contained in the transliteration of the phonemes of that sacred Greek name into English. Next let's go to that line from the Eumenides, which I slightly mispronounced, because I sometimes mistake the tau for the pi.


To-mon-dikaios. To-mon-dikaios.

That seems fitting, that seems right. This is the line, this is the keynote message for the morality of the future. It's not about good and evil. It's not about justice because that's an illusion and a deceit. It's not about human rights because there are no such thing as human rights or any kind of rights.

There are only agreements about what is right and wrong and what is good and bad for society, but not what is good or evil in the cosmic sense because that duality, that Zoroastrian split source duality of good and evil is a con of the Xenosh and it's a hideous infection coming from Semitic religion.

So it turns out that the word I've been pronouncing, daiki, is probably pronounced in classic Greek, well certainly in Koine, as viki. There is a little toggle between the v sound and the d sound in the pronunciation of the Greek alphabet, apparently.

So it's Vicky, the goddess Vicky. With that pronunciation, I don't know about you, but I get a bit of a mythophrenic rush going on there. I feel a bit of a rustle in my neuronal circuits at the border of pre-verbal experience. Maybe we just call her Vicky like we call Vajrayogini, Miss Piggy.

The nicknames of these goddesses belong to planetary tantra. They belong to you. They belong to your pleasure. It's the language of the street or the equivalent of the language of the street in planetary tantra to say Miss Piggy and perhaps now to say Vicky.

And Vicky which I was pronouncing daiki, takes the pronunciation of the phonemes away from the connotation of daik. If you want to refer to a daik, then use the other Greek root word, a lesbian or a lesbo. That's the proper word for daik.

But the proper word for the infernal, telluric aspect of the Aeon Sophia that oversees our struggle for moral definition, our struggle to use our moral sense existentially and make the right choices. Well, it can be called Vicky with a reference to victory, with a reference to the winged victory of Samothrace, which is actually an image of the great whore of Babylon, in case you didn't know that.

So, there it is, the beginning of a new vocabulary. These are some elements of a new vocabulary.

Finally, I'd like to add a couple of other words in the German language, which turn up in the clusters of the Mandela Effect phenomenon. Remember that the icon or medallion of the Volkswagen linked to the icon or medallion of the Ford is central to the first cluster which indeed can be called the super-cluster.

And when you look at the VW, the V above, the W below, you have a V and a double V. You have the image of mitosis. Therefore, that clue signals you.

In that clue, the Divine Planetary Mother, who is the source of the Mandela Effect, lest we never forget, signals you to the extraordinary supernatural phenomenon of planetary mitosis which is now underway and also to epigenesis.

Now when you look at the name Volkswagen, which I haven't done up till now, well there you find more clues and cues encoded into the name. Did you know, for example, that the German word Wagen as a verb means to dare?

So Volkswagen means the dare of the people. Contemplate that for a moment. The dare of the people.

Also, there is a Mandela effect reported in the spelling of that word which is the name of that automobile which was named by Hitler and developed and produced by the German engineers of the Third Reich, much to the delight of the people. Hitler's goal, in exact parallel to that of Henry Ford, was to produce a car that was affordable to the working classes.

And they both did that, the Model T and the Volkswagen. So how is it spelled?

Well, the Mandela effect presumes that it used to be spelled W-A-G-O-N. I remember it spelled that way, and I would pronounce it that way.

If someone had a beetle, I would say, oh, you've got a Volkswagon. Gun, which is like O-N. I wouldn't say you have a Volkswagen. A wagen. You don't have a Volkswagen. But today it's spelled W-A-G-E-N.

Well, feel the ping. The signal toggles between two phonemes. Gen and gone. What does gone suggest?

Well, gone is a warning. If you don't want humanity to be gone, then pay attention to the Volkswagen and who created it and why. But gen is also a clue, G-E-N, because that is the suffix attached to many words referring to genetics, genocide, epigenetics, gentiles, and several other words that resonate profoundly and intimately with the primary themes coming through the Mandela effect.

Is it not true? Is it not true what I say? Is it not demonstrably true? Is it not veracious?

Staying on these clues for a moment, it brings your attention to the fact that there is a German word spelled W-A-G-O-N, which is pronounced, I believe, wagon, and that is a freight car.

Well, when you think of Germans and Germany and Hitler and you think of freight cars, what do you think of? Oh, those poor Yehudis crammed into those freight cars and those cattle cars and being railroaded off to the death camps, right? Right? Freight cars.

So, the image of the freight car, the image of the false narrative, which carries connotations of the false narrative of the Holocaust, is there. But what comes through to me, and wow, does it come through, so powerful. It is a very great fact, my friends, that Adolf Hitler himself gave the name Volkswagen to the Beetle, a car that lovingly came to be known as the Beetle, and everybody and his mother in the 60s had one.

And that's just a fact of an event that happened at a certain moment. But can you see the subliminal message behind that? He not only gave them the Volkswagen, but he gave the people the dare, the Wagen. And the dare was what?

The dare was to stand up to the Xenosh, to expel them in a very humane and legal and civil manner from Germany and the German speaking countries to the dare was to defy the Rothschild banking mafia and set up a nationalist currency, debt free, free of the Xenosh financial scam.

And the dare above all, oh, you know what it was, don't you? You can see it coming. The leader took all of those beautiful people, look at the pictures of them, look at the photography, color restored of Berlin in 1935, 6, 7. Look at those radiant faces, those dancing, laughing people. Look how proud they are. Look how united they are in the social conscience, in Viki. Look at them in Viki together.

And he took those beautiful people, the couples, the men and women, the children. Look at the conditions of their bodies. Look at the athletic exercises that they did together. Look at them standing in ranks, voluntarily. No one forced them to go stand in ranks and put on those uniforms. They did that voluntarily. Look at all that. Look at the picture of the German people as they really were, and bear in mind that they took the dare to go up against the most evil power on the planet and the most massive and lethal military force on the planet.

The dare of the people, Volkswagen, and they dared to go against Stalin and the Bolshevik Jewish regime, which had a million paratroopers poised to invade Europe, which had at that time an army that exceeded the totality of all the existing armies in the world in its firepower and in the soldiers and officers, the number of soldiers and officers and those German people to protect their own country and to protect all of Europe and the free world took the dare to go against that regime and they succeeded.

They succeeded. They were punished for succeeding. Dresden was the beginning of that punishment. Then came the bombing of 60 German cities full of civilians of no military value whatsoever.

They were severely punished by the punishing overlord, the Archontic overlord and those who have the mindset of the Archons. But they were punished for winning and they bought us time. They bought me and you time.

Do you know what the Soviet Union looked like when the wall came down in 1991 after about 75 years of Bolshevik rule? Then just imagine what Europe would look like today about 70 years after 1945 if Stalin and his army had rolled into Europe.

There would be breadlines. There would be no internet. There would be no cafes. There would be no free bookstores. There would be no free speech. There would be the condition of the Soviet Union when the wall came down.

But the Germans prevented all that. They forestalled the Communist Jewish takeover and they bought us time so that I can be here and talk to you today. I can do that thanks to the Volkswagen, the bet or wager of the German people. They sacrificed their happiness so that you could be free.

Now it's your turn. It's our turn, yours and mine, not to sacrifice our happiness, but to stand up in freedom and truth and finish that fight. The triumph of the will is followed by the triumph of the truth.

Finally, one more comment on pronunciations, this time in a rather more sinister vein, I refer you back to the name of a vampire. The name of a vampire called Shearson was found in the papers of Beilis. And Shearson was most certainly the perpetrator, Beilis having been the accomplice.

Beilis secured the child. Shearson slaughtered the child after the manner of a kosher butcher. The Tzadik is a butcher. When the Tzadik took over the Soviet Union, what happened?

You had a rampage of human butchery on a scale that had never before been seen. And they're raring to do it again. You can bet on that. So I think I pronounced the name Shearson, sort of leaving out the SH sound.

Well, just consider the way that the phonemes and the suggestions of the phonemes operate in the name Shearson. First, you have the shh, shh, shh, oh, oh, taboo. Don't talk about it. Don't say their name. Don't say Shabba Lubavitch. Oh, don't say that.

Sheer, sheer, the shearing of sheep, the shearing of the cut of that butchery blade on the neck of a child. That's a sheer cut. That's a cut of sheer horror. And finally, the elision of the phonemes come down to sneer, sneerson. They sneer in contempt at the ignorance, naivety and kindness and vulnerability of their victims, who are the white races.

It's always the quote Christian child, meaning the white, Aryan, Teutonic, Celtic, Italic races. Even the case that occurred in Shiraz in 1910, just before the Beilis case, was most certainly a white or Aryan child. I misspoke when I said that that case in Shiraz, Iran, in that case the victim was a Muslim girl.

Well, Muslim is not a racial designation, is it? Of course not. It's a religious designation. So the victim of that crime, if she was an Iranian girl, was Aryan. Because the Iranians are Aryan. They are not an Arabic or Arabian people. They are not Semitic. Always remember that.

Now here's another clue, a fresh clue that's just come up in the last couple of days. It was sent to me by Dealey Down Under. He's a diligent snooper on the Gnostic team. He links to an article that came out from Fox News on the 26th of September about witch doctors in Uganda sacrificing children.

According to the authorities, the witch doctor drained the blood of a young girl, cut out her genitals and cut her neck, and also drained the blood of her 10-year-old brother.

I wish to emphasize that Ritual Child Sacrifice has its unique demonstration in the Passover Sacrifice of the Xenosh. That is not speculation. That is not a fantasy of delusional paranoia. That is a very great fact supported by an enormous amount of research, testimony and evidence.

Parallel with that fact, I want to emphasize to you that to my knowledge, there has never been any evidence found, textually, archaeologically or otherwise, that human sacrifice was practiced by pagans in the ancient world.

It was practiced by Semitic tribes, non-Aryan peoples, but among the Aryan peoples, that inhabited Europe among the indigenous Europeans, no, there is no convincing record that human sacrifice was performed even occasionally. And certainly there is no evidence to support the claim that it was a widespread practice.

So Christians go into a cold panic over this. They love to accuse pagans in quotes, meaning the Aryan indigenous peoples of the many ethnicities of Europe and the Aryans and Persians who were not Semitic peoples, accusing them of the horrors of human sacrifice. Well, no way, Jose. There's no evidence of that.

However, when I brought up the subject in the last talk, I meant to say that in Africa there has certainly been many instances, there have been many instances among the many, many tribes from the Watusi to the Hutu to the Zulu, from Gabon to Somalia, certainly among the African tribes, human sacrifice, cannibalism and blood drinking have been practiced for centuries among those Negroid races.

However, the manner in which they have practiced those hideous rights has not involved the same ideology of master race supremacy and world domination that you see among the Xenosh.

So JRM always stands as a unique and unparalleled case. Now there's a note provided in the intel I've received here to the effect that there is a Jewish community in Uganda, which was established nearly a century ago, when thousands of citizens followed in the footsteps of a local military general, and they converted to Judaism.

They are known as the Abayudaya, meaning the people of Judah in the local Luganda language. How did it happen that there is a Jewish community among the black people in Uganda and a Xenosh franchise as it were?

Well, it was set up by Jewish handlers. Obviously, it didn't pop up out of nowhere. So there had to have been a strong Jewish presence that brought it there.

So some Ugandans who were at the, those Ugandans who were at the origin of this Jewish sect studied Hebrew and Jewish texts from the country's chief rabbi, Gershom Sizomu. Gershom Sizomu was a black Ugandan convert and converts and accessories to the Xenosh are, in my opinion, as bad as the Xenosh themselves.

So there you go. He had been ordained at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. Well, you can't do any better than that. Let's go down to Wilshire Boulevard and have some bagels and lox to celebrate, right?

So what you have is a current example right now, today, this week, of ritual sacrifice performed by members of the Negroid race after the manner of the Xenosh Passover sacrifice of the white child.

That they're sacrificing black children. They have a franchise. They have to produce sacrificial victims depending on the local supply. So they don't have a local supply of white children there, so we'll just take the little black nigglies and use them for our purposes.

But even so, again, it's another case of the Xenosh farming out their ideology to non-Xenosh, primary example of that, of course, being, you know what, Freemasonry is like a Jewish wannabe club.

So, you know, Freemasonry is the game. It's all based on a game board, right? Black and white squares. It's the game that the Xenosh provide to white people so that they can pretend to be Xenosh.

Likewise, the same thing has happened here in Uganda. Even if there are similar and parallel examples of ritual child sacrifice in the world today, you will find that they always go back to the J-R-M. That's the root of everything. Okay, a small note to add in regard to the claims about what the Xenosh have done through history.

There was a Roman historian named Cassius Dio lived from 155 to 235, that is to say exactly at the time that the controversy over the heresies of Gnosticism came out and began to be argued and openly debated around the time of 150 AD.

With Justin Martyr you have the first example of the Christian ideologues attacking the Gnostics and Cassius Dio wrote that the Jews in the region of Cyrene, which would be Libya, and also on the island of Cyprus on two different occasions, attacked both Roman and Greek indigenous peoples of those areas.

“They would eat the flesh of their victims, make belts for themselves in their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood, and wear their skins for clothing. Many they sawed in two, from the head downwards, others they gave to wild beasts, and still others they forced to fight as gladiators”.

And then he gives very high numbers of the number of people who were massacred in this way by the Yehudi in that period. Although these numbers have been questioned, 220,000 and 240,000 in Libya and in Cyprus respectively, there is a fair balance of opinion. 50% of the scholars argue that the figures were reliable, others say that the figures were doubtful.

Whatever the case, this inventory of the behavior of the Xenosh in their genocidal insanity and frenzy, in their lust for blood, recalls to me the known record of how the Jewish Bolsheviks acted in committing the massacre of the Russian people over decades following their takeover in 1917.

If you go and watch “In the Shadow of Hermes” by Yuri Lina, you will see documentary footage and some, what is the word, dramatized footage illustrating the very kinds of hideous butchery and murder that was described in this passage from Cassius Dio.

So coming ahead, say, from 150 AD all the way up through all those centuries, this behavior is totally consistent. And, needless to say, reactions to this behavior have also been consistent.

So it's not merely a paranoid delusion of the non-Xenosh peoples that causes them to hate the Jews.

Now of course I know, I'm familiar with the objection, well you can't hate all Jews just because of those Jews who perform these hideous actions, because some Jews are innocent and they don't perform these types of actions, they're not accomplices and they would never think of doing such a thing.

And my response to that is this, oh really? Do you think so? Do you think that all the tribes and ethnicities of the Xenosh are not in some way accomplices in this?

Well, they can prove that they're not. If they're innocent, then they can come forth and admit the reality of JRM and condemn it and join in the effort to detect those today, to hunt down those today who are performing it and to eliminate them.

They can prove their innocence by such an action and only by such an action, but they cannot claim innocence on the basis of a presumption of innocence. The presumption of innocence in this case does not apply.

Finally, before I come around to the opening theme of this talk, the point where it turns. I'd just like to refer to the butchery of the Tsar and his family, a famous incident in the Bolshevik takeover.

Really, if you've ever heard this described or read about it, you have to submit to the feeling of your blood turning cold. And this totally gratuitous act of butchery has been regarded as a ritual of black magic by some people. It certainly has been regarded as a symbolic action of the triumph of the Xenosh over white Christian culture.

But you know there is an unsolved feature of the murder of the Tsar and his family, the question of Anastasia, right?

And I just wonder, among all the people who've investigated the possibility that one daughter, Anastasia, somehow survived or escaped, of all the people who've considered that, and there have been many, there have been books written on it, I think there have been films made about it. I wonder if they have considered that Anastasia did not survive, but that she was taken out of the family group in that cellar where they were slaughtered and taken away and reserved for a special and particular kind of slaughter.

Well, I don't know. I don't have any evidence to back that up. But the possibility that Anastasia may have been a victim of Jewish ritual murder stands very strong in my mind.

Well, now, in conclusion, I'll slide away and glide away from that black and unhappy note to something lovely and lively, which relates to the future of the Mandela Effect. Something that can give you an intimation of where it goes after November 2017.

Now I came across the poem recently by Rilke. It's one of the poems from the second group of the sonnets to Orpheus, number 12 in the second set. And it's called, or I call it, “The Calling of Daphne”. And it goes like this:

“Choose to be changed. Oh, be infused with the rapture of a fire that shows not what's changing in it as it burns. For the directing spirit of the earth entire loves the figure of flight. Not so much as the point where it turns.

“Who cleaves to bear survival is already arrested. And how safe really is the unremarkable grey?

“Far away a supreme endurance warns against hardening. As if an invisible hammer were suspended in air. Whoever pours out like a stream is beckoned to know and at last is led through the play of harmonies that end at the start and begin in the ending.

“Every fortunate moment where two paths can cross and be astonished is the offspring of our departure. And so, fleet-formed Daphne transformed into Laurel wants you to turn into wind”.

I love that poem so much. I've lived with it for a good many years, I can assure you of that. And I was really delighted when I did the background work for “Not in His Image” to find that passage in the Nag Hammadi writings that refers to the Greek myth of Daphne, who turns into the laurel tree.

You'll find it in the Hypostasis of the Archons around section 89:

“Then the authorities, that is the Archons, came up to Adam. And when they saw his female counterpart speaking with him, they became agitated with great agitation, and they became enamored of her.

“And they said to one another, Come, let us sow our seed in her. And they pursued her. And she laughed at them for their witlessness and their blindness.

“And in their clutches, she became a tree and left before them her shadowy reflection resembling herself. And they defiled it foully.

“And they defiled the stamp of her voice so that by the form they had modeled together with their own image they made themselves liable to condemnation."

Deep passage in the mythography of the sacred narrative. The reference to the Archons capturing or defiling the shadowy reflection of Eve refers to a theme, a mysterious theme called the Sarkic Eve.

What it says, what the passage indicates, it's a deep passage, indicates that the claim that the Archons performed a genetic hack and were able to interbreed with the human species, “come let us sow our seed in her” is untrue.

The Gnostics were familiar with that theme which comes out of the Anunnaki texts of the Assyrian Empire, correct? But they denied on the basis of their perception of cosmic events that the Archons succeeded to interbreed with the human animal.

They don't have to interbreed. It doesn't require interbreeding for the Xenosh to become Archons living in our midst, to become Archontified. It only requires epigenesis and there is a particular Jewish epigenesis by which they have become mutated into something that is no longer human.

That event occurred, however, without requiring that the Archons hacked into the human genome. They accomplished a neural hack. They did not accomplish a genetic hack.

You see, you see again, take note, you know how deeply and meticulously I scrutinize this material and I present my interpretations to you with the greatest caution. But I am certain of what I say. I am certain that I speak the truth.

So it's remarkable that that beautiful poem of Rilke refers to a mythological theme from Greek civilization that is found in the Gnostic text. I just might add that one of the achievements of the German people under their leader, their Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, was to restore, revere, and honor the image of women.

In fact, Hitler even invented a medal to be given to German women.

German men could not possibly have committed the rapes that were committed by the Russians, the Turks, the Mongols, driven by the Jewish Bolsheviks when they broke into Europe. The rape of the women of Europe, the rape of German women described in Hellstorm, was a horror that was totally contrary to the nature of the German peoples who honored their women.

The Archons were able to corrupt the image of woman and that in its own way has had disastrous consequences as you can see today. Look at Lady Gaga, look at feminism, look at the image of woman today. That the Germans honored the image of woman and they restored it to its true status.

So once again, you see the depth of the wager or bet undertaken by those people and how deeply it went, how deeply their struggle went, their Kampf, their struggle against the deportations and depravity of the Archons and their Xenosh proxies.

So they say, right? Alice is wunderbar. Yes, Alice is wunderbar. And so is Hilda. And so is Marlena. So is Eva. So is Charlotte. They're all wunderbar. But the recognition of that beauty and nobility has to be brought back to them by others.

Triumph of the truth is the restoration of the honor of Germany and, I add emphatically, and the financial reparation to the German people and to the entire world for the extortion and deceit of the Xenosh perpetrated upon the world to the extent of untold billions of dollars.

Historically speaking, remember the necessity of historical correction belongs to the overall event of Sophia's correction. Historically speaking, that act of reparation would be the act that happens at the point where it turns.

Now I'm including a link in the description to a short film of a murmuration of starlings. Now I want you to watch this film and I want you to watch this clip closely and observe the way the birds move orchestrally together.

Watch the movement of the birds as a complete mass, like an organic mass, like an amoebic mass, and then watch the way that the formation, the beautiful lyrical formations that they maintain turn and pivot at a certain moment.

As you're watching this activity, this miraculous event in the sky, the murmuration of starlings, recall the lines from the sonnet of Rilke. The directing spirit of the earth entire loves the figure of flight not so much as the point where it turns.

So when you observe and track it with your eyes and track in your mind this glorious lyrical orchestration of the mass of individual birds all together, thoughtlessly, none of them ever bumping into each other.

When you observe that, make a distinction in your mind between the swarming form, like an amoebic mass, shape-shifting, and the point where the whole form pivots and turns, in an instant.

I can inform you as a Nahual on the basis of Gnostic intel that the Aeon Sophia produces the Mandela effect by emanating a ray of the third attention into the field of the second attention, which includes human memory, and beyond that into the field of the first attention.

In the next talk, the next installation, I'll go into a more detailed description of how she actually does this. But in doing so, I'm going to take you to the boundaries of what is actually conceivable by the human mind. I've already done that in Director's Cut. And I'm going to do it again in describing what I shall call, for the purposes of illustration, the split beam experiment.

I will make reference to the split beam experiment, which is an event, a phenomenon in the history of science. Then I will take that as an analogy for the Nahual's description of how the Divine Planetary Mother actually creates the Mandela Effect.

But in preparing for that description, and I assure you it's a challenge to follow this description, I advise you to contemplate the lines of this poem as you watch the clip showing the murmuration of starlings. And think about that word, a starling.

A starling is a small star, is a star being, isn't it? Like a gosling. The word starling could be included in a mythophrenic fugue as a way to allude to you, to the Rhome.

The magical children of the wisdom goddess are like starlings. They are star beings in a process of emerging from a chrysalis into the full-blown stage of a butterfly. And so, the event of which the Mandela Effect is merely a signal, a sign, a symptom, the initialization phase, as I've explained, that event is really a human event equivalent to the murmuration of starlings.

In the next talk, I'll take you through a short rundown of the three attentions. That subject belongs to the highest level of Gnostic intel on this planet. But right now, I can prepare you for that by reference to the image of the starlings in this flight pattern.

Look at all the birds contained in this massive orchestration of movement in the sky. Each of those birds has its own life, it has its own activities.

So when you consider each of those starlings individually, not in the cloud-like formation, they are in the first attention. And what do they do in the first attention?

Well, they seek worms. They fly from one tree to another. They act individually in the first attention and they do what their inborn instinct shows them how to do and guides them. Instinct operates through the first attention.

So they are in the first attention when they are acting individually as birds, not in a flock, or you could say the first attention of the Aeon Sophia is operating through them when they are behaving as individual birds.

There's a concept of the first attention.

Then when they come together in some mysterious way by some mysterious call, they mass together in the sky and they start to fly together in this glorious lyrical shapes and forms, that happens when the Aeon Sophia turns her second attention upon them.

They are manifesting the second attention of the Aeon Sophia in their massing flight.

Their flight mass is a natural demonstration of the dreaming power of the Aeon Sophia. It is a dream enacted by this species in the sky. The second attention is the dreaming attention and it involves the faculty of memory. What then is the third attention?

Third attention is the force that comes into play at the point where it turns.

The second attention is the force of coherence. It's the force that orchestrates all of the birds into a flawless unity and harmony so that they swirl and tumble and flow together in perfection.

That is the power of the dreaming attention but the directing spirit of the earth entire, hmm, who might that be? Loves the figure of flight not so much as the point where it turns.

You see?

You see what the poetry of a sublime, romantic, visionary, mystic can tell you? Do you see that? Correction can be compared to the murmuration of starlings, but the participants in that figure of flight, in that massive orchestration, are human and not birds. They are the human participants in correction.

So they mass together, they flow together, on powerful currents of emotion and passion. They flow together and fuse in those figures of flight until the moment comes at the point where it all turns.

And that is when the third attention strikes. And that is where the Mandela effect takes you, if you can handle it.

So on that note, on that hopeful message and invitation, I conclude this talk, and until the next time, as ever, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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