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Mandela Effect Decoded and General Gnosticism
#67 - MED - Summary and overview of the Gnostic investigation

#67 - MED - Summary and overview of the Gnostic investigation

Archive of #67 - MED

Special feature: click above image to jump to a spot in a different post about JLL’s assertion that Sophia is the true Lucifer, aka Lucy, aka a Lycan (ie werewolf)

Hello again and big surprise yet again. It's JLL coming at you with Gnostic Intel on the Internet. Today is the 10th of October 2017 and this is number two in the countdown. That would be the 63rd installment in Mandela Effect Decoded and I'm here to present to you “A summary and overview of the Gnostic investigation”.

Before I get started, I want to extend my appreciation to each and all of you for sticking with me through this little adventure in the higher education of the human race, to borrow a term from the romantics.

It so happens that here I am coming to the completion of the promised 64 talks and I'm just hitting 2,000 subscribers. So I'm pleased about that and even more so, even more than the quantity, I'm really pleased and honored by the quality of your participation.

You know, I run this YouTube channel, which is a totally novel event for me, rather like a classroom. I've said a number of times that I regret that I'm not in a classroom with you. We don't have an auditorium situation either, where there could be Q&A, and that would be a lively event.

But lacking that, I must say that I am really impressed by your standard of response and your standard of query throughout this investigation. You have been really amiable, polite, civil, rational, funny, probing, adventurous, flirtatious, the works, the works.

I run a tough classroom. I throw out anyone who is nasty or abusive or insulting, gratuitously insulting. While I accept correction, and I practice self-correction when I can, and I accept critical inquiry, I do not accept nastiness and insults.

But having said that, considering the thousands of posts in the comment section, in the comment sections of these talks, I have had to eliminate very, very few instances of bad students. And bad students, poor students don't go in my world, you know.

A good student will be a good teacher. And in the Gnostic way of life and in the super-learning experience particularly, you don't just learn something over a period of time and then turn around and teach it. You teach what you are learning.

So good students make good teachers, and poor students don't make any kind of teacher at all. And I have eliminated them from the comments section without a second's reservation. But I've had to eliminate so few of them. I mean, it's really quite wonderful considering the crap and nonsense that people can post on the internet, you know.

So I'm impressed and I hold you to that high standard and I know that you like being held to that high standard. You know, I once said sometime way, way back, I don't know when, that I'd rather treat people as intelligent and be disappointed, then treat them as stupid and have them live up to my expectations.

So I always do that in all of my teaching presentations, and in the case of this channel, I must say it's paid off brilliantly. Thank you so much. Thank you, those of you who've gone to my other sites and possibly made donations through those channels.

I'm still continuing to get occasional answers to the PsyQ test. You would be interested to know, perhaps, that the statistics hold up pretty much or exactly as I determined them at the beginning of this channel. In other words, nine out of ten people give a, the Majority Report that is the official narrative about the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela or some embellished form of the official narrative.

Let me give you an example. Here's one that I received just yesterday:

“Nelson Mandela was a lawyer and a communist freedom fighter who used domestic terrorist acts to combat oppressive South African apartheid. He served many years in jail for his terrorist acts, and from that brutal time he came to the realization that we are one people trapped in our national ideology.

“He claimed to be enlightened by his harsh experiences and forgave his oppressors. He will be remembered by people at large for first African president of South Africa, uniting all the nations, and for implementing reconciliation by having oppressors and oppressed come and ask for forgiveness and to be forgiven”.

Well, you see, that's the majority report, isn't it? That's the official narrative. Rather dressed up, rather embellished with various kinds of sauces and chutneys. And the overall impression is, leaves you with a picture of Nelson Mandela with a halo around his head.

So, one of the lessons I want you all to draw from this channel, from this investigation, is the lesson about Toxo and the characteristics of Toxo. One of the outstanding characteristics, the two outstanding characteristics that I've need to be restated and underscored.

One, Toxo induces a mindset that is impervious to facts. That is to say, it impairs the probative faculty in such a way that an individual cannot be persuaded by the facts. Nine out of ten individuals cannot be persuaded by the facts.

Point two, actually there's three. Point two is that there is a decreased interest in novelty seeking or a complete lack of novelty seeking.

And three, the Toxo parasite acting in the human brain produces a behavior that is similar to that of mice who come into contact with the parasite through cat feces. What happens with those mice is that they are attracted to the predator, their natural enemy, the cat.

Likewise, an example of Toxo, just illustrated in this paragraph that I read, this response to the Psy-Q test, is an attraction to or admiration of the parasite. So Nelson Mandela was a communist parasite handled by the Xenosh. And yet there is a tendency of some people exhibiting that Toxo infection to idolize and glorify this individual, this perpetrator.

So there you have it, there is the evidence once again. And of course the evidence of attraction to the perpetrator is widespread on this planet. I would be satisfied with my efforts if I knew that some of you at least are now looking at the world in a different way, and your probative faculty is up and running and you are able to detect the behavior produced by the Archontic parasite.

Remember that the shock of the amygdala, one of the six clues contained in the name Mandela, when you convert it to a German word and look for the English translations of that word, that's Gnostic detective work. One of the connotations or clues is shock to the amygdala.

So whereas if the amygdala were operating properly, you would get a dopamine hit every time that you realized the truth of any situation, the particular truth. Every time that you went through a proof process and acquired the truth, you would get a dopamine hit.

But the Toxo parasite attacking the amygdala prevents that from happening. May your attention be rewarded by the truth. It's almost like an incantation that I offer for the restoration of that faculty. Tak!

Fine, now let's get into the summary and overview. To make this user-friendly, I am providing a special page I've created, which is a variation of the page called Guidelines. You'll find it linked directly in the description.

There you will see links to the five principal written essays, which form the orientation and foundation for the investigation, okay? And I'm going to go through them one by one very briefly.

First one is the introduction, decoding the Mandela effect, a Gnostic investigation. And there you see I covered the basics. I referred you to the important background talks and essays on Mythophrenia. And I also highlighted the key topic of the identity of Lucifer.

The true Lucifer is Sophia. So the talks that I did on the Sophia-Lucifer Implex in the fall of 2016, just a year ago, are essential as a prelude and preparation for this investigation. And of course, Lucifer, that is to say, the Aeon Sophia who indwells the material planet and irradiates her living organic light through the planet, that entity, that supernatural field, if you will, comes up in a major cluster of Mandela effects.

Lucy, you've got some explaining to do. I love Lucy. Therefore, the Lucy Lucifer theme is loud and clear in the Mandela effects. And as I say, it's delightful and it contains liberating messages encoded into the effect.

Go on then to the other points that I presented, describing current record and residue, things of that sort, showing you a palimpsest in the Greek koine, and on and on, describing the difference between a fine mess and a nice mess, that's another Mandela effect, solidly attested by residue.

And finally, in the section subheaded Cueing and Cluing, I presented those five directional vectors. The ME is a directional signal composed of five vectors or bearings that guide human attention in five distinct ways.

As you work the evidence piece by piece, considering different instances of the Mandela effect, it's extremely helpful to know what the instance is showing you, to know which category in the five vectors fits that instance.

And it's particularly important, as I've pointed out on a number of occasions, to detect those examples of the Mandela effect which are prompting you to decode the effect. I think you would all agree that this insight or this indication is one of those really genial and delightful aspects of this investigation.

You can depend on the fact that the source of the effect depends on being detected. It is interactive. And so among the array of Mandela effects there are decode prompts that signal you toward how the effect works, how it is intended to reach your mind and work in your mind, and ultimately how it leads you to interactivity with the source of the effect.

It's really, really neat. It's really exciting to approach this bizarre phenomenon on that understanding and therefore to involve yourself with it in a significant way. By contrast, to this day, at the point where the effect has been running for some years now, there are many, many people who claim to be affected by the effect, but they are not really interactive with it in any significant way as you have learned to be in the course of these talks. Okay, moving on.

The entrance exam I've already covered and reiterated for a moment so I don't need to go over the page corresponding to that part of this investigation. Let's jump directly now to the breakdown and you'll see there in the beginning of that text, I present the mnemonic formula of the occlusion produced by the Mandela effect.

So, the formula is n to the power of 1 is not equal to m to the power of 2. Okay? Playing around a little bit with mathematics, doing a little bit of sleight of hand there. M1, M to the power of 1, refers to a single memory of an object of the Mandela effect.

The Volkswagen logo always had a gap between the upper V and the lower double V. That's M to the power of 1, which is not equal to M to the power of 2, which indicates the perception that it was one way in the past. It is remembered as having been one way, and it is seen to be another way now.

I'd like to point out that that distinction should always be at the forefront of your mind all through this investigation. It should have been there and now at the end I can highlight it in an even more precise way.

I can assert that there is a division or selection taking place within the human species due to the correction of the Aeon Sophia. And as she proceeds with her correction and her mitosis, which is indicated by the Mandela effect of the Volkswagen logo, the splitting of the mother cell into two daughter cells. While she proceeds with that, it is her intention that some part of the human species participate consciously and intentionally in what she's doing.

She allows those who will be her witnesses and co-creators in the Alt Real to choose of their own volition, to notice what's happening and to choose to participate in what she's doing. So this selective process is also an elective process.

M to the power of 2 is the signature of those who elect into the process. That is to say, those who not only notice and admit that there is a genuine phenomenon occurring in the Mandela effect, but as well they take a deep and serious interest in it, and they seek to understand the source of it and to become involved in the phenomenon of which it is a symptom.

All those who are indicated by M to the power of 1 are people who are not affected by the Mandela effect, not interested, it doesn't touch them, and although they may be presented with particular examples, nevertheless they do not follow the effect as a genuine event worthy of consideration, worthy of their interest.

So it's quite clear in this formula that I set out at the beginning of the investigation that the phenomenon of the split memory is just a device of selection and election. That's all it is. So it doesn't ultimately matter among the group M to the power of 2 what particular memories they have and what memories they don't have. It doesn't absolutely matter.

Someone may remember interview with the vampire, interview with a vampire, and you remember it the other way. It doesn't matter. To be with someone in the trajectory of this event, you do not have to have point by point the same anomalies of memory.

What matters simply is that you have anomalies of memory, you allow that they are genuine, you take them seriously. Doing so, you elect into the train of experience, into the trajectory of experience that takes you into the correction of the Aeon Sophia.

Now to benefit optimally from this investigation, you can always revisit and review Mythophrenia. There I have set out in detail and in depth the argument to show that the Mandela Effect is a symptom of Sophia's Correction, which itself is an event of supernatural intervention.

And as I point out in those talks and writings, the topic or theme or issue of supernatural intervention is a massive concern to the human species. Every generation, including even people today in their dumbed down and degenerate state, are curious about possibility of supernatural intervention.

It so happens, however, that there has not been until now an actual, such an actual event, coming from the plenary sovereign intelligence of the Earth itself. There has been enormous speculation and false claims attached to such an event.

1There have been messianic and millenarian expectations, as they're called, millenarian meaning they come up every thousand years, you know, so every thousand years you get to the year 2000, 1000, 2000, and people are speculating like wild about some event of supernatural intervention.

What I show and what you now know as Gnostic participants, and you can only know it in that way, is that this event is real and testable and verifiable. It is verifiable first in your subjective and personal experience, in your inner life, in your psychic world. Secondly, it is verifiable in the external world and thirdly it is verifiable by the sharing of experience of those who are able to detect it.

2So what I wish to have accomplished in this investigation is to demonstrate to you vividly the unique features of this intervention. It is unlike any previous intervention that was expected and as a matter of fact, it must be admitted that those other interventions that were expected never happened.

So the actual supernatural intervention that does happen is novel and unprecedented, and that is one of the first hallmarks of the event. It exceeds and departs from all previous anticipations. Do you see that? That's how you know it's the real thing.

I've also highlighted other aspects of the operation of this intervention. For instance, the plenary sovereign intelligence of the earth who is making a correction of the divine experiment from within the experiment, uses phenomic preceptors to access the neural circuits of your brain, and in doing so, she rewires and reprograms your brain so that you can participate at a level of super-learning and reach a level of genius in your participation with her event.

I've also shown that the Aeon Sophia uses a riddling technique. Riddles attract the mind. Riddles fascinate and attract you. The Mandela effect itself is a baffling riddle. The purpose of it is to get your attention to what she's doing.

Also, another outstanding feature of this event, this intervention, is that the clues that she presents to your probative faculty contain explicit and concrete allusions to historical events and to issues and topics and challenges that arise within this divine experiment, within the social order on earth.

3So the Mandala effects point to historical events and historical people, and they direct your attention or focus it dramatically on certain key individuals such as Adolf Hitler and Henry Ford. And what do those two individuals have in common?

They both exposed the Xenosh and one of them led an entire nation to stand up against the Xenosh and prevent the Xenosh in the form of the Soviet Bolshevik Communist regime from invading and taking over Europe by force.

4That was the greatest event in historical memory of our species. The single greatest event. Needless to say, the attempts that have been made to prevent you from knowing the truth about that event have been monumental. They have been astronomical. But they are now failing as the signal of Sophia's correction breaks through into the world.

Finally, I would mention, just in passing, that the Gnostic investigation of the Mandela Effect gives you the opportunity, it gives you an opportunity that you could not otherwise ever have. And that opportunity is twofold.

First, to develop mantik. Mantik is the new spirituality. Mantic is the new spiritual. The technique of divination is something that you learn in the process of working the evidence that comes through this effect. And secondly, the opportunity to recognize and participate in the super-learning event.

Those are fantastic opportunities uniquely available uniquely unfolding as Sophia's correction unfolds. It's all real. It's all completely verifiable and it is a moment-to-moment process of discovery and commitment and there is a challenge here as well.

The decoding of the Mandela Effect reveals the ultimate transgression against the human species. You know, people wonder why the Xenosh have been driven from one country to another over centuries. You know, why they have been expelled, why they have been hated. They have not been hated for no reason. They have been hated for a good reason.

And yet, to look at the reason why they are hated, one of the reasons, you know, perhaps the ultimate reason, involving as it does, the ultimate transgression of the ritual sacrifice of a child. Well, looking at that is not easy.

It takes real courage to face the evil that arises in the social order due to the actions of both Xenosh and non-Xenosh who serve as the proxies who implement and enforce the Archontic agenda.

So, in closing that little rift, I might bring your attention back to the formula M to the power of 1 not equal M to the power of 2.

Now, as this investigation comes to a conclusion in regard to the initial framework of 64 talks, if you are really committed to going ahead with it, well, you might want to have a t-shirt or you might want to keep this symbol somewhere within view.

Take the M to the power of 2 and insert a little black dot at the opening of the V part of the M, right in the center, just above the line of the letters. So that little black dot is what you call a bindu. It's a point of power, a point of concentration. So, I don't know.

If it pleases you, if it delights you, you could consider the M to the power of 2 with a black dot as a kind of logo or insignia for those who are committed to Sophia's correction and who have taken that stance based on coming through this investigation.

All right, we're going to move on now to the categories that I listed in this written material at the beginning of the course. And you'll find that I broke down all the Mandela effects into, what is it, 15 categories. So I'll run through them now, just touching quickly on each one.

First category I call X because it stands out from all the others, and that is the naming of the Mandela effect.

Among the various unique and original features of this investigation is, I remind you, my assertion about Fiona Broome being both a patsy and a cut-out in what was initially conceived to be a psy-op to destroy confidence in memory.

5If you destroy confidence in people's memory down at the level of the name of a breakfast cereal or a familiar line from a film, then imagine what you're doing to their memory of important matters like historical events, like what really happened in World War II or what really happened in World War I or what really happened at 9-11.

So I see an extremely nefarious intent originally behind the Mandela effect Psy-op, but it's a Psy-op that was hijacked and turned into something it was not intended to be by those who conceived it.

Also, I want to re-emphasize another unique and original approach in this investigation is that I do not consider the cases of the Mandela Effect, which are called alive again.

Oh, well, the Evangelist Billy Graham, I thought he died then, but no, he's still alive or he died later. That aspect, that category, I do not consider to be valid Mandela effects. None of them. None of them.

They are, in fact, genuine cases of misinformation or misremembering. I mean, how many of you remember when Richard Burton died? How many of you remember when Elizabeth Taylor died? You see? It's irrelevant.

So, oddly, the Mandela effect phenomenon is named according to an initial instance which is, in fact, not a genuine example of the effect. How bizarre is that? But it rivets your attention when you think about that, doesn't it?

Just contemplate that point for a moment. Contemplate that approach to the naming of the effect. It rivets your mind to the initial deception, doesn't it? And at the same time, it sharpens your mind to look into what is actually the phenomenon at play. I couldn't comment on this category without mentioning a question that I got from a devoted shakta in Turkey, who I met at a Planetary Tantra retreat.

And Umar, he asked me in an email, well, John, if the Mandela effect is named after an incident that was intended to be a psy-op, then how come the name Mandela decodes into six specific clues referring to Sophia's correction by its source, the Toxo-infection and so forth? How can that be?

And you know what my answer is? I can't say. I can't say. It's something really supernatural. It's something that cannot be explained. Now, Lucy's got some splainin' to do.

And Lucy splain’d to the participants in the mystery schools when they came to her in a trance state and witnessed the organic light and took instruction from the light. That's called the Divine Mathesis. It's the secret of the mysteries.

We know that one of the six clues encoded in the German version of the word Mandel refers to the shock of the wheat, and that is a key to the initiations in the telestic method of the mysteries, right?

So the effect points to the mysteries. Those six clues, and there are two of them still that I have to cover, those six clues packed into that name are stunning. I mean, they're staggering just in and of themselves.

How is it possible then, if Mandela was simply chosen by the nefarious agents of the PSYOP, that that name of the individual chosen could be encoded in that way?

You know, I don't know. No can explicado. You know. I can't tell you. I have no idea and what is so delightful is there is so much verification of the Mandela effect that you can splain and that you can interpret and understand and share and communicate yet yet there remains something just beyond the reach of rational reduction. That is there to remind you that this really is an event coming from a higher mind of a divine and cosmic order and that it is operating at a level that you can never quite entirely encompass with the human mind.

It's also a way that she plays with your mind, but she plays with your mind to engage you and entice you. I ought to have mentioned when I was recalling or reviewing the outstanding features of the Mandela Effect, that the divine intervention at play here is comedic. It has a comedic flair. Again, how original is that? How arresting is that? How delightful is that?

So, moving through the categories as quickly as I can.

6First one is movie and TV dialogue, and the famous line, life was like a box of chocolates or life is like a box of chocolates, refers to mantik. When you are skilled in mantik, you know what you're going to get. What does that mean?

It means that you look at things as omens, you look at events as omens, and you know you're going to get some kind of signal through that omen, although you don't always know exactly what it is, you know it's coming.

Category 2, book and movie titles. Interview with a vampire, of course, that clues into one of the three super-clusters. Now, I haven't made a list of the particular puzzle pieces in the Vampire super-cluster. I haven't done that so far, a specific list, so you could print it out on one sheet of paper and look at it.

But I have one that I can add, which just came up during the last month. I believe that some people consider that the affair of the kidnapping of the infant of Charles Lindbergh involves a Mandela effect. Some people remember the infant being found. Was it dead or alive or not found? So there are three different memories. It was found dead, it was found alive, or it was not found at all.

Well, that reduces to found or not found. Do you know if the kidnapped child in the Lindbergh kidnapping was found or not found? Some people say that that is a Mandela effect. In my view, it's a dubious effect because, again, there's a high probability that you simply don't remember the facts.

However, let me direct your attention for a moment to this piece of evidence.

In a document dedicated to presenting an inventory of cases of JRM that were tried, cases that were extensively documented, producing many convictions, producing the execution of dozens and dozens of perpetrators, in that document by Arnold S. Leese, L-E-E-S-E, you find this passage concerning the Lindbergh kidnapping.

And Leese says that Charles Lindbergh, the father, who was, as you know, an American air hero, was contacted by a group of gangsters called the Purple Gang, who were known to be a bunch of Jewish Mafia, a Jewish mafia called the Purple Gang. Now, get ready for this.

The members of this gang, including an individual called Fleischer, were subjects of interest in the police investigation of this kidnapping. And yet, there were two other Jewish persons, Salvatore Spitale and Irving Bitts, who acted as intermediaries for Lindbergh to this gang who were supposedly holding his child or knew how he could recover his child.

As it turned out, tragically, that did not occur and instead of pursuing those leads to expose a possible Jewish mafia connection in the kidnapping, the authorities fell on a German.

Ah, those evil Germans who should have known it was a German. His name was Hauptmann.

Yes, and he was arrested and the entire Jewish press of America condemned him scores of times over and over in the media before the trial, as Leese reports in his document.

And actually he was ultimately found guilty on evidence which would not have hanged a dog, and he met his death in the electric chair. So there you are, one less German, all part of the great Xenosh plan to exterminate the German race. No big secret there. No big surprise. Go research the Hooton plan. H-O-O-T-O-N. You'll find some informative clips on YouTube and I would advise you to look for the one presented by Ursula Haverbeck.

So, Leese goes on to say after recounting the facts of the Lindbergh kidnapping:

“It was Charles Lindbergh's father who had strongly opposed the establishment of the Federal Reserve banking system sponsored by powerful Jewish interests and had also brought to public notice the wicked circular letter of the American Banking Association which ordered the member banks to deflate, ‘to make a monetary stringency among your patrons’.”

In other words, to orchestrate deliberately a market crash. So there you have it.

I would say that regardless of whether the Lindbergh incident is a genuine Mandela effect involving two memory lines or simply a misremembering, it can serve as a puzzle piece in the vampire cluster.

Clearly and obviously from the point of view of police investigation profiling the people of interest looking for motive profiling the suspects, it's possible that the kidnapping of that child may have been an instance of J.R.M. as well as an instance of revenge against the father.

Moving on now to Category 2. Did I already cover that? Book and movie titles. Quite a few of them in the instances we've considered.

Category 3. Song lyrics. Some really significant ones in the instances we've considered.

Category 4. Actions, gestures or details changed in films or TV series. For instance, Judge Judy does not bang her gavel.

Well, I've ignored this category because I don't find the evidence to be attractive or interesting to me personally and I don't have any means to verify it. Although I would say that the case of Judge Judy not banging her gavel could indicate that the judicial system which has been created by the Xenosh and rigged to their advantage may be losing its bang. Possible interpretation of that incidental clue.

All right, moving on to celebrity name changes. I haven't covered so many of these, but Sally Fields is certainly central and interlocks into the Lucy Lucifer cluster, because Sally Fields means the jumping fields, which is compared to the electric fields of the body of the earth, the Eleusinian fields of the Mysteries.

Really remarkable, this Sally Fields clue, and as I noted, it's a biotropic clue for me due to having lived in Hollywood at a certain time when she was well-known and certain events of her life came close to my own.

Number six, biblical variation, stands in a category by itself. I've treated that as thoroughly as I could within the limits of these talks.

Category seven, product name changes, jiff-jiffy, kit-kat, with a hyphen or without a hyphen. I've looked at some of those. I must say, however, that the currently reported product name changes, logo changes, variations in the lettering of the names of different companies or products which are being broadcast day after day as genuine Mandela effects or proposed Mandela effects are not genuine in my view. They are not supported by residue and they are trivial and spurious.

People who are stalled on the ping have had their probative faculty and their observational faculty so compromised by the psyop that they are doubting every single thing that they look at. That is not where to go with this psyop.

That is the negative side, that is the fallout, the collateral damage of the PSYOP, I believe would be indicated by these spurious instances and now I'm seeing more and more of them reported on the usual channels.

Category 8, Name Changes in Corporations. I haven't paid much attention to that. I haven't found it to be particularly significant.

Category 9, Logo Icon Emblem Changes, a massive category which has produced one super-cluster.

Category 10. Geographical changes. I also am baffled by the position of Australia. I have to admit that I do not remember Australia being just across the straits from New Guinea. I remember there being a vast sea.

However, I have not delved into the geographical changes due to the problem of mapping. I only have maps. I don't have the opportunity to charter a plane and fly from New Guinea to Australia and see exactly what that distance is and then go look in records of nautical journals or of regattas of racing boats or of individual navigators who may have navigated those straits, to find evidence that it was remembered as being much greater than it is.

To my mind, that is the way that these Mandela effects in Category 10 would have to be verified. They cannot be verified simply by looking at maps on the Internet. Maps on the Internet and Google Earth are completely worthless. Therefore, I have not delved into these geographical changes.

Category 11, anatomical changes in the human body. Yes, I attest to having remembered the heart being more to the left of the vertical line of the torso. Okay, let's stop here for a minute.

You recall that one of the six clues taken from Mandela, Mandel, refers to the tonsils, right? I haven't discussed that clue yet, have I? Well, it doesn't actually refer to the tonsils. Or, to put it another way, the word tonsils refers to something else.

So there is a clue within that clue. Now hang on here, because I'm going to take a moment to elaborate this clue, which is an indication of the far and future dimensions of Sophia's correction.

In particular, this clue refers to the mutation of the human body. I would assert with confidence that there are ongoing and will continue to be bizarre mutations of the human body and human morphology down into the skeletal system.

So I am convinced that these observed instances or alleged instances of the Mandela effect are genuine. However, in order to see what is happening to the human energy system, the psychosomatic, the dynamic psychosomatic structure of the human body, due to Sophia's correction, due to the mutation or mutational shift from Anthropos 10 to Anthropos 11, in order to see that you need an imaginative picture.

Now I've been talking for years about the formation of the 18-petaled butterfly lotus. This lotus is represented in Aztec symbology of the shamanic schools of ancient Mexico by the figure of Ixtpapaloto, the obsidian butterfly goddess.

The obsidian butterfly is a paradoxical image because a butterfly is, of course, almost weightless and flies on the wind, whereas obsidian is a dark, heavy, extremely dense form of volcanic glass.

There are deep shamanic mysteries contained in this clue. Ishpapalotl, the mutation of the 18-point or 18-petaled butterfly lotus.

Now let me give you a picture, a visualization of the butterfly lotus. Imagine a figure 8 vertically imposed upon your body. The figure 8 is a narrow figure 8. The top of the figure 8 is at your throat and in the center of the top loop of the figure 8 or infinity symbol is a dot which is the thyroid gland, the throat chakra.

Then come down vertically to the crossing point of the figure 8 and then down below the diaphragm to the lower loop of the figure 8 and there's another dot and that is the svadhisthana chakra.

So the butterfly lotus is shaped on a vertical axis with the top point locking in to the throat chakra or thyroid, hence the key to tonsils, the clue to tonsils, and the lower part locking in to the Svadhisthana chakra.

Bear in mind that the Svadhisthana chakra, which is the second coming up from below, the first being the muladhara or base, is called the sacrum and it is the focal point and concentration point of sexual power in the body. It is in the pelvis. It is interlocked with the throat chakra, thus there is a voice-sex dynamic, a voice-sex interlock in the formation of the eighteen-petaled butterfly lotus.

Now to imagine a full form of the butterfly lotus, you imagine eight wing, eight lines, eight arcs forming the pattern of the wings on either side of the vertical axis where this infinity symbol is located.

So you have eight lines on one side, eight lines on the other. Those are the wings of the butterfly spreading across the body, across the shoulders, out to the arms, out to the extent of your fingers and also then coming together down below tighter around the ribs and down to the lower torso of the body.

So the butterfly lotus has a tight waist over the ribs and then it expands over the upper chest so that the wing tips reach the extent of your fingertips. That's the shape of the 18-petaled butterfly lotus. Two points along a vertical axis, eight points on either side, making a total of 18 points. Correct?

Now I'll see if I can provide you with an illustration of this splendid formation in the completion of the materials to go along with this investigation. But for now, you can visualize it. I invite you to visualize it on your body.

But going better than that, I invite you to visualize it, the total structure of the butterfly lotus as if it were armor, A-R-M-O-R, as if it were a suit of armor that you put on. Now you wear this suit on the front of your body and you lock it onto your body on a vertical axis.

So you might imagine that just like you have a spinal column in the back part of your torso, you have an anterior or frontal spinal column as well. That spinal column in the front is purely a line of force. It's not obviously made of bone, but it is the vertical seam of the coat of armor represented by this mutation of the total energy field of the human body.

In Sophia's correction, in the shift from Anthropos 10 to Anthropos 11, all the dynamics of the former chakras of the body are incorporated into a new structure and the new structure is wrapped or protected behind the shield of the butterfly lotus.

The image of Ishpapalotl is something that you want to keep on the kitchen fridge and look closely at her claws, by the way. The obsidian butterfly goddess of the Aztecs has claws.

So in closing on this point, which is obviously a tremendous clue opening up a vast realm of investigation, let me propose to you a simple exercise. You can do this with me right now. You can put on and lock on the armor of the butterfly lotus.

The way you do that is you stretch your hands out at their horizontal level with palms facing forward. You visualize the upper point or head of the butterfly lotus in your throat, thyroid. Then you visualize the upper wings extending to your fingertips.

So just move your fingertips slightly. That's the extremity of the wings. Then you visualize the vertical spine or seam going directly down through your diaphragm, that is the crossing point of the infinity symbol, your diaphragm, going down to the lower loop of the infinity symbol, that is at the center of this formation, and you have now superimposed on your body the form of the butterfly lotus.

Now, bring your hands around and bring them in palms toward your body and make them into fists and bring those two fists together and touch the fists and then lock the fists exactly at the level of your body, which is the natural level that you would seek by the position of your arms without raising them too high or too low.

When you do that and when you lock your fists together, can you press them? There, near the thymus gland, you have locked on the armor of the butterfly lotus. I would have you notice that this device locks frontally. It sort of operates like a front closure bra. Aha! Got you on that one, didn't I?

You thought I was just making a joke in poor taste. You thought I was just fooling around with the front closure bra allusion, didn't you? But you see, I was just fooling around. But sometimes when I fool around, I can be pretty serious.

So there you have it, tremendous clue. The fifth clue with only the 1516 clue remaining out of those six clues packed into the German word Mandel. As a final comment, a parting comment on this tremendous clue, I would advise that you can make the formation of the butterfly lotus into an exercise, an energetic exercise like a yogic asana or something like that.

So it's quite easy, of course, to stand upright with your feet slightly parted and your arms out horizontally at the level of your shoulders. That's how the exercise begins, in case you didn't get it. And then when you close the fists and you bring them around, you put them together like that, knuckles locked together, and bring them to your chest.

You can practice that exercise and visualize mutating the energetic formation of the butterfly lotus. You take it on, you put on the armor of the butterfly lotus with a front lock mechanism along the vertical seam of the formation and you can make an exercise of that.

I will provide a picture, I promise.

In the summary materials that I pull together after I complete the last talk, which is the next talk, I will continue to work, as time allows, on providing you with those materials so that you have a complete notebook to take away from this investigation.

The other thing that I would point out finally is that this Category 11 I think is genuine. There are definitely anatomical changes happening in the human body. They signify the mutation from Anthropos 10 to Anthropos 11 and I expect them to continue and I expect them to be spectacular and strange, and without doubt, I can say that these anatomical changes are real and they will outlive the phenomenon of the Mandela effect such as we know it so far.

Category 12, well, weird, weird animals, weird animals and reptiles and fish and insects. I don't know because again, it's dubious, isn't it? You can be shown a picture of some strange, bizarre undersea creature and you may well believe that it had never existed before simply because you don't have any recollection of it being brought to your attention.

So this is, Category 12 is another example of phenomena that are difficult to fit to the criteria of proof for that very reason. So, I'm not denying that there will be mutations in the other kingdoms as well with Sophia's correction.

I'm sure they will be, but it would be more appropriate, I think. It would be more fitting rather than to go into wild speculations about these instances when you may simply be mistaken or misinformed or under-informed, it would be wiser to anticipate actually encountering these mutations in the physical world. Okay.

Category 13, Astronomical and Celestial Anomalies Pertinent to the Mandela Effect. Well, you may wonder why I haven't commented on these, since I have the pretension of being an expert in that genre.

Well, the main effect seems to be connected with or the main instance here seems to be connected with the position of the solar system in the Milky Way.

Now I have residue in the form of hand-drawn diagrams that I made back in the early 80s when I was teaching naked eye observation, naked eye astronomy in Santa Fe. I have residue locating the Solar System in the Orion Spur of the third arm of this galaxy.

As I understand it, the Mandela Effect that has caught the attention of many people and appears to be quite a spectacular one, would have placed the Milky Way somewhere else. I can't figure out where, whether it was closer to the core or further out, maybe in the fourth arm.

But I can't find, I can't find myself, I haven't seen convincing residue. So as far as I know, it's the way I recall it. I don't recall it being any other way.

That is the location, the layout of the Milky Way, the structure of the four spiral arms of our galaxy in the position of the Sun, Moon, Earth and other planets in the third spiral arm, sometimes called the Orion Arm.

Well, there you have it. However, I must say that I consider this anomaly to be extremely valuable and to have a unique directional significance.

It has the effect of directing your attention to something. What is that? Well, it raises a question. What is the question? Well, it raises a question in my mind and, you know, I'll share it with you. What is the question?

How in the world did astronomers and astrophysicists arrive at mapping out the galaxy in this manner?

Now, I've said before that if you go on metahistory.org and put in Hubble plus Andromeda, you'll see the actual photograph which enabled Edwin Hubble to make the inference that the solar system was located in a spiral galaxy and there was an external spiral galaxy, namely Andromeda, M31, visible from our galaxy.

So that was say, what, 1930s, 1935? So you come ahead, I don't know, 80 or 90 years and now there is this picture, but what is this picture? How did this picture evolve? Is it a correct picture? Is it reliable? This picture of the solar system in the galaxy.

Well, I don't know, but I would say I don't know how it came about. I don't know the steps that were required to build this picture, this visualization, but I will say this. The fact that this is an anomaly in the Mandela Effect brings the attention of many people to the question of what does it actually look like? How can it actually be visualized on the galactic scale?

So it brings your attention to the exercise of visualization on the galactic scale. You follow my logic? And why would that be significant? Why would that be helpful? Why would that indicate, perhaps, the user-friendliness of the interactivity of the Mandela Effect?

Well, quite simply, because the Sophianic narrative tells you that the planetary animal mother, who currently indwells the material body of this planet, originated in the galactic core.

The sacred narrative directs your attention to the galactic core and it directs your attention to galactic structure because it relates the event of Sophia's fall or Sophia's plunge. Well, what is Sophia's plunge?

Well, those proponents of electric universe plasma cosmology would tell you that there occur plasmic jets. Plasmic jets, surges of massive plasmic plumes occur as a phenomenon within the galaxies.

So, there was a massive plasmic jet from the galactic core reaching out to the third galactic arm. That event is described in the sacred narrative.

In order to picture that event, in order to follow the sacred narrative, you have to visualize that happening.

So, you have to visualize the structure of the galaxy and, lo and behold, the astronomical anomalies, alleged or otherwise, genuine or otherwise, direct you toward that visualization, don't they?

Also, I would like to point out that the Gnostic investigation of the Mandela Effect has been underway commencing in February of this year, concurrent with a particular omen in the sky. That omen is the transit of the planet Saturn, which can be observed at night, across the point of sight toward the galactic core.

So when you stand out under the starry sky at night in certain conditions, not in the depth of winter because the sun is in a position which prevents you from observing it, but apart from November, December and January, this can be observed. You look in the direction of the constellations of the scorpion and the archer, not to be confused with Scorpio and Sagittarius, but you look for the real sky patterns and there you will see, if you look in the direction of the stinger of the scorpion, you will have a line of sight directly toward the core of this galaxy. That corresponds to 267 degrees on the ecliptic scale, and that is exactly where Saturn has been hovering over the past seven or eight months as this investigation has been unfolding.

So there's a easy example of mantik. There's an omen. You can observe the omen and you know you're going to get intel from that omen, but mantik is the skill of reading that intel.

Obviously, to be able to look in the direction toward the galactic core gives you a sense of orientation, even of physical orientation, and it assists you and grounds you in the visualization of the galaxy as a whole.

I'm of the opinion, I'm not making predictions here, but I'm really confident that in the immediate future, concurrent with the super-learning event, it will be possible to form an entirely new visualization of the galaxy. And I suggest to you, which is a very mind-controlled, manipulative language, that I invite you to consider that that visualization will be more biological and less astronomical.

I invite you to consider that the planetary animal mother, you may fondly call her Pam, the Aeon Sophia, may also be pictured as the planetary omebic mass. So the Earth and indeed the entire solar system is like a cell, and within that cell there are components like the ribosomes and other interior components of a human cell. And the visualization of the entire galaxy as a living biological organism is dawning as I speak. All right.

Category 14. Historical events remember differently. JFK assassination. I don't consider the JFK assassination to be a genuine Mandela effect. I know that's going to raise the hackles of many people, but I have not seen convincing residue. The two seater cars that they show, two passenger cars, are Lincoln Continentals of a model used by the President, but there were also four passenger models.

So the existence of a two-passenger model is not proof that they were riding in a two-passenger model, nor is the mock-up of Kennedy and his wife sitting in a Lincoln Continental two-passenger model in a museum proof of anything whatsoever.

Besides, why would there be two memory lines of the Kennedy assassination? What's the point? See?

Also, historical events are subject to being misremembered and they're subject to being mistaken due to the pathetic and widespread absence of historical awareness. Who knows history anymore? Who studies history anymore?

So it's easy for historical events to become confused and that confusion may be taken for Mandela effects, but I don't go down that road.

However, I would point this out regarding the JFK assassination. Even if it is not a genuine Mandela effect, once again, the phenomenon at play here brings your attention to JFK and perhaps if your probative faculty is operating, raises the question, well, who killed him and why?

Well, there's a famous speech that has been accessed millions and millions of times on the internet in which JFK, not too long before his assassination, warns about a monumental global conspiracy.

Well, that, of course, is the conspiracy, the mafia network of the internationalists or globalists, the Xenosh and their non-Xenosh accomplices.

So Kennedy warned about that and also among the various theories regarding why Kennedy was assassinated, a prominent one, well supported by evidence, states that he was intending to take measures to annul the Federal Reserve Banking System, so that the American economy could be based on money that was issued by the government and not by a Xenosh agency. Debt free.

And that would of course be a very serious blow to the Xenosh and the Rothschild International Banking Mafia. It's exactly what Hitler did in the 1930s and it's exactly what allowed him to turn around the economy of the country and raise Germany to an extraordinary level of prosperity in just a few years.

So, JFK was intending to follow the example of Adolf Hitler in that respect and many people believe, correctly so I think, that that was a major factor in his assassination.

Finally, Category 16 covers all those anecdotal and personal instances. For instance, the previously unknown relative who shows up at a family reunion and so forth. The husband who never liked ketchup suddenly, in the current reality, likes it and says he always has, and so forth.

Well, you find these reports on the Internet. I can't comment on them because it's material that just goes too far out of the range of the investigation. So there you have it.

Now let's move on very quickly to the two remaining pages. Procedures reiterates the formula of M to the power of 1, M to the power of 2. It raises the question of IQ. I maintain that anyone with an IQ under 90 is not going to be able to follow the Mandela effect.

In that essay there is a section on mantik which you might enjoy reviewing. And there's a section sub-headed “What you're going to get”, which goes like this. I confidently posit some assumptions that will pay out royally as the investigation proceeds.

These are assumptions based on observation of how the effect works, how it impacts people as follows:

  1. It startles the mind, catching your normal everyday attention in a sudden way.

  2. It prompts you to examine how your memory works.

  3. It triggers a chain of associations, tropes, or allusions. The fugue.

  4. It manifests a material impact, actually changing solid matter and printed pages.

  5. It relays subliminal messages through grammatical changes.

  6. It carries a plot-based message encoded in clustered sets.

  7. It alerts to a problem with a divine experiment, something gone wrong in the human world.

  8. It incites and enhances mantik, building toward the super-learning event.

  9. It provides a direction on how to fathom it, the decode prompts.

  10. It breaks the narrative trance.

  11. It exhibits comedic flair. Oh, yes, it does. “I love Lucy”.

  12. It reveals the USO, what causes it in the first place, unidentified supernatural origin, USO.

  13. It alludes to passages in ancient Gnostic writings which may be considered to reveal foreknowledge of the event and throw light on the circumstances in which it is operating today.

And I'll come around to that point again in the final talk. Namely, is the Mandela Effect predicted in the Gnostic writings from Nag Hammadi?

Finally, the fifth page indicated by the link in the description goes to Mandela Effect Analysis. And there you have the list, our inventory, vector by vector of the, what was it, 55 or 57 cases that I have investigated through the course of these 64 talks.

Now, of course, the vampire cluster is included and I noted in that essay that the Vampire Cluster was in development. So we had:

  1. Clue 32, Interview with THE / A Vampire.

  2. Clue 33, Transgression in the Nag Hammadi Writings. I'll get back to that in the final talk.

  3. Clue 34, The Ford Logo, Crossover, Passover. Bear in mind that the paradigm or the template for J.R.M. is the Easter Sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb. So the Passover Sacrifice ritual is the template for JRM. So Passover crossover is indicated in the first super-cluster, but it also locks into the third, the vampire super-cluster. As noted a little earlier in this talk, the vampire super-cluster is still developing. I brought in the alleged Mandela effect of the Lindbergh kidnapping, which can be considered as a component of that cluster. Tak.

So, winding up this talk, I want to bring your attention back to an essential point of technique to propose that there is an act of supernatural intervention taking place on this planet, unprecedented, is a big deal.

I realize that's a big claim, but I make that proposal confidently, and those of you who follow this investigation faithfully know why I am confident, how I can be confident, and I trust that you share my confidence.

However, my confidence comes with a caution that goes like this. It is unnecessary and undesirable ever to apply magical thinking to your understanding of Sophia's correction, conceived as an act of supernatural intervention.

You do not need to pretend that it's happening. You do not need to embellish it with pretending. In fact, this event in the supernatural world, as it impinges on the human world, brings humanity, or some self-selecting members of humanity, to the utter and final release from pretending.

That's a theme in planetary tantra. That's a theme that comes forth strongly in the coming year with the transit of the North Lunar Node through the constellation of the Crab. So, no need to refer to magical thinking.

The challenge and the thrill here is to engage your probative faculty. That's all.

In doing so, remember, always keep uppermost in your mind that there are three features that distinguish this act of divine intervention. One, its complete novelty. Two, its comedic or playful aspect evident in the riddling or teasing that you see in these effects. And three, its interactivity.

So there you have it. That's a summary and overview of the investigation so far. Upcoming soon, in a day or so, I reckon, will be installment 64, concluding this series.

And until then, as ever, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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Millenium-Tartaria link. Is the speculation around the hidden Tartaria empire and reset of reality, and history, and memories, somehow linked to Mandela effect memory changes? Is Sophia using this as the next phase of Mandela effect phenomenon?


JLL claims supernatural intervention in the past NEVER happened, but if Tartaria was the 1000 year reign of Christ, then JLL will never be able to see this or admit it. His hatred of all religions deriving from Abrahamic patriarchy (ie Jews, Christians, Muslims) will forever prevent him from being able to comprehend this possibility. So, I remind my readers to decide ALL things for yourself, as NOBODY’S supernatural abilities are so great that they cannot make errors, and nobody can clear ALL personal confirmation biases. To admit we can become aware of smaller memory changes like MED but larger memory changes like Tartaria are impossible, IS ILLOGICAL!


If MED brings our attention to the accuracy of history regarding Hitler and WW2, then perhaps the greater accuracy about history that Sophia wants us to know is that HISTORY AND REALITY ITSELF IS A MANDELIC ILLUSION. You exist in a Trumanatrix lucid dream. More on what that means in other posts.


I think the basic point Sophia wants us to know is that the fake WW2 history narrative simply points to the fact that you, my reader, as an individual can defeat the Archontic evildoers, despite outward appearances. The “Powers That Should Not Be” would not expend monumental effort, as JLL says, to prevent people from understanding the truth, if the stakes against them were not high indeed.

Consider that perhaps there is some truth to the ancient story of a “war in heaven”, and although both sides do evil things in any war, in a relative-subjective sense, we were on the right side!

But we were labeled evil (ie made to feel like fallen angels) and punished severely (ie cast down to this hell world, feeling Sophia’s FGS as if it were our own story), though we came to Sophia’s defense, as surely as Hitler came to Europe’s defense against the real bad guys, Stalin & the former Soviet Union (ie the physical versions of the Archons).

And as the Germans were punished with firestorm destruction of 60 cities, civilians, women and children, who did not deserve such genocide, so too were we “angels of light” punished severely and made to suffer with our woman/women here in hell realm, aka earth-reality.


And even more importantly, what really happened before we even perceived ourselves to have come into existence? We have suppressed & subconscious memories of what happened before we came to “earth-reality”. Just as the true story around WW1 & WW2 is coming to light by truthseekers, so too is the true story around Sophia coming to light by MED & Gnosticism in general.


Note how as JLL goes through this list of categories, he glosses over many as they are “not significant”. Or perhaps his probative shamanic abilities are lacking, as Sophia might have some genuine clues in these many categories that he just can’t discern. Logos may refer to Sophia in Gnosticism but it also refers to Christ in the Bible, as Logos means Word, as in the Word of God. There could be a whole message to Christians in the many categories and instances that JLL cannot discern due to his hatred of all things patriarchy, as I know from firsthand interaction. The MED is like a multi-dimensional crystal ball that can say many things to many people.

WritePharma Parable Publishing-stories with mystical meaning
Mandela Effect Decoded and General Gnosticism
Section for John Lamb Lash (JLL) & his Mandela effect decoded (MED) & Gnosticism in general. I consider that JLL does a good Gnostic job decoding the parabolic message(s) of the Aeon Sophia to those who have ears to hear, in our reality THAT IS BEING CHANGED ON THE FLY, to get our attention and teach us something. John's site-> www.nemeta.org