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Xenosh mind controlled wars to make prophecy narratives come true...easy to predict the future when you can create it!!!

Check out

David blah, blah, blahs about Jesus Christ and Paul, as if they were real people. I am not 100% sure anymore that they were real people or not, being that we are in a simulation. David Sorensen should check out, since he claims to like research so much. Jason’s material will keep him busy for the rest of his life, and maybe blow his mind up. David also talks about financial elite Ronald Bernard, who I recommend to check out below.

Ronald Bernard on youtube

Perhaps David should also consider whether or not Paul and Christ were parable reflections of real people, who actually existed in a different dimension. They are metaphor character-reflections in this dimension. David Sorensen exists in his own trumanatrix too, just as I do. More trumanatrix posts coming in the future. :-)

Also, I think David Sorensen should digest JLL’s material in this section, since it seems David only understands Sophia’s story from the patriarchy POV. He is missing much. His preaching would be more powerful if he also understood Sophia’s story from the matriarchy POV.

Methinks maybe John Lamb Lash’s prediction(s), in the podcasts in this section, are coming true, that Sophia intends to supernaturally take down Christianity and related religions. Perhaps more Christians/patriarchy-types will start to think, ask questions, and the scales of mind control will drop entirely.

Go Sophia! But really that won’t fix things completely. Go Sophiachristos reunited within YOUR heart!


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Section for John Lamb Lash (JLL) & his Mandela effect decoded (MED) & Gnosticism in general. I consider that JLL does a good Gnostic job decoding the parabolic message(s) of the Aeon Sophia to those who have ears to hear, in our reality THAT IS BEING CHANGED ON THE FLY, to get our attention and teach us something. John's site->