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Mandela Effect Decoded and General Gnosticism
#59 - MED - Breaking the voodoo spell of Christianity

#59 - MED - Breaking the voodoo spell of Christianity

Archive of #59 - MED

Greetings again and yet again. This is JLL coming to you with Gnostic Intel on the internet. It's what is it? What is it? It's the 30th of August 2017 and I'm here with installment 56 of Mandela Effect Decoded and I'm calling it “Breaking the voodoo spell of Christianity”.

Now I have to warn you, out of the gate, that I'm really, really pissed off right now. And when I get pissed off, there's always an element of boredom in it. I get pissed off because I'm bored. There are certain things that bore me shitless. And one of them is the fucking internet and IT and computers and GarageBand. It just bores the shit out of me. And I'm not able to handle it rationally.

So, you know, I record these talks on GarageBand on a Mac. I have an eight euro microphone called a Samson. It's shaped like a little golf ball. And that's it. And I really don't want to do this anymore.

You might wonder, what is the delay? Hey, why is John Lash dragging his feet, you know? Why does he leave us in limbo? What's going on here? Why does he leave us, you know, hanging like this?

Well, let me tell you one thing, folks. I speak always as the primary and paramount teacher of planetary Tantra on this planet. And planetary Tantra, Gaian Tantra, and the practices of Gaian Tantrikas and Shaktas and Kalikas to throw the full range of jargon at you, always involve a kind of cliffhanger experience.

There are bound to be delays and some of those delays are due to the nature of this message of which I am an instrument of transmission even more than a person speaking to you.

Recently some people confirmed that for me and I'm happy to say it gave me a moment of pleasure and delight to know or to hear someone say that they experience spontaneous Kundalini transmission listening to my voice or listening to the recorded form of my voice. They're actually here now able to listen to my voice in its non-recorded form.

So here I am, bitching and complaining and showing you how pissed off, bored and irritated I am for whatever reason. Well, one of the factors that plays into the delays in me getting this series completed is that I occasionally do encounter technical problems and I just can't deal with it.

So if the slightest mishap comes up with GarageBand. I just, I'm ready to take an axe to the whole system. I just can't stand this medium. You know what I'm doing? I'm doing a radio show. That's all.

You know, radio predated the internet. Wow, did you ever think about that? Is this a fucking fantastic statement of historical truth? And radio preceded television. Can you imagine that? And iPods and iPhones and Google Hangouts. Radio, this is just a fucking radio program. That's all it is.

And I would like to be able to walk into a room where there is an adequate state-of-the-art microphone and a couple of people sitting or at least one person in addition to whatever dogs and cats may honor me with their presence. To walk into a room and sit down in front of a microphone and talk and have a conversation and put out a radio program. I don't want to put out an internet program. I want to put out a radio program.

So I'm pretending that I'm doing a radio program. But of course, it's not set up like that. And there are technical hitches. And I just, I swear that right outside this door over here, there's an axe buried in a chopping block. And there are moments when I am five seconds away from burying it in this monitor and this computer. Really.

So that's my opening rant. And now I'm going to go into another rant about the topic of this installment of Mandela Effect Decoded, which is Christianity.

Honestly, I mean honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I just don't give a flying fuck about Christianity or anybody who is within a thousand miles of that belief system. You can go read, “Not in His Image”, okay? “Not in His Image” is the coup de grâce.

It is the samurai blow of instant death to the Christian faith and the Christian belief system. And really, you know, what, ten, eleven years ago when that book came out, I've had my say. And if you don't get it in “Not in His Image”, you'll probably never get it anywhere.

Also I'd like to point out, for the record, that “Not in His Image” is also the samurai blow to patriarchy. You know, I understand from what I pick up from listening to the internet on certain selected channels, which I have learned to choose carefully, over 10 or 12 years of my experimentation and research with this disgusting and boring medium you call IT and social networking.

One of the things I've come to understand over those years, which is all going down the tubes right now, by the way, in case you noticed, the censorship and the Bolshevik Stalinist level of repression that is coming through on YouTube coming through on Facebook and Twitter which have all which are all platforms created for our benefit by the generosity and loving kindness of the Xenosh and their non-Xenosh minions servants and accomplices. But I digress.

You hear on the internet, from the rabid mouths of feminists, complaints about the oppression of patriarchy. Now there's a really big problem of misrepresentation here, because the patriarchy, the oppressive patriarchy of which third wave feminism speaks, it's not a real patriarchy. It's a construction, a projection of the emotional rabies, the emotional plague inflicting social justice warriors and inflicting the feminist movement. And that causes those demos in that movement, not people, demos, to rant and rave about the oppressions of patriarchy.

Well, patriarchy is a real problem on this planet. It is a grave, grave threat to a sane and sustainable future, not to mention a life of pleasure and mutual aid. Patriarchy, as I attack it, in “Not in His Image”, has to be understood in the terms that I describe it in “Not in His Image”, not in the way that feminists and social justice warriors describe it.

Patriarchy is quite simply massive male domination by numbers and male mind domination by ideology in all spheres of social organization. You know, the Catholic Church is patriarchy. The majority of white males or any kind of males in the institutions of banking, the institutions of government in any society, that is really patriarchy. That is true and that is a real horror upon the face of this planet.

But that is not the patriarchy that feminists attack. In fact, they just use patriarchy as a code word for attacking men in general and for attacking manhood. So don't fall into that trap. Okay, let me see if I can calm myself down here and get back to the topic that I've designated for this talk.

This is an important talk in the course of Mandela Effect Decoded. Well, of course it is. Why? Because some of the instances of the Mandela Effect that have caused huge controversy and confusion refer to changes in biblical scripture.

So, naturally, some of you were wondering when I was going to get around to that category, which is one of the 15 or 16 categories I outlined in the notes, the written notes at the beginning of this channel.

All right, well, Christianity, whether it be Protestant Christianity or Catholic Christianity or any other of the denominations, you want to choose Mormonism, Christian Zionism, whatever, whatever. It's patriarchy and it stinks of patriarchy.

Patriarchy is primarily based on the belief, let's say, that there is a male creator God at the source of this human reality in which we live. Well that's a great lie in the first place. There is no male creator god at the source of this reality. And so if you are someone who accepts the concept that divine powers are gendered, and that's really a crucial conceptual factor in thinking about the cosmos.

If you accept that there are gods and goddesses, then you will recognize that patriarchy insists on a male-only, God-only perspective and completely eliminates the goddess.

So if you want to go read about that elimination, go read “The Hebrew Goddess” by Raphael Pate and Robert Graves. Go inform yourself about one instance concerning the religious ideology of the Xenosh, where the female aspects of the goddess were systematically eliminated. And so in the minds of most Christians today, there is no goddess factor. They do not see the divine Sophia. They do not see the divine presence of a cosmic star goddess in the embodiment of the planet itself. But I see that. I see it every day. I see it every minute of every day. That is the living reality or the reality to be lived here on this planet, which is a unique instance as far as can be determined from the Gnostic intel. A unique instance in which a female, pleromic, Aeonic divinity is materially and sensorally embodied in the very environment in which you live. And that is the basis of what I call Sophianic animism. Okay?

So Christianity, which I'm going to talk about now, although I don't need to talk about Christianity, and I don't need to think, I'm doing you a big favor to even mention it. I am so far beyond Christianity. It would take something extraordinary to bring me back to the subject, and I guess I have to say, well, here it is.

You know, the Mandela Effect is evident in changes in biblical scripture, or what are perceived to be or alleged to be changes now. Which of those changes are valid and real is something to be discussed, if you want to go down that road and have that discussion. We're going to discuss that today.

I'm just going to select three or four changes in biblical scripture that I consider to be genuine Mandela effects and go through them and talk about the really important, hate to use that word, talk about the really essential issue here. And the really essential issue I would put in the form of this question.

If you can allow that the genuine cases of the Mandela Effect demonstrate the intervention of the planetary Mother Goddess into the human mind, then can you also allow that this intervention would have, plausibly may have, among other intentions, the objective of finally and totally taking down the belief system of Christianity?

Alright, there you go. There's a question to contemplate, to savour and to relish. It might be a good moment for me to bring up something that's something that sometimes crosses my mind. You know, I've said before that there is probably not any objection that anyone can make to my presentation of the Gnostic message today and my presentation of Planetary Tantra that I already haven't made to myself.

I invite, I welcome one that might come through the airwaves if it were worth considering. But here's one worth considering, coming from yours truly. Here's an objection I have raised in my mind regarding my own position as the leading exponent of the Sophianic message on this planet.

Well, hey there, John Lash, you know, myself says to me, or I say to myself, whichever way you want to look at it, you've made a big deal about your view of all religions that you reject and condemn all religions. And at the same time you point out that most of those religions, certainly the Judeo-Christian-Islamic slew of religions and its various denominations are all based on the same premise, which is that God has spoken to humanity through certain men, right?

Moses, Muhammad, and lest I forget, Jesus, the Messiah, the very Son of God, or presumed to be, will get to that pathetic carcass of roadkill in a moment. And, uh, well, John, I mean, what's up here? You know, you apply all of your Socratic, your ruthless Socratic deconstructive talent, such as it is, to tear down all the messages that have been brought to humanity by men who are claiming to speak for God, and then you turn around and claim to speak for some goddess.

Well, how are you any different than these men, these bearded patriarchs, the authors of Holy Scripture, which has apparently been altered by the Mandela Effect here and there? How are you any better? Aren't you playing the same game that they're playing? But no, you're just being a little more sexy about it, right man? Because of your personal shock tea that you've got on board, JL, right?

You come out and claim to the world that you can speak for the goddess and you wipe out unilaterally everything that has ever been attributed to men who claim that they speak for God.

Well, what is your problem? Man, right? How can you do that? Isn't it obvious that you're just reversing the game? And behind all that, of course, what's your agenda? Well, it's clear as day you want to found a new religion and be the cult leader of that religion. Okay?

You see what I have to go on here. Get the drift right. I'm not even going to bother to argue about it. I only have one thing to say, really. It all boils down to one essential point.

What is the difference between all those men in the patriarchy claiming to speak for God and this Gnostic revivalist claiming to speak for the goddess, for a particular goddess? What's the difference? Clear and simple. Easy as pie. Any child could understand the difference.

I can see her for whom I speak and so can you if you want to take a look. I can see her. No one can see him. Seeing him is an act of faith. Seeing her is an act of observation and recognition. And if you don't get that difference, you may as well sign off right now because that is probably the fundamental point of my entire message about the end of religion and the return to the true Gnosis of humanity on this planet.

Gnosis could be defined in many ways. It means simply not knowledge as a body of knowledge. It means a knowing, a knowing and knowingness. You have a knowing. If you get in a canoe and you decide to take a cruise down a river where there might be some light rapids, not too heavy, because a canoe can't handle it.

If you're going white water rafting, you would need a kayak or some other appropriate vessel. But suppose you're just going down a lazy sweet river under the willow trees, paddling a canoe. Maybe there are two of you, one in the front, one in the back, you and your lover. Paddling down a river and you must have a knowingness of that river. You must have a knowingness of the current. A knowing and a knowingness, that is Gnosis.

And in this Gnosis, the proof of everything I say is up to you. The ultimate proof of planetary tantra is up to you, not me. I've already done it all and my friends and those that love me and the close allies around me and the animals remind me of this every day.

The instructions for interaction with the living presence of the Earth Goddess have been given since 2008. But it's not my responsibility to prove that they work. It's yours. There is, however, there is, and I'm very happy, hate the word very, I'm quite happy. I'm more or less happy. You know, I'm somewhat delighted today to point to an aspect of that truth which is defined by the problematical word of trust.

Have you ever noted that the word truth and the word trust are somewhat similar? They're like phonemes that begin in the same way. Truth. Trust. But they end in different ways. We're not true phonemes, but, you know, we give ourselves a certain amount of latitude here.

So there's a factor of trust in me. There is a factor of trust. But why shouldn't there be? For fuck's sake. If I was a guide taking you down into the Grand Canyon by a precipitous path, wouldn't there be a factor of trust? Every time you get on an airline you trust the pilot and you trust the crew to get you to your destination.

So at this moment, about halfway through this talk, which is completely I'm rehearsed and it's merely an excuse for me to burn off my current state of anger and irritation about what the fuck.

At this point, may I propose an arrangement of trust? I'm going to say something to you now and you can trust me on it or not, okay? I don't demand that you trust me on it. I'm not like a cult leader who will fuck with your mind and subtly and subliminally, subversively get into your mind and play on your trust in a dishonest manner.

So I invite your trust in me right now, as I make a statement. And I would add as a cautionary point that if you trust me in the statement that I'm going to make now, it's your responsibility to fulfill that trust by proving it to yourself in your own reality. Okay?

Yes, I do claim to speak at moments for the planetary animal mother. I began to speak to her intimately in March of 2003, 14 years ago, on Infinity Ridge in the Serenia de Ronda of Andalusia, Spain. And I speak to you out of my conversation and dialogue with her, which is not unique to me. You can also have it.

Follow the instructions of planetary tantra. Look at the terma of Gaia Awakening. Sophia herself gave the terma as the foundation conditions for you to converse with her in the same manner that I do, but I have skills and shamanic abilities that you just don't have and may never have. And so you trust me, you may choose to trust me in that role as a guide in this adventure. And what I'm going to say now, I put on the basis of trust.

I'm going to tell you what the Aeon Sophia wishes for Christians and the Christian faith. These are two different things. I'm going to talk to you as someone who is an intermediary between yourselves and the planetary sovereign intelligence of this planet. And if I'm deluded and I'm completely wacko and insane, fine. I trust you to find that out. I trust you to work that out.

But right now, at this moment, here is the disclosure I make to you about the desire and intention of the Aeon Sophia regarding first the Christian faith and second those who are adherents to that faith.

The first thing that she wishes in the scope of my understanding as a Gnostic shaman who can access her mind directly is the complete takedown and annihilation of Christian faith. That's just the first thing. Now let's consider that for a moment.

Were it true, were it true, okay, were it true that I'm not just making this up? Were it true that I am a sober and sane Gnostic shaman reporting to you from the mind of the planet? Well, if that is her intention, and if the Mandela Effect is genuinely an expression of her intervention, then wouldn't it be clear in the Mandela Effect, how she intends to do this?

The Aeon Sophia, I swear to you on the eyes of Jan Kerouac, does not merely wish to totally bring down the Christian faith, but she intends to bring it down, and she has initiated the magic that is the countermagic to the voodoo spell of this horrific alien implant in the human mind which consecrates the victim-perpetrator syndrome to the advantage of the perpetrators. You got me there? You with me on this? Take a deep breath.

Now listen very closely. I'm here to tell you, right here, right now, that the manifestations or examples, better word, examples, genuine examples, of the Mandela effect and changes in biblical scripture reveal the intention of the Aeon Sophia, as she reads the position, as she reads the way that Christian faith has configurated itself in the emotion and imagination of the Rhome, okay.

She sees that configuration called Christian faith, so I'm talking about the faith first and then the adherents to that faith a little later, as a foreign installation that has to be totally eliminated, totally deleted. Christianity is a foreign installation in the human mind due to the diabolical manipulation of the Xenosh and of their chosen proxies on the earth.

It is no big secret to anyone that anyone who comes to Christianity in the New Testament, well, big fracking surprise. Has to look at the Old Testament. Well, what?

You mean the Old Testament, which is a document of genocidal insanity and the glorification of the role of the Xenosh as the chosen people of the alien, demented God, Yahweh? In some way has to be reconciled with the New Testament because they fit into the same package. How insane is this?

I mean, if you spent all your life trying to cook up a formula of cognitive dissonance that was worse than this, you could never do it and the presumed message of love in the New Testament is somehow supposed to fit together with the genocidal insanity of the psychosis of the Xenosh, which is demonstrated in every chapter of the Old Testament, right?

It's never going to work. It will drive you insane. And right now, as I speak to you today, in August of 2017, the great, great majority of adherents of the Christian faith on this planet are insane. They just don't know that they are. But it's so fucking obvious, isn't it?

Look at them trying to defend Christianity. Look at them trying to get on one side or the other of the irrefutable Mandela effects in the Lord's Prayer and in Isaiah and the wolf shall lie down with the lamb.

You can bet on that because it's a wolf speaking right now. Well, there you go. There you see how she intends to take down Christianity. Of all the things that you would be able to say about Christian faith, what is the essential basis of Christian faith?

You know, there are, what, 600 denominations of Christianity in the United States alone. You know, there are Korean evangelical Christians. There are Filipino Christians. There are Latino Catholics. I mean, just look, the pollution is inconceivable and extremely diverse.

But when you look at all of this, when you look at Catholic, Protestant, the Zionist Christians who worship the Jews and those who, other Christians who consider Jews to have been identified as the synagogue of Satan in the book of Revelation, look at the whole enchilada. And what is the basis of Christian faith inside this enormous circus of insanity and delusional faith? Well, it's quite simple.

The common basis of all that is scripture. And so she attacks scripture. Get it? She attacks scripture because Christian faith, which is not the Christian adherents to faith, I'll get to them, believe me I will, before I conclude, but the Christian faith has a foundation in scripture. And so she goes right to that foundation to absolutely and totally and permanently demolish it.

You know, I'm not going to go through an inventory of the noted examples, either genuine or not, either residue based or not of changes in biblical scripture, because frankly, it bores the living shit out of me. But I will mention a few.

And the first one that I will mention is the Lord's Prayer. You know, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven or in earth, or in the earth” well make up your fracking mind.

Is it on earth or in earth or in the earth and are these just differences in translations and confusion in the minds of Christians about various translations? I don't think so.

You know, I can tell you by personal testimony that I was indoctrinated by a small fundamentalist Christian sect in Friendship, Maine when I was a child, because that's where my mother went for refuge to Maine. She left Brooklyn. She was an Italian Catholic living in Brooklyn. And she went from Brooklyn to live in Maine to take refuge after my father died, which was before I was born, and to try to find some sanity and create a new life for herself.

Laura Christina Mayorino. That was my mother's name. And I can tell you right now, many, many years later, decades later, on the basis of that indoctrination, that it was said in this way, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

That's the way I remember it. That's the way it was written in the Bible. I read it out of the Bible aloud and it's not written in the Bible that way now.

So I have a Bible that was given to me by my mother when I was about 32 or something, which shows the material and textual change in scripture. And this really upsets Christians. And that's exactly what it's intended to do.

You know, the Aeon Sophia knows your mind as the designer of your mind. Now, I said something recently that I need to correct. I think I might have said that the Aeons know what you're thinking when you make toast. That's not exactly correct.

They know how your mind is designed to think, and they know how you will use your mind as a tool, your intelligence, either correctly or incorrectly. They are able to observe that in the way that scientists who set up the conditions of an experiment are able to observe how the subject of that experiment performs.

The Aeon Sophia cannot predict what you will think. She knows how your mind operates because she designed your mind, along with Thelete, but she does not know what you will do with your mind.

But she knows enough about how the human mind operates in order to introduce into the mind of those who are infected by the Archontic parasite or foreign installation as Castaneda called it.

She knows enough about that to go right to the place required to disable that foreign installment. So the purpose of the Mandela effect in the genuine instances it appears in Christian scripture is to absolutely and directly, pertinently, disable the foreign installation operating through the Christian faith.

Now, there are many things you could say about the Christian faith. There are many analyses and interpretations and comments you could make, blah, blah, blah, about the various aspects of Protestant Christianity, Catholic Christianity, all the denominations and so forth.

Blow it all out your arse, you know. Arse for our sake, right? Because it's irrelevant. The Aeon Sophia knows exactly what she's doing. And so do I. And so may you someday in the way I do. So may you. And what she is exactly doing is demolishing faith on the foundation of faith in scripture.

If you shake the faith of Christians in scripture, you ultimately and absolutely shake their faith. Do you see that? And her intention is to do exactly that with the Christian faith.

Now what about the Christians themselves? I mean, what's left of Christians? What is a Christian when you take their faith of Scripture away? Their faith in Scripture, excuse me.

The Mandela Effect attacks the faith in Scripture. And it doesn't have to attack it in a hundred ways. You know, as far as I can tell, many, many, many of the Christians who are freaking out about the Mandela Effect are doing so because they don't even know their own scripture well enough to know whether it says one thing or another. And I commented on that, by the way, on one of my proxies, my avatars, commented on that point on a Christian channel and it got immediately banned. What did I say?

I said, may I humbly direct your attention to the fact that you don't even know your own scripture well enough to know if it's been altered. I mean, this is how bad it is.

So, the point I'm making here is that through the Mandela Effect, in a few instances, it only takes a few instances, to destroy the foundations of Christian faith. It's like it only takes a few, what's the word, not doses, packets. It only takes a few packets of syntax strategically placed to sink a boat or to bring down a building.

What are the strategically placed packets of syntax in the Aeon Sophia's assault on Christian faith? Well, let's consider a couple of these changes. I'm only going to consider a couple. That might seem like an inadequate way to deal with the massive question of scriptural biblical changes due to the Mandela effect, but you know, I just don't have time to do anything more than treat the essentials.

So I'm going to tell you that there are two essential effects. First one I just noted. Now let me remind you of the six translations into English of the German word Mandel, implied by phonemes in the name Mandela. And of these translations, one of them is a geode.

Well, where do you find a geode? What is a geode? And where do you find a geode? Well, a geode is a kind of egg-shaped geological formation which, when broken open, has a hollow inside and a crystalline structure around that. Well, let me ask you, have you ever found a geode? I found a geode.

Oh my, my, my, did I find a geode on March 12th, 2007. And where did I find that geode? I found it on the earth. On earth. On the surface of the earth. But where was that geode formed? Well, it was formed in the earth. So there's your ping. Heed the ping.

On earth. In the earth. The occluded Mandela effect, which I remember, says, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth”.

And I can't tell you how many times I recited that when I was a child and read it in the Bible. But when I go to the Bible my mother gave me, it doesn't say that now. It says, in the earth, ping, but isn't it an obvious fact that both are true?

A geode, which is formed in the earth, is picked up when you discover it on earth. And that ping, that signal, decodes directly to the telluric womb of the planetary animal mother. The Shakti Cluster and the Central Icon of Planetary Tantra.

So not only does the Aeon Sophia strike a blow right into the heart of Christian faith, which is the Lord's Prayer, of all the things in the New Testament, what could you select that would be more positioned more centrally positioned at the heart of Christian faith than the Lord's Prayer. Whack! Wham! End of the Lord's Prayer. It points to the geode of the turbulent vortex of the Shakti cluster.

I rest my case. But it gets even better. Because then let's look at the Old Testament Mandela Effect, which is materially evident. I want to emphasize that the material examples, the examples of material change of the Mandela Effect in biblical scripture are material.

Christians are going out of their minds, or at least they were last year in June, July, and August when I myself first discovered the Mandela Effect. They're freaking out. They're going insane because these changes are not virtual. They're not just on the internet.

They are in the actual Bibles and the residual evidence of the previous version is also materially evident. The complementary instance I would cite to you right now of equal significance as the scriptural anomaly in the Lord's Prayer is found in Isaiah, and the wolf shall dwell with the lamb.

Well, anyone who investigates it honestly, with an open mind and not prejudging, has to say, has to admit, that the residual evidence for the lion shall lie down with the lamb is massive, massive.

I found residual evidence of that just the other day and I'd like to read it to you because I have it right on hand here. Hang on a second. This is from the book “Natural Supernaturalism” about Romantic Philosophy and Romantic Revolution by M. H. Abrams.

And in the introduction to Chapter 6, he quotes a passage from the letters of the English Romantic poet Shelley to his friend Elizabeth Hitchener, in which he says, “I have long been convinced of the eventual omnipotence of mind over matter. Adequacy of motive is sufficient to anything. And my golden age is when the present potence will become omnipotence. This will be the millennium of Christians, ‘when lion shall lay down with the lamb’, though neither will it be accomplished to complete a prophecy or by the intervention of a miracle."

So the poet Shelley was about 19 when he wrote this. I guess it would have been about 1805 or something, 1800. And you can see how he was struggling, trying to struggle out of the straitjacket of the Christian faith towards some new sense of revelation or revolution or breakthrough for the human species.

So he foresaw a new millennium for the Christians, but he had difficulty in formulating what that could be beyond the faith-based framework of Christianity, obviously. Why did he have that difficulty?

It wasn't a difficulty, it was an impossibility for him and the other romantics of that epoch. They did not have the narrative of the Sophianic vision story to guide them to a different vision for the future of humanity.

So it's a very telling passage in the letters of Shelley, wishing that Christians could have some kind of new future. And he says that future would manifest when lion shall lay down with the lamb.

Well, of course, that is the old occluded version of the passage in Isaiah, which has been much discussed as a Mandela effect. So now it is said that it is the wolf who shall lie down with the lamb. I'd like to point out that that particular Mandela effect in Scripture is more than just a challenge to faith.

The Mandela effect in the Lord's Prayer is like a lightning strike right into the foundation of the temple of Christian faith that throws down the temple in one beautiful thunderbolt. Bam! Thunder Perfect Mind. Wham, bam, and thank you ma'am.

In one thunderbolt, the Aeon Sophia destroys the foundation of Christian faith by destroying faith in scripture. Got that?

But then she goes on with a second thunderbolt to point the direction that Christians may go. May go. Because let's face it, I mean, it's a huge question. A question for me. I grew up with Christians. I've had close friends in the Christian community all my life, a good number of the people I left behind in Santa Fe, when I left the United States, were Christians.

Some of them were involved in the Christocentric esotericism of Rudolf Steiner, which is an alternative form of Christianity. So you have the anthroposophy of Willi Suker, a student of Steiner with whom I studied closely. You have the Sophianic Christianity of Novalis who inspired Rudolf Steiner.

You have all this anthroposophical and Christo-centric regalia operating. There is the regalia of the conventional Christians by the millions, and then there is the regalia of the underground or alternative Christianity.

And the intention and wish of the planetary animal mother is to blow it all out. But then where do Christians go? Where do Christians turn? What becomes of Christians who can no longer look to scripture for guidance and support and sustenance in their lives. Where do they go? They go to the wolf. They go to the Kalica war party. And they go to the lamb in the book of Revelation.

What could be more clear? And the wolf shall lie down with the lamb. Not only does that Mandela shift bring the wolf, who is the image or icon of the Kalico War Party, to the forefront of human attention, but at the same time, in the second part of the passage, it refers to the second beast. You know, there are two beasts in the book of Revelation.

The great beast, Ptomega Therion, which is the planetary animal mother herself, and then the lesser beast with two horns like a lamb that cometh out of the land, that cometh out of the earth. Greater beast cometh out of the sea. Well, all life cometh out of the sea, my friends. All life on this planet comes from the sea, and the sea is 75% of the surface area of this planet.

The Mandela effect shift in Isaiah is material, I guarantee you. You can go to the Greek Interlinear and the Hebrew Interlinear. Now it is said that the Hebrew Old Testament, written in Hebrew, was translated into Greek in Alexandria, and that's called the Septuagint, because it was said to have been translated by 70 devout scholars.

So the Greek version of the Hebrew Old Testament and the Hebrew version itself both show the Mandela effect materially. Did you know that?

Go look, go look for the Hebrew interlinear and see what the word is. Does it say wolf or does it say lion? This is a material change just as on earth or in the earth is a material change manifested in countless numbers of physical Bibles in the possessions, in the possession of Christians around the world.

I consider these two instances of the Mandela effect in scripture to be genuine material anomalies on the level of the Volkswagen and Ford logos. And when there is an irrefutable and inexplicable material change, then you know. Then you can be assured. But don't take it on faith. But you can be assured by the evidence that this is some serious stuff due to the intervention of the planetary animal mother, not only into the mind of humanity, not only into the medium of the virtual network of the internet, but into the material scripture attributed as the Word of God.

So there you have it. I mean, is that amazing or what? I'll leave it up to your judgment. I'll leave it to your discernment, and I'm going to get to CERN also in one of the concluding talks on this channel.

But right now, to wind up this talk, I'd like to take you back to something that I said in the Mythophrenia 10-pack. Remember that there are ten essays, some of them accompanied by text or some of them in textual and spoken version on Mythophrenia.org and the theme of three of those concerned, “The true Lucifer” is Sophia, and the theme of three others concerned the true nature of the supernatural in which I address the problem of “The Great Deception”.

So now I'm going to read you to what's the terminology, what's the term, what's the slang, what's the mean, To read you the Riot Act.

I don't know what that means anymore, but I like that expression. I'm going to read you the Riot Act on Christianity. You can already see, in these two instances alone, and I just can't be bored to go to any others, how the Aeon Sophia, using the Mandela Effect, cracks Christian faith at its foundations and breaks it open to liberate those Christians who are able to be liberated into something else, and the rest of them may be damned with the righteous who condemned them to their faith in the first place and they may be damned to the rubble of Kali's cremation ground.

But if there are Christians who can come out of that breakdown of faith and continue to live in this real world today, in the presence of the planetary animal mother and in recognition of the enemies of humanity, then there's a couple of things required of those people.

So if you are not a Christian, I now advise you that this what I'm going to say now is the formula of confrontation, if you will, to present to any surviving Christians whose faith has been demolished by this intervention. I give you the tactics of approaching them and the only merciful way to deal with them, which is ruthless and merciful at the same time.

In the first place, I refer you to the statement that I made in the talks on Mythophrenia regarding the supernatural and regarding this concept or meme of the Great Deception. And so here it goes. Get this. Get this. Without distortion or confusion, get this exactly as I give it to you.

The conviction based on faith that you can detect and defeat the Great Deception is proof that you are caught in it. The conviction based on faith and based on faith in scripture held by Christians that they can detect and oppose and defeat what they call the Great Deception is proof that they are caught in it.

This is in a single proposition the most compassionate and liberating thing that anyone can say to any Christian. Get their attention with that.

If they are not capable, if they don't have the intelligence to comprehend that statement, which I must say is absolutely brilliant, then write them off. But if they can comprehend that statement, there is another proposition to be offered to them as a way out, as a way through, as a Passover, as a Ford, as a shallow transition out of the entrapment of their belief system and it goes like this.

I quote a line from “Not in His Image“ and I think I said at some point along the way that of all the lines in “Not in His Image”, I am the most proud of this line. So let me find it. Yes, here it is. Opening paragraph of chapter 19 entitled “A Unique Message of Love”. Two sentences.

“The divine victim mirrors to humanity not the solution of our suffering and a way to overcome it, but our total consuming enslavement to it. Victimage works because it makes the force of suffering looks stronger than life force itself”.

I swear to you, if I were to die today and none of my teachings and none of my writing survived, I would wish for those two sentences to survive.

The Christian faith is nothing but the false and delusional glorification of suffering to a cosmic scale that entraps its adherents in the evil schemes of the Xenosh who gave them the message of Christianity in the first place.

The Christian cross is nothing but a voodoo fetish. And the man shown hanging on that cross is nothing but a zombie, this zombie messiah whose needles are the pangs of your own compassion for the perpetrator who created that messiah.

In all of that, what you see is the implantation and enforcement of a voodoo spell upon the Rhome, a voodoo spell upon human mind and emotion. A book that I have often recommended, and I still do recommend to this day, is “The Serpent and the Rainbow” by Wade Davis, and it's a story about voodoo in Haiti, a beautifully written, deeply compassionate, deeply insightful book.

And I quoted a line from that book somewhere regarding the idea that when you look at evil, when you look at the manifestation of evil in the world, and that is the Xenosh and their program and their cause, the cause of the Xenosh, the Jewish cause, their agenda, the communist agenda.

When you look at this, you're really staring down the barrel of evil. And when you look at that, you see your own goodness reflected in the mirror of evil. Just a statement or a paraphrase of a statement that you find in the book by Wade Davis.

But you can't look at evil if you have the voodoo spell of Christianity imprinted on your psyche. That cross, that tortured man on the cross is nothing other than a voodoo doll exercising a hideous spell over humanity. It's a spell of evil cast upon humanity. Christianity is an evil spell.

Now it is impossible to say how many Christians or who among the Christians can come out of the experience of the breaking of that spell and find their way back to a sane place in life. I don't know. I would guess, honestly, honestly, not very many.

But you know, I've said before, the Pleromic Aeons and the Aeon Sophia herself like to gamble on low odds. Whatever the case, I can't say and I don't predict, how can a Christian who entirely throws off their faith and breaks out of the voodoo spell, no longer believes that this tortured man on the cross in some way represents the epitome of human innocence and at the same time functions as an eight-foot purple magical rabbit who's going to be your best friend for the rest of your life and advise you according to the commands of the Father God?

Who is to say how many people could possibly survive such a nefarious, sick delusion? But some will. Some certainly will. And they must.

It is impossible to defend humanity, the Rhome, and the avant-garde of humanity who protects all races, that is, the Aryan, Caucasian, white families.

It is impossible to recognize them and join their ranks in protecting the entirety of the human family against the Xenosh, unless this spell is broken and the voodoo goes down with those who brought it into the human mind in the first place.

So I leave you with that thought, and once again, until the next time, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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