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Mandela Effect Decoded and General Gnosticism
#61 - MED - The Mandela effect marks a right of passage for humanity

#61 - MED - The Mandela effect marks a right of passage for humanity

Archive of #61 - MED

Hello again, and yet again. This is JLL coming to you with Gnostic Intel on the Internet. It's September 24, 2017. This is installment 58 in Mandela Effect Decoded. And I'm calling it, “The Mandela Effect Marks a Right of Passage for Humanity”.

So the title is an assertion. The title is a statement. The title is a proclamation of sorts. Right of passage. You know, watch your homophones.

There's also an implication of a right, R-I-G-H-T, of passage. You know, the right to pass. You have the right to pass. You don't have the right to pass and then the equivalent word, same sounding word, spelled R-I-T-E indicates some kind of ritual of passage.

Of course you probably know that traditionally rites of passage have featured as a fundamental component of indigenous and native mind societies around the world, of course, you know among the Native American Indians. The right of passage was called the Vision Quest. Among the Australian Aborigines at the other side of the world, it was called the Walkabout. And there are countless other names and variations for the right of passage.

Generally, the right of passage in traditional cultures had two purposes. One of them would have been the initiation in adolescence into sexual maturity, and the other would have been the initiation of the young member of the community into a sense of the transcendent background of communal life.

So typically in the vision quest of the North American Indians, a young brave, and it might be in some cases a woman, would go out into the wilderness alone, with very little food and very little water, and would fast and live in the wild without human contact, waiting for a vision. And generally the vision came in the form of a power animal.

So in the vision quest among those cultures, which still persists today, I believe among some peoples, the young self-initiating person would meet their power animal and they would have a vision which would give them a sense of purpose and identity.

So that when they return to the community they would be able to carry that higher or transcendent and transpersonal perspective while living in the normal world, living in the ordinary world, the world of the tonal.

You know, anthropologists in the 19th century made quite a big deal about the difference between the sacred and the profane, and they pointed out that there was a boundary traditionally between the sacred and the profane, the profane being the mundane.

So someone who went on a vision quest would go out of the zone of the mundane into the realm of the sacred, which you may understand as the realm of the Nahual, the supernatural magic of the planetary animal mother.

Doing so they would encounter that power, the power of the mother, Tomegatherian, she is the great beast. They would encounter that in the form of a benevolent visitation from a power animal. That might be a raven, a wolf, a coyote, a deer, an elk, a bear, a salmon. And that connection to the power animal would remain through the lifetime of that individual.

The notion that someone living in the mundane zone of human society can only really know their place there by going outside of it in a right of passage and then returning with that higher perspective is what I would call a primordial idea inherent to the human species. It's a notion inherent to the Rhome.

So rights of passage are essential in any sane and coherent society. And the fact that there are no longer rights of passage, formal rights of passage, in the world today, and especially in the Western Euro-American world, well, that accounts for a lot of the evils that befall young people who lack a sense of purpose and direction.

So what I'm proposing to you is that the right of passage concept, the right of passage meme if you will, for which you can find so many examples in anthropological lore, be applied now to humanity at large.

I proposed something like this a good number of years ago in the beginning cycle of metahistory.org. I coined the term planetary vision quest. And I propose the possibility that there would be a generic right of passage for all those self-selecting individuals who would choose to enter the supernatural presence of the earth, the wisdom goddess, and to form a power-sharing bond with the Earth through the planetary vision quest.

So that notion has been floating around, you could say, for quite a while. It's certainly inherent to the teachings of planetary tantra as you find them on metahistory.org and in my various writings. I just want to say, happily, the vision quest or right of passage of which I am speaking to you now, which comes to expression through the Mandela effect uniquely, has been blessed by the presence or appearance of a power animal.

Typically a power animal must appear. You find this theme even occurring in the film Avatar at the end of the film. The goddess, earth goddess, Ewa, sends her power animals to fight side by side with the native people.

There can be no right of passage, there can be no vision quest, whether it be local and specific to a small indigenous culture or tribe, or whether it be on the planetary scale, if there is not a power animal connected with it.

The power animal is both the confirmation that the quest is real and it is at the same time the bond, the power animal is the actual bond or bonding element between those on the quest and the higher powers in the Nahual which would include of course Sophia, Thelete and the entire company of Pleromic Aeons.

That's what you get when you put the planetary vision quest in the perspective of the Sophianic myth. So I'm happy to announce that the Power Animal appeared in August already of this year.

It appeared in August around the time of the full moon in the goatfish that was around the 8th of August, which was the one-year anniversary of the event signaled by the phrase, “The Aeonic Mother Has Agency”.

Having agency for one year, three seconds of her time, Power Animal appeared in Sweden and it was an extremely rare sighting of a creature, a white moose. So you'll find that gorgeous animal pictured as the illustration for this episode of Mandela Effect Decoded.

It's a particularly felicitous omen for yours truly because I am a coastal boy from Maine and I grew up with that creature, the moose. Though I never saw an albino or white moose. But the moose is the totemic animal of the state of Maine. And the motto of the state of Maine is, dare I go, which in Latin means, I lead.

So there's a strong association between the moose and the concept of a transcendent guiding power. So this white moose of Sweden is the nahual or the totemic double that signals the right of passage being undertaken in the Mandela effect. And this right of passage is coming now rapidly to its conclusion.

So what I'm going to talk about mostly in this installment is how the right of passage is developing and how the, let's say, how the intervention of the planetary mother working through the Mandela effect is actually morphing and changing before our eyes and to some extent it's phasing out or fading out, but to another extent something even stronger is coming through behind it.

Another wave of her power and her intervention into the ordinary world of the Rhome is breaking through at the same time that the initial wave of the Mandela effect is crashing, is phasing out.

You know, I don't know how much value anyone would put on the Google Trends search function, but if you go and search Google Trends and put in Mandela effect, you'll see that it, over the last five years for instance, you'll see that searches for the Mandela effect peaked almost exactly around the 6th, 7th, 8th of August last year, the Aeonic mother had agency.

The moment that she came into full agency, interest in the Mandela effect was peaking. Now that might just be a coincidence and the Google trends, such as any other data on Google, may be contrived and totally manipulated. But there it is. It's a piece of evidence to put on the table.

And if you go and look at that, graph you will see that since then the there have been a couple of peaks but searches for the Mandela effect are phasing out significantly and they are running probably now at a third or less of what they were running a year ago at this time. Tak!

Now with the intention of sort of sketching out the trajectory of the Mandela effect phenomenon, I'd like to bring your attention back to five points that I defined in one of the original things I wrote about the Mandela effect. I don't even know where it is. I suppose it's in the analysis or the breakdown somewhere.

Anyway, concerns the five vectors of the Mandela effect, considered as directional signals, let me just review them and revise them a little bit, pointed out that some instances of the Mandela effect will direct your attention, one, toward the source of the effect itself, it points to its own source, and there are many examples of that, as you know.

I've covered a good many of them and I'm going to bring up a couple of new ones today. It also points or signals your attention toward two, the way that the effect operates, how to decode it, and it points to the user-friendly character of the effect, how it is interactive.

Then the three other vectors are that the Mandela effect in its particular instances directs your attention toward a collective defect in the human mind and in the social mindset that concerns the blind spot or taboo of history that needs to be corrected. It directs your attention toward a pattern of engagement that is unique for each observer.

So there we have those biotropic examples of the Mandela effect which tie directly into your psychic life or into your personal history. And five, it directs your attention toward what comes in later expressions of the effect, where the effect is going.

After all, if it marks a right of passage, then the question naturally is, well, a passage to what? A passage from what to what?

You know, those people on the internet who have been talking now for a couple of years about the Mandela effect and spinning their wheels in the sand, getting nowhere, continually emphasize the notion of a shift. Well, there's a shift.

Somehow people who notice the Mandela effect are said to be living in a shifted reality. But a shift to what? What sort of shift? A shift from what?

So they are struggling with that syntax, with that language. They just don't have the tools and the framework to put together a coherent explanation of what's happening and I think most of them will admit that they really don't know what's happening and they are just speculating that it could be caused by CERN and that it has something to do with parallel universes and things of that sort. But the notion that there is a passage, some kind of passage taking place seems to pervade even those minds who are confused regarding the nature of this phenomenon.

Well, the passage is certainly leading into the super-learning event and that is something that you can understand in terms of the way that you participate in the dream of the earth in the dreaming of the Wisdom Goddess.

When you are able to realize that you are not merely a biological creature living in the womb of nature, get that, but that you are a biographical character in the living dream of the earth, then you have taken probably the single greatest step that you could probably ever take.

Certainly, the single greatest step that you could ever take toward a transcendent and transpersonal view of life. And the beauty of that particular realization is that it is completely grounded in the earth.

You do not look beyond. You do not look to the sky and think, well, God is out there. God lives in the sky, as someone stupidly said in a film I saw recently. No, God does not live in the sky. You live in the sky. On earth. Because the earth is in the sky. But God is beneath your feet.

The divine power that gives you life is beneath your feet as the material earth and it's all around you as the ambient or atmospheric envelope of the earth. All that is her dream body and you are a cell embedded in her dream body. And your identity, your true identity in a transcendent sense is that you are a character in her dream.

She's dreaming a story, she's dreaming a narrative. It's a great, great movie. And those who do not participate consciously in that movie can be called the extras. They're like the extras on a film set. They don't know what the plot of the film is or where it's going. They don't have the narrative. Once you have that, there is something that you bring to that.

There are two things that you bring to that. Now, you're not required to bring these things. You naturally would bring them out of love. You naturally would offer to the Wisdom Goddess two things. Out of love, that kind of love that wells up in you from the thrill of realizing what I just said.

You cannot realize what I just said about being a character in a living dream, the living material dream of an Aeon, without feeling a thrill and a rush. And in that rush there is a sense of love and a feeling of generosity that you as a human creature would respond with your generosity to the great transcendent generosity that gives you life and gives you meaning and identity. And there are two things, they're not things really, they're not objects, there are two acts that you can offer to her in acknowledgement of the realization that you are a character in her living dream.

The first is to call yourself Rhome, and to make that statement, I am Rhome, as an assertion of self-love and love for the species. Because when you say, I am Rhome, to the earth, you are asserting that you recognize that you are a member of the human species. You are a facet in the identity of the species. Because Rhome both means an individual member of the species and it means the human species as a whole. And to love that identity and to love the species is an act that you can offer to her. When she sees that love, she is pleased. She is pleased by that offering.

The other thing that you can offer comes to you through the cultivation of the super-learning event. There is a saying in Kala Tantra, disposition is the mother of intent. Disposition is an extremely important word in Kalika syntax and in planetary Tantra as a whole. Disposition means that which you are disposed to do according to your inner talents and your inner gifts according to your divine endowment.

Each and every human creature inherits a certain part of the drive and striving of humanity as a whole, and you inherit a part of the genius of humanity. There is a method by which you can actually track this process of inheritance which is called phylogenetic transfer.

That's the method of celestics which I developed over many years in which some people are now undertaking and practicing. Generally speaking, people suffer in the world today, individuals suffer because they do not have a sense of purpose and you cannot have that sense of transcendent purpose without the Sophianic perspective I just described, but neither can you have it unless you know what is your innate disposition, what is innate to your genius, innate to your creative endowment.

Well, the way you find that, the way you discover that, is to identify a muse who will then guide you as a tutelary deity and instruct you in the discovery and development of your disposition, of your innate talent. Then what you bring forth from that innate talent as an expression of human genius is the second offering. So the right of passage has a formal structure.

Those of you who are called into the Mandela effect are really called to correction. You know that now, don't you? You're called to this extremely cosmographic and esoteric event known as correction. Very, very, very few people in the world know what correction is or even heard the term or know the narrative in which the concept of correction is embedded.

It has been, until now, almost exclusively esoteric, in particular to a small group of people who happen to have discovered planetary tantra and happen to have read the Gnostic teacher's exposition of the Nag Hammadi materials.

With the Mandela effect, however, there is something like a casting call. A casting call has gone out to the widest range of the mundane zone of consciousness.

The intent of this casting call, coming from the Mother Goddess Herself, is to attract people to Her correction, who would not otherwise get there because they have not had the good fortune to encounter planetary tantra and there is an IQ factor involved when you take on planetary tantra.

However, with the Mandela effect, the Aeon Sophia gets your attention, she gets the attention of the ordinary world and so that effect, that phenomenon presents the opportunity to participate in her correction. Where is her correction going? What is her correction leading to? What is the passage through correction and where does it take those who deliberately sign on for this great journey?

You know, there are so many things about the correction of the Aeon Sophia that cannot be understood and that will be beyond the range of human conception. But there are many things that will be within the range of our conception. Always bear that in mind.

For example, I can speak and I have often alluded to the theme of planetary mitosis. There is a suggestion contained in the Mandela effect and signaled through the Volkswagen logo and other indications in the first super-cluster that the planet Earth may actually be more like an amoebic form than a solid planet as such.

At moments an amoeba can form, can contract and form like a solid globular mass. At other moments its shape changes. I suggested the nickname PAM for the Planetary Animal Mother. But, equally so, the name PAM stands for the Planetary Amoebic Mass.

Now one of the signs, one sure and certain and ongoing and vivid indication of the massive supernatural phenomena working through the Mandela effect is the current breakdown of cosmology and breakthrough. The breakthrough has happened. It is happening now. The breakthrough into a new cosmology has happened. It's not something to wait for anymore.

And I don't like to predict, those who know my work and go back with me to the G.N.E. will know that I said this four or five years ago, that when Jupiter entered the Virgin, there would be the breakthrough of the new cosmology and the falling away of all the false and fraudulent and erroneous science in cosmology, in physics, the falling away of the fraud of quantum physics, of relativity theory, of string theory, of quantum mechanics.

It's all big fraud. It's all a mass of error and intentional deceit, a combination of non-deliberate error and deliberate deceit. It's all falling away rapidly and something else is coming through. It's coming through so fast, in fact, that I cannot even keep track of it.

Some of the recent clips coming from the Thunderbolts Project relative to discoveries about the dynamics of plasma cosmology are staggering. I can barely keep up with them. They take my breath away and at every point along the way they corroborate the Sophianic myth so that I can see a merge coming very soon of the mythopoetic Gnostic language of the Sophianic myth and the concepts of plasma cosmology.

And lo and behold, you know what's coming now, don't you? No drum roll necessary. Lo and behold, a great deal of this new cosmology is coming into definition and being confirmed through the data being received from the Juno probe to Jupiter. All eyes on Jupiter. I mean, it's amazing. Do you realize what you're going through here? Do you realize what you're participating in?

During that six-week period of time from May until the, what, 4th or 5th of July, when Jupiter was stalled in its own aphelion, I told you that was a massive signal. And what is coming out of that, through the current discussions of Jupiter, is nothing less than an entirely new and true cosmology. A new and true cosmology. I can't even keep up with it. It's coming so fast.

I advise you all who take the super-learning event seriously, whether Urania is your muse or not, to follow the development of the new narrative, the future science narrative and to follow the Thunderbolts channel and as you do so to coordinate it and compare it very closely with the nine episode version of the Fallen Goddess scenario.

So the passage is leading to a new vision of this world and a new vision of the place of the earth in this world. I am convinced that before too long from probably as soon as six months from now, that the language you will hear coming from the Electric Universe Plasma Cosmology people will describe the Earth in the solar system, in the galactic arms, in the galaxy floating in intergalactic space, more and more in biological terms.

And I would not be surprised if one day you hear even Wal Thornhill saying, well, it looks like you could say that the earth belongs to, the earth is an amoebic mass, like a cell in your bloodstream. And that the earth and the sun and the moon are three points in this amoebic mass, which consists of kind of albumin and plasma and star matter and the amoebic mass is like a whirlpool.

The Sun is not really a body but it's more like a plasmic whirlpool in which the amoebic mass of the Earth is floating and the entirety of the three-body system Sun, Moon and Earth is floating through the galactic arms as if it were in the bloodstream of an immense creature.

I swear to you, and again I don't predict, but I promise you they're going to be saying this very, very soon. I can see it going in that direction. Another aspect of the passage to, where this passage is going, is toward a cooperative society of mutual aid, as the corrupt economic system falls away.

You know, you hear a lot of fear porn about the economic system is going to crash, you know, and people have been predicting this for a long time. That language is entirely wrong. The crash of the economic system is not something to fear.

The correct language is the crash of the criminal economic system. The crash of the Rothschild Global Central Banking Communist Mafia system. You know, central banking, which is run by high-powered Xenosh, like the Rothschild, is a plank in the platform of communism. Did you know that?

Rothschild-style central banking and fiat currency banking sponsors communism and pays for communism. There's no contradiction between communism and capitalism in that sense. At least when you're talking about the capitalism, you're not talking about free enterprise, that quaint and antiquated idea. No, you're talking about Wall Street financial investment capitalism. That goes hand-in-hand with communism. It's a plot. It works perfectly. The two work perfectly together.

All that collapses in Sophia's Correction and in its place there arrive, there arise and arrive mycelium units of trade and exchange between those who recognize each other in Sophia's Correction, who recognize the Rhome, those who have the mark of the beast. Only they can gather and trade.

You know that that's the correct translation of that line by the way. It's not buy and sell. It's gather and trade. Anyway, I digress a little there. That goes into the area, that comment goes or veers sharply into the area of Gnostic sabotage, but that ought to be treated as a separate theme.

So back to the topic of the moment, which is, well, how the Mandela effect is changing. Remember that of those five vectors, the second one refers to instances of the Mandela effect which refer not to the source of the effect but to how the effect is working. Fine mess, nice mess. You never know what you're going to get. Now you know what you're going to get.

Comments of that sort refer to the process itself. It's user-friendly and it has, as I've often said, Sophia's intervention has a comedic flair. Are there any recent examples of the Mandela effect that would indicate this comedic flair and that would also indicate how the signal is changing, how the phenomenon is morphing?

Well, certainly one that came up recently was from a song of Jethro Tull called “Bungle in the Jungle”, which is pretty funny, I think, pretty comical. And somewhere there's supposed to be a Mandela effect along these lines, I think. The chorus says, Let's bungle in the jungle. That's how some people remember it. But now it appears to be, That's bungle in the jungle, which doesn't make any sense.

Now, I want to point out that this may not be a genuine Mandela effect. It's very difficult to tell when you listen to some of the covers and some of the versions of this song whether they're singing That's Bungle or Let's Bungle, right?

But you know the way that this effect works, even an alleged effect creates a ping, doesn't it? So there is a ping here. Let's Bungle, That's Bungle. Now, what's the message here? What's the message encoded in these lyrics? Well, someone pointed out to me that there's a line that says, thunder and lightning couldn't be bolder.

Well, that's a direct reference to the talisman, to Jupiter, to the male Thelete warrior component coming into correction, isn't it? It's also a reference to the name of VV, Vajra Vilasi, which means flirtatious thunder or flirtatious lightning. The word Vajra in Tibetan means both thunder and lightning.

I'll write on your tombstone, I thank you for dinner, this game that we animals play is a winner. Who's the one who tells you to call yourself an animal and be proud that you are an animal? The Rhome is an animal, the magical creature of the Wisdom Goddess, the human animal in a menagerie of animals. The game that we animals play is a winner.

This Mandela effect by the lyrics, which are encoded into the clue, points directly to a number, a couple of prominent features of correction, as you know already. Also, I think there's probably a comedic allusion here to the bunglers, you know, those who cannot see what is causing the Mandela effect?

Those who will not even consider, and they won't, they won't even consider it. They'll consider CERN until the cows come home from the other side of Neptune. And they'll consider parallel universes and we're all living in a simulated world, although they don't tell you of what it is a simulation because a simulation has to be a copy of something.

So if we're living in a simulated matrix world, then where is the original? Even a holograph needs an original plate from which the holographic image is projected. So all kinds of hangouts, all kinds of hours and hours and hours and hours of discussion without one consideration of the Gnostic investigation.

And I say to you, they're lost in the sauce. I say to you, they're all bungling in the jungle. They're in the jungle of the monkey mind. The monkey mind is the human ego mind. They're eating their nuts and saving their raisins for Sunday. They're bungling in the jungle and they're lost in the sauce.

You know, the word bungle comes from actually a Swedish root, which means to strike or blow. How do you like that one, you know? Recalls another line I heard somewhere. Oh wait, maybe I said it myself. Yes, the wave breaks from the north. Speaking of what's going to happen, what is happening now in Europe. The wave breaks from the north. The bungle, the bungla, it's actually a Swedish word meaning a strike or blow, comes from the north.

So there is perhaps in that Mandela effect a subliminal and comedic hint, a nudge, or as the Brits would say, the Aeon Sophia is taking the piss. It's a very interesting expression among the Brits. And taking it out mockingly upon those who don't get it yet.

Another effect that just came up in the last few days actually has to do with the President of the United States, blah, misspeaking and talking about a country in Africa which he called Nambia, but it's actually Namibia.

Well, researchers have found that there's a considerable amount of residue telling you that this country is was known before or remembered to have been known as Nambia, but now it's called Namibia.

So is this the real Mandela effect? Yes, I think it is. The detective, the sleuth, the snoopy goes and examines the evidence, right? So if you go and examine the evidence of Namibia, well, what comes up?

Well, first of all, it would be called Namibia and not Nambia, because it's named after the Namib Desert, N-A-M-I-B. So, Namib Desert, Namibia. It's not going to be Nambia. And it is considered to be the oldest desert in the world, another comedic subliminal clue. Those who don't get it yet are lost in the desert. They're wandering around and lost in the desert. And their lives are dried up because they don't have the supernatural connection that's being offered to them through the Mandela effect. They're not getting it.

Also, if you read a little bit into the history of Narnibia, you get this. From 1904 to 1907, the Herero and the Namakwa tribes took up arms against brutal German colonialism. Ah, those evil Germans!

In calculated punitive action by the German occupiers, what has been called the first genocide of the 20th century was committed, as government officials ordered the extinction of the natives.

Okay, now that's Wikipedia, and you know, who runs Wikipedia, the Hasbara Trolls, and you know how Wikipedia is slanted toward a leftist and anti-white message.

It may be true, you know, it's quite possible that some German colonialists in that time and place did act in that way and they did exterminate a large part of the native population, you know.

So what? Can you name any nation on earth, any people on earth who have not committed genocide at some time or some place to some degree. I don't think so.

The significant factor here is that the theme of genocide, which belongs to the first super-cluster of the Mandela effect, is restated and it echoes through this Namibia instance. Also, I would point out that the oldest desert in the world the Namib Desert borders on and partially includes the area of the Kalahari Desert where the Bushmen of the Kalahari lived.

Well, a detective looking into the background of the case and working the clues thoroughly would happily tell you that the son Bushmen of the Kalahari were one of the most extraordinary of the last surviving indigenous peoples on this planet.

Their life and culture, their mystique, their star lore, their mythology centered on the mantis and other amazing features of their way of life such as their ability to see the moons of Jupiter with the naked eye, their ability to detect where rain would fall for half an hour, eight miles across the desert so that they would run to the place where it fell, when it fell, things of that sort, have been recorded by Lawrence Vander Post, who was a close friend of C.G. Jung, which again brings up the Gnostic theme.

And among the sayings of the Bushmen of the Kalahari is this, there is a dream dreaming us. I swear to you, I'm not making that up. That is a saying of the Kalahari Bushmen of Namibia. So the Namibia clue rings out on three ticks, or if you prefer, it's like a three-cherry event in the one-armed bandit.

It refers to nowhere, that is to say, some people are getting nowhere with the Mandela effect. It refers to or recalls the theme of genocide which must always be clarified by asking who exactly is genociding who and third it refers to the precious and lost culture of the Bushmen of the Kalahari, who believed that they were living in a dream, that they existed in a living dream. There is a dream dreaming us. One of my favorite quotes ever and it goes way back to Santa Fe days when I discovered that in a book called “Songlines”. So there you have it.

Additionally, I'd like to point out that the weather around the planet reflects where the Aeon Sophia is taking correction, the direction she is taking it in, and how she chooses to exert correction upon the human species, if I might use that language, okay?

You know, I wonder why there is so much violent and turbulent weather around the world especially in the form of floods and high winds. There was Hurricane Harvey, I'll get back to that in a moment. There was then Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, hurricanes raging through the Caribbean, massive earthquake in Mexico. And I've been asking myself for several months now, well why is this happening and what does it have to do with Sophia's correction?

Certainly, there are many ways to answer that question. One of them is that the aspects of correction on the geophysical scale, on the planetary scale, are certainly beyond the reach of human conception. What she is doing, you cannot understand unless you would have first an understanding of her physiology, of the dynamics of Gaian physiology, of Gaian neurobiology, of her neurobiological and physiological and atmospheric circuits. And our knowledge of all that is at an extremely elementary and primitive level.

Nevertheless, one can infer a meaning from the impact of these storms and these massive turbulent activities. Characteristic of these events are many, many water spouts and many turbulent funnels. What are these turbulent funnels?

I consider them to be like horns that go from the earth to the sky. They're horns, they're channels that go from the earth to the sky and there are many startling and dramatic pictures of these. There's a YouTube channel called “World of Signs” where they post cell phone camera footage of catastrophic events as they are happening. It's not a professional site, it's a site that gathers footage from around the world.

And it is really staggering to see what is happening in many parts of the world. The floods in Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia. There's massive flooding in Saudi Arabia. Did you know that? And the turbulent winds and these water spouts and massive atmospheric storms.

Well, this is my view on what the Aeon Sophia might be seeking to accomplish. First of all, I'm sure she's just having an emotional tantrum, and that's fine. She should well have one, and she's an animal. She can have an emotional tantrum anytime she likes, you know.

Gorillas beat their chests and lions roar, and the planetary animal mother can have a fit and a tantrum, and I have a feeling she's going to have a big one, and it's going to go on for a while but if you were to put some kind of anthropomorphic spin on it, I would say this. What is the effect of these events?

Well, it drives human beings into a crisis mode, into a catastrophe mode, and in doing so, it challenges them to show their best to each other and to come together in mutual aid. That is typically what real human creatures, people who have some humanity left in them, will do. That is typically how they will behave.

They will resort to mutual aid in situations where their backs are up against the wall, and I am wondering if she might be subjecting people to these catastrophic events in order to encourage them to practice mutual aid prior to the entire system coming down, the entire corrupt financial system coming down, for instance, the system of corrupt political leadership, the system of the globalist deceit, which is the communist endgame.

Prior to all that coming down, it's going to be tough times when that comes down. But prior to that, what if these catastrophic events present something like drills for practice of mutual aid? How about that? She's not doing it for no reason at all.

You can bet that in her mind and on her scale of intelligence, she knows exactly what she's doing. So anyway, that's a thought that crossed my mind and I'll share it with you as it came to me.

Now, to continue here and wind up this talk, I'll go over a few Mandela effects that I've listed here and conclude with coming around to the changes in the Bible and you'll see why I would conclude on that note it will become obvious when I get there.

A number of effects that I've noticed lately, by the way I don't go to Reddit, and I don't, I have never read the forum there, because I can't read forums. So it's too linear and I can't follow it, and I fall into a coma and it takes me you know a day or two to come out.

So these are not current effects like Bungle in the Jungle and Nambia, Namibia. Also, by the way, the effect in the lyrics of Thriller is relatively recent and there you find the use of the term y'all. And I just wanted to say that I've known some Texans and people from the South who use this term and actually you can make fun of it as kind of you know a white trash or trailer trash kind of drawling slang but actually it's a very charming term and it is used with warmth and generosity to say y'all is a southerner can say that in a way that is really sweet and charming, so I don't mean to put that down.

I think it's absolutely hilarious that it would show up as a Mandela effect. As I said, will she stop at nothing? And she goes from there directly to Shakespeare. So that woman has a range of command of the language, of course, especially of the English language and she is delivering the Mandela effect primarily through the English language, except for the scriptural changes, which I believe are present in many other non-English versions of the Bible.

So here's just a few that have come up as loose ends over the last week or so. You know, whiteout, which you use to make corrections on a document is now spelled W-I-T-E O-U-T. So, whiteout is not spelled W-H-I-T-E out. That, to me, is a sensational Mandela effect.

Not only does it point to white, which is the organic light, the white light, the white stone, but when you take out the H, then you have W-I-T, which is wit, which, as you know, is an Indo-European root cognate with wizard, with wisdom, and so you have a couple of subliminal clues and phonemes embedded in this Mandela effect.

Whiteout, not to mention the fact that it concerns the use, it concerns a product used for corrections of spelling. I mean, how can it get any better than that?

Also, by the way, you know, you might recall that way back when I mentioned Noxzema, but I didn't perhaps elaborate. Noxzema is a genuine Mandela effect, and it breaks down into a dual language pun. Nox is Greek for night and Zema means pretty in Tibetan.

So Nox Zema means that which is pretty by night. You will read in “Not in His Image” that the mysteries of the great goddess Sophia were celebrated at night and that the initiates brought neophytes to the encounter with the organic light at night. It is easier to perceive at night.

Even in telestic sessions today in planetary Tantra, it is generally recommended to do these practices at night. The organic light is more easily perceived or detected at night. It is noxema, what is pretty by night.

Oscar Mayer, Oscar Meyer, well I don't know. To me that's just playing with phonemes in Sophianic baby talk. If it's spelled M-E, then M-E refers to the Mandela effect. If it's spelled M-A, then M-A refers to the name Mandela.

If you take those two spellings and separate them, you have me-ma, ma-me, you have baby talk, ma-me, me-ma. So, the Oscar Mayer, Meyer instance of the Mandela effect is just an announcement in a sense. It announces the fact that she is reaching us through baby talk with phonemes.

Looney Tunes, well, you need a cipher text to understand the clue or message embedded in Looney Tunes. It used to be spelled T-O-O-N-S, that's the occluded form, with a reference to cartoons. Now it's spelled T-U-N-E-S with a reference to tunes or music, right? That is the present occluding form. Well, what are luny tunes? Well, they're lunar tunes. What are lunar tunes?

Well, they are the shifts of the moon and the frequencies of the shakti cluster that are broadcast in parallel with the lunar cycles. Those are the luny tunes. And when you make yourself attuned to the moon, then you can receive dakini instruction. This is a basic practice of planetary tantra, which is indicated by this Mandela effect, loony tunes. But all the clues in the world don't count if you don't know what crime has been committed.

So if you don't know that a basic practice of planetary tantra consists of attuning to the sub vocal frequencies of the moon, then you don't see that clue embedded in Looney Tunes, right?

Cliff Notes, I don't know if I mentioned that, but Cliff Notes is apparently now Cliff's Notes. Well, if you go back to the earliest writings on the Nag Hammadi materials at metahistory.org, you'll see that I refer to the Nag Hammadi library that was found in that part of Egypt in a cave beneath a cliff as cliff notes. So how can you be any clearer than that?

I said at the beginning of this investigation that the Nag Hammadi materials and the narrative of the fallen goddess is the cipher book for decoding the messages in the Mandela effect. And here again, as an example of the second type of vector. The signal points to itself. It points to its own process. It points to its own way of operating and therefore it makes itself user-friendly.

Chick-fil-A is a really strange one. Now, you know, we're getting deep into American folklore. I've never been to a Chick-fil-A restaurant, but apparently Chick, C-H-I-C-K, is short for chicken and it's a place that specializes in serving roast chicken or chicken fillets, right?

Chicken fillets, as the Brits say. And this is a French pun. Instead of being spelled C-H-I-C-K, it's now spelled C-H-I-K, which is chic. Well, chic in French means that which is cool, that which is neat, that which is a desirable thing to do.

So what is a desirable thing to do? Feel. F-I-L in French means a filament or thread and the letter A refers to what? So, the chic thing to do is to follow the thread or grasp the feel, the feel, filament of A, the Anthropos.

Remember, in planetary Tantra, A stands for Anthropos. You have the old Anthropos, Anthropos 10, and the Anthropos in mutation, Anthropos 11. In some of the instances of that category of the Mandela effect which show anatomical changes in the human body are evidence of the mutation from Anthropos 10, A10, to A11.

Chic filet, the cool thing to do, The desirable thing to do is to follow the thread of the mutation of the Anthropos. So there you have it. I mean, that is a profound Gnostic message encoded in this ridiculously vulgar and banal brand name of a fast food restaurant. So it goes.

Finally, before I get to the Bible material, which I can only cover in a cursory way because I'm down to the end of this talk, but I want to hit some key points.

Before I get to that, it's rather a kick to cite the example of Curious George, which is a much discussed Mandela effect. Now apparently there is this character, a cartoon monkey, named Curious George.

I don't know the context of that or what child story books contain this character or anything, but there is the monkey and what has happened is that now Curious George has a tail. Whereas many people remember Curious George as a monkey without a long tail trailing down to the ground and curling up slightly.

That's the Mandela effect. Is this genuine? I would say this is a genuine hilarious, hilarious effect and it corroborates one of the basic premises or you could say the basic premise of this investigation.

Snoopy in the Peanuts cartoon serial represents your probative faculty, right? Well, what about Curious George? Wouldn't you say that that little monkey also represents your probative faculty? After all, he's curious.

Now remember, curiosity is part of your probative faculty, and if it's not hampered and handicapped by Toxo, then you are naturally curious. Although Toxo severely reduces the novelty-seeking and the curiosity that is inherent to the Rhome, right?

But the good news is that Curious George has a tail. Watch your homophones. T-A-I-L is the monkey's tail attached to its body, but T-A-L-E is the narrative required for Curious George to arrive at the proof of any particular proposition.

The tale, the ultimate tale, is the Sophianic narrative, the fallen goddess Scenario. Curious George now has a tale. With the presentation to the public at large of the fallen goddess Scenario, in “Not in His Image”, now Curious George has a tale. He has a narrative to follow.

George also, by the way, refers to the working of the earth. It's a name that meant earth worker or someone who works the earth. It comes from geo meaning earth which is related to Gaia and ergon meaning work. That's George. So what is curious George curious about?

Well, he's curious about the events that form the narrative of the earth working. How does the earth work, you say? Clear enough? I don't think it could be any clearer than that.

Now, coming down to the wire here, I don't want to run over too much, but returning to the subject of biblical changes, changes in scripture, I strongly sense that if the main course of signals in the Mandela effect is now phasing out, so that a deeper activity of Sophia's intentions can begin to operate, something that I would hope to describe by the conclusion of this series.

Well, I must say that I strongly sense that the changes in biblical scripture will be the exception to that rule. There have been, as I read somewhere, over 2,000 so far detected changes in the Old and New Testament, in the King James Version mainly, but in other versions of the Bible as well.

And a good number of these can be verified by going back to the Greek Kwane of the Old Testament, the Greek version, the Greek Kwane of the New Testament, the Greek translation of the Old Testament, and the Hebrew of the Old Testament, and you will find the changes are in there as well.

So, the biblical changes are not going to stop. In fact, I'm sensing that the biblical changes are going to continue. They're going to get more flagrant, more outrageous all the time until there is nothing left in biblical scripture that any sane person would regard as the sovereign word of God.

As I said when I concentrated on this topic, the Aeon Sophia has chosen a brilliant and simple strategy for taking down Christianity. The way to destroy that faith is to undermine faith in Scripture, because if there is no faith in Scripture, then Christianity entirely loses its bearings, doesn't it?

There are so many changes. So far, 2000 and who knows, there could be 20,000 before it’s over. The day may come when a Christian, who believes that the Bible is the revealed word of God, which is the basis of Christian faith, cannot find any passage, any chapter, any line, in the Bible that is not ridiculous, offensive, or absurd, and that does not appear to have been altered from what they remember in the past. And in that respect, Christian faith would be entirely washed away like a mass of debris that is washed away by a tidal wave.

I do believe this is her intention but I also believe in keeping with the notion of a right of passage, that the destruction of Christian faith is not merely an act of destruction, but it is an act of redirection.

I find in certain clues in the Mandela effect inventory of scriptural changes, certain clues in certain instances, more and more all the time, which point to the redirection of Christians out of the traditional framework of their faith toward the Pistis Sophia, that is the confidence in the wisdom goddess herself, and I truly believe that the right of passage for Christians involves the risk of that psychotic breakdown they must go through to come out of the delusional trance in which they live.

And that the Aeon Sophia intends to take them out, to give them every opportunity to come out of that delusional trance. Because if Christian faith collapses, there must be something to replace it. And this is an urgent matter.

I believe this is an urgent matter in the mind of our Divine Planetary Mother. Defending humanity, defending the Rhome on this earth, who's going to undertake that challenge when it comes? Certainly not the Muslims, they're not going to defend humanity. Certainly not the Xenosh, they're not going to. The Hindus aren't going to. The Buddhists aren't going to, because they're stinking pacifists.

In the historical record of Europe, of European civilization, it has been mainly the Christian peoples who defended humanity, for instance, who protected Europe from the Muslims.

Now, get me right on this. Get me right. Don't read me wrong on this. Look at the primary outstanding and incomparable example of Germany. Adolf Hitler, the leader of the German people, was himself not a Christian. But Germany was a Christian nation.

So were the other Axis powers, such as Romania and Bulgaria and Italy. They were Christian nations. The nation of Vlad the Impaler was a Christian nation. And those knights and warriors like Vlad, who protected Europe, belonged to a Christian society.

But they did not protect Europe and take the responsibility of their warrior role because they were Christians. They did it because they were warriors who happened to live in a Christian culture.

So, the vast population of Christians around this world, both in the United States and in Europe, at some point need to consolidate and to defend the white races against genocide and to defend the nations and the culture and achievements of the white people.

But they cannot do that in the future as Christian nations as such. They would have to undergo a passage, a right of passage. That right of passage would involve the initiation into another vision of life and another way of another way of placing their faith in the supernatural.

And I believe there are indications in some of the effects that the Aeon Sophia may be leading Christians through this right of passage. She's certainly taking the piss with the Christians and having a hilarious time freaking them out with the changes in the Bible, but listen to this. I have to play this to you because this is so rich.

So here's a recent Mandela effect detected by one of your typical Christian fanatics.


Hey everyone, this is Kat at “Extol Yeshua Always” on YouTube. And today I want to introduce you to some new people in the Bible. Because they're names I've never heard of before and I want to know whether or not you recognize them.

The first one is Lucius.

Did you get that? The name of the new character who suddenly appears in the Bible, never heard of this person before, is Lucius. Lu-ci-us. Ci-us.

Listen to the phonemes. Lucy, well. Need I comment on that? Lucy, see, us. That's baby talk to the Christians. That's the Aeon Sophia, baby talking to the Christians through the Mandela effect. And it gets better.

There are just dozens. I can only skim just a few of them. There are dozens of incredible changes. For instance, the name Joshua in the New Testament, in some passages, some verses, is now Jason. Well, who was Jason?

Well, Jason was not a character in the Christian narrative. It's from a different movie. Remember, it's her movie, and she has the director's cut. And if anything were to prove that analogy of the running of the two bands of film at the same time, I'm talking it right now.

Where they used to read Joshua, now it reads Jason. Jason is a hero and head of the Argonauts who leads in the quest for the Golden Fleece. And what is the Golden Fleece? Well, it is the organic light in the hue of gold or amber that it presents when it is in the presence of those Rhome who recognize their mother.

She blushes at that recognition, Lucy Cius, and so the character in the story now is not Joshua, but Jason, the hero of Greek literature, a hero, heroic figure of the humanities. He was married to a witch named Medea. Not married, but they went off on a mission together to the Black Sea to find the Golden Fleece.

So what you see happening is a re-editing in the process of the film running and romantic and classical motifs and materials are being edited into the biblical scripture as a way of leading the Christians in a right of passage out of the old narrative into a new narrative, a new story.

One thing that you will note by looking at discrepancies in the New Testament scriptures and also to some extent in the Old Testament scriptures, but particularly more in the New Testament scriptures, is the substitution of the appearance of words which come out of Arthurian literature and are not typical of the Bible or of the, what's the word, not typical of the typical terminology of scripture, the King James Version jargon.

So you have words like forsooth and peradventure and archaic uses of language like you find in the “Fairy Queen” and the “Song of Roland” and other medieval epics of the warrior and warrior romance and these words like I say like forsooth and they're incidental words but they radically change the character of the King James Version diction.

She is changing the diction of the Bible to make it resemble more like that of a romantic epic. I mean can you believe this? Can you get your mind around this? Not only are there modern terms like bottles instead of wineskins or your shoe instead of your sandal and so forth.

There are many examples of that modernization.

But there is also this strange use of romantic diction which would be recognized if you knew what romantic diction is. Another example that comes from the same channel shows in fact this woman's unfamiliarity with her own scriptures. I happen to know that this is not a Mandela effect.

The name Boanerges, B-O-A-N-E-R-G-E-S, which is Mark 3:17, and “James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James, and he surnamed them Boanerges, which is the sons of thunder”.

Well, she's saying that she has never seen this in the Bible before. This has always been there. In fact, I remember encountering this years ago when I was involved in the Rudolf Steiner reading circles.

In one of Steiner's extensive commentaries on the Gospels, this matter of the Boanerges came up. It refers to the sons of thunder, the constellation of the twins, and a reference to Indra and the Thunder God and what is known in Hindu mythology as the Maruts.

So here again there is a reference. It's not a genuine M.E. because there is no change. It's always been there. But the alleged effect pings in the same way as a real effect pings. Can you see this?

The alleged effect, even if it doesn't turn out to be a genuine Mandela effect, nevertheless brings your attention to that item, and through that item there is an installation in your NLP, there is the introduction of another clue relative to the Sophianic narrative.

So here is another clear clue of the Thelete warrior component, Jupiter, Indra, the Boanerges, the Sons of Thunder.

Well, there are dozens of others that I could cite, but I'm going to leave it off for now and I'll pick up with these biblical references in the next talk, number 59.

The subject of that talk will be the vampire cluster. There is a clear segue, there is a clear phase-over from cases of the Mandela effect in the Bible to the vampire cluster. In fact, there are some mutually interlocking pieces.

If you wanted to make a set of pieces, interlocking pieces of biblical Mandela effects, you would have a massive cluster in and of itself. And some of those pieces in that cluster would refer to the vampire cluster in particular.

In the book of Ezekiel chapter 39 you find this line, “Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth, of rams, of lambs, and of goats, of bullocks, all of them fatlings of Bashan”.

And the verse goes on, “And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken of my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you”.

This is a passage in Ezekiel where the Lord Yahweh addresses specifically His chosen people, those whom He holds supreme over all other tribes and races of the earth. The word supreme can also be found in the passage in Ezekiel, that very word, the Hebrew equivalent to the word supreme.

Make no mistake about it, the agenda of the Xenosh is based upon what they perceived originally to be a divine mandate that elevates them to the status of racial supremacy over all other races. And given with that mandate is the promise of a cannibalistic feast.

“You shall eat the flesh of the mighty and drink the blood of the princes of the earth”.

Who are the princes of the earth? Well, they are the best of the Rhome. But it says in the Talmud, the best of the Rhome should be slain first.

So there is a theme indicating that the Xenosh are dedicated to destroy the best of the Rhome, to destroy that which is excellent, to destroy Arete, and as a right of celebration of this destruction that they wage upon the human species, their alien overlord gives them the promise of a cannibalistic feast.

Hence there are pieces, two pieces here and there are others in the New Testament as well that restate the same cannibalistic promise. The vampire cannibalism inherent to the Xenosh is now impossible to ignore in scripture and it links directly to the theme of the vampire and the vampire cluster

That will be the topic of the next installment in this series, number 59. And until then, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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