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Mandela Effect Decoded and General Gnosticism
#66 - MED - The future course of the Mandela effect

#66 - MED - The future course of the Mandela effect

Archive of #66 - MED

Hello again, and yes, yet again, if you can imagine that, it's JLL coming to you once again on the internet. This is installment 62 of Mandela Effect Decoded. That would be 3 in the countdown. 3, 2, 1. It's the 1st of October 2017 and I'm calling this talk, “The future course of the Mandela effect”.

You will note in that title the use of navigational terminology. To chart a course is something that navigators and sailors do, right? Over a period of three years, from March 20th, 2011, which was the 100th anniversary of the day that the body of Andrei Yushchinsky was discovered, hence launching the Beilis affair.

From March 20th, 2011 to March 20th, 2014, I conducted an experiment that was based on the navigational metaphor, hence the Gaia Navigation Experiment. One of my, the deepest engagements throughout life has been the study of the stars, the observation of the sky, particularly what is called naked eye observation.

That is to say, watching the sky and the planets and other celestial phenomenon without the use of instruments. There is a technique there, there's a whole method, a whole science of sky watching and what I have done is added to that a dimension of mythological and mythopoetic reference.

So the 13 constellations on the course of the sun constitute a kind of cosmic language a mythopoetic and thematic language. Thematic, right? And from that language, depending upon the movement of the Earth itself, because the Earth moves against the background of those constellations. Did you ever know that?

For instance, right now, the Earth is moving just about in the transition from the constellation of the fishes into the constellation of the Ram. And as it does so, it aligns itself celestially with a most extraordinary object in the night sky, which is M31, the Andromeda Galaxy.

Now, no matter what you think about the model of a galaxy, or about the claim of modern astrophysics, that the Universe with a capital U meaning the totality of all worlds and all galaxies is strewn with billions and billions of galaxies, spiral and otherwise, and these galaxies are themselves composed of billions and billions of stars.

Whether or not you accept that as a scientific fact doesn't matter if you consider it as a narrative framework and it does happen to be the narrative framework that we have to refer to. It's an option. You can ignore it if you want.

Some people, I suppose, would choose to reject it entirely, saying it's a game of holographic projections or it's nothing but a trick and a deceit of NASA. Well, be that the case or not, the observation of the sky and these constellations has been part of human experience for countless, countless thousands of years.

Some of the oldest records in the world refer to these real sky constellations, which I call them. That is to say, you must always make the distinction between the star patterns you can actually observe in the sky and those that and those sections of the sky, those artificial sections comparable to time zones, which are the twelve astrological signs.

So if you were observing the constellations and the movement of the planets and the moon and the earth through the constellations as the ancients did from time before reckoning, then you would be involved in a massive act of imagination that involves the cosmic environment of the Earth.

Now I agree with you that, or I agree with anyone who would raise the question, in fact I'm going to raise the question, here goes. How come we now have, the world now has, this concept of a universe full of billions of galaxies? And how did that concept come about?

You know, if you go and you look on metahistory.org and search the name Hubble, Edwin Hubble, you'll find the actual photograph that Edwin Hubble took from the observatory. I think it was Palomar, which led him to infer that the solar system was located in the arms of a spiral galaxy from which you could look through intergalactic space and see another galaxy.

Now it is a very great fact that you can see another galaxy M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, and you can see it with your naked eye. It is the most distant object visible to the naked eye. Okay?

And I've seen it many, many times, and it's a thrill every time. I've shown it to people and I've seen them tremble or cry out in exclamations of joy at what they are seeing. Is that what they are really seeing? Another external galaxy?

And are there billions and billions of such galaxies floating in the inconceivably vast void of space encompassed by the universe with a capital U? Well, I don't know. I'm not so sure about the entirety of that model. It's a visualization that can be used, and I have used and applied it. I've taught others how to do so as well.

And the use of that visualization, coupled with the references that you can actually make by observing the sky without instruments, constitutes the basis of the celestial navigation that I teach. And in parallel with the celestial navigation is the mythopoetic art of mantik.

So you do not merely look at the sky and observe it, as say an amateur astronomer would, or the kids in an amateur astronomy club. You interact with it imaginatively and poetically. This is what I have taught for a good many years, going on 50 I would say. Half a century I've taught this. Sky divination has always been a skill of genuine shamans in all cultures down through the ages.

So here's how the story goes. Well, I have yet to see anyone explain how coordinating teams of astrophysicists and astronomers working through two or three generations have established this grand vision of the universe, seeded with billions and billions of galaxies. I have yet to encounter a narrative that explains how we came from Hubble's observation, which I describe on metahistory.org, to what presumably we have today.

Regardless of that omission, it is a fact that you can look in a certain direction of the sky and see a blotch that looks like a thumbprint on a pane of glass and it has a faint purple, it has a faint purple tinge to it. But oddly, the purple tinge also appears to be a kind of opal or ivory tinge. And one ancient astronomer, I think it was an Arabian astronomer, of the 10th century, left a record of the observation of Andromeda.

Use in that observation, you find the analogy of light of a burning candle shining through horn. Horn being bone, like a thin piece of bone or antler. So, there it is. And in fact, just two days ago, the earth was in its closest proximity of orientation to that site, that it is during the course of the year.

The earth travels like a sailing vessel along a coastline, celestially speaking. That coastline is the vast panorama of the zodiac, the real sky constellations, to be distinguished from the twelve uniform astrological signs which are simply starless sectors on a circular grid.

And so there's a moment in the course of the year when the Earth coastlines before the site of M31. And wherever you are in the world at that time of the year, which is the end of the month of September, you can go out at night, at midnight, stand there and look directly up toward the meridian. That would not be directly over your head, but it would be directly overhead and somewhat down from the vertical line that would go directly over your head. So you look up but somewhat, but not directly leaning back looking over your head but you look up and at that angle you would see M31

The Andromeda Galaxy, which is located in the constellation of Andromeda and is said to be, what is it, 2.1 million light years from the Earth, the most distant object visible to the naked eye. So there you have it.

Now everything that I've just said is pure astronomy and can be verified easily at the high school level of education. However, as I said, I teach naked eye observation of the sky in parallel with mantik, with divination and with the exercise of mythological, mytho-thematic and mytho-poetic allusions and references.

And these references constitute a field of rich, rich, rich treasures that belong to the human imagination. They belong to the generic storehouse of the human imagination of the entire species. So, just let me see, I can give you the exact navigational parameters.

On the 28th of September, the Earth was aligned, you could say, to M31, as it is every year on that day. But something else extraordinary happened on the 28th of September just a couple of days ago.

At that moment, when the Earth aligned with the Andromeda Galaxy, it was positioned relative to the coastline of the zodiacal panorama of stars in transit between the fishes and the ram. And at that exact moment, the planet Jupiter was opposite the Earth, at the exact opposite point in the sky.

The correct ecliptic specifications for this alignment would be 27 Libra, which is the position of Jupiter, to 27 Aries, which was the position of the Earth at that moment. And this is an alignment typical of those that you can come to observe and live with, and live through if you practice mantik with the sky, and if you follow the method of celestial navigation that I have rigorously and happily taught all these years. Okay?

The Gaia Navigation Experiment is a record of the application of that method. There are people today, sincere people, people who know a lot more than I do about astronomy and astrophysics, who are attempting to understand certain events on the Earth, such as earthquakes and storms, in terms of great patterns that occur in the solar system, planetary patterns such as triangles or grouping of planets in one area or oppositions of planets and things of that sort.

And I do follow the efforts of these people, and I do realize what they're trying to do, but I have to say that I don't see them having much of a success with that. And I'll tell you why.

First of all, be clear that I do not operate on the causal assumption. Therefore, I do not operate on the assumption, in astrology for instance, which I practiced for 35 years, planets cause human behavior. I do not operate on the assumption that if you have a Mars-Jupiter square, it causes you to behave in a certain way. Or if you have Cancer rising or Scorpio rising, it causes you to have a certain manner of behaving, a certain style. Not at all. It's not a causal relationship.

It's a semiotic relationship that you find in astrology between the signs in the planets and the aspects, which are angular relations between the signs, and human behavior. The astrological chart is simply a tool for profiling human behavior. I never considered that any of the planets influence human behavior.

As a matter of fact, I said early on in my astrological work, there's a great omission in this field. First of all, all astrologers exclude the Earth. Well, I included the Earth. And then I made the assertion that if there are any planets in the cosmos that exert an influence on human behavior, well, I would say the first one to consider would be the Earth, right?

That's entirely omitted from astrology. So, the influence of the Earth is a reality and you are on the earth and therefore you could perhaps infer as Paracelsus did in Astronomia Magia that the human on earth has a magnifying and amplifying influence toward the cosmos at large.

The human creature on earth is a force multiplier operating upon the cosmos at large. Paracelsus actually said that. So I appear to be digressing here a little, I know, but I'm coming right back to the point in three minutes.

So, when these individuals look at these great patterns in the sky, they're not going to find correlations, or at least they're not going to find a thorough and consistent, verifiable set of correlations. To find out how the telluric events on the earth are related to the great patterns in the sky involving the other planets, you have to look at the granular detail.

Now I just gave you a granular detail.On the 28th of September, Jupiter positioned in 27 degrees and 20 minutes of Libra, which puts it in the knees of the Virgin, was exactly opposite the Earth and also exactly opposite the planet Uranus, which was in 27 degrees and 25 minutes of the sign Aries, which presents a celestial alignment to M31, the Andromeda Galaxy.

That is the totality of the intel and that is purely astronomical. No astronomer would refute or object to what I just said, but astronomers do not take the next step with mantik and they do not divine the mythopoetic elements that are present in that alignment.

That is an alignment of granular detail and it only lasts for a few days. It has an orb of maybe four or five days at the most, with the culminating day being the 28th of September. So why am I going into all this?

The first 20 minutes of this talk I hadn't actually intended to present so much material from the genre of celestial divination. But, after all, never forget that the Mandela effect decoding experiment is an exercise in mantik. It's an exercise in divination.

So it's perhaps appropriate that I've taken the time to explain that to you. Also, bear in mind that the method that I just explained and to some degree demonstrated for you allows me to detect the precise timing of certain events in the Anima Mundi, in the field of operations of the PSI, of the Plenary Sovereign Intelligence of the Earth. It allows me to read her timing, you see?

And so I can say with confidence that September 28th was the moment that the Aeon Sophia began to shift into the second gear of the Mandela effect. This transition will not take long. It will transpire through the month of October and into the month of November at which point, around I think the 8th, sometime between the 8th and the 15th, Jupiter will reach the star Lambda Virginis, the Alchemist star, called Kambhalia, and at that point it will transit into the next constellation, the Scales or Balance.

That moment in November designates the end of the inaugural phase of the super-learning event. You see, it's very precise. The beginning of that event was when Jupiter went into the Virgin, and that was in August of 2016.

So lo and behold, when I mention these dates, I'm always referring to precise astronomical intel. And I work that intel within the framework of mantik, the divination of celestial omens, the reading of the sky language and the celestial code, and I invite you to enjoy that, and if you wish to do so to learn how to do it yourself from yours truly, because there's no one else as far as I know who can teach you how to do that.

Celestial Navigation or Celestial mantik as you may call it is one of the paths of learning that's currently being set up in the School of Nemeta, which is the association dedicated to the preservation and propagation of my work and my legacy. And that also will be coming up online in November.

Nemeta will be the online portal to an in-life school, an in-life educational program. It's only the portal. It's not an online university.

It will have the character of a university because it offers different classes or passive learning, but the Nemeta webpage is structured as a portal to these passive learning which are to be lived out in the real world. So it's not a virtual event but there is a virtual portal to that event and I'll send out or post somewhere or perhaps even give a little introductory talk about it when the moment comes that Nemeta is revealed and that the school is open for your participation. Tak.

So I'm making a claim with this talk, which I have made or alluded to a few times already. The phenomenon of the Mandela effect, as it is known so far, is only the first phase of an act of supernatural intervention.

The characteristic of that phase is the appearance of these Mandela effects in 15 different categories, and we're going to look over them and summarize them in the next talk, 63. There is, or has been until now, an array of effects that is varied, it is diverse and fascinating.

The primary effects that have caught the attention of many people in the world, presumably millions, are changes in movie dialogue, in the titles of books and films, changes in the logos of corporations, and more and more. And these anomalies have led people to speculate that there are two different timelines, for some reason,

Two different timelines? Hmm. Or parallel universe phenomena taking place of an unexplicable origin, although the great tendency of the majority of people is to blame it on CERN.

Well, as you know, if you follow this investigation, I take the Gnostic viewpoint and I arrive at utterly different and distinct interpretations of this phenomenon.

Now you may well ask, how would I know that it is, that the ME so far is just the first phase of something larger, something more profound?

Well, I make that assertion on the basis of three evaluations.

I look into three areas and then I bring together what I see in each of these areas to make that interpretation. In the first place, there is my perception as a shaman of how the Mandela effect is created, how the Aeon Sophia actually makes it happen.

Within minutes of recognizing the effect back in June of 2016 and realizing that it was genuine and not some kind of psy-op on the internet, within minutes of that, I had the immediate and vivid intuition, let's call it that, of how it's done.

So I understood in the way that only a shaman who is able to go into the nahual, into the supernatural, and then return to ordinary consciousness, to the zone of the mundane, and then go back again and then return again, in the way that only a shaman able to do those maneuvers between the tonal and the nahual, or nahual, would understand.

And I detected that the Aeon Sophia uses the force of the third attention, the third, the mirroring attention, to project something like a beam into the field of the human psyche and to induce in the realm of the second attention of the human psyche, where memory operates, a split of memory into two distinct memory lines, not timelines.

Everyone on earth is living in the same timeline, excuse me. But there are different memory lines or different records, different records of recall of how that timeline unfolds, right?

And thirdly, I saw that there was a continuation of this ray as if it were piercing through a membrane. On one side of the membrane is the endo-psyche, the content of imagination and memory, the inner life, the inner world. And on the other side of the membrane is the outer world of perception.

I detected that that operative beam, however you may wish to conceive it, and it's extremely difficult to conceive, I have to tell you that, had been deployed by the Aeon Sophia to produce specific effects in those two zones, the zone of the second attention and the zone of the first attention.

So, that was the first hit, that was the first piece of intel you could say. Secondly, I looked at the celestial timing to track the various phases of the Mandela effect. And third, I looked at the phenomenon itself.

As I look at the phenomenon itself today, I have to say that it's becoming rather silly and extremely trivial. And I see almost nothing but dozens and dozens of instances or alleged instances that concern, well, what?

Oh, the changes of the shape of lettering in the name of a candy bar or in the name of some corporation or business. Changes in the shape of lettering. Oh, the A in the name of that serial doesn't look right. It doesn't look like it used to look to me.

Those sites dedicated solely to reporting instances of the Mandela effect are not producing any significant coded examples. They are merely producing spurious examples.

People who run those sites or YouTube channels are stalled on the ping. And I must say, sadly, they are undergoing a state of psychic disintegration due to the psy-op effect of this phenomenon. It does have the effect of a psy-op. I've explained that.

It was probably intentionally launched as a psy-op. I've explained that. Gaslighting is the term you use for any ploy or game or technique or trick or situation in which you put an individual in question against their own perception.

Oh, I left the keys on the kitchen table. Well, I didn't leave the keys on the kitchen table, but I say that I did in order to confuse someone. That's gaslighting.

Those who are running these channels now and reporting daily and weekly on Mandela effects as if they're obliged to continually produce new effects are reporting a lot of silly and trivial shit. It's nonsense. These are not Mandela effects. These are speculations.

Oh, I thought that the T and the S in that on the name of that cereal bar. They weren't joined before. Oh, I don't remember them that way. They're gaslighting themselves and they're getting absolutely nowhere, and they are in fact succumbing to a state of psychic disintegration, and it's sad and that's what I would call the collateral damage of the Mandela effect.

So by my observation, you can regard the Mandela effect so far as something like a meteor shower. When you observe the Perseids, for instance, following the indications given, say, to members of an amateur astronomy club, you learn that the meteor shower coming from Perseus, that area of the sky, will peak.

So at a certain moment you will be seeing, who knows, 8, 10, 20 meteors or shooting stars in a minute. And then it will fade out and you will only see 2 or 3 in a minute until finally the phenomenon is over. Similar description applies beautifully to the Mandela effect. The effect is fading out, it's phasing out.

Now it could be that there will be a few, who knows, two, three, four distinct and spectacular bursts as it does fade out. That's possible through October and November. Stay alert for that. You might see some really riveting, spectacular instances of the Mandela effect coming up in the next couple of months, which would confirm this investigation.

There would be, for example, some effect that obviously and vividly fits into the vampire cluster and brings confirmation to the Gnostic interpretation of that cluster, of the three clusters.

So there might be some spectacular confirmation over the next two months, but by and large the phenomena is fading out and interest in it is fading out as well. I've noted a couple of channels in which the content was totally dedicated to long, long uploads and hangouts discussing the Mandela effect.

Now that topic has been entirely dropped and the individuals running those channels have gone on to something else. So you see, so that tells me, along with the fact that the effects being reported are silly, spurious, and not coded, they are not coded with a message that fits any of the plot so far, that tells me that she's phasing out the first movement of her act of divine intervention, the correction of the Aeon Sophia.

She's phasing it out because its purpose has been served. The purpose of the Mandela effect was to get your attention in the realm of the first attention, that is to say in the realm of the mundane and the normal and the ordinary, the tonal as sorcerers call it, taking that jargon from Carlos Castaneda.

Now that she has your attention, and I might add, now that you have the framework of the Gnostic investigation to show you what she is bringing to you in your field of attention, well, mission accomplished.

On to the next phase. The granular detail of the Jupiter-Earth opposition, which may also be called the Jupiter-Sun conjunction, and the alignment of the Jupiter-Earth opposition with the position of Uranus, referring to M31, is the granular detail that signals that a switch has been flicked.

A switch, passive voice. I can't stand it. The Aeon Sophia, it is as if the Aeon Sophia has flicked a switch on a panel and the entire field of dynamics being operated on that panel shifts into another gear. It shifts into another phase.

You know, there's a scene you frequently see in films which involves a Foley effect that refers to the technique in filmmaking of adding a sound to a scene. So if you see a car going very fast around a curve and you hear tires squealing, those sounds, the sound of those tires is generally due to Foley effect. It's been added to the film.

It's not actually the sound that you hear because the sound that's made by the car that's being filmed may not be satisfactory for the effects of the filmmaker. And one Foley effect that you see very commonly, very often, is when the lights go off in a building.

So it's a suspenseful moment, suddenly all the lights go off and there's a certain sound. Later when all the... and the generators kick in, say. And there's a sound when the generators kick in. And then when the lights come back on again, there's another sound. We all know that sound. That sound doesn't actually happen in real life, does it?

But it's a Foley effect that's used in films for dramatic purposes. So you can imagine a Foley effect happening on 28th of September, 2017. The Aeon Sophia has pulled a lever on the control panel and you hear that sound as the operation of her intervention goes into another mode. How do I know that? How can I read that from this particular granular detail?

Remember that I detected at the beginning that she accomplishes the Mandela effect by the use of this mysterious power called the third attention. At the cosmic level, the third attention can be called Vimarsha. Vimarsha.

This is a word from Sanskrit cosmology and Sanskrit and Indian Tantra and the ancient mystical science of the yogis. Vimarsha. V-I-M-A-R-S-H-A is the third, the mirroring attention.

Well, how do I know that she is changing, as it were, the gear for the application of the mirroring attention? Well, hang on to your booties, because here it comes. The term parallel universes is entirely wrong. Because by definition the word universe with a capital U means that which includes all possible manifesting worlds.

So if there are mirror galaxies, if there are parallel galaxies or parallel worlds, they are all within the universe with a capital U. You cannot have a parallel universe. Anyone who uses that syntax belies immediately by their poor grammar, by their faulty terminology, excuse me, they belie that they don't have a solid grasp of cosmic order.

You can speak of parallel worlds. You can speak of parallel or twin galaxies. In fact, scientists do say, astrophysicists do say that the galaxy we inhabit, sometimes called the Orion galaxy, is a parallel or mate or twin to the Andromeda galaxy and they are both locked together on a common axis of mass and they're approaching each other and will eventually merge, so the story goes.

So, mirror worlds is accurate. If you accept the syntax of mirror worlds, then what's the next step? The universe may contain mirror worlds. Okay, can you accept that hypothesis?

Well, if the universe contains mirror worlds, then how would you proceed to detect them? Well, what is it that you would seek to detect? Well, doesn't it make sense that the first thing that you would seek to detect is a mirror world to the world you're in?

You're not going to seek to detect countless parallel worlds. No. You haven't even seen one yet. Why are you going to look for countless and endless parallel worlds?

You know, there are a fair number of people commenting on the Mandela effect, including that young child, that boy, who's a complete dupe and has been orchestrated, or what's the word, has been persuaded to play at this role that he's a genius and he understands parallel universes and he can explain the Mandela effect.

Totally fraudulent.

There's a great number of people who are laying out this narrative. Well, you know, you get up every day and you make certain choices. You go out of your house and either you decide to walk to the park or walk to the museum. But if you decide to walk to the park, then one version of you walks to the park, and another version of you, in a parallel world, or parallel universe, which they wrongly say, walks to the museum. And this goes on. And when you get to the museum, you decide to go into this exhibit, but another one of you goes into this other exhibit.

Well, that is completely... that is like working your brain into a frazzle that results in nothing but a frazzle brain. What you want to do, in practical terms, if you're interested in the subject of parallel worlds, is to ask the question, well, is there a parallel world to this world that you are in on Earth?

Is there a mirror world and a mirror life to your life on Earth? One mirror life. One. And the answer to that question is a resounding, yes, there is. There is a mirror world to the world of humanity on Earth. One mirror world that can be located, can be described, can be fitted into a coherent cosmological scheme, and you can even go there. Where is that mirror world?

That is, on a planet in one of the arms of M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, which is the mirror galaxy to our own. So in M31 there is a planet like the Earth, it is the mirror counterpart to the Earth, and on that planet you live in a mirror world to this world.

So if you know this, which is something that can only be known on the basis of extensive shamanic investigation using the telestic method. And if you have actually been to that world by the process of what is called the feat, the shamanic feat of bilocation, then you know that what I am saying is voracious and verifiable.

And if one shaman can go to that mirror world of the earth in the Andromedan galaxy, then others can go there as well. And some of you to whom I'm speaking have been there. I would bet on that.

It's likely that you would have been there, and you would have known that you were there, but not knowing where you were necessarily. But it's likely that it would have happened in a lucid dream.

Typically in the way that this would happen to you at first is that you would just have a lucid dream and you would not recognize at first that you were actually bilocating into the mirror world of this earth world that we all share here in the third galactic arm.

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood. And typically, you might go there only once. Or, if you're lucky, you might go there, due to some strange and mysterious compulsion of love, which acts as a force of discovery in the cosmos. You might go there more than once, bilocating in a lucid dream. That's called virtual bilocation.

If you had the correct attention and if you had the skills required along the lines of shamanic exploration, you would gradually realize, hey, wait a minute, I'm having a dream that I'm in this setting, but the setting that I'm in is actually a mirror reflection of the world that I live in in normal waking consciousness.

Now, you may have been to Andromeda, you may have been to the parallel world without coming to that point of awareness about it. But I can tell you with confidence and with a great deal of pleasure that the experience of going there and knowing that you're there is coming your way in the second phase of Sophia's intervention.

That is where it goes after the Mandela effect. Once she has your attention, you the individual human creature, and once she has your dedication, and once she has the capture of your neuronal circuits, of which I'm going to say more at the conclusion of this, she's got you. She's got you under her spell.

And I'll tell you, whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. And Lola wants to take you to the sweetest experience of mystical beauty that you could ever, ever imagine. And she wants to take you there by the hand, physically.

So, bilocation is what's coming in the future course of the Mandela effect. Is that clear?

But I have to add something which will really baffle you. In fact, I'm going to say a few more things in this talk that are really going to baffle you. And it may leave you confused and it may leave you with questions that I don't answer and I will never answer. Nevertheless, I'm taking you to the border of the enigma of human existence in the cosmos. I'm taking you to the precipice. You're standing on the precipice. Your toes are hanging over it. And I am bringing you as close to the realm of the inconceivable as you can get using human language and reason and the description of words and images.

So if you're with me, here goes. The characteristic of the third, the mirroring attention, the enigmatic cosmic force of Vimarsha, is non-similar mirroring.

There are two kinds of mirroring in the universe. Actually, there are many kinds, but there are only two that the human creature can handle. One is similar mirroring. That is to say, you have something and you have the perfect mirror image or duplication of it in every respect.

Now I ask you to go around your world, go around your life, in your house, in wherever you live, looking at the artifacts of human culture and looking at nature and asking where you see examples of similar mirroring.

Now I can tell you that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you do not see similar mirroring. You see near similar inversion mirroring. The figure you see in the mirror is the inversion of you with right and left inverted. So if you raise your right hand, the figure in the mirror raises its left hand, doesn't it?

That is called inverted similarity, inverted mirroring. So what you see in the mirror is not a perfect example of perfect non-inverted mirroring. The person you see in the mirror, the face you see is not the face that people see when they look at you.

So if you look at yourself in the mirror and you primp and you pose and you think, oh this is how I look and I'm going out today and that's what I'm going to show to people, well you're completely deluded because people don't see the reflection that you see of yourself in the mirror because the mirror inverts it and exchanges right for left and left for right.

Now when it comes to the third attention, you are required, invited, invited is a better word, you are invited to consider the enigma of non-similar mirroring, non-identical mirroring.

Remember I just talked about the kinds of realizations that might dawn on you, if you found yourself spontaneously bilocating into the mirror world of the earth on M31. How come you would not immediately recognize that it is the mirror world of the earth?

Well, that is because the third, the mirroring attention, does not produce identical mirroring, the object and its identical duplication, nor does it even produce inverted mirroring as you see in the mirror. It produces non-similar mirroring.

Non-similar mirroring is a mystery of the cosmos due to the operations of the Vimarsha. And you notice that word, Vimarsha, you could pronounce it Vimarsha, but you pronounce it Vimarsha.

There's a break, Vimarsha, and that break is the secret of the mirroring attention. It's just like when I say, when I refer to the mirroring attention, I often say, and this is due to the third, the mirroring attention. See how I say that? You can place a comma in there after the third.

Oh, the way that Sophia handles her correction from October 2017 onward shows the operation of the third, the mirroring attention, in a different way than the previous operations seen in the Mandela effect.

That is the correct way to speak of the third attention.

By putting that pause, that little pause in there, and interestingly, amazingly, you find that pause in the correct pronunciation of the word Vimarsha, which means the shaping reflection. The shaping, it really means something like molding or shaping.

If you could imagine a band of chrome. And this chrome is in a somewhat of a liquid form. So you could say it's a ribbon of chrome, exactly. Ribbon of chrome. And this ribbon of chrome, picture it floating in space. And it flutters and floats and sometimes it turns and you see one side of it and you see the other. And it has an undulating motion.

That is one way to visualize Vimarsha, the third, the mirroring attention.

The operations and characteristics and properties of this force are so deep into the core of the mystery of the universe that you really cannot get there with human conception. You can go and experience the mysteries of Vimarsha directly, in trance states, in the paranormal perception of shamanism. You can indeed, but in the ordinary mind and with the ordinary mind you can only go so far.

If you imagine this ribbon of chrome as a force, then the next step is to imagine that the ribbon composes and decomposes itself of striations or threads. At a certain moment it appears like a uniform ribbon made of one seamless substance. At another moment it appears like a ribbon formed of millions of long filaments or fibers.

Castaneda talked about this phenomenon. He called it the great bands of emanations. He was talking about FEMA-ASHA. Then again you can see it in another way as a band that is a uniformed ribbon but hanging off that ribbon are certain threads that have gone astray as if they have become undone from the fabric of the ribbon but the ribbon is composed of a super luminous fluid that has the properties of liquid chrome, okay?

Now, there are countless ways in shamanic trance to encounter the third, the mirroring attention. What happens in the future course of the Mandela effect is this. The Aeon Sophia brings the powers of that mysterious cosmic force.

The effects of that mysterious cosmic force she brings right into your life, into your psyche, into your physical self, and into your perception of the world around you. This is an unheard of, spectacularly bizarre event for her to do this. But she can do this due to the very great fact, my friends, stay in the narrative, stay in the narrative, always, due to the very great fact that the anomaly of her plunge caused her to be transformed into the setting of the divine experiment for Anthropos 10.

And rather than being in the observation booth at the core of the Pleroma, she is now in our environment and from within the environment she can, let's say, make available to you the primordial power of the third, the mirroring attention, which is an attention of non-similar, non-identical mirroring.

Now what is non-similar, non-identical mirroring?

I can't take any more time in this talk to elaborate on that, but I can give you the example of a rose. Now, if I go to my beloved and I give her a rose with a certain intention, with a certain look in my eyes, and I communicate in that to her a certain passion, she takes the rose.

And when she holds the rose and looks at it, she sees that flower, but she also sees the mirroring of that flower in my act of love of giving her that flower. So the rose in her hand is not merely a rose that she might have picked out of the field, is it, because of the intention in which it is given and the way in which it is bestowed, it mirrors that intention.

And so the rose is a non-identical mirror of my love and dedication for the woman to whom I present it. That's a very, very simple child level description of the non-identical mirroring.

So I ask you to contemplate that and keep that in mind and also contemplate the image of the murmuration of starlings that I presented in the last talk.

So coming around to the homestretch of this talk, let me make a quick correction in something that I said anticipating this talk. I said that I was going to referred to the split beam experiment. Actually, I misspoke. What I meant was the double slit experiment, which is a big deal in quantum mechanics.

Was I going to use that to explain how the mirroring attention now operates in the future course of the Mandela effect? No, not at all. I want to bring it to your attention, the double slit experiment of quantum mechanics, to warn you that it's bullshit and to completely disregard it.

It will teach you nothing, it will get you nowhere, it will simply confuse you and mystify you regarding the supposed wonders of quantum mechanics which is a complete fraud and does not in any way, shape or manner fit the true living dynamics of the cosmos.

An interesting experiment worth looking into is the experiment of 1801 by Thomas Young, which is called the double slit interference experiment, and that is quite interesting and might be considered as a little background study. That does not explain how the third attention operates but it gives some background and it's worth knowing about.

The only thing that I can tell you, the only thing that I can offer as an analogy that would lead you to toward... I won't even say an understanding because no one can understand it. I mean, this is truly an enigma of cosmic proportions. But lead you on an approach to the mystery of which I speak.

Go and study a little bit the way that a hologram is produced. A hologram is also produced by the splitting of a beam.

So one beam, called a reflection beam, is split off through a device and goes to a mirror and then it goes to a screen. The other beam goes past an object or a plate and then it goes to the same screen and in front of that screen the holographic image appears as a projection of what is on the holographic plate.

So go and look at that, study that, put that aside. That does not explain the dynamics of the third, the mirroring attention either. But it's something to know about for the processes of elimination, if you intend to undertake this exploration into this dimension of the cosmic mystery.

There are certain things you need to know in order to get around those things. You need to navigate around those things. Oh, it's not quite what you see in Thomas Young's experiment with the interference of light. Two beams of light interfering with each other produce bands of darkness.

Oh no, it's not quite like the mechanics of a laser beam split in producing a hologram. But you just, let's say, you can, what is the word? I'm having trouble finding words, I'm getting down to the end of this channel. You can teethe on those concepts. You know how when an infant is growing its teeth, the mother gives it something to chew on. You teethe on that so that your teeth can come out. The chewing stimulates the growth of the teeth.

So if you're going to get your teeth into the mystery that's coming your way in the second phase of the Mandela effect, when actually the effect as you know it entirely drops away, then use these concepts as teething devices to sharpen your faculties of apprehension. All right?

One thing that I must do before I complete the talks on this channel is to make a sketch. I have a sketch right here. I made it, I think, in the first week that I encountered the Mandela effect, which is a rough sketch showing how the force of the third attention directed by the Aeon Sophia plays at CERN. C-E-R-N.

CERN is a membrane. It is the Cognitive Erotic Resonance Nexus. The Cognitive Erotic Resonance Nexus. That is CERN.

There is a membrane between your psyche or endopsyche, the zone of memory, reverie and imagination and fantasy and your exo-psyche, everything that can be known and stated externally.

Between the conscious exo-psyche and the subconscious endo-psyche there is a membrane which consists of a resonance field or an interference field. We're looking here at the same kind of physics that plays into the design and use of DEWs, directed energy weapons, field interference.

Aeon Sophia has accomplished an act of field interference with her application of the third attention from the level of an Aeon, although present within the field of the Earth. This is wild, isn't it?

And so she directs the beam of the third attention to CERN, the cognitive erotic residence nexus that divides the exo-psyche and the endo-psyche and she vibrates that membrane with the result that there is a rebound of the ray of the third attention off that membrane in two directions.

You need to picture the membrane of CERN as a concave shape, like a satellite dish. The signal comes from the Aeon Sophia into the satellite dish, right? And then it bounces off it in two directions. That accounts for the two memory lines, M1 and M2, as I proposed in the formula at the beginning of this investigation.

So I really need to illustrate that for you. That is the real, that is the Gnostic version of the split beam experiment that applies to the explanation of this vastly bizarre and enigmatic phenomenon.

So on that note, with about 10 minutes left, I'm going to switch to the second aspect of the future course of the Mandela effect. This aspect is also indicated by navigational parameters.

Right now, the end of September, the beginning of October 2017, as Jupiter and the Earth and Uranus and M31 align, the north node of the moon shifts into the constellation of the crab. Now this is not something that you can observe because you can't see the north node of the moon.

It's simply the point on the ecliptic of the earth, on the orbital track of the earth, where the moon passes from below the ecliptic to above it. See, the moon snakes along the sky. Sometimes it is above the path of the earth, which is called the ecliptic. Earth path is a better term. Earth plate.

Sometimes it snakes above it, then it goes down below it, then it comes up again. Place where it comes up from below the ecliptic plate, or Earth plate, is called the North Node.

And that point on the ecliptic precesses around the ecliptic in a direction opposite to the natural order of the constellations every 18.6 years. This is called the revolution of the moon's nodes, the precession of the moon's nodes, and it's an enormously researched phenomenon of science, but also of archaeoastronomy.

For instance, researchers who do their work correctly and soberly have detected, since the field of archaeoastronomy was born, probably, what, in the late sixties? They have detected that megalithic sites such as Calanish in Scotland on the Isle of Lewis or Stonehenge or many others all around the world reflect a knowledge of the ancients regarding the operation of the moon through its nodal points. So the cycle of 18.6 years of the lunar nodes is actually recorded in some of these megalithic sites.

So this is a real, really important element in the celestial knowledge of our species. The human animal has developed a fantastic perspective of the cosmos over the years. That is true astronomy. That's not the astronomy coming from NASA.

Now, hold on here a minute. It's easy to say that NASA is a fraud. And it's easy to say that a lot of what comes from NASA is deceit and fraud. But NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is just an institution.

It is not the body of scientific and astronomical knowledge developed by the human animal, for instance by the ancient Egyptians, by those who constructed Stonehenge, by those who constructed Calanish in such a way that it records the extreme northern lunar standstill of the moon every 18.6 years.

No, it wasn't NASA that created Calanish. It was the genius of the human species and the genius of the human species has left a tremendous legacy of astronomical knowledge and that is not a fraud. The institution may be a fraud, but the true body of science cannot be a fraud.

So, one of the elements in that magnificent body of celestial and astronomical knowledge that comes down to us from the ancients and is verifiable and is based on the assumption of a globular world, of a globular mass, but not necessarily a stable globular mass.

You know, the murmuration of starlings can form a globular mass, can't it? Well, you can see that happening right in front of your eyes. Fine. But that globular mass can also shape-shift in the manner of an amoeba, and who knows?

If the Earth in its true form, in its form as a cosmic entity, the Earth, Sun, Moon system, floating in the galactic arms, in its actual form, seen cosmically, is something like a giant amoebic mass, then it can split.

We who live within that mass, observe it according to the properties of our own intelligence and they are not deceptive. Remember the rule of semblance back early on in this investigation.

The way that the universe you see, the way that the world order you see, the order of nature, the order of nature going out to the distant skies, the way that all of that is designed and shaped conforms to your capacity to perceive how it is designed and shaped.

Therefore, if your capacity to perceive how it is designed and shaped, and how it operates changes, your changed perception, changes the phenomenon that you perceive.

So, observing these cosmic phenomena is not a delusional game, my friends, but it is a beautiful art and method at the heart of mantik. You cannot observe the lunar node going into the constellation of the Crab, because the node itself is invisible. You can observe it when the Moon stands in its north node.

So if you go to a place on the Internet that gives you a readout day by day of astronomical events and you see, well, on a certain day, well, I'll tell you when it was. September 17th at 20 hours GMT. You always have to use universal time.

At that moment, the moon was in its north node, so you could see where the north node is when the moon is in its node. You would have noticed that it is transiting into the constellation of the crab, once you learn to recognize these star patterns in the sky.

So I'm concluding with this factor of navigational intel to point out this is a second aspect of what you're going to expect in the future course of the Mandela effect.

You know, we have paid a lot of attention to phonemes. I once mispronounced them and reversed it and called them phenomes. Phenomes are also part of the game, by the way. Oddly enough, phonemes and phenomes go together.

But you know what phonemes are, the elements of Sophianic baby talk and I've shown you that the Aeon Sophia accesses your neural circuits through these phonemes.

Now how far are we going to go with these phonemes? How many PIE or Proto-Indo-European routes are we going to investigate? We could spend your whole, you could spend the whole rest of your life doing that. You don't have to.

What is required for going ahead is that those of you who are true to this investigation and wish to continue it in real life would observe together and with a single mind an inventory of something like, well, maybe at most 120 significant phonemes.

And this is the essential body of phonemes, many of which I have already indicated and identified, that you all hold in common if you are going to stay in the super-learning event.

Additional to that, each one of you individually will find that there are certain special phonemes that speak to you through signs that come to you in the course of your life every day. Your curiosity, your curious George, or your Snoopy probative faculty will also seek out the roots of certain words and not others, whereas someone else will be attracted to a different set of phonemes.

So there are two sets. There's the one set of phonemes we all share together and then there are the phonemes that you discover on your own.

What does the progression of the North Node of the Moon into the constellation of the Crab from now until October 2018, signify? Signify’s what I call the integration of the vocatives.

Now a vocative is a term in grammar for how you call or name something. And it also echoes to the idea of evocative. Evoc, you evoke something.

In the future course of the Mandela effect, more properly the future course of Sophia's correction, because what you have come to know as the effect drops away, the Divine Mother who has now reached into your neural circuits integrates those neural circuits that she has tapped into a new neural network.

So far she has only tapped into your neural mycelium using these phonemes and also using graphic and semiotic allusions. To put it in the simplest way, she has introduced through the Mandela effect the germinal, the germinal nodes of new codes and in the year that now comes, she integrates those codes into an entirely new integrated circuit in your neural network.

Integration is the key word for the progression of the North Node through the crab. The vocatives are what would be called in vulgar terms operative memes. You have a set of operative memes you have acquired that set through this investigation and you will acquire others that are unique to you.

You continue to use those operative memes or vocatives that are in your mind to stay on track with the super-learning event. Super-saturation comes next.

Super-saturation is a speciality of that telluric dakini associated with the constellation of the crab that is Tantra Mother Vajrayogini or Miss Piggy as we fondly call her.

Go and learn about super-saturation, how you make taffy and sugar candy through super-saturation and then take that concept and apply it to neurochemistry.

In the next phase over the next year starting right now, the Aeon Sophia affects an action, a process of super-saturation in your neural networks. She cooks your brain to her liking and to her taste. She's cooking your neural network and integrating it to a level where it forms an integrated circuit. This is one of the objectives to be achieved in the coming year.

So you have that to look forward to, and you have also the ultimate thrill of shamanic experience, as far as I know, which is bilocation. Bear in mind that there are three kinds of bilocation.

The first is virtual. That's when you bilocate in a dream. So you're in your dream body, you wake up in the dream because it becomes lucid and you realize that you're dreaming. You don't necessarily realize where you are sleeping but you know by the fact that you've gone lucid in the dream that you are bilocating.

Second type of bilocation happens in the OOB or the out-of-the-body experience. So some people die in the NDE. So some people die when they're on the operating table and they look down at themselves from the ceiling. That's an example of bilocation that occurs in extremely traumatic moments.

The third type of bilocation is what the Aeon Sophia wishes to achieve consistent with the mitosis of the planet. That's actual bilocation. It's not virtual, it's actual.

There are accounts of actual bilocation of course in certain literature which may or may not be reliable.

There's one particular remarkable book by an Englishman named Ralph Shirley about the secrets of the double, and I've written an entire book about the double, so you might want to go and add that to your research library, bilocation is the cat's pajamas.

Bilocation is the biggest thrill that you can ever have, especially virtual. Now many of the Romantics visionaries and mystics such as Shelley, Goethe, de Maupassant, many of these wild and weird characters who lived in the 19th century record examples of bilocation in the form of a unique event which is to say meeting your double.

You meet your physical double in this world. Now if you go and look at the indie film “Another Earth”, you'll see that it is based on that theme and it culminates with that theme.

So it could be fairly said that the film “Another Earth” looks forward to where you may be going in the course of Sophia's correction.

So that's about it for now. That's all I can jam in. It's one hour and twenty-five minutes. That's about my limit.

I am eager and pleased to be able to complete this investigation in two more talks, and I will get them to you as soon as I am humanly able to do so.

And until then, as ever, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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