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#63 - MED - The blessing of the Eumenides, part 1

#63 - MED - The blessing of the Eumenides, part 1

Archive of #63 - MED

Hello again, and yet again, this is JLL coming to you with Gnostic Intel on the Internet. It's the 28th of September, believe it or not, 2017. This would be installment number 60.

So I'm in the homestretch now, and I can designate these talks by the countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. So this talk would be five in the countdown. And I'm calling it “The Blessing of the Eumenides”.

Now, this talk has two parts or two movements. In the first movement, I'll reiterate some points of the previous talk, concentrating on the grim subject of blood libel or what is properly called Jewish ritual murder.

And then I will move into the second movement toward a theme that I draw from Greek mythology. I happen to find in Greek mythology a key or clue or indication of a solution to the problem facing humanity.

You know, the problem with the divine experiment on this planet has to be faced by the human subjects of the experiment in the context of the social order. Human creatures, human animals create social order in a manner that distinguishes them from all other animals.

Although it does not set them apart as a separate and non-animal entity. The entity of the human species is an animal entity.

So, you might recall that even in the lines of The Jethro Tull song, “Bungle in the Jungle”, it refers in fact to that, that assertion which is an assertion that I have often made. I think I stand alone in making the assertion that humans are animals in the great menagerie of the earth goddess. But a particular kind of animal, exceptional but not superior to other animals.

So in being the species, THE species among the millions of species on the planet, who create complex forms of social transaction due to our expressive capacities, due to language and the talent of the Rhome for verbal, symbolic, semiotic systems of communication. Due to all that, there arises within this experiment a phenomenon, an event, which I call the social order. And evil arises within the social order.

So the problem of evil has to be faced within the social order. So I cite for the title of this talk, which I'll come around to at the end, more fully, a reference to Aeschylus, the Greek tragic poet Aeschylus, A-E-S-C-H-Y-L-U-S, or Aeschylus. It's pronounced in various ways.

No one really knows exactly how ancient Greek was pronounced, by the way. Neither do we know how Coptic was pronounced in the time of the last centuries of the Gnostics.

Who are the Eumenides? Well, the term contains the prefix EU, which you find in the name Europa. An EU is an PIE. Proto-Indo-European root, which means health or salubrity, or that which is good, that which thrives and flourishes. Word Europa means wide flourishing.

The zone of Europa, of the European nations, is a zone where the Rhome flourished. That zone extends from Iceland and Finland and the Scandinavian regions down into the borders of the Mediterranean and to some extent into the Middle East.

So the root EU occurs in Europa and in the Greek term the Eumenides which means those who lead or bring or invite this flourishing and this solubrity, solubrity being health, the health of the Rhome, the health of the human species. What does that suggest to you? The health of the social organism, what does it suggest?

Well, think of a physical organism, think of a body of an animal, be it a cat, a horse, or a human animal. It thrives when its natural functions are intact when it is not infected by a virus or inhabited by a parasite.

So this powerful root, EU, brings to mind the idea of health and hygiene. And hygiene brings to mind the idea of eugenics, doesn't it? And EU is the prefix in the word eugenics. So what is eugenics?

You have been taught in the modern world to think that eugenics is something evil and that the horrific practices of eugenics and the ideology of eugenics ought to be identified with one particular party, one particular political party and one particular people and all that is entirely wrong. All that is erroneous and deceitful disinformation.

In fact, the nefarious and evil eugenics programs that have been perpetrated on this planet did not come out of Germany, but they came out of the United States and from the English. And it's really the English, the British, who conceived the science of eugenics in its evil and nefarious aspect, whereas the German people during the time that they flourished in the 1930s had a healthy and sane conception of eugenics.

Eugenics and the Eumenides. So the Eumenides would be those guiding spirits who bring humanity to the fullness of its potential to health and happiness. The thriving of the Rhome is the blessing of the Eumenides.

But do we have that blessing? I put it to you. I submit to you a most serious consideration. If you want to receive the blessing of the Eumenides, then you need to reckon on the responsibility that falls upon you in doing so.

It's not a blessing that's given gratuitously. It's a blessing that comes for you, to you, to be owned by a responsibility which you take regarding the social order and the presence of evil in the social order. This is the primary and essential responsibility of a conscientious and free human animal. Am I making myself clear? Tak!

I'll return to the fascinating and glorious subject of the Eumenides in the conclusion, in the second movement of this talk, right now let's focus on the outstanding composition of the vampire cluster and let me reiterate the components, the puzzle pieces so far identified in that cluster.

  1. Interview with the vampire, interview with a vampire.

  2. The Passover puzzle piece.

This is a unique piece in that it has two different interlocking features. In one way, it interlocks to the main super-cluster and the notion of the Ford, the passage of humanity in correction, the Passover of humanity into the future world, but that Passover theme echoes with the biblical theme of the Passover.

And in fact, as I pointed out, there is a presumed Mandela effect in the New Testament, where the word that was traditionally translated as Passover in the King James Version, consistent with the times, when the Jewish festival of Passover was a known fact, presumably, has been changed to Easter, which is an anachronism.

However, the clue Easter refers, although it is presumed to be a Christian holiday, actually is a Christian holiday taken from the pagan celebration of spring and the goddess Erstra. 3) The line in thriller, creatures crawling for blood in y'all neighborhood. That is to say, why are these creatures crawling in y'all neighborhood?

Well, y'all neighborhood is the third limb of this four-armed spiral galaxy. The Orion Spur to be specific, and that happens to be the exact setting of the Sophianic vision story. That is the place where the anomaly of the Archons arose in the manner of the abiogenesis of the Akari insects. Proven to be a scientific fact. Proven to be a scientific phenomenon around 1837, I think it was, by Andrew Cross, spelled with an E.

So the thriller line tells you that in y'all neighborhood, that is, the neighborhood of the Rhome, y'all who consider yourselves to be genuine human animals, in that neighborhood, this neighborhood, not just any neighborhood, The threat of the Archontic alien extraterrestrial parasite presents itself.

Sympathy for the devil. Won't you guess my name? Hope you guess my name. This line points to the vampire cluster because it points to the dilemma of Christians who face their inability to recognize the enemy. Many Christians, you know, Christian Zionists for instance, absolutely worship the Jewish people. Many Christians are brought up in a brainwashing that tells them that the plight of the Hebrews in the Old Testament is somehow a metaphor or parable for the human condition. They must respect and honor and revere those people.

But then when you come forward to the New Testament, there's a completely different message. So the brainwashed Christians are thrown into cognitive dissonance by the loving or presumably deceitfully disingenuously loving message of the New Testament.

They're thrown into cognitive dissonance by that in comparison to the violence, vindictiveness, sadism and genocidal fury of the Old Testament. So the problem is won't they guess the name of their enemy in their midst? Will they? Won't they? Will they? Won't they? Well, hope you guess my name.

Well, I would say that the days of hope are finished. And I no longer hope that Christians in that indoctrination, the generations of them, the millions of them, will guess the name of the satanic adversary who also entered the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg a hundred years ago in the month of November. No, there's no hope left. The only hope for them is the complete disintegration of their faith.

Five would be, well, Jesus? Oh, it's just us. Well, who's behind Jesus? Well, Melchizedek is behind Jesus. I explained that in “Not in His Image”. And in case you don't know, Melchizedek is also the guardian angel of Israel and the Jewish people.

So there is a, the fifth puzzle piece is actually an Emmy in biblical scripture that interlocks with a vampire cluster. You got the picture?

Six, the transgression clue. Huge clue. Now it appears that this Mandela effect, if it is a genuine one, actually came to be detected by yours truly as he was meticulously going through the Greek Coptic materials that present the pitiful remains of the fallen goddess scenario and the Gnostic teachings on the divine experiment here on earth, okay?

So, perhaps I just made a mistake, perhaps it was an error for me to think all these years that the word Anomou or Anomone would be the word in that line. The world system, as you know it, came about through a mistake. And I had encountered in the translation of scholars, I had only encountered that translation, a mistake.

And so the word, a mistake, translated in my mind into the word anamon, which is a common word and a key word or theme word throughout the Nag Hammadi writings. I was wrong when I went back to look in the course of this investigation, right? I found that other word, paraptoma, which is translated as transgression.

Now I understand that there is one scholar, one NHL scholar, is it Michael Mayer? I don't know who it would be possibly, who has translated that line, the world came about due to a transgression. But I never found, I never saw that translation and I've scrutinized every single translation of the Nag Hammadi materials, or at least I thought I did.

So whether or not this is a genuine Mandela effect with the substitution of Paraptoma for Annamon, or whether it's a textual error on my part. It operates as a genuine Mandela effect. It brings attention to that line, it brings attention to the change of language, and it brings into high focus the concept of transgression.

Number 7. Well, in Ezekiel, you find the references to cannibalism and the call of the Lord to his chosen people while they are required by their obedience to the Archon Overlord to abstain from drinking blood or eating meat which still has blood in it, hence the Jewish procedure of slaughter, of kosher slaughter, bleeding the animal alive, while they live with that taboo, they may, in order to prove that they are obedient and therefore that they earn their privileged status as the supreme race, and the word supreme is also found in Ezekiel and in Isaiah, I believe, while they do all that, there is an exception contained in the conditions of their obedience and they may celebrate their privileged status as the supreme race destined to dominate all others and to exterminate them at will if they so choose to do so.

They may celebrate that status by the act, presumably the ritual act, of eating flesh and drinking blood. And as a matter of fact, going to another scriptural puzzle piece demonstrating the Mandela effect that interlocks with the vampire cluster.

Well, here's a couple of more that I didn't mention before. Let's say that those clues are showing up. They are in ample supply on the crime scene. So take a look at this clue.

Psalms 18:40 has been changed by a Mandela effect which is causing tremendous alarm and dismay to faithful Christians. The psalm reads, “Thou hast also given me the necks of mine enemies that I might destroy them that hate me”.

Well that's how it reads now in the King James Version and other versions are a close parallel. But according to Christians, who are tracking these changes very carefully and who attribute them, by the way, to Satanists operating the CERN Hadron Super Collider, it used to read, “Thou hast also given me the backs of mine enemies, who turned against me, that I might silence them that hate me”.

So it used to presumably say the backs of the enemies, not the necks. And it used to presumably say to silence them, but not destroy them that hurt me. I just want to point out that this clue has a blatant reference to kosher slaughter as well as to the technique of Jewish ritual murder.

What is that? It's the deep cut with the thin flat blade on the neck. In a great majority of cases, the victims show this wound. A long wound along the neck, similar to the wound that a kosher slaughterer makes in killing a cow.

“Thou hast also given me the necks of mine enemies”.

That's what it says now in Psalms. In the Beilis case, the young Russian boy, Yushchinsky, had punctures on the neck and this is another characteristic that is uniformly seen in dozens upon dozens of cases of victims who are presumed to be the subject of this ritual murder by the tribe of Xenosh.

Punctures in the neck, which is the vampire signature, or the slicing of the neck, which is indicated here in Psalm 18:40. And hold on, it gets better.

Christians are extremely alarmed about one of the changes in the New Testament that is found in Luke 19:27. And there has been enormous heated discussion, confusion, grief, protest and wringing of hands over this M.E. shift.

The English Standard Version of Luke 19:27 reads, “But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me”.

Another version, the New American Standard Bible says, “Bring them here and slay them in my presence”.

The New International Version says, “Bring them here and kill them in front of me” and even the King James Version says, and slay them before me.

Well, there you go. Christians claim that this is a perverse, satanic corruption of scripture due to the Mandela effect. They claim that that passage originally read, show them to me and silence them in my presence. Bring them hither and show them before me that I may silence them.

Apparently in their memory, and I don't know if there's any residue of that, presumably there is because they're fanatical about tracking these changes, that it read in that manner and therefore it does not put murderous intent in the mouth of their favorite 8 foot tall, purple, magical rabbit, the imaginary friend of humanity, a.k.a. Jeshua. Jesus. The Dude.

Now, there I draw the line. I wouldn't insult Jeff Bridges, who played the Dude, by calling Jesus the Dude. How about calling Jesus the Jude? Or the Jehudi Messiah? Jehudi is a legitimate term in Hebrew that refers to the tribal identity.

Now, which was that? Seven? I guess we're up to seven or eight.

As I said, I have a strong hunch that these biblical changes will continue to multiply and that they will propagate through Bibles in all languages. So through the scriptural modifications, the Aeon Sophia has access to the psyche of the Christian world, and she's having her wicked way with it.

I'd also like to point out that when you look into the details of these clues, when you examine the contours of these puzzle pieces, you know, the indentations and the tongues, as it were, you find a remarkable detail, again referring to the intention behind the Mandela effect.

For instance, this much disputed line from Luke 19 belongs to a passage in the Gospel which is called the Parable of the Minas, M-I-N-A. And a mina is a coinage of the ancient world, like a drachma. Well, the drachma still exists, but the mina doesn't exist, it existed at that time.

Well, there's another Mandela effect associated with the mina, presumably it is now called the parable of the pounds instead of the minas and I would also point out as a last note of finesse in examining the fine detail of this puzzle piece that Mina, the name for a coin in the ancient world is also the name for the female counterpart in the vampire story as presented in Coppola's film, Mina is the lover of Dracula.

And who plays Mina in Coppola's adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula? That would be none other than Winona Ryder. Tak. So far so good.

Now let's talk transgression. Or let me talk transgression. I'd prefer to have a discussion about it.

So let's pretend that we're beginning a discussion about it. Let's pretend that we are a group of people, a community of, say, 500 people, consisting of, say, 420 adults and 80 children. And we have survived, and we are now living in the future world.

And we are brought together by the circumstances of correction and the circumstances of natural and supernatural change and put in this situation of founding a community together to carry on our life, our lives.

And what we need to do to establish a community is to sit down and have a discussion among ourselves about what's right and wrong, what's acceptable, what's not acceptable, what's going to be allowed in the community and what is not allowed

And let's say that I, as one member of that community, begin by giving you my input. Where else can we begin but with the individual in the community who says, I consider these acts to be transgressions.

Now, I want you to understand, I'm indicating here transgressions in the social order. I'm not indicating transgressions in the cosmological order. There are two ways to read that line from the Gospel of Philip. The world as you know it came about due to an anemone, an anomaly, a mistake, a transgression. There are two ways to understand it.

First on the cosmological level and second on the sociological level. So on the cosmological level that line refers specifically to two features of the plunge of the Aeon Sophia that produced the Archons and the anomalous situation in the divine experiment on Earth, which she and Thelete had preconceived in the Pleroma, in the galactic core, when they designed the Rhome, the Anthropos.

And the Aeon Sophia transgressed two rules or two protocols. They're not laws at a cosmic level for which any Aeon would be punished. They're more like protocols or procedures. She violated two procedures.

First procedure she violated was that she acted unilaterally in dreaming in her mind an ideal situation where the Rhome Anthropos would be able to fulfill its divine endowment and overcome the Archontic interference. She dreamed it unilaterally, that is to say without coupling or joining with her Aeonic partner, Thelete.

This point of the unilateral activity of Sophia is emphasized, you find it emphasized in the Nag Hammadi text called “A Valentinian Exposition”.

That was her transgression on the cosmological level and the second transgression was that her enthymesis or her enthusiasm and passion for the human experiment was so great that it drew her out of the company of the pleromic Aeons at the center of the galaxy and drew her outward into the kenoma, into the galactic limbs and hence she morphed into the very planetary setting in which the experiment with Anthropos X would unfold.

That was her second transgression, going across the Storos, the boundary or border of the Pleromic core. Now those two transgressions on the part of our Divine Mother occurred at the cosmological level and they cannot be judged on human terms. There is no guilt, there is no fault in those quote transgressions.

They are simply actions of the divine being. They cannot be subjected to any criteria of human judgment. They are cosmological events that stand for themselves.

Besides, in correction, the Aeon Sophia with the company of Thelete and the Pleromic Aeons have already corrected those violations of protocol which Sophia committed. Thelete is now reunited with the Aeon Sophia and operates within the solar system through the dynamics of the planet Jupiter.

Even the Christos Aeon, who is by no means to be confounded or confused with the Christ Messiah of the Christian world, is now integrated into life on Earth through the figure of the Symbiont.

The Symbiont is, as it were, a figure in which the Christos re-engages itself with life on earth in the form of Pan, or through the figure of Pan, which was demonized and turned by Christians into the devil. Pan is restored to his proper role as the force or agency that sustains the all-species connection. The symbiotic relationships, the symbiotic bonding of all species is maintained by the symbiont.

Finally, Sophia herself corrected the problem with the Archons in one respect by shielding off the earth from the shortwave emissions of Archontic interference. That happened in September and October of 2014, I think.

So you see, the so-called transgressions at the cosmological level have been corrected. They are in the process of correction. But, due to those transgressions, there were consequences at the level of the experiment itself.

Since there is no evil in the cosmic order, the Archons, properly speaking, are not evil any more than a cockroach is evil, or a maggot, or a mosquito. Even a mosquito, the Anopheles mosquito, that gives malaria, is not evil. It just causes harm when it operates outside of its proper boundaries. And that is the case with the Archons.

If they just remained in the solar system and didn't try to interfere with life on Earth, there would be no problem with them. But they are a voracious, locust-like species of destroyers. And the consequences of the Archontic presence in the solar system can be seen in the presence of evil in the social order.

So there is a question of transgressions in the sociological sense. And those transgressions must indeed be defined and assessed purely on human terms. So, back to the conversation in our community.

I stand up first and I say, well look, we're going to decide together what we consider to be transgressions of the social order. Let's start, I offer that we begin in this way. I'll present what I consider to be transgressions of the social order and then you can tell me what you think and you can add yours, you can object to mine or endorse mine and so forth.

In the first place, I consider rape to be a transgression of the social order. In no instance whatsoever is rape allowable. Is rape permissible? Is it acceptable? Is it excusable? In no conditions whatsoever. And therefore, in this social order, in this community, we have to consider what is the fitting action to take when that transgression is committed.

Second, but of equal importance, because there's not a hierarchy of value here, of equal value and importance, any abuse whether it be sexual, physical, verbal, psychological, emotional abuse of children is categorically unacceptable. That is a transgression against the social order.

Third, likewise, any abuse of animals is equivalent to the abuse of our children. Equivalent. The killing of an animal in a gratuitous and cruel, irresponsible manner is equivalent to the murder of a child in this community. That's a transgression. Harm done to animals.

Okay, now, murder. What about that? Well, murder is a transgression when it is committed in a cruel way for an evil motive. But it is not absolutely and categorically a transgression, in my opinion. Murder is permissible in this community and in some cases murder is necessary. Okay?

So that's about it. Those are the transgressions. What other transgression could there be in the community? Theft is a transgression, certainly, and lying and cheating are transgressions. And we could think of many other examples but they fall into a lesser category. They fall into a second lower category of misdemeanors in human behavior that need to be dealt with in a fitting way.

Notice my language there. I say in a fitting way. In the way that is right and fitting for the act that has been committed. So there you have it.

There's a situation that could arise in any community of human creatures. It undoubtedly has arisen many, many times all around the world in the formation of human societies. And you could work it out perhaps into a theatre piece. It would work well as a theatre piece, wouldn't it?

Imagine having people have this discussion about the morality of the community. Well, as a matter of fact, that is exactly what a large number of the Greek plays in ancient Athens were intended to do.

They showed or reflected or mirrored to the community the process by which the conscience of the community was formed, what you might call social conscience, which in the old Greek language was represented by Themis. She was the goddess of social conscience.

Now, the Greek playwrights such as Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides presented dramas for public consumption in Athens in which such points were argued, in which the questions of morality, revenge, betrayal and so forth were argued. The great, great questions that confront any human community, any tribe or nation.

So were we to be attendance of a Greek tragedy, we would certainly come away with some really deep questions that are provoked by this little scenario. And I want to propose to you now two of the deepest and most troubling questions that have ever come up in the human mind in the context of social conscience.

Two of the most daunting questions that have universally appeared in the human mind as a challenge to the establishment and maintenance of social order, you see? A challenge to social conscience, right? One of these questions is a kind of extrapolation.

The members of the community can discuss various transgressions of what they consider to be transgressions, violations of what has sometimes been called the social contract. And in doing so, it's quite natural for the human mind to go to the extreme and to ask, well, what is the most extreme transgression that could be committed in this community, in any community?

The most extreme, the ultimate transgression in any human community, of any race in the world, of any country, would be, I submit to you, a transgression against humanity itself. It wouldn't just be a transgression against that particular group of people. It would be a transgression against the Rhome and the Anthropos itself.

And I ask you, if you can formulate that concept clearly and hold it soberly and steadily in your mind, I ask you, have you ever tried to imagine what that transgression would be? Well, I can tell you what I imagine it to be. I imagine it to be child sacrifice.

That would be the ultimate social evil and the ultimate and extreme transgression on this planet. Child sacrifice, ritual sacrifice of children.

Now it is true and you can go make the study yourself that cannibalism has existed in various parts of the world at different times. Among the Aztecs, for instance. Among the tribes of New Guinea or of South America, headhunters and cannibals exist.

Blood drinking is a custom that has been known to be practiced among certain societies. Drinking the blood of your enemy, for instance, is considered among certain tribes to be a way to enforce your triumph over the enemy and ensure your power to defeat the enemy.

And so you find many and varied instances in which blood drinking and cannibalism occur. And you can go and study about them. It's no secret. It's no mystery. A considerable part of the material of ethnography and cultural anthropology and field anthropology covers these matters. They are bizarre and they have a certain lurid and macabre fascination.

But I submit to you that there is one instance of cannibalistic, vampiric murder that is outstanding, unparalleled, and stands entirely apart from all the others. It stands apart for a number of reasons but primarily this one because that act is in fact conceived by the perpetrators as a ritual act which is associated with an ideology referring to the identity and mission of the perpetrators.

Those who have perpetrated ritual child sacrifice on this planet do so in the framework of a self-identification, a mission, and they do so with the mandate of an overlord, of an overruling power that is beyond the earth. They do so in celebration of their relationship to that power.

Those features belong to the criminal profiling of what is called blood libel, but what ought to be called Jewish ritual murder. The term blood libel itself is misleading because libel means a false and unjustified or ungrounded accusation.

You have said something libelous. The very notion of, the very suggestion of attributing this action to some members of the Xenosh and of the various tribes of the Xenosh, the various ethnicities of the Xenosh that have existed in the world, for instance in Eastern Europe, in Poland, Bohemia and Russia.

The very suggestion, the mere suggestion that they could have perpetrated such an act is called a libel, implying that it cannot possibly be true and it must be a false and malicious accusation leveled against innocent parties by those who hate them for reasons unknown. Got the logic here?

Now, let me continue to flesh out this criminal profile of J.R.M. with these four points. These are characteristic features of J.R.M. It has a ritual aspect. It is performed ritually by pricking a body that is alive to bleed it white while it is alive by a particular cut on the throat which resembles the cut of the butcher in kosher slaughter.

So it has a ritual, it is a ritual enactment, feature 1. Feature 2, it is presumed to have magical effects, the number of pin pricks, in the case of Andrei Yushchinsky, for example, was considered to be of a magical value 13 and 7. And some investigators speculated that the shape of the pricks resembles Kabbalistic formulas or Kabbalistic designs.

Feature 3. The act of J.R.M. is committed by mandate of the presiding deity of that particular tribe, at the command of the overseer, the supernatural, presumably supernatural overseer, certainly the alien and extraterrestrial overseer. And the 4th feature is that following the passage in Ezekiel and other passages, following the implications of these passages, well, it's done as an act of celebration and triumph.

That's also indicated by the Mandela effect changes in Psalms and in Luke, to which I just referred. Do you see the triumphal air in those revealed, in those ME changes in Scripture? Sensational, isn't it?

I think you have to admit, if you look at it frontally and honestly and clearly, the revelations of the M.E. changes in scripture are pretty sensational and pretty flagrant and they all point in one direction. They all point in a direction of a subject that is covered by an enormous taboo.

And certain members of the Xenosh, as of October 2013, gleefully gloated and celebrated that taboo, as reported in the Jerusalem Post.

The Beilis case was the last case of blood libel. Why? Because it was the last case that was allowed to be tried. It was not the last case of JRM that was ever perpetrated. This taboo is the biggest taboo on the planet, standing side by side by the taboo on the swastika and the historically factual evidence-based narrative of World War II and the Holocaust. And of course they work together.

I want to point out, by the way, something I consider to be extremely important. I think it's unfortunate, either by omission, by ignorance, I don't know what has caused it, it's extremely unfortunate that no one else to my knowledge except myself until now has pointed this out.

You can spend months of your life on the internet and not just in the alternative media but in the popular mainstream media researching the subject of “satanic ritual abuse”.

Do you recall the big controversy, the scandal that erupted around the time of the elections in 2016, Pizzagate and the whole affair of spirit cooking and the big fear porn vaudeville about children being ritually abused and murdered in the basements of pizza parlors. Do you remember all of that?

Has anyone ever been tried or even accused of any crimes. Has there been any legal prosecution? Has there been any consistent follow-up? Have there been indictments that will hold up? Have there been trials? Have there been convictions? Absolutely not.

Has there ever been any conviction for satanic ritual abuse? Absolutely not. Now don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that pedophilia, including systematic abuse and murder of children, including snuff films of children being murdered, is an instrument of blackmail and extortion in the political world on the global scale. I have no doubt about that.

And very often the label of satanic ritual abuse is attached to that very effective method of blackmail and control. Many politicians in the world are blackmailed and controlled through their pedophilic activities. It should be really pedocitical, pedocitical activities. They are parasitical on children.

And in some cases, such as the famous Jean-Benet Ramsey case in Boulder, Colorado, there's a lot of evidence that this was an orchestrated event, a snuff film used to blackmail someone relating to contracts that needed to be secured in the defense industry. I mean, it's as dirty as it gets. But nevertheless, it's all misdirection. It's all misdirection.

Because in no instance do these investigations and allegations of satanic ritual abuse go to the J.R.M., which is the most hideous and evil form of satanic ritual abuse on the planet. And in fact, the big fuel roar about S.R.A. generates a lot of smoke and mirrors. It generates a cover-up for blood libel so that everyone looks over there.

These investigations, while they are genuinely motivated and while, as I say, there is no doubt that there is a massive network of pedocidical abuse and murder in place in high realms of politics and the media, and there's no doubt of that nevertheless these investigations are these vectors of inquiry and accusation tend to veer away from the ultimate transgression.

Now why consider J.R.M. to be an ultimate transgression that is in some respect even more evil than other instances of satanic ritual abuse which by the way have never been proven and there has never been a case even in history, even throughout history of Europe, European history going back to the Middle Ages, going back to the time of the Roman Empire. There was never a problem with pagans performing satanic ritual abuse on children.

There was never a problem of child sacrifice in the pagan world. The only problem of child sacrifice, of which you find a record in European history from the time of Cassius Dio coming forward to Beilis, is the record of the activity of this one particular ethnic group, the variations of the Xenosh. Clear?

So, here we are profiling this ultimate transgression. I've described a number of features of it and it might be, one might be tempted to conclude that these features belie the motive of this transgression. It's worth asking, well, why is this done? What is the motive of this transgression?

To bleed alive a young white child, always preferably white, the reports say a Christian child, but what it actually means is a child of the white races. There is a case, there was a case in Shiraz in Iran of a Muslim girl being the victim of J.R.M. But that's quite an exception. It's usually the innocent white child. And what is the purpose to be achieved?

What is the objective of bleeding the white child white, that's the expression, while it is alive with ritualistically placed pimpricks or with the signature of the kosher slaughter? The slash across the neck with an extremely thin and wide blade. Why? What is achieved by this hideous act?

As I just began to say, one might be tempted to think that the ritual has a magic aspect. It's the execution of a commandment from a higher power. It celebrates the bond with that higher power and so J.R.M. must be committed for those reasons, but that is not the case. That is not the case at all.

J.R.M. is simply and purely an act of hatred and envy, but primarily of hatred. And what makes it the ultimate transgression, in my view, you may think what you wish, is just that. I am certain that those who commit it, as well as those who have built a big narrative around it, even those who had wished to expose it, I am certain that they have embellished it with a magical dimension. It has magical connotations.

It is an act of Kabbalistic magic that is actually prescribed in one of the books of the Zohar. Yes, it is. Well, there's evidence, right? What more evidence can you have? The evidence that you find in the Zohar is like the evidence that you would find in the journal of an insane serial killer.

You know, that movie, Seven, was about a serial killer who modeled his murders on the seven deadly sins. And when the detectives broke into his apartment, they found a wall full of handwritten journals. And in these journals, that psychotically demented, murderously insane individual recorded his thoughts and beliefs, his ideas about himself, you know, and what you would find in such a journal of a serial killer, of a demented, murderously insane human animal, who is really not human any longer because this transgression goes beyond the bounds of humanity, what you would find there is no different than what you find in the Zohar and in the Talmud.

The many, many books of the Talmud are like the private journals of a serial killer. That's all that they are. And the serial killer who believes he or she is directed by a higher power or acting out the mandates of God, and this is often the case as you know, is simply under the delusion of doing so, but that does not prove that the magic is real or that there is really a supernatural and magical efficacy in the performance of these hideous acts. Not at all. Not at all.

What makes J.R.M. the ultimate transgression is the motive of pure hatred in which it is conducted. Those who harbor that motive of hatred against the Rhome, against the human species in totality and hold themselves apart from the human species.

By that motive and by that hatred, they transgress the boundaries of the species and they place themselves outside the species. That is the ultimate crime that they perpetrate, but also the ultimate crime inflicted upon them as the proxies and servants of the Archons.

So the transgression committed in this instance is unique because it is the one transgression that violates the boundaries of humanity itself, the sense of humanity is violated and shattered in these actions in a way that cannot be compared to any other crime or any other offense against society.

So, reaching the one hour mark, I'd like to shift to the second or closing movement of this talk. There are some issues I haven't been able to include, so I should probably add hoofnotes to this particular talk, particularly on the issue of human rights, which plays into the entire discussion here in a crucial way.

You might recall that I asked the question in the last talk, can you name anything that the Xenosh have done to the benefit of humanity. Can you name anything they do today? They hold preponderant influence in all realms of the social order where decisions are made that drive and shape society, don't they?

In the media, in the legal field, in the medical field, in science, in academia, in finance. In all these fields, members of the Xenosh hold extraordinary power and influence. And can you name any single thing that they do in any of those fields that is of benefit to anyone but themselves, of benefit to humanity as a whole? And I ask you to pay close attention to the instances of a fraudulent claim of benefit.

For instance, Freud, Marx and Einstein are prominent Xenosh who are sometimes depicted as monumental figures to be considered as benefactors to the entire human race. Get that! But the science of Einstein is a complete fraud. The science of the psychology of Freud is a hideous fabric or concoction of lies and perverted ideas. And as far as Marx is concerned, well, no ideology in the whole course of human history has brought as much slaughter, torture and murder and misery to the human species as has the communist ideology coming from Marx.

But, someone might argue, wait a minute, John, isn't it true that this particular tribe is in modern time, especially since the emancipation of the Jews in 1848, when the great revolutionary movements erupted in Europe, isn't it true that these wonderful, wacky, righteous people are the outstanding champions of human rights on this planet.

Look at Martin Luther King. Look at the front line. Who's standing beside him holding the scrolls of the Torah and the Talmud? Look at the wonderful helpers and assistants who gave support to Nelson Mandela and put him in power in South Africa. Put the Communist Party in power in South Africa. Look at that.

Everywhere you look today, Jewish organizations support multiculturalism, the recognition of the oppressed, and they are the great champions of human rights. Isn't that really their true mission?

Well, some people actually think so, if you can believe that. But I can't go to that issue of human rights here, right now. I won't go there, but I will get to it, I promise.

Rather, I would like to go to the second movement and return to the subject of the Eumenides. Recall what I said about the purpose of Greek tragedy.

This is an essential teaching of the Eumenides which has been lost in our time, but I can give it back to you intact in five minutes, and I would dearly wish that you hold it as a precious attainment.

The Greek tragedies, some of which were written by initiates of the Mysteries, served as a mirror to the Greek people and the Athenian community specifically of the questions, dilemmas and challenges that arise in any community.

The issue of social justice, of revenge, of betrayal, these issues are the themes of Greek tragedy and they are also the problems that arise in the formation of any social order, any form of social order.

So, what about the Eumenides' play by Aeschylus? Well, it's part of a trinity or trilogy of plays. Some of the Greek tragedies were composed in trilogies and I believe that the Oresteia trilogy of Aeschylus is really the only surviving one that we have.

So it consists of three parts, three distinct plays entitled Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers and The Eumenides. So bring your attention to the third and concluding play.

The title of the play refers to a group of infernal female entities who previously were known in Greek tradition as the Furies or the Eregnies. They were chthonic deities, C-H-T-H-O-N-I-C, meaning infernal, coming from out of the bowels of the earth, and they were considered as deities of vengeance and they were considered to be the supernatural powers of the earth itself who would take vengeance on crimes, especially those who swear a false oath, those who swear a false oath, but also of other crimes as well.

And there's a great deal of fascinating lore about the Irines or Furies in Greek mythology. Generally they are pictured as three. Their archaic names, just for the record, would be Elekto, meaning endless or enduring, Megera, meaning jealous rage, and Tisiphone, meaning vengeful destruction and they all appear in the Aeneid and in many places in the literature of Greek classics.

Knowledge of the Eumenides is essential to your education in the humanities and as you know with the super-learning event the humanities are being restored to the world. Happy news that is, oh happy day indeed.

What's really unique about the third play in the Oresteia trilogy is that it represents, or Aeschylus represents, an actual transformation in the nature of these divine extra-human and super-human powers.

In other words, the Furies, or Erenyes, undergo a transformation from being, as it were, extra-human forces of vengeance to into something like elements of the social conscience.

Like numerous other Greek plays, the subject of the Eumenides is the formation of the conscience of the polis. The polis is generally interpreted as city, but really it is better interpreted as social order. So the words policy and politeness come from the Greek word polis.

Obviously, policies of behavior and interaction and forms of polite behavior, such as saying please and thank you, are agreements among the polis. They constitute the fiber of the social order. Now you can go and read a synopsis, there are many, of the Eumenides, and I advise that you do that, so I'm not going to take the time to go over it here.

I just want to bring your attention to the closing lines of that play. Now I have an edition of the Greek original text facing pages to the English translation. But if you want to read the Eumenides, I propose that you go to the Penguin Classics and read the translation of Robert Fagles.

Robert Fagles is a great Greek scholar of the 20th century. His translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey are, as far as I can tell, really outstanding. And I have in my library, I think, three or four different translations of those classics.

So I would recommend Fagles if you're going to read the Eumenides. But for right now, in the second movement of this talk, I bring your attention to the concluding chorus. Eumenides is structured on dialogue between the goddess Athena and the chorus, and the chorus represent the Irenes in this case who are named, who are renamed the Eumenides, so they become a benevolent presence in the community, in the course of this play. And in the closing passages of the Eumenides, the very end passages, around lines 980 and going forward, there are a total of 1100 lines in the play, so it's down toward the very end.

Around 980 there is a most remarkable proposition. There is a declaration coming from the Eumenides themselves. In this declaration, which might also be called a proclamation, which might also be called a blessing, the archaic, turluric forces of the earth, which in the past had been conceived in the popular imagination of the people to be instruments of vengeance, indeed the vengeance of the earth mother herself, these forces morph and now you see in this play of Aeschylus the internalization of those forces as the instrument of social conscience in the community.

What a tremendous turning point this is. You can witness it, you can feel the cathartic power of it, which was what the participants witnessing these tragic plays felt in that unique situation, in that time, but you can still feel it now.

It reaches into the present and there is a proposition of challenge and responsibility contained in the blessing of the Eumenides. In the very last lines of the play, a proposition comes into definition. I would call it the definition of the contract between the infernal powers of the earth to which you can attribute rage and vengeance.

These are qualities of the Divine Mother of the earth. They are indeed. You can attribute those qualities to Her, but at the same time the responsibility for those qualities goes now to the community, to the polis.

Remember I mentioned at the beginning of this talk that there is a responsibility involved in receiving the blessing of the Eumenides. I am convinced that this four-line passage in a Greek tragedy contains the solution to evil on this planet. I will bank on that. I will bet my fortune, the treasure of my terma, on that proposition.

Doing so, I advise you that the ultimate transgression perpetrated on humanity has to be met with a countermanding force that overcomes it and annihilates it. And it has not been so met, so far, and cannot be met unless this proposition I'm about to reveal can be understood by members of the human community.

The proposition has to be understood, it has to be conceptually understood and it has to be accepted as a contract. The contract that human animals undertake to bind themselves to the rage and vengeance of the earth in order to overcome the ultimate transgression against humanity. It is nothing less than this.

This single proposition, representing the internalization of the Irenes' inter-social conscience, is to my mind the primary and singular agreement that needs to be made and held to heart to overcome the enemies of life, the adversaries of the Rhome and those who hate humanity, the earth and the divine experiment on this planet.

So I give you those four lines in one of several variants of translation. Here the chorus of the Eumenides is responding to Athena and referring to the community and conferring their blessing upon the community in this way.

“May they exchange joy for joy in the commonality of love, and may they hate with a single mind. For this is the cure of many an evil of humankind.”

That is the blessing of the Eumenides, that proposition. There is a responsibility inherent to that proposition. I think you can see that. I think you can feel that. Can't you feel that? And I do not need to elaborate. But obviously I need to end this talk here.

And I think what I'll do, because continuity is really important on this topic, is to just designate this as part 1 of talk 60 and to proceed with the same title in part 2 in the next talk I upload.

And until then, as always, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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