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Mandela Effect Decoded and General Gnosticism
#68 - MED - Route 91, fast track to the alt real

#68 - MED - Route 91, fast track to the alt real

Archive of #68 - MED

JLL says Sophia is "Lucifer"

Hello again to each and all and once again for the last time in this investigation. This is JLL coming at you with Gnostic Intel on the Internet. It's the 12th of October 2017. This is installment number 64 and I'm calling it “Fast Track to the Alt Real”.

I'm going to start out, due to there being so many things to cover in this concluding talk, with an attempt at some kind of closure. I'll start out by going directly to the core event, that is to say the application of the third attention of the Aeonic Mother to the field of human attention.

Remember that I have indicated on and off throughout this series that the Aeon Sophia, who is the indwelling intelligence of the planet itself, the planetary entelechy, the planetary logos, however you want to put it, is using a certain power called the third, the mirroring attention, to produce the anomalies of the Mandela effect.

I'm going to look at a diagram, a simple diagram, of how she actually does this. You'll find that diagram handwritten, posted in the link in the description. Now you might want to pull up that diagram and look it over while I'm talking. It's something that a child could understand.

I ask you to concentrate closely with me as you and I consider that diagram, that simple schematic. And I want you to bear in mind why you and I are looking at it. We're looking at it to form a conception, a lucid, simple, retainable conception of a supernatural process.

The object here is to come to the, more than understanding, to come to the participatory insight, the insight that will allow you to participate in what is being described. That's the objective of this little study, and the insight concerns two questions: first, how does the supernatural origin produce the Mandela effect as seen until now, and second, what is the ultimate objective or aim in producing that effect?

Those are the two questions you float in your mind. Now, those questions both bring to mind a famous passage from the Nag Hammadi writings. You will find this passage cited in an essay called “Her Name is Silence”. I provide the link to that essay directly in the description.

This scene comes from the cosmological text “The Origin of the World”. It's one of those scenes in the Nag Hammadi materials and the related materials in Greek and Latin referring to the sacred narrative, the fall of the wisdom goddess.

Bear in mind, when you read the nine-episode version of that narrative, either in “Not In His Image” or on metahistory.org, bear in mind that a good many episodes in that narrative occur before the Earth was formed and before humanity appeared on Earth.

They may be called pre-terrestrial episodes, pre-terrestrial scenarios. The one that I'm going to cite now is just that. And in this scenario, the wisdom goddess is called Pistis, confronts the lord of the Archons, Ialdabaoth, the leader of the Archon species, and reprimands that alien parasitical entity and makes a prediction regarding its ultimate fate.

You will find, if you look closely at this passage, which I believe I have mentioned before in some detail, there is specific language that would appear to refer to the Mandela Effect. So let me read the passage.

“When Pistis saw the impiety of the Lord Archon, she was filled with anger. Acting in her invisible form, she spoke in this way, ‘You are mistaken, blind one, false deity who cannot see. There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your spectral forms.

‘This luminous child will trample you in scorn just as a potter's clay is pounded into a lump, and you will sink away into your proper zone, the abyss, along with those who belong to your legion. For at the consummation of your work, the entire defect of Archontic illusion exposed in the light of truth will be abolished, and that illusion will be as if it had never been’.”

Well I would guess that I don't have to elaborate. This text, it speaks strongly against the background of the many hours of this investigation so far. I said at the beginning of this channel that the Mandela Effect is both the evidence and instrument of an act of supernatural intervention.

Then I showed that the definition of that act, the description in mythopoetic language of that intervention can be found uniquely in the Gnostic writings. Thus I insisted and I insist down to the very last day, that it is impossible to make any sense out of the Mandela effect unless you see it in relation to the Gnostic description of Sophia's correction.

Here in this passage you have a quintessential description of her correction, even though it does not use the word diorthosis, translated as correction or rectification, which appears, I believe, only two or three times in all of the Greek Coptic materials. Even though it doesn't use that exact word, this passage conveys the essence of what is to be accomplished in Sophia's correction.

And you will note that the Pistis, which is a name meaning confidence, the Pistis of the Aeon Sophia is directed toward the Rhome or Anthropos for the passage clearly states that an immortal luminous child or the deathless luminous humanity existed before the Archons and it will appear among the spectral forms of the Archontic world (……I'll have something to say about that in a moment……) and it is this entity, the Magical Child of the Wisdom Goddess, who Will Defeat the Archontic Illusion, within the framework of the Divine Experiment on Earth.

This passage comes as close to a prediction as anything you'll find in the Gnostic writings. The Gnostics did not predict. They did not put themselves over as prophets. They did not have that pretense and they did not consider prophecy to be an effective way of teaching. I totally agree.

Now let me just comment on the translation that I've made here, Spectral Forms. This is a translation of the Greek word plasmata, which is a plural of the Greek word plasma.

Let me read to you from an etymological dictionary the definition of the word plasma and its origin. It first came into use in English in 1712, meaning form or shape, derived from the late latin plasma from Greek plasma meaning something molded or created, hence image, figure, counterfeit, forgery, formed style, affectation, and the noun derives from plasine the Greek verb meaning to mold or originally to spread very thinly, and this in turn is from the PIE root plath-yane from the root pele meaning flat or to spread. The word conveys the sense of the liquid part of blood, plasma, as from 1845 as well as much more lately the cosmological notion of ionized gas, introduced in 1928.

So, I could dedicate an entire treatise to the exposition or hermeneutics of the word plasma, but just let me see if I can get across the essentials. The world in which you and I live, the world of the human species and all other animal species on the planet Earth, is not a matrix produced by the Archons. It is not a simulation.

If it were a simulation, it would have to be a simulation of something, because simulation means copy, something that looks similar to something else. When you look in the mirror in the morning, you see a simulation of your face and figure. You do not see an identical mirror image. You see a near identical inverted image. You can call that a simulation because it approaches a copy of the original.

Well, where then does the Archontic matrix come into play? The Archontic matrix in which human beings can be captured at the same time that they live in the natural world arises due to the projection of the Archontic mind into the natural world.

The Archons project their pseudo-reality and impose it upon the natural world. The image of a two-source hologram is essential to understand this phenomenon. Go read about that in “Not In His Image”. Philip K. Dick also referred to the idea of a two-source hologram.

So you and I live in two worlds simultaneously. One is the natural world, sensuous, beautiful, real, totally real, living, the symbiotic paradise of the Aeonic Mother. And the other is the projected simulation coming from the Archontic mind and that simulation consists of spectral forms, that is to say counterfeit images and forged and fraudulent forms of behavior, fraudulent forms of behavior, fraudulent and counterfeit narratives, and forms of affectation that is to say posturing and posing.

The power of the lie that operates in human reality, working against the good nature of human creatures and against the harmony, relative harmony, that could be achieved in the social order, the power of that lie, which is now pervasive as the Archons and the Xenosh reach the consummation of their work, relies upon posing and posturing. It relies upon fakery and fraud.

And would you not agree that the world in which you live today is saturated to the brim with fakery and fraud? Bear in mind that when someone lies, it's not simply enough to lie, especially if they lie publicly, as politicians and public leaders always do.

Along with the lie, there has to be posturing and posing. That's what I mean by the spectral forms. That term covers a vast range of human behavior that has been distorted by the Archons through the application of their extraordinary capacity. Let's hand it to them, their extraordinary talent, which is HAL, virtual reality.

So they create a false virtual reality through their parasitical intrusion upon the human mind. But humans then turn around and make that reality appear as if it were real to them.

Consequently, human creatures, human animals caught in the Archontic spell turn away from the natural world, the Gaian Paradise, in which we are placed, and tend to live more and more exclusively in the artificial and fraudulent world of the Archons, the Archontic mindset.

I repeat, the world in which you live on this planet, the natural world is not a matrix. It is not a simulation of anything.

If the natural world you see, trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, the animals, the plants were a simulation in the manner of the matrix of the film, it would have to be a simulation of something that resembles it, because that's what the definition of simulation means. It means similitude. It means copy.

So you cannot have a copy of something without having the original. You're not living in a simulation. You're living in the original. And the power source that puts you there is present to you in the natural world.

So the luminous child, at the moment that it undertakes its key role in the correction of the Aeon Sophia, as predicted in this passage, tramples the Archonic lie in scorn, and so at the consummation of that lie, that world of fraud and posturing and posing, which you see all around you in the social order, at the consummation of that great deceit, the Archonic illusion exposed in the light of truth will be abolished. And that illusion will be as if it had never been.

Now, of course, it's obvious that those final words, those eight final words, can be taken to point directly to the Mandela Effect. Do you follow me on that? Can you see that?

Typically, what happens with the Mandela Effect, take for instance the Volkswagen logo, the Volkswagen emblem, now has a gap between the upper V and the lower double V. Some people do not remember any time or any instance in the past when they encountered that emblem without the gap. So for those who see it now in its current form and have no knowledge or memory of the residue of its former or occluded form, it is as if the former occluded form had never been.

But wait, wait, it gets even better. Right here, if you look very closely, you can see the power of deliverance and freedom coming through the Mandela Effect.

Now it is true that for the group of human witnesses to Sophia's correction. Everyone on the planet is a witness to her correction whether they know it or not. For the group M to the power of 1, the Volkswagen emblem with the gap is the only way it has ever been. They do not remember it. They do not have an alternative memory.

So what then about those who do have an alternative memory. Those who belong to the group of M to the power of 2. They have both memories. They register both forms of the emblem. They do not deny or attribute to misremembering one form. They recognize that both forms are real.

In doing so, they are able to look at the current reality, the state of human affairs in this world, as the Archontic spell reaches its consummation and see with double vision. You can see that it could have been otherwise. You can see how it would be, how it could be, were it otherwise. You can see, or you are led to see through the Mandela Effect, how the world might be alternatively, as if the Archontic illusion had never been in effect in the first place.

That is where the Mandela Effect takes you. That is where it is taking you. Those who follow it, those who gather around the M to the power of 2.

So now look at the diagram. You'll see that I show an incoming beam indicated as 3A. That's the third, the mirroring attention, coming from the realm of the supernatural. As it comes into human awareness, into the field of human awareness, it encounters something like a membrane in the form of a parabolic antenna.

It comes in to the concave part of the membrane and strikes it and thus it creates an effect of deflection in two directions from that membrane, CERN, the cognitive erotic resonance nexus.

Let me just take a moment to explain what CERN is. You are a human animal and you live in kind of an auric shell. You live in an egg. Carlos Castaneda called it the luminous egg. You not only live in the shell or envelope of your material body, but you live in another kind of envelope.

Now bear in mind that nothing will ever come to your attention, without a stimulus upon that envelope. You can consider it or imagine it like the head of a drum. So you tap the head of a drum from outside, but it's possible that you could also tap the head of the drum from inside.

So the outside of the CERN membrane, which is the convex side, is the realm of the first attention, ordinary life, linear consciousness, the grocery list, your driver's license, the things that you routinely do in order to function in the ordinary world.

Along the inside of the CERN membrane is the second attention, which has two functions, one of which is memory and the other is imagination or fantasy or reverie.

So imagine that the membrane shown here with its curvature is something like your eyeball. Well, how does your eyeball work? Well, you don't see anything unless there is a stimulus from the outside upon the convex face of your eyeball, right?

So there's an analogy to the stimuli that play in the field of the first attention. But at the same time, just think if you're walking down the street and you look over at a park and in the park there is a statue which is, say, a model of someone standing by a boat or someone in a rowboat. Well, what happens at that moment? How does the CERN membrane vibrate?

Well, it constantly vibrates due to stimuli from both sides. Externally, you have the stimulus of the perception of the statue of someone sitting in a rowboat. Internally what do you have?

In response to that external stimulus along the concave side of the membrane, you remember something associated with the image you see externally, or if you don't have a memory, you may have a reverie or fantasy. You may think yeah i'd like to be in the caribbean in a rowboat like that right now or I'd like to be rowing down a certain river.

Whenever this happens, and it happens all the time that you're conscious and it happens in another way when you sleep, and you have REM activity which is rapid eye movement, the CERN membrane is constantly vibrating and your consciousness plays externally and internally along that membrane.

So to complete this description of how CERN works, so let me add two short points. It's called CERN, Cognitive Erotic Resonance Network, because there are only two kinds of stimuli that ever catch your attention.

There's cognitive stimuli which consists of actual perceptions of things, like there's an ant on the wall, or ideas. Both those elements belong to the realm of the cognitive.

On the other hand, there is the realm of the erotic, that is the emotional or aesthetic aspect of CERN. You respond according to what you feel or according to what you fantasize about what you feel. You respond according to aesthetic criteria that you hold in your body.

For instance, some people respond to a Thai meal, Thai spicy meal in one way and some people respond to it in another way. These responses are always operating simultaneously and they are interacting across the membrane of CERN, cognitive erotic resonance nexus. It's called a nexus because it is a meeting place and crossing point where all of these different functions of consciousness meet and sometimes merge and counteract each other and interact with each other.

Finally, just to be clear on the operations of the second attention along the concave span of the membrane, those are the operations of memory and internal picturing. So you can see something externally due to a visual stimulus or hear something externally or feel it or taste it. Those are all external stimuli, but you can also close your eyes and picture things. That's the operation of the second attention, and when you picture things that you experienced previously, the second attention is operating in its special sub-function as memory. So that in totality is the dynamic of the CERN membrane.

What happens in correction is that the Aeon Sophia directs a beam of the third, the mirroring attention, which is the primordial shaping force of all manifestation in the universe, against the concave surface of CERN.

The result is that the incoming beam deflects into two directions or it produces two deflections. I've identified these deflections mathematically as M to the power of 1 and M to the power of 2.

Now you need to listen really closely so that you are perfectly clear about what is incorporated in these two deflections. They do not represent variations within a single memory line. For instance, someone who recognizes the Mandela Effect and takes an interest in it and sees it as genuine will remember some Mandela effects, some anomalies differently from someone else.

For instance, I may remember “Sex in the City” and my close friend may remember it as “Sex and the City”. But what is common to both of us is that we recognize that there are two forms. So neither one of us is at odds with the other. You see?

So that's one memory line, one deflection, indicated by M2, M to the power of 2. The 2 reminds you that the individual witnesses to correction in that memory line allow and admit both cases. It doesn't matter ultimately which case they remember. What matters is that they allow and admit the genuine existence of both cases.

On the other hand, the tendency of the beam in the second deflection toward M to the power of 1 points to those individual witnesses of Sophia's correction who only remember it one way, the way it is now, and who take no interest in the possibility that it could have been some other way.

So quite clearly, there's an undetermined number of people who deny that the Mandela Effect is genuine and mysterious and yet can be proven and can be tracked by certain evidence, can be verified by the probative faculty. There's a certain undetermined number of people who simply deny it, that it's valid, that it is of any interest and they dismiss it from their reality.

Picture that as a group of people who form in the large large large loop of a strange attractor, and at the center of that large loop you place M to the power of 1. Then look down at the other deflecting ray coming off the beam. The incoming beam splits memory into two lines. Along the second line you have that undetermined number of human witnesses who admit that they are affected by the Mandela Effect.

They don't have to admit all instances. They don't have to agree on all instances. They simply admit it to be real and genuine and to have some mysterious power and to be ultimately mysterious, though not ultimately beyond description, analysis and rational explanation.

So, why is the Aeon Sophia producing, why has she produced up until now these mnemonic anomalies coming through the Mandela Effect?

She does it simply in order to announce her correction and offer or invite you to join in her correction. You cannot be in Sophia's correction if you do not recognize the validity of the Mandela Effect and commit yourself seriously to learning how it works and where it's gonna to go.

So, there's no mystery about Sophia's correction, who's in it and who isn't in it.

Even someone who knows the Gnostic materials by heart and may embrace the narrative of the Aeon Sophia, if they do not allow the validity of the Mandela Effect as a signal coming from the source of correction, they are not selecting into correction.

The activity of the mandala effect over these past few years has given the opportunity to those who encounter it to make this selection. Needless to say, those who do not have the opportunity to encounter it at all are not in Sophia's correction. They are excluded and that does exclude some billions of human creatures.

Where do those billions of human creatures go? Well, they go into an alternate reality, which they do not recognize as an alternate reality. You get why not?

Because if you don't have M to the power of 2 in your mind, you do not admit the possibility that reality could be otherwise. Those people are swirled into the turbulent vortex of the large loop of the strange attractor and they follow out the plot of the fifth reel.

By contrast, those who select themselves into the smaller loop of the strange attractor, focused on M to the power of 2 find themselves moment by moment in the future, now and in the future, really living in a reality that is a true alternative choice to the fifth reel. The fifth reel remember is the blind completion of the insanity and lies and deceit and manipulation and senseless suffering which are symptomatic of the nightmare of history. You see?

The Archontic lie is the nightmare of history. History is a nightmare to the Aeon Sophia. It's a lucid dream in which she awakes initially to a nightmare, but then as she becomes active as a lucid dreamer, she is able to do what any lucid dreamer can do, that is act within the dream in a waking state, and she can thus proceed to apply her correction.

As a result of her correction you have the opportunity to live in a world and create a world around you, create a reality, if you want to use that term, that stands on its own as if there had never been a nightmare of history, as if there had never been the deceit and the suffering and the trauma through which humanity has had to live due to what's gone wrong with the divine experiment. Do you see where I'm taking this now?

What does the Aeon Sophia, the planetary mother, want to accomplish by offering the option of an alternative reality? She wants you to be able to live in a world in which there is no traumatic imprint working on your memory.

However, as an exemplar of M to the power of 2, you will always have the option to remember what happened in the nightmare, in the fifth reel, in the theater of Archonic deceit. You will always be able to remember it if you choose to do so, but you will not have to live with the traumatized emotion carried in that memory.

The purpose of the Aeonic Mother is to clear memory of traumatic imprinting, so that you can still remember all the bad things that happened in the world, and everything that went wrong with the divine experiment, if you choose to do so. But whether you choose to go back and look at it or not, you continue to live as if it had never been, as if it had never happened.

Therefore you are emotionally free of the trauma that has been imprinted into your body-mind by all the events that have arisen as this experiment went wrong.

1The Aeon Sophia knows, and stay in the narrative and you shall know as well, that it's her fault that the Archons arose and subsequently came to interfere with this experiment. Her highest desire is to free the luminous child of the trauma created by an event that she herself inadvertently set in motion.

You see that?

Trauma is carried in memory. It is carried in the memory of the body. Trauma is a body memory.

It's her intention that those who are directed toward the alternative reality, that is, the 11-minute splice-over, will be able to live as if those traumatic events had never happened, that is to say, trauma-free.

Yet, because the human animal has conscience and because the human animal has a role in her correction, they will be able to remember those events accurately and honestly if they choose to do so, and on those occasions, when it is necessary to do so. But on no occasion will they suffer the prolonged delayed post-traumatic emotional imprinting of those horrific events. So there you have it.

Welcome to the alt real. And while you're considering that invitation, take a look again at the simple diagram I've drawn so that I can direct your mind to another feature. As far as I can tell, operating as a Gnostic and a seer, there are two phases, two detectable phases of the process of correction operating through the Mandela Effect.

I would say, and I have already noted this, I believe, that we are coming to the end of phase one. In fact, I can give you a precise window of time. You recall that I mentioned the exact alignment between Jupiter, Uranus, and M31, the galaxy which harbors the mirror world to our own world here on Earth.

Now, that alignment occurred on September 28th, and it was a perfect and exact alignment along the ecliptic longitudes of 28 degrees Aries, 28 degrees Libra. Now I have to correct myself on including the Earth precisely in that alignment. As a matter of fact, as someone who observes the sky, I should know the day each year when M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, culminates on the meridian at midnight, and that day is about the 22nd of October.

Well, as often happens in the super-learning event, and I've explained this before, when you catch an error that you make, you do not merely correct the error, but in the process of correction the initial insight or truth that you were approaching gains magnification, and you learn more than you knew before you made the error.

So now I can say that I can designate for you in precise time parameters down to the day, the window of time in which the Mandela effect or the correction effect behind the Mandela effect, shifts from phase 1 into phase 2. And that window of time is from the 28th of September marked by that alignment to the 27th of October, marked by the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun in four degrees of the astrological sign Scorpio.

So in that 29 day window of time, the planetary animal mother, the plenary sovereign intelligence of this earth, redeploys the operational beam of the third attention into a new configuration, and so the Mandela effects, those anomalies such as you have known them up until now, will drop off and phase out and they've already started to do that, and another effect, another effect, will come into play.

Now if you look at my little rinky-dink diagram, you'll see that I've indicated what that other effect is. I've shown the operational beam of the third attention in blue, deflecting into two memory lines, defining the two groups, M to the power of 1, those who deny the validity of the Mandela effect and therefore select themselves out of correction, and M to the power of 2, those who now move toward the alt real.

Showing all that in blue, then showing the membrane itself, in green, it has an outer surface which is smooth like a one-way mirror, and it has an inner surface which is rough because it collects memories like lint is collected on a comb.

By one-way mirror, I mean that kind of mirror that detectives use when they're observing the questioning of a suspect. So some detectives stand behind the mirror and look through it into the room where the suspect is being questioned. The suspect looks up at the mirror on the wall and does not see the detectives on the other side but only sees himself or herself.

The convex surface, outer surface of CERN is similar to that kind of mirror. Now, in the way that the Mandela effect phenomenon has manifested so far, the operational beam of the third attention has impacted the concave surface of the CERN membrane, as I clearly show.

You can say that in a way, the beam splits in order to generate the two distinct memory lines, but in fact the beam really doesn't split. It simply creates an impact and at that point of impact, memory splits into these two lines and thus the selection process proceeds.

What happens next is a supernatural event that does not involve the impact of the third attention on the concave membrane, but the penetration of the beam through the membrane and its splitting into the field of the first attention. Bear in mind that up until now, the Aeonic Mother has directed the third, the mirroring attention, just to the limit of CERN, but not through the membrane.

During this period of time, she directs the third attention through the membrane into the realm of the first attention and splits it directly. The beam goes through the membrane and splits. That's what's happening right now as I speak, and I want to bring your attention to something that you never have to forget. You never have to forget this, but neither do you have to be traumatized by the memory of what I'm going to say now.

It so happens that the festival of Yom Kippur, festival of atonement, is celebrated by the Xenosh this year at the end of September, on Saturday the 30th to be precise. So the following day, you can see what's coming can't you, was October 1st and what happened on that day, or what is said to have happened on that day? You as well as millions of people on this planet will always remember that day by the name of the place where the event happened. Is it Mandalay Bay or Mandela Bay?

In that name, there is a traumatic signal throbbing across this planet. The traumatic signal targets human bodies everywhere. The traumatic signal carried in that name imprints itself upon the human species all around the planet.

Regardless of what did or did not actually happen on that day, I bring your attention to another fact, and this is a very great fact and an obvious one, I must say. Right now, there is an untold number of people who believe that 59 people died and more than 500 were injured at that event at Mandalay Bay.

But there are also an uncountable number of people who do not believe that any such thing happened. And why not?

Well, they're applying their probative faculties and they're asking the question, well, where's the evidence? Where's the evidence of one dead body? Where's the evidence of the hospital rooms filled with 500 injured and traumatized people? Where's the evidence? Have you seen any photograph or any evidence, any convincing evidence, apart from crisis actors and their testimonies, that would indicate casualties and fatalities? Have you seen it? I haven't. So what's up with this event and the timing of this event?

Well, just as it was so arranged that the reset of this divine experiment leading to correction occurred in conjunction with the Fukushima catastrophe and the super moon associated with that catastrophe that was observed all around the world, well so it happens here again, that the shift in the deployment of the third, the mirroring attention, is associated with this event in the nightmare of history.

This particular event already, within 72 hours of that precise lineup, Jupiter, Uranus and M31, an event occurs that comes to the attention of the entire world. That event is extremely significant in the perspective of Sophia's correction.

It shows the direction that she is taking her correction by deploying the third attention through the CERN membrane and producing a split beam in the realm of the first attention, in the realm of facts, in the realm of evidence, in the realm of real events. And immediately you can see the split.

The split is between the narrative that has no relation whatsoever to evidence and the narrative that is based on evidence.

So the first thing that you can see, and you will certainly admit how obvious this is, this event has impacted the human mind in a way that no other event has done, because it excites and challenges the probative faculty to an immediate response.

It's not like 9-11 when it took years before some people began to question the narrative that went along with the movie, the film, and began to apply the probative faculty and arrived at certain conclusions which were startling but evidential and indubitable, namely the conclusion that there were no planes that hit the twin towers. There were missiles of some kind but there were no passenger planes. People arrived at that conclusion which is true and correct after many years.

First they had to pull out of the intense trauma created by the event and then they had to overcome the post-traumatic stress of the event and then begin to recover their senses and apply their probative faculty to the event.

In this case of Mandalay Bay, the probative faculty seizes on the event immediately like the jaws of a bulldog on a bone, and it ain't gonna stop. I won't make any predictions, but I can tell you what my gut feeling says, and it says that this event has the potential, the reaction to this event, the attempt to work out what actually happened or didn't happen has the potential to entirely take down the fraudulent facade of the power structures implicated in this event.

To take down the facade of posturing and posing and the fraudulent behavior that covers the true intentions of those parties who perpetrated this event. And to that end, I'm linking in the description one particular analysis of this event that I find to be really brilliant and correct. And it's not the only one.

But it is exemplary of some of the best detective work being done right now to work out what happened here, who did it and why. And I assure you, it is not going away. It's not like 9-11. It can only escalate. The reaction to this event can only escalate to the huge disadvantage of those who perpetrated it.

So there's the picture. As long as the operational beam of the third attention merely impacted the concave face of CERN, producing a deflection of two memory lines, you had then one type of phenomenon, one set of anomalies manifesting in the Mandela Effect.

Now that that beam penetrates the CERN membrane and the beam itself actually splits as it is deployed into the field of the first attention, in the way the Mandalay Bay event unfolds, if you follow it according to the reactions to it, then you will be led directly into the second phase of the correction effect. That is to say, the way it manifests after the Mandela Effect as such phases out.

So, properly speaking, the Mandela Effect, so-called, is the correction effect of the Aeon Sophia in its initial phase, Phase 1, as an anomaly of memory.

In Phase 2, the same effect is manifest in another way, namely by shaping or directing your experience toward the alt real. That is to say, phase 2 of the correction effect leads you to the direct experience of alternative reality.

In fact, you can consider the entire spectrum of events around the Mandela Effect so far as a preparation to take you into an alternative reality. One alternative reality. Of course you know, those who are speculating about the Mandela Effect without connecting it to its supernatural source and without framing it in the Sophianic narrative, often speak of alternative realities. So they talk about the way that your life splits off every time you make a choice. There is a bifurcation. And it is thought that different choices lead to different alternate realities.

However, this concept is entirely wrong. It arises due to a kind of glitching in the neural circuits that might be compared to a phonograph record skipping.

Now, I just received a note about Philip K. Dick, who presumably predicted the Mandela Effect in 1977. And here is the quote from Dick.

“I submit to you that such alterations, the creation or selection of such so-called alternate presence, is continually taking place. The very fact that we can conceptually deal with this notion, that is, entertain it as an idea, is a first step in discerning such processes themselves.

“Often people claim to remember past lives. I claim to remember a different, very different, present life. We are living in a computer-programmed reality, and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed and some alteration in our reality occurs.”

Note: the podcast below is interview between Riz Virk and Dick’s widow, where Dick speaks at time spot 11:30


Well, these words of Philip K. Dick are certainly worth noting, but I would qualify his comment here as a near-miss. As Sophia's correction becomes more and more a real-time, verifiable event, you are not being directed or guided to live in alternate realities. You are being directed and guided to live in one alternate or alternative reality, co-present with this reality.

Dick comes very close to this notion when he says, I claim to remember a different, very different present life. But he really goes off the track when he makes the claim that we are living in a computer programmed reality.

There again, you have the delusion of the matrix and the simulated world to which many people refer in the attempt to explain the Mandela effect.

I'm not going to elaborate here on just how this alternative reality arises, this one single alternative reality, but I will indicate something that you can observe directly that will clue you to the fact that it is happening.

You may recall that I referred somewhere along the way to the concept of the stake of the second attention, that's s-t-a-k-e, like a stake that you drive in the ground, or a stake that you drive into the heart of a vampire.

The second attention plays along the concave face of the CERN membrane. It gathers memories in kind of a random way, so the memories that you may have playing through your subconscious on any one day are not necessarily systematic, rather they gather and they float away like pieces of lint that adhere to an electrified surface due to static electricity.

But there is one point on that concave membrane where memory resides and where it hovers at a location point or dwell point that is the stake of memory or the stake of the second attention, and what is that? How do you experience that?

Well quite simply in a way that never really catches your attention because it's given to you in the same way that your nose is given to you. When you wake up in the morning, you don't wake up and have to take a moment to reckon if you have a nose and where it's located. It's automatically present to you and you know how to use it.

Likewise, the stake of the second attention is that function of memory that locates you in the present moment. You cannot be located in the present moment, say, sitting in your bathtub listening to some music coming from the living room, unless you remember where your bathtub is, where the music is coming from, that is to say where the player is located in your house, and what's playing on it.

You could be sitting in your bathtub with amnesia. You would be totally conscious of what was around you, the bathroom, the open door, the music coming through the door, but you wouldn't be able to remember what the music is, recognize the song or orchestration, or recall how you got to the bathroom.

The impact of the operational beam penetrating the membrane of CERN causes a slight instability in the stake of memory, at that dwell point of memory.

Consequently, you can anticipate that there will be moments when you can't quite remember how you got where you are. For instance, you might be out in the garden weeding, or you might be driving to a local grocery store, and you stop at a stoplight, and for just a fleeting moment, although you're totally conscious of everything around you and you do not lose control, you'll find that you can't quite remember how you got to be where you are at that moment.

This is due to the destabilization of the stake of memory. You may call this phenomenon paramnesia, and that's a good definition, meaning it's a state approaching to amnesia. You can look forward to having this experience without anxiety or fear.

In fact, the experience comes with a definite sense of lightness or levity. It arrives with a pleasant lift, a lilt. It's a lilt in the life force, a lilt, a slight lilt, like a lilt in music, what the French call elan. It's a bit of a leap.

And this heightening, this lilt of your life force is due to the fact that your psychosomatic system is being cleared of the trauma accumulated through the memory of painful, confusing and threatening events.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Well, this is a remarkable Mandela effect, as you know, and to trace it back, to work the evidence, you have to go back to those German brothers, the Grimm brothers, who collected fairy tales at the beginning of the 19th century.

The answer to the riddle in its first form is Lucy, Lucifer, the true Lucifer is Sophia. Sophia is present in the luminosity of the earth, the living radiance of the organic light. That is the fairest of them all. But then there is a variation.

Magic mirror on the wall, who's the one with clear recall? What is clear recall? It is your memory cleared of all traumatic residue. That is where she takes you now in correction. Also I would add that you have your role in generating the alternative reality she prepares for you.

This is an event in the dreaming field of the Earth Mother. Within the dreaming field, you have a second identity. That is who you are in her dream. What role do you play in her dream? What role do you play in this world as a witness to the Nahual of the Wisdom Goddess, as a participant in her story and someone who carries forth the plot of her story? How do you live as Rhome?

That is one identity. You do so through one identity. Your other identity is of course your mundane and literal identity. You also live in that identity. You don't have to deny it. You don't have to change your name. You don't have to make up fantasies and avatars about who you are. You live in both identities simultaneously.

But now, as the correction effect proceeds into its second phase, you will find that the identity you hold in her dream gains strength. It becomes dominant, and gradually day by day, and situation by situation, the dreaming identity that you hold acquires the power to shape the literal identity and to shape the circumstances of life in which that literal identity is living.

So that is another way to state the alternative reality proposition. Clear?

Now I'm coming around to the conclusion of this talk, number 64, and doing so I'd like to cover a couple of points that have been not totally, completely treated. Of course, there are numerous points that are going to be left undeveloped, but that's the way it works in any kind of genuine Gnostic teaching, which is improvisational, by nature and the Gnostic teaching, if it is genuine, always produces novelty.

So I ask you if the, what, 70, 80 hours of talks in this investigation have produced novelty. You decide for yourself. Tak. Fine.

While heading into the home stretch, I ask you to return with me for a moment to the German word Mandel, and look at the six clues embedded in that word when you examine the English translations. So far I've covered five of them and there remains one to consider.

It refers to the amygdala and hence to the location or localization of the Toxoparasite, the shock to the amygdala. It refers to the shock of the wheat. This is the entheogenic plant, the entheogenic psychoactive chemistry that produces the trance state in which the teleste of the mysteries beheld the organic light.

You have geode, which refers to the earth, even now, we're learning right now, we learned in May, June and July of this year that Jupiter appears to be hollow like a geode, and there's good reason to believe that the Earth is as well.

The geode also refers to the Shakti cluster, which is a turbulent vortex in the atmosphere of the Earth. And likewise, the almond refers to the Vesica Pisces, which is the archetypal form of the Divine Feminine, hence the Mandela Effect points to its own source in these clues.

Finally, the fifth embedded clue is tonsils. There you have the wonderful device of the front closing 18-petaled butterfly chakra. Remember to bring your fists together, lock the knuckles of your fist, and then you locate on your chest exactly where you lock on the Armor of Ishpapalotl.

Finally, we come to the 15-16 clue, the Grossermandel, that is to say, you have a bunch or a collection of objects numbering 15, such as 15 eggs to sell, but there is an extra egg in there somewhere. Well, this is a property of the Shakti cluster.

Shakti cluster is a console of 16 main frequencies. Then 17 and 18 have a special function that you can set aside. The operative frequencies of the Shakti cluster are 16. But of those 16, the 16th has a unique function as a two-way telepathic intercom.

So really, the Shakti cluster frequency array is a 15, 1 through 15, plus channel 16 and there you have it. There is one clear numerical correlate to this clue, but there is another as well. To detect this other correlate however, you need to have done some considerable research on another case, and that is the case regarding Johannes Kepler and the planetary orbits, whether these planetary orbits are conceived as perfect circles or as ovals or ellipses, that is to say, what you get from conic sections.

This is a tremendous issue, a tremendous topic in cosmology, and unless you know the background of Kepler's work, you won't be able to pick up the clue. But I'll give it to you as briefly as I can because it refers to something currently developing of tremendous importance in the future cosmology.

Kepler, who was, by the way, both an astronomer and an astrologer, developed a set of ratios that he based on the apparent diurnal movements, that is, the arcs that the solar observer, get this, someone on the sun would observe of the distances traveled in a 24-hour period by the planets as they crossed their aphelion and perihelion points.

You see, I said it was a bit obscure.

But to cut to the chase, Kepler produced ratios corresponding to the harmonics of the planets. His harmonic ratio for Jupiter, for instance, based on the perihelion and aphelion ratio, was 6:5. That's how it's expressed. 6:5 is the ratio.

The ratio of the Earth calculated according to Kepler's method was 16:5. So there you have in the cosmological ratios of Johannes Kepler the 15-16 clue embedded in the word Mandel. I mean that's rich, that's as exotic as it gets, but I would point out something that's quite obvious to anyone if you put these two ratios side by side.

Jupiter ratio 6:5, the earth ratio 16:5. What does that tell you? It tells you that you get the earth ratio by adding 10 to each factor of the Jupiter ratio. That tells you that there is an exponential relationship, an exponential dynamic of 10, that is to say the logarithmic exponent of 10, the power of 10, between the Earth and Jupiter.

That tells you that as Thelete comes into the correction process as the counterpart to the Aeon Sophia, Jupiter couples with the Earth and magnifies the field of the Earth by a factor of 10.

Thelete is the force magnifier. The lock-in between the earth and Jupiter is still underway, but it is beginning to show some tremendous results, particularly in the realm of the weather.

So you can expect everything to take on an exaggerated aspect, everything unfolding in the human psyche, everything unfolding in the atmosphere, unfolding in the telluric processes of the earth, becomes magnified as the Earth and Jupiter lock into a binary system.

This probably has something to do with the leaps in the Schumann resonance. It probably has something to do as well with other atmospheric phenomenon, the agitation of the jet stream and so forth.

All in all, to put what I'm saying here into a vast generalization, you can say that both the dystopic and syntropic escalation of all activities and events on the planet follows the interlock and the binary resonance formed between Jupiter and the Earth.

What you currently see happening now around the event of October 1st, the Mandalay Bay event, is a massive dystropic breakdown of everything around the event of all the chatter, of all the posturing and posing, of all the charades. Truth will out. Truth before safety is the motto of the alt real. Truth before safety.

If you don't have truth, then you can never really, really be safe. Truth is breaking through in a syntropic escalation. At the same time, the lies and the deceit, and it's all a big facade, a house of cards, all that is breaking down in a dystropic escalation that is moving on an exponential curve, that is to say it is growing and gaining by the power of 10.

Just look at this. It's arguable, although impossible to determine exactly when the Mandela Effect began to be detected, it's arguable that searches for the spelling of the name of Mother Teresa, with or without an age, were the first tremors, like the tremors preceding an earthquake indicating the onset of the Mandela Effect.

Mother Teresa, and it turns out that Teresa means harvest, so the clue embedded in that incidence of the MA was there is a mother harvest in the making. The planetary mother is harvesting her witnesses and she is reaping the pure grain of the human species that is worth preserving and carrying over into the next kulpa.

She's doing it before the end of the kulpa, which she can't do due to the fact that she is within the experiment. Now take note, this mythophrenic cue or clue contained in the name Teresa, meaning harvest, is also repeated in one of those clues from the name Mandela, isn't it?

The shock of the wheat, the harvest of the psychoactive powers of the plants, and the harvest of initiates who experience those powers, who use those powers and work with them in a Gnostic manner. I've explained this relationship between the harvest at Eleusis and the completion of the initiatory process in “Not in His Image”. But hold on. It gets better.

When you come to the event of October 1st, what is it called? It's called the Route 91 Harvest Festival. So, why 91? Well, 9 plus 1 is 10. 9 muses, 9 daughters of the Supreme Muse, who is the Mother Muse, Mnemosyne, who is 1. 9 and 1 is 10.

So that is the route to go. 91, 9 plus 1, is the route of the super-learning event. So this is where the attention goes, to those of you who are in correction, after that trigger moment of September 28th and the Jupiter-Uranus M31 alignment.

So, one final point before I wrap up, and that concerns what I call the formula of oppression. Now there is an aspect to the problem with the divine experiment that concerns the failure of responsibility of human animals to face the problem, to face evil and to name the enemy. And so there is an oppression operating on the planet but actually it is of two kinds.

There is the very true oppression of the perpetrators and enemies of life, the Xenosh and their accomplices. For instance, taxation and the rule of law and what is now called the rules-based order of the globalists. All of this is a system of oppression.

But there is also a factor of self-oppression. And I discovered the formula for this self-oppression when I was looking at the translations of the Greek word peraptoma, which means transgression. You remember that Mandela effect or apparent Mandela effect that I found in the Nag Hammadi writings, in the line, the world as you know it came about due to an anomaly, due to a mistake or due to a transgression, which is one translation of the word Paraptuma.

But there are also four other translations of that word. It can mean offense, crime, trespass, and delinquency.

So, I noticed as I was looking at this breakdown, which reminded me of the breakdown of the six definitions embedded in the word Mandel, I noticed that these five terms in their totality had a syntactical coherence.

They came together sort of automatically or immediately in my mind and they came together in this proposition. Listen closely. If you put these five words, transgression, offense, crime, delinquent and trespass into a sentence, this is what you get.

Due to fear of giving offense, humans of good will, who would like to act for a better world, are delinquent in exposing and opposing a certain crime, the most hideous of all crimes, a transgression against humanity itself, and so they remain shackled by the guilt of their alleged trespasses, including the paramount trespass of hating the perpetrators.

That's the formula of self-oppression. The oppression that human creatures bring on themselves is due to one recurrent factor. It's due to a repetition compulsion centered on the emotion of hate.

By not owning hate, by not seeing its true and rightful role in morality and social ethics, some human animals are unable to bring themselves to the act of hate in a decisive, creative and positive way.

And of course, the oppressors, the true oppressors and deceivers to whom that hate should be directed, are actually forbidding even the thought of hate.

So you cannot even have a hateful thought toward the Xenosh, and hate crime now becomes the ultimate and final resort of their traumatic mind control program. That is where it reaches its ultimate consummation, as predicted in the Gnostic passage, and that is also where it breaks down catastrophically, and the dreaming power of the wisdom goddess breaks through.

The clue, Route 91, which might also be considered the fast track to the alt real, you take Route 91, don't forget to stop at the Aztec Cafe for a 4 a.m. breakfast on the way.

But that clue also refers to Kali. The ten Mahavidyas of the Shakti cluster actually form a configuration of one projected into nine. So one in the Shakti cluster is Kali and then the Mahavidyas are her nine emanations.

Bear in mind that the Sanskrit word Vidya comes from the same Indo-European root as Wisdom, Wid, W-I-D, W-I-Z and so Vidya is Wisdom, is the power of the Wisdom Goddess.

There is a hymn to Kali, quoted in Severed Rows, Part 3 on metahistory.org. It begins with an invocation of one of her thousand names, Ambika, and it goes like this, “Ambika, thou art the dreaming power of eternity, the seed spiral wrapping of the universe, and the supreme apparition of Maya. All the universe is bewitched by thee, but thou, when it pleases you, art the cause of our liberation”.

Correction of the Aeon Sophia is a great, great releasement from the nightmare of history into the living dream of the Earth as what it really is, and the living dream of the Anthropos, the Rhome, as it was intended to be.

Never forget that there is a supernatural and an historical dimension to her correction. The historical dimension is not about justice and righteousness. Rather, it's about what is fitting and right to do. It's about the fitting or appropriate response to something that is evil, deceitful, nefarious and calculated to harm.

There's a site I follow, it's called “Justice 4 Germans” with the number 4 in it, and of course I support everything in that site. It's unfortunate, however, to have used the word justice.

The word conscience, as I mentioned, first appeared in the Greek language in the play Medea. It was a concept introduced by the teachers of the mystery schools. It is a very great fact that there is no equivalent to this concept, pronounced either sinidisi or sinidisis, in either Aramaic or any Semitic language. Bear that in mind.

So what you get from the Semitic languages and the mindset of the Xenosh is the concept of righteousness, opposed to the concept of conscience and what is right. So what is right is never done in a righteous way. What is right is never done under the claim or proclamation of justice. There is no justice on earth. Stop looking for it. Forget about it.

Justice for Germans is something I want more than anything in this world. But I understand the inappropriate use of that term even in such an intimate reference. It's not justice that is to be found for those people, the Germans, that is to say, the Wunderfolk of this planet who set the highest example for the Rhome.

It's revenge, if you have a taste for that cold meal. Some do, some don't. I have a big taste for it. And most certainly, whether you go for revenge or not, it's reparation that must come. Not justice, reparation.

That is to say, the confiscation of all the funds and assets of everyone who has been involved in the exploitation and extortion behind the lie about the German people, reparation to the German people of material assets and to the entire world the distribution of those assets, returned to those from whom they were fraudulently extorted, and the reparation of the honor and dignity of the German people.

That is the hallmark of historical correction. Live for that. Hold to that intention. Wish it and dream it. And together with others who do the same, such as myself, we'll see that dream come true.

But don't think of it in the future tense, my friends. In the alt real, you don't use the future tense. So what you say is, the time has come to see that dream come true.

So that's about it. The end of this talk. I just want to say that I've had my share of encounters with the Wisdom Goddess, and I make the claim to know her mind intimately in some ways. And I have to say that the operation of splitting the third, the mirroring attention, deploying it into the zone of the first attention is beyond comparison the most spectacular event I have ever witnessed. It is something that fills me with wonder and awe. Truly how can she do that?

You know, if you want to use an old-fashioned term, you could say that the Vima Asha, the third, the mirroring attention, is the ray of creation, because that's exactly what it is. It is the ray of creation proceeding from the primordial ground awareness of the universe.

And here it is. Right here, right now, if you like it, if you really like it, here it is, the opportunity to know what she does, and to witness as she does it. How can she do anything so outrageous? I don't know.

As I've said, the Gnostic teacher will take you to the limits of what is conceivable, toward the frontiers of the inconceivable, and I take myself there pretty much on a daily basis.

So that's where I'm going to leave you at the conclusion of these 64 talks. And as usual, as ever, I leave you with the salutation, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.

Ah, but hold on just a second. Right there as I was going out the door, like Columbo, a little idea came to me. And it goes like this.

No matter what you think, no matter what you may make, out of the correction of the Aeon Sophia, whether or not you can get your mind around it, whether or not you can get into the process of it, you really have to wonder, who on earth could have dreamed up such an event.

Site Author’s Goodbye: The End of Sophia’s general story……the beginning of your personal story with HER!


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SITE AUTHOR’S SIDE NOTE: The gist of the Gnostic narrative says the Aeon Sophia fell, not humans, so we are NOT to blame for anything, but we are living in Gaia-Sophia’s lucid dream, so it feels that way sometimes. Also, the “split duality” experienced here in hell-realm has us often believing both good and evil come from the same God, which is true in the sense of what transpired in the Pleroma (ie Gnositc heaven) between Sophia, Christos, the Originator-Creator-Oversoul, other Aeons, and the Anthropos experiment they were running, etc…

While I was deprogramming from Christian indoctrination and re-programming into a different way of thinking, I went into this concept in depth at this link, and I did if from a Biblical perspective. But the Sophia sacred feminine narrative has helped bring balance to my understanding of the psychotic god of the Bible, who claims to create both good and evil (ie the split duality of Isaiah 45:7, "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.").

Mark Passio on the Sacred Feminine

There is much symbolic messaging in Sophia’s story that can help apply the sacred feminine to each individual, regardless of physical gender. But according to the Gnostics, true unadulterated reality in the Pleroma is “two part duality”, where the Pleroma is only & all good, but confusion of this comes from falling into “split duality” here.

So, duality is defined as “two part” in the Pleroma, symbolized by Sophia and Christos working together as One, duality and yet unity at the same time. But falling into the Kenoma (our hell-realm) causes a shift & change in consciousness so that duality is defined as “split”, as in sort of split personality disorder, where Sophia and Christos do NOT work together as One, so duality exists BUT ALSO disunity. And yet these things are Archontic illusions created by the demiurge, a type of our egoic-Satanic mindset.

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