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#62 - MED - The vampire cluster, transgression and taboo

#62 - MED - The vampire cluster, transgression and taboo

Archive of #62 - MED

Hello again and yet again. This is JLL coming through with Gnostic Intel on the internet. I'm guessing it's the 25th of September 2017 and this is installment number 59 of Mandela Effect Decoded and I'm calling it “The Vampire Cluster, transgression and taboo”.

So those of you who follow this investigation so far know that I have treated it along the lines of analogy to a jigsaw puzzle and a crime scene and those two analogies are interchangeable.

What does a detective do at a crime scene but locate the pieces of the puzzle relating to the crime, the pieces of evidence, put them together into a chain of evidence, construct a narrative on that chain of evidence and solve the crime?

Solving crimes in this manner is one of the really paramount examples of the use of human intelligence and exercise of the probative faculty.

So, so far there have been two super-clusters. I believe I call them super-clusters. One was the VW Ford logo super-cluster and the other was the I love Lucy super-cluster.

The third cluster and the final one to be examined in this investigation is not like the other clusters. It has some different properties and it's not quite as large and expansive, although it may grow. It may grow.

I have at this point a cluster of about, let's see, six or seven puzzle pieces referring specifically to the theme of the vampire. That's not many compared to the number of puzzle pieces assembled in the other two clusters, if you recall. Nevertheless, here we go.

This investigation is developing in parallel with the revelation that is coming through the Mandela Effect more and more rapidly all the time. So it may well be the case that in the immediate future, and who knows, perhaps in the long-range future, more pieces will be revealed that fit the vampire cluster.

But for right now, I'm going to advise you that it's a tightly packed cluster and it has to be approached in a different way than the other two. I'm going to start out by reminding you of some material that I referenced at the beginning of this investigation. You can find that material in the form of written texts and talk on metahistory.org in the section called Mythophrenia.

The talks that you find in there are highly concentrated and they present what I would call some elementary and fundamental concepts for the approach to the super-learning event to The Mandela Effect and to the phenomenon of Sophia's correction.

And some of you may recall that I gave great attention to the topic of the supernatural in those talks. And I explained from the viewpoint of the Nahual, that is to say, someone who can deliberately and repeatedly enter the supernatural, the paranormal or non-ordinary reality or non-ordinary state of consciousness. From the point of view of the accomplished Gnostic who can enter an ecstatic trance and access these higher circuits of the intelligence of the human mind and even of the planetary mind, okay?

From that perspective, I offered a solution to the problem of the great deception. Now I'm going to start out talking about Christians here to lead into this examination of the vampire cluster. Why is that?

Well, because Christians, those who are in the cult of Christianity, whether it be Catholic or Protestant, but especially the Catholics who take Mass, are caught in a voodoo spell. The crucified savior is the voodoo doll and so Christians actually worship a voodoo fetish.

A man on a torture instrument pierced, bear in mind that element, pierced in the hands and around the brow, pierced and bleeding, pierced in the feet. This idea of piercing the blood so it bleeds is an element of the vampire complex.

And Christians who worship this figure and look to this figure as the highest expression of God in the world, the highest expression of divine love in the world, and who look upon the crucified Savior as the instrument of their redemption, reach that redemption through the practice of a cannibalistic rite of drinking blood and eating the flesh, which is the rite of the Catholic Mass.

But even those who are not Catholics participate vicariously in that act of redemption. It occurs in their minds. They may not act it out ritually, as Catholics do all the time, over and over again, the imprinting of a traumatic message of terror and shame being accomplished in that manner.

That traumatic message of terror and shame is imprinted on the minds and hearts of all Christians who are under the voodoo trance. And the diabolical trick of that voodoo trance is that it also contains the message, the purely deceptive message that the power of the trance will deliver them from the terror of the trance and so the cognitive dissonance that is inherent to Christian belief in redemption, vicarious atonement and theological absurdities of that sort. Clear?

Now I want to impress on your minds that, and I say this with huge confidence and growing confidence, that the Mandela effect phenomenon reveals and discloses the intention of its source, the PSI, the plenary sovereign intelligence of the planet, whom you may call the Aeon Sophia, if you adopt the Gnostic narrative.

The intention of that divine being, which is non-human and superhuman, it's an Aeon, can be, its behavior and intentions can be described in anthropomorphic terms. I mean, how else would you describe them? We are the Anthropos, we describe things in anthropomorphic terms.

You don't necessarily have to attribute an anthropomorphic identity or status to the Aeon Sophia in order to describe her actions and intentions in anthropomorphic terms. Fair enough. We have no recourse, other recourse.

So it is her intention, I assure you, to destroy and totally demolish Christian faith by the simple act of demolishing faith in scripture. I've said this before. Can I be any more precise and clear than that? I don't know.

Remember I mentioned the delightful instance of the California Dreaming Mandela Effect. I described how I discovered it at the exact moment that a shift of a certain Dakini was due to happen and that one of the teachings of that particular Dakini, Vajrayogini, Tantra Mother, is released from pretending.

Well, I am certain that the Aeon Sophia intends just that for Christians, that they be released from the pretending, which is the behavior that they have constructed around their faith in order to conceal from themselves the absurd and delusionary nature of that faith.

She also intends to direct the attention of Christians toward herself. You know that certain clues in the Mandela effect point to the source of the effect. Remember those five vectors?

That's the first one. The Aeon Sophia, the planetary animal mother, your divine mother, the non-human superhuman mother of humanity. Get that. The mother of the human species is not human. Get that? Okay.

She has shown again that she can direct your attention to her through certain Mandela effects. Likewise, certain changes she makes in scripture, to use the correct term, are going to direct Christians toward her and show them a way out. And the way out for them is easy if they wish to take it.

If they still wish to remain religious, they're going to have to take their faith and their religious emotions and transfer them to another path of religious practice. And that path is already open and ready to receive them. That is called the religion of Sophianic animism. Okay?

Finally, we see that in releasing Christians from the voodoo spell of their faith, the Aeon Sophia is also playfully and mischievously due to her high level of literate skills. She's highly literate, isn't she? Directing them toward the romantic, heroic and pagan way of life which is where they can go when their faith collapses.

So she is subtly interweaving Arthurian diction into the Bible. And she is introducing pagan names such as Jason. And as I explained in a previous talk, that ain't just any pagan name. Jason is a great pagan hero associated with the Argonauts, and that is the theme that echoes the navigational metaphor of the Gaian navigation experiment, doesn't it? And he is as well closely associated or allied with a witch, Medea, and with the quest for the Golden Fleece, which is a mythopoetic representation of the organic light.

So you could say that that puzzle piece from Biblical Mandela Effects where the name Joshua turns to Jason is a puzzle piece that fits with Super-cluster 2, the I Love Lucy, Amber, Stain, Organic Light cluster. Right? Can you see that? The whole totality now comes together.

I was talking to a friend of mine today who happens to be a witch and I pointed out that not only is the Bible changing that is to say there is evidence of material change changes in the Bible are material people are looking at their old family Bibles and finding passages that are different or appear to be different. Well are they really different or are they just misreading them or re-reading them with a new mindset, perhaps, okay?

Whatever the case, there are two things I want to point out to you about scriptural changes due to the Mandela Effect. First is, that unlike most of the other effects which are limited to American pop culture and to commercial references such as fast food restaurants, Chick-fil-a and peanut butter, Jiff Jiffy and sanitary products, Depend Depends and American films and dialogue in English.

Unlike all of that, the biblical changes, as far as I know, would be appearing in other languages as well. Now, I can't confirm that because I haven't done the research, changes, the verifiable changes in the King James Version reflected in changes in French, German, Spanish, Italian Bibles.

I don't know, I haven't done that research except in the case of the Spanish Bible and the famous change from lion to wolf and I can attest that it's Lobo which is wolf in the Spanish Bible and not lion.

Now supposing, let us suppose, it remains to be demonstrated of course, and I'm kind of going out on a limb here because I haven't backed it up with research, but suppose that the changes that occur in the King James Version and other versions, English language versions of the Bible are likewise repeated in Bibles in other languages.

Well, what does that tell you? That tells you that the Divine Mother has an outreach to the entire world through these scriptural changes. So she reaches the world by a particular preference through the English language and the Euro-American culture.

She accesses attention in that limited area but with the scriptural changes she has an outreach that is absolutely global and goes into hundreds of languages.

Second thing I want to point out and this takes us directly to the intersection of the vampire cluster with the biblical changes, okay? Remember I said that there are already over 2,000 Mandela effect changes recorded by some researchers in the Bible.

And were you to consider each one of those instances to be a puzzle piece, you would have an enormous super-cluster of biblical changes, right? I'm going to bring your attention now to two pieces in the array of biblical changes, two citations in scripture which may be regarded as puzzle pieces that interlock into the vampire cluster.

Can you visualize that? I don't think I'm going to draw it. I might sit down and draw it and put it online, but I think you can visualize it pretty well. The significance of this interlock between the biblical scriptures and the other pieces in the vampire cluster, which I will name in due time, is paramount, paramount in your understanding.

I invite you to consider that the demonstrable action of the Divine Mother in changing biblical scripture is accompanied by a parallel action in which she is actually changing the mindset of Christians who rely on that scripture and doing so with a benevolent intention to release them from the voodoo spell of Christianity, which is a cannibalistic vampire cult derived from the Xenosh.

Christianity, you hear people talk about the Christian Europe and the Christian nations of the West and America. But Europe is not Christian because Christianity is not European. Christianity is a Semitic desert religion originating from the Xenosh and transplanted to the European lands, transplanted to other parts of the world.

There is no such thing as Christian Europe. There is European nations under Christian indoctrination coming out of the Middle East. And that brainwashing and indoctrination is what is now due to be dispelled. Dispelled.

So, it has reached the point already where those Christians who are affected by the Mandela effect shifts in their scripture, they are shaken. You can bet that they are trembling. They are shrieking. They are crying. They are in panic. They are in a cold terror. They are going through a cold turkey deprivation of the delusional faith to which they have been addicted for so long and so many generations.

And so, in some cases, the Aeonic Mother doesn't even have to actually shift the Bible. She is shifting the mindset so that Christians go to look at their Bibles with a different mindset and they start to see things in there that they never saw before.

And my researches indicate to me that a fair number, I would say about one in five of the cases that I've examined, a fair number of the things that devout Christians are finding in scripture and they're saying that they weren't there before, were there before.

But they're only seeing them now for the first time because their mindset has been destabilized by the actual verifiable scriptural changes of things that really weren't there before. You see?

So, the Christian mindset is dissolving in front of your eyes and release from pretending is going into warp speed for people of that faith. Also, I want to add, I'm taking a little bit of a risk here, but I'm going to venture a guess, an inspired and educated guess that something like the hundredth monkey effect will occur with Christians through the whole Christian community of the world involving all denominations.

Of course, only a small percentage of Catholics, Protestants and other sects are experiencing the Mandela effect changes. The great majority of Christians don't know about them and there are many, many millions more who don't know about them than the few millions say who do, if there are a few millions.

But it's my sense that there will be a hundredth monkey effect. You've heard of that notion. If you haven't, go look it up. And the number of Christians, no matter how small it may be compared to the totality of believers, whose mindsets collapse and who are released from the pretending to pray, that number will affect a seismic wave of change through the entire world of Christian faith.

And if that is true, I believe that you can count on seeing evidence of it in the near future, especially during the period when the north node of the moon goes through the constellation of the crab, which would be from January 2018 for about a year.

So it's happening fast, it's coming fast, and the main thing to get back on message that I want to point out is that as the mindset of Christian faith collapses, Christians will become able to do something that they have not been able to do before.

They will become able, capable, willing and ready to see the enemy, to see the enemy of humanity and they will see the enemy of humanity in the evidence of their own scriptures.

Seeing the enemy, remember that in the, you may recall that in the talks on the supernatural that I referenced at the beginning of this talk, I made a couple of statements which I consider to be brilliant. If I don't say so myself, you know, at least heretical statements, at least radical arresting statements, one of which is that there is nothing evil in the supernatural.

The other statement, complementary to that, is that the great deception, yeah, remember I mentioned the great deception at the beginning of this talk. Christians who believe that they can detect and oppose, the great deception that Satan is perpetrating on humanity, are caught in that deception.

That is the very proof that they are caught in it. The proof is their conviction that they can detect and oppose it. Because the great deception is a self-perpetuating illusion. It's a delusional complex in the minds of Christians.

Now, I presented the correction of the formula that can be found in a great Christian named Dostoevsky, a great Russian Christian, who was a member of the Truth Corps in his own way, when he said that God and the devil are battling for the soul of, for the world and the battlefield is the soul of man, the soul of humanity. That is not true. That is not the picture.

The picture is humanity, the Rhome on one side, the origin and source of humanity, the mother of humanity, the Aeon Sophia on the other side and between them is the enemy, is the satanic adversary of the human race. And now there's kind of a pincer movement taking place.

Correction is kind of a pincer movement. The Rhome is closing in on that enemy, the Xenosh. And likewise, Sophia herself is closing in on the Xenosh. And the key event in the life of every single person who participates in correction, one of the key events that is common to us all is the moment when you face the JQ and when you see the enemy. Who is the enemy in the midst? That is a key moment.

So in correction, according to the intentions of the divine mother, the planetary animal mother herself, in correction, human attention goes to the enemy, the Xenosh.

So, let's take a moment to frame up a detective profile of the Xenosh. What characterizes the life of the Xenosh of these particular members of the human species who carry an alien impulse to the extent that they have mutated away from humanity and they have turned into something else under Archontic influence. The routine detective works up a case file on a suspect.

So here's the case file on the Xenosh. It's criminal profiling, okay? They are characterized by a particular identity. They have a particular sense of identity. They self-identify in a way that separates them from all the other races of humanity and they do self-identify as a separate and a superior race.

Second, they believe that they have a particular mission to accomplish which requires the domination of all the other races apart from themselves and distinct from themselves.

Third, if you look at the Old Testament, you find that the perfect member of the Xenosh, which would be called the Zadik or the righteous or just, follows the rules. The Xenosh were traditionally, this is no longer the case because the whole complex of the Xenosh master race psychosis has morphed. The Xenosh master race psychosis has morphed. I'm not going into the details of how that has happened. This is just a background profile on the Xenosh.

If you look at the Old Testament, you'll find that there are over 600 specific rules that they must follow to show their obedience so that they can earn the status of being Zadok or righteous. And the Ten Commandments are included as well. These are the rules for them to obey.

So they are obedient to Yahweh, Jehovah, the off-planet alien Father God. That's another aspect of their profile. Their identity, their mission, their obedience.

Now there's a fourth element. The fourth element is actually indicated in Ezekiel in the Old Testament. It's introduced in the Old Testament and then it comes up again in the New Testament and you might miss it. It's a clue that might not appear to be a clue at first.

Again, as your mindset changes and you become more capable of perceiving the enemy and the machinations of the enemy, the warpage and distortion in your own mind introduced by the satanic adversaries of life and the Rhome and Sophia, as you become more skilled in that detection, and you can use your probative faculty to verify what you're seeing, then you begin to see things and notice things that you may not have noticed before.

Also, and equally important, crucially important, is that as your attention sharpens in correction, you detect misdirection, which is a tactic of the Archons and of the deceivers, the human deceivers who operate from the Archontic mindset, the foreign installation.

In the Old Testament, in Deuteronomy 12:16 it says, “Only you shall not eat the blood, you are to pour it out on the ground like water”. Now this is a taboo and that taboo of not eating blood or eating any animals that have blood in them is frequently repeated in the Old Testament.

It's part of the massive inventory of hygienic rules which the chosen people of Yahweh are commanded to obey in order to be right and righteous in the eyes of their Lord.

So, very clearly, anyone who reads the Old Testament is going to come away saying, oh, well, there's a taboo on eating blood and therefore there are special practices of slaughtering animals so that the blood is drained out of them while they're still alive by the way uh... so that those who then eat that flesh will be able to conform to this law and you think well that's so clear. I mean how could anything be more clear than the taboo against eating blood or eating any animals who have blood still in the in their flesh. Clear enough, right?

Not so. That taboo is in fact a misdirection and it contradicts other passages which have a stronger message behind them if you can detect it. For instance, if you go to the prophetic writings which talk about how the Xenosh chosen people will fulfill their identity and their mission over the course of time, you find passages like this.

These two passages are both in Ezekiel 39. “So you will eat fat until you are glutted and drink blood until you are drunk from my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you”. Next verse, “You will eat the flesh of mighty men and drink the blood of the princes of the earth as though they were rams, lambs, goats and bulls”. Okay?

Now, that's more than just a contradiction because there is a different intention behind the taboo against drinking blood which is clearly stated in many places in the Old Testament and demonstrated in Jewish method of sacrificing animals, of Jewish slaughter of animals, which requires bleeding them to death while they're still alive.

Well, there is an entirely different spin on these other verses. First of all, they do not refer to the taboo against eating animals. On the contrary, they refer directly to eating the flesh of human animals and drinking the blood of the princes of the earth as if it were the blood of animals, goats, lambs and bulls.

Well, this is a different message. This is a completely distinct message that stands entirely apart from the tribal taboo or totemic taboo associated with animal slaughter. Can you see that?

Now, if you examine the evidence of the call for vampiric blood drinking and cannibalism among the religion of the Xenosh, okay, to call it what it is, if you can detect that and look more closely at that scriptural evidence and you'll find that it is presented with a particular spin. And the spin is something like this.

Well, Yahweh gives taboos and hygienic rules very precisely about how to cook things, how to prepare things, what to eat what not to eat, a kid shall not be boiled in its mother's milk, things like this. But those taboos are given as a test of the obedience of the chosen people. But the promise in Ezekiel, it's more of a promise.

The prophecy in Ezekiel and other places in the Old Testament is not framed as a rule of obedience, rather it is framed as a reward and a privilege. So the spin of these two passages is entirely different from a taboo. Can you see that?

Reading closely and critically these two passages, it's almost as if the alien overlord of the Xenosh is saying, speaking to them in their minds, in their heads, is saying, well, if you follow the other rules, including the taboo on blood, then I will reward you by allowing the violation of that taboo in a specific instance.

Now, if any of you have ever studied taboos or the phenomena of taboo, which was of great interest in the foundation days of anthropology in the middle of the 19th century, you will find that a taboo is characterized by an exception.

For instance, if the totemic animal of a certain tribe is, say, a jungle pig, a peccary, then the taboo on that sacred animal forbids any of the tribe from killing or eating the animal. But there is always an exception attached to a genuine taboo.

And so, on the day of feast, one day or two or three days out of the year, the tribe is allowed to celebrate the feast by consuming the totem animal. This structure of taboo is absolutely consistent through all of societies where taboos have been studied.

And that is just about every society and tribal group in the world. And so what you see here in the Old Testament is a and adaptation of that structure to the particular case of the Xenosh.

They are forbidden to drink blood, but they are allowed to drink blood to celebrate their status of chosenites, their status of following the rules of the alien overlord, the Archontic overlord whom they worship, or whom they did up until about 1666, when they themselves then turned into the very overlord that they were worshiping, and their psychotic complex morphed into the terrible messianic identity that you see today among the Xenosh.

So that's the Old Testament.

So what if you come ahead into the New Testament where you find that that exception to the taboo given to the Xenosh as a privilege of their status and in celebration in recognition of their status and living up to the rules of the Father God appears to be offered to humanity as a whole.

So John 6:54, “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him up on the last day”. John 6:55, “For my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. True drink. He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him”. What do you see here?

You see that the rule of taboo with the exception that pertained originally only to the Xenosh. Well it's now being offered to everybody on the block, or it appears to be. It appears that it is being offered to everyone, but the terms have been changed a bit so what the what happens in the New Testament is you find that the Xenosh have created a program for the Rhome for the Gentiles to give them the delusion, to give them, the gentiles, the delusion of participating in the elevated status of the supreme race. You see? That's the trick.

That's the bait of the voodoo spell. And the voodoo spell is indeed a cannibalistic spell that involves drinking blood, which is a vampire activity, and eating flesh, a cannibal activity. Okay, fine.

So having built up the case this far, I'll take your attention now directly to the particular puzzle pieces in the vampire cluster. Let's take these several puzzle pieces from the Old and New Testament, because there are probably at least a dozen of them, that state this promise or privilege of drinking blood and eating flesh given to those who please the Lord, right?

We'll take those pieces and now I'm going to interlock with those pieces five pieces of the vampire complex. The first one is the Mandela effect of “Interview with a Vampire”, “Interview with the Vampire”.

Second, is the Passover theme. Remember, the ford is a passage or a Passover, and the Passover theme comes up in the first super-cluster, doesn't it? But there is an element, and there is an element, I remind you, of playing on words in the Mandela effect.

The Aeonic mother can. It's been a Mandela effect in French. Chic filet. She can use southern drawl. She can cite Shakespeare. And she can also play with what are called metonyms, that is to say that words of different connotation with similar expressions.

So the Ford, the theme of a shallow passage, recalls the theme of Passover, like it's a word game, right? And what is Passover?

Well, Passover is actually a Mandela effect in the New Testament. Because in the New Testament somewhere, where you used to read a verse that said, and such and such happened until the day of Passover. Well, it doesn't say Passover anymore. Now it says Easter.

Now, Easter is a pagan holiday named after the Nordic goddess of the spring, Ørsta, whose name refers to the world egg. So just like Jason being substituted for Joshua, well you find Easter being substituted for Passover.

But the very fact of this shift occluding Passover brings your attention to Passover and it links Passover in your mind with the theme of the passage and the ford. What is Passover?

Well, Passover among the Hebrews is a rite of animal sacrifice, supposedly the sacrifice of the paschal lamb, the sacrifice of a lamb, of an animal. But is the lamb actually an animal? Or is the lamb, lamb, a code term for something else.

Remember, there is misdirection and deceit everywhere you look in the Bible. It is a corrupted document, but it is profound evidence of the truth of satanic interference in this experiment. The Bible itself is proof of satanic interference. It is not a guidebook for detecting and dealing with satanic interference.

And in that simple proposition, in that Gnostic distinction, through that distinction, who knows how many Christians can be released from the voodoo spell.

Continuing with the third puzzle piece in the vampire cluster to interlock with the biblical scriptures, the clue in Thriller about vampires crawling for blood. The fantastically famous pop song Thriller delivers a thrill and it's a thrill to see your enemy who are creatures crawling for blood and who by the spell they cast upon the Rhome would turn the Rhome into a population of zombies. Right?

Fourth puzzle piece is the rolling stones, sympathy with the devil. The line is, won't you guess my name? Well, won't you? Will you, can you, can't you? You see, the line is taunting. It's a very taunting song, isn't it? Just think about the taunting rhythm of that song and the way it's really in your face. And then just toggle on this. Get the ping.

Well, won't you, guess my name, or will you, or can you, or can't you? The way the clue works, the way the Mandela shift works here is to taunt and tempt. The attention to the question, can you say my name? Can you name the enemy? Can you name the real devil? Can you name the real vampires as distinguished from the vampire?

What is the difference between the vampire, that specific vampire, and those other vampires because if the shift says a vampire, then that means a vampire among others. But if the shift says the vampire, then that means one specific vampire who must be distinguished from the others. Get to that in a moment.

Fifth piece is another Mandela shift in the New Testament where there is a passage in Colossians, I think. Yes, that would be in Colossians 4:11. “And Jesus, which is called Justus, who are of the circumcision, these only are my fellow workers unto the kingdom of God, which have been a comfort unto me”.

So it says in here that Jesus is called Justus. Justice. Now this is a word play.

First of all, the word just in English is an exact translation of the word tzaddik. Tzaddik means the righteous, the just. So it's like saying Jesus, which you may as well call the righteous or the tzaddik, and who is of the circumcision, right? Well, who implements the right of circumcision, right? The Xenosh.

So this is a real serious biblical Mandela effect which is pointing to the identification behind Jesus. It's saying clearly what many, many people already know that those who wrote the New Testament, well, who is that?

Well, it's just us, the same ones who wrote the Old Testament. It's just us and we're back again now, but we're writing the New Testament with the help of some corrupt Roman lawyers and some perverts in the Flavian family. That's a long story, you may know some parts of it. And Josephus and all those clowns. Hey, it's just us.

That points to the very great fact that the Old Testament is a document of controlled opposition, fed to the Gentiles by the Xenosh. And if you want verification of that, well, you go and read the work of Ben Klassen, “The White Man's Bible”. And if you look at, it was written in 1981, and if you look at chapter 48, there you find how he describes in vivid and specific instances how the New Testament is merely a contrivance and a construction of mind control planted in the minds of Gentiles by the Xenosh, by the authors of the Old Testament.

So those words attributed to Jesus in the New Testament, resist not evil, do good to those who harm you, well, who wrote those words? Who prescribes that behavior. I mean, isn't it obvious? It's a rhetorical question.

I said, in “Not in His Image”, that it could only have been the perpetrators working against humanity who would advise humanity to resist, not the perpetration and harm being imposed upon it. Who else would benefit from such a message?

Also, I want to point out, moving as quickly as I can here, because we're coming to the crunch now. We're coming to the clue of transgression. Remember that one? But before we get there, I want to point this out.

Some of you may know that one of the most widely discussed quotations attributed to Jesus that you find on the internet, for instance, is the passage in Revelation which refers to the synagogue of Satan and other passages in the New Testament where Jesus is alleged to have condemned the Jews and called them liars and deceivers and say that their father is the devil and a murderer, right?

These are much, much vastly quoted passages attributed to Jesus and people who cite these passages are often devout Christians and that, by citing them, they prove to themselves in their delusion that Jesus was, although presumably a Jew, being also the Son of God and a divine being in human form, you know, called out the enemy, called out those evil Jews, those Yehudis, right?

And you would say, well, doesn't that authenticate Jesus as someone who stood against the Xenosh? Not in the least. You know, there are many examples today of people of that ethnic persuasion who have painted swastikas on the doors of their houses and their cars. And there are examples of, for instance, bloggers who have posted massive amount of anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic hate messages on the Internet who turned out to be themselves of that ethnic persuasion.

So it's proven today in many cases, and they're laughable, they're so obvious, and in some cases the Yahudis who are perpetrating this fraud by making it appear as if they are the target of hate crimes actually go to trial for it, you know, and are convicted.

So there's plenty of evidence today of what you see in the Bible in these passages of Jesus, the presumed Jewish rabbi, pointing to the Jews as evil, it's standard MO in their field of deception. They have an extensive toolkit of deceptive techniques and this is standard MO. So if you've ever wondered about that, consider that explanation. Tak. Fine.

Now let's turn to the sixth puzzle piece in the vampire cluster. And that would be the clue that turned up actually in the Nag Hammadi materials when I was investigating a famous line, an outstanding line from the Gospel of Philip. The world system as you know it came about through a mistake, came about through an anomaly.

Now I had originally verified over many years that the Greek Coptic word in that line was Anamu or Anamon, which is a word that appears frequently in the Gnostic writings. The world came about due to an anomaly. But when I went to investigate it in the course of this, developing this channel, I found out that anamu was not actually precisely the textual term.

Rather, it was an odd term that I'd never seen before in all my years of crawling through the junk heap of Coptic writings. Paraptoma or paraptoma paraptoma p-a-r-a-p-t-o-m-a is actually the Greek word in that line and it translates significantly into four different English terms offense, crime, trespass and delinquency.

Now, much can be made of those four terms. Remember how the German word Mandel translates in English into six terms, and every one of those six terms is a massive clue to Sophia's correction.

Well, I could do something with these four terms. I have done something with them, but I'm not going to present that to you. I call it the formula of oppression. I'm not going to present that formula right now because I'm running short in this presentation and I need to come around to the crunch.

The crunch is the concept of transgression, which is how scholars translate paraptoma. Now bear in mind that the Sophianic vision story or the fallen goddess scenario is the lodestone of human imagination and the single and paramount guiding narrative of our species.

It is truly the story to guide our species, and I have proven over and over again and others as well with me and independently that if you stay in that narrative frame and develop your quest for knowledge and the exercise of your probative faculty and the formulations of questions and issues in your mind, if you do all that within the framework of the narrative the results will always be sound and coherent. The narrative says, so let's put the concept of transgression into the framework of the narrative and work it in that framework and see where it takes us. You with me?

The narrative says that the Aeon Sophia herself committed something like an act of transgression. The world system that you inhabit today came about due to an anomaly which itself was a consequence of the Aeon Sophia trespassing the boundary of the Pleroma which is not routine and had not been anticipated in the course of events proceeding from the divine experiment with the Anthropos, the Rhome.

So Sophia and Thelete together designed the human genome. Then all of the Aeons as a unity projected the human genome into the galactic arms so that it would be, so that the plasma or cytoplasmic genomic substance of the Rhome would be implanted in a nebular cloud in the constellation of Orion. And they did all that together, but then the Aeon Sophia acted unilaterally, which is a sort of transgression or exception.

And due to her transgression, the Archons arose, and they became mixed into the experiment with the Anthropos. Due to the presence of the Archons, a particular tribe of people arose who self-identified as a chosen group with a special mission to be fulfilled in the service of those Archontic parasites, those alien intruders.

Now the Gnostics left us a name, Yaldabaoth, which is how they identified the Archon Overlord known more traditionally as Yahweh or Jehovah. And they were vividly specific in the relation of this Archon Overlord to this particular ethnic group.

So you find in Irenaeus, Book 1, Chapter 30, Section 10, paragraph of two lines, two sentences, which I call the Gnostic warning.

“Yaldabaoth himself chose a certain man named Abraham from among the nations and made a covenant with him to the effect that if his seed continued to serve him, the Archons would give to them the earth for an inheritance.

“Afterwards, by means of Moses, Yaldabaoth brought forth Abraham's descendants from Egypt and gave them the law and made them Jews.”

The term in the Greek language documents of that time was Judeos and the term among the Hebrews themselves, for themselves, was Yahudis.

So you can't be any clearer than that, can you? It's clear that the Archons who were accidentally produced by a kind of transgression of the Divine Mother enlisted in their service a race of humanity or actually created that race for their purposes. They infected it.

The Archontic infection began with this vector tribe, the Hebrews known as the tribe of the flies or fleas. And it might be acceptable to assume or infer thinking along the lines of detective work, thinking in the manner of criminological profiling, okay?

It might be acceptable to infer that if the Xenosh who are proxies of the Archons were produced by a transgression that they themselves may be the instrument of a transgression. The transgression of the Xenosh. What would the transgression or offense or crime of the Xenosh be?

Well, the crimes of the Xenosh are many, obviously, and those who face the JQ undergo a tremendous change of their mindset. The scales are literally lifted from your eyes, as the expression goes. The blind spot is taken away and you can look at world affairs and you can see facts for what they are, you can see the obvious for what it is.

There, I defy anyone to name any instance in which members of the Xenosh or those of the Rhome who associate themselves with the Xenosh and are no better than the Xenosh, I defy you to name any one instance in which actions taken by the Xenosh have ever been of benefit to humanity at large. Name one.

Name one thing that they do actively in the world today as leaders in particular sectors of society, as power players, as people of influence and power in the financial and political and media zones of human activity. Name one single thing that they ever do that is a benefit to humanity.

So, their crimes and deceits are many, but suppose, suppose that there were a transgression they commit that was greater than any other. What transgression could that be? Is it possible that there could be such a transgression? Let that question float in your mind for a moment as I bring this talk to a conclusion.

In doing so, I want to refer back to the central puzzle piece in the vampire cluster, the Mandela shift from interview with a vampire to interview with the vampire. That shift poses a question. Two questions, really.

First of all, who is the vampire specifically meant? And second, if the interview is only with a vampire, then the implication is that there are others among them, a vampire among others, and who are the other vampires?

Well, close examination of that clue based on concrete evidence shows that the vampire is Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula, an actual historical person who lived in a country and do you know what the name of the country of Vlad Dracula was and is today? Say it, it's Romania.

So in Romania at a certain time a great story unfolded which is the true story of Vlad and it's a great romantic story and a great story of warrior courage by a white European hero who defended Europe against Muslim invasions.

Why does the name Dracula, which belongs to this Aryan hero, become attached to the evil and sinister figure of the blood-drinking vampire?

Well, it's simply because Bram Stoker, when he wrote that story in London around 1880, 1890 was riding on the wave of popularity of gothic fiction and stories like Frankenstein and the gothic novels of Mary Ann Radcliffe and various others. The phenomena of gothic novels and horror literature by the way is a deep and rich vein within the narrative of correction.

And he had written a story, but he couldn't call it “The Vampire” because there was a book, The Vampire, spelled with a Y, that had already been written by a friend of the Shelley's. And he was chatting with someone in London, who was apparently from Romania, and seemed to perhaps have a grudge against Romania or Romanians for some reason.

And it so happened that this particular individual gave Bram Stoker the name to attach to his fictional vampire. And so from that moment on Dracula has been the most famous of blood-drinking fiends in the world. But Vlad Dracul of the dragon family of Romania was not a blood-drinking fiend.

So the vampire that you want to go interview is Vlad. So go look at the movie about him. It's not bad, actually. It's based on facts. Listen to the Red Ice interview. Perform your own interview with the vampire after whom Dracula is named. And set that aside. And now go to the other question.

Well, who are the other vampires? There's more than one. Could you name just one of them? How could you name just one? An interview, there's another group of vampires crawling around for blood on the earth, right? According to the Thriller line. And, you know, where are they? Who are they?

Could I just interview one of those other vampires? How would I know who they are? Have they ever been identified by name? Well, yes, they have. One of them has. In fact, quite a few of them have been identified by name. But you don't know those names, do you? But you're going to know them by the time this talk is done, which is in about 10 minutes.

At least one of those names, anyway. So we've cleared Vlad, okay? Vlad is cleared. Vlad is innocent. Vlad is a fucking hero. A romantic Aryan hero like Adolf Hitler. And there's a love story around Vlad as there was and is around Adolf Hitler with his beloved Eva Braun. Beautiful love story.

There's no love story with that other pack of vampires. But there is a story of commemoration and celebration. What do I mean by that?

Well, I can show you the evidence that to this day those other vampires who have actually been named and put on trial and some of them have been convicted on the basis of voluminous amounts of witness testimony and forensic evidence, some of these other vampires have actually been throughout history named and convicted.

But there's just one name that you need to know to complete this investigation. So I give you the name of a vampire. And this vampire was interviewed. As a matter of fact, this vampire was prosecuted by a trial that had the interest of the entire world. A very high profile legal prosecution of a vampire. Did you know that?

It wasn't the first, but bear this in mind, bear this in mind, he was the last to be so tried before the public, before the eyes of the world. So I place in evidence of this investigation, I place on the table for the case of the prosecution the singular and outstanding instance of this one vampire.

I admit as evidence for the prosecution an article published in the Jerusalem Post on October 19, 2013 and the title of this article is 100th Anniversary of Europe's Last blood libel trial marked in Kiev.

So here I cite directly from the article:

“The Ukrainian Jewish community held a memorial gathering in Kiev over the weekend to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the infamous trial of Menahem Mendel Beilis with his American grandson, Jay Beilis, as the guest of honor. A century ago, hundreds of people anxiously waiting the verdict in the Beilis trial packed St. Sophia Square in Kiev, then part of the Russian Empire.

“Beilis, a 39-year-old father of five, was arrested on July 21, 1911 and spent two years in prison leading up to the 34-day trial in the fall of 1913. The false charge, ritual murder, killing a 13-year-old Christian boy to drain his blood for the baking of matzah.

“Although he was ultimately acquitted, the Beilis trial unleashed a wave of anti-Semitic attacks in Russia and he later moved to Palestine and then New York."

So there you have it. There is the name of a vampire, the Ukrainian Jew Beilis, which is spelled B-E-I-L-I-S.

Now this Beilis trial, which exploded in Russia at an extremely volatile and critical moment between the revolution of 1905, the January Revolution, and the October Revolution of 1917. The Bolshevik takeover of the Russian Empire, which is what the event ought really to be called, because it was not a genuine revolution of the Russian people, that takeover got a start, a faulty start, with the 1905 event, but then really kicked into high gear with the 1917 event.

And so in the atmosphere of the Marxist-Jewish-Bolshevik takeover of the Russian Empire, this trial occurred. This trial, the Beilis trial, you can go read about it, attracted worldwide attention and it had enormous political and racial implications, which I shall discuss in the following talk, number 60.

For right now, in concluding, I advise you to take into account not only the name of a vampire, Menahem Mendel Beilis, and how interesting that his middle name is Mendel, perhaps, to take that into account and also to take into account the name of his victim, Andrei Yushchinsky.

And just so it registers really clear in your mind, I place the evidence on the table. And you have in the illustration for this installment of Mandela Effect coded, a piece of evidence from the trial, a photograph of the body of the victim with pinpricks in his face.

It is known from many instances of alleged blood sacrifice, blood drinking and flesh eating attributed to that particular tribe. It is known from many instances and illustrated also not only in medieval drawings but in other art as well, the pricking of the body to drain it of blood.

So just as the crucified savior on the cross. The voodoo fetish of Christian faith has been pricked by the nails in the hands and the feet, has been pricked along the brow by the crown of thorns, has had his side pierced by the spear of Longinus.

Those same motifs of torture are repeated in the ritual torture of blood libel, which is the bleeding to death alive of a young child, the drinking of that blood and the eating of the flesh of the child in the mixture of the matzo bread.

The claim that Jews, some Jews, some members of the Jewish community around the world, have committed this transgression in this particular way is called the allegation of blood libel. And the allegation of blood libel against the Jews is not something that you hear much about anymore, do you? Why is that?

Well, the article from the Jerusalem Post makes it clear. Jews all around the world, and especially those in Kiev, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the acquittal of a vampire. If you go and you look at the details of that trial, you may wonder whether that acquittal was obtained in a fair and honest manner.

The story of the blackmail, the extortion, the murder, the distortion of evidence, the manipulation of public opinion surrounding the Beilis trial is a huge entertainment to read. And I advise you all to go and inform yourself of this trial because as the Jerusalem Post notes, with a celebratory and triumphant air, it was the last blood libel case in history. Case closed.

From that moment on, well, Lenin pronounced anti-Semitism to be a crime punishable by death in the Soviet Union a few years after this trial. From that moment on, it would be forbidden and unthinkable to accuse any member of the tribe of Xenosh of blood libel.

And to this day, when you hear the word blood libel, your mind will be flooded with the insinuation that it is a horrific, paranoid and hateful accusation laid upon innocent parties.

In fact, it is an outstanding example of hate speech and hate crime. A hundred years coming forward from the Beilis trial, the trial of a vampire, the situation in the world has reached the point where were you even to think that some Jews at some point in history and even still today committed this ritual sacrifice upon the lamb-like innocence of a Gentile child, you could be prosecuted, convicted and executed for even thinking such a thing.

This is where the Xenosh want to take it. This is where the Xenosh would have already taken it. This is where the Xenosh in their desperation want to take it because this matter of blood libel is actually what is behind the entire panorama of policies against hate crime.

It's called accusatory inversion and I'm going to talk about that in the next installment, the follow-up to this one. It is blaming others for what you do. But accusatory inversion gets worn out and starts to become very obvious. And so accusatory inversion has to be disguised because it's becoming too obvious.

Racism, for instance, no longer works as a condemnation to shut someone up. And it's becoming obvious that racism is an example of accusatory inversion. Those who accuse others of being racist are actually themselves the true racists. And those they accuse are innocent of that charge.

There must be a taboo upon the subject of blood libel. Just as there must be a taboo upon the swastika, which is the symbol of the triumphant Aryan heroism of the German people who saved Europe.

They did not survive their mission under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, but they succeeded in their mission. Welcome to the alt real. The taboo against that powerful symbol of heroism, the swastika. And the taboo against blood libel can both be broken in correction.

They must be broken in correction. Those taboos must be defied in correction.

And how wonderful it is, I tell you in concluding, how wonderful it is that you could know that, that you could know strategically and tactically what it takes to overcome and overthrow the totality of the evil deceit on this planet, that you could focus that clearly and precisely on what has to come down for it all to come down.

So I leave you with that thought. And as ever, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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