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Mandela Effect Decoded and General Gnosticism
#58 - MED - Encryption of the super-learning event

#58 - MED - Encryption of the super-learning event

Archive of #58 - MED

Hello again and yet again. This is JLL coming at you with Gnostic Intel on the Internet. The date is 24th of August 2017. Just imagine that.

And I'm here to talk about the encryption of the super-learning event. So this is installment number 55 heading toward a grand total of 64, as I promised, not in the pace in which I anticipated, much slower than I anticipated, but that's the way it goes sometimes in life. La force des circonstances, as the existentialists say, force of circumstances.

So in this talk I'm going to veer away somewhat from the overarching theme of the previous three talks, and I'm going to go back to the main event of the moment, which is the super-learning event.

So I'm going to reframe that event for you, and I'm going to update you on the parameters of super-learning, such as they might be called, and then I'm going to carry forward with where the super-learning event goes from here.

I'm pretty certain, though I don't like to make assumptions, as you know, and I consider it impolite, dangerous, and unskillful to make assumptions, but I'm pretty certain that some of you have been wondering, in the first place, how I came up with the super-learning event, and in the second place, how the investigation here on this channel, The Gnostic Investigation called Mandela Effect Decoded, how that relates to the super-learning event.

So I want to be crystal clear on both those points to start. First of all, I bring your attention to something that everyone in the world has seen, who's ever seen a film that comes out of Hollywood with the opening of a lion, a cameo of a lion roaring. Remember that film?

I think that's the cameo for Metro-Golden-Meyer, right? The big studio company used this roaring lion at the beginning of a film, right? And it's kind of a trademark and a logo, right?

Well, there's also kind of a lion intro to everything that I do, and that is the lion of Bairavi, or Balam, the lion of Sekhmet, the Egyptian lion goddess, who is an aspect of the planetary animal mother, particularly representing the frequency and power of her rage.

So she's the mama lion, and the mama lion is always there over my shoulder, roaring and introducing me whenever I make a public appearance or make some kind of statement or send out some kind of message or instruction to the world. I instruct and I teach, which are not exactly the same thing.

So picture that lion and I don't know if you recall as you picture the logo that there's a saying engraved on the border around the lion. And that saying is a Latin phrase which reads like this, Ars gratiam artis. Have you ever heard those words pronounced? You may have seen them, many people have seen them hundreds if not thousands of times as a kind of subliminal message. Ars gratiam artis. It's a Latin phrase and it means art for art's sake. Okay?

So why am I bringing this up? Why am I presenting this allusion? Well, first of all, I want to imprint upon your minds the image of the Bhairavi Balam Sekhmet lion, the mother lion power of the planetary animal mother who is Tomegatherian, the great beast of the apocalypse.

And I want to assure you that she's got my back and she has your back too if you come into planetary Tantra, into this practice which is a power-sharing pact with the power of the earth.

But I also make a kind of cross-language allusion. You know, one of the things that happens in the play of Mythophrenia is that you, and in Mythophrenic fugues, is that you get multilingual puns.

You know, if you wanted to go back and look into the past somewhat and go back to the beginning of the 20th century and look at “Finnegan's Wake”. It's a novel by James Joyce. You would find that “Finnegan's Wake” is nothing but, what, a four or five hundred page mythophrenic fugue. It's the great, by no competition, no comparison, it is far and away the most massive mythophrenic fugue ever delivered on this planet.

James Joyce puns in five or six different languages in this mythophrenic fugue. Another example which I certainly prefer because although I love “Finnegan's Wake” and I read it when I was a child and you can hear it read now on the internet if you like, you can hear sections of it read. What I prefer to “Finnegan's Wake” as the ultimate mythophrenic fugue of the 20th century is the “Cantos of Ezra Pound” and you'll find also in the contos that Pound eludes and intercalates six or seven different languages including Chinese calligraphy, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Tuscan, the Tuscan dialect of the of Guido Cavalcanti of the 12th century. I mean, it's it's phenomenal.

So it's typical of those who were working mythophrenic fugues artistically and with rigor and discipline from time to time to sidle and to shalom here and there into other languages. So here's the Latin allusion, in my current rap, in my current riff, in my current mythophrenic fugue to you, in this instruction, ars gratiam artist, art for art's sake.

So you ask, well, John, how did you ever, you may ask, you could ask, who knows, how on earth did you ever come up with the super-learning event? And I could say, well, I'm just making it up. I pulled it out of my arse. You see?

So, this is in fact what I did. This whole mythophrenic process leads to invention and originality. It invites and incites the power of originality in your own self. Now, I've made a claim, and I'm going to make it again now, just for the fucking pleasure of it about myself and I defy anybody to refute this claim.

I have produced, since the beginning of the 21st century, more original material than the sum total of all so-called spiritual teachers in the preceding century, and disprove me if that is not so.

Well, how can I do this? Well, when you are mining the rich vein of human imagination, the power of imagination which is endowed in you by the wisdom goddess as her magical child, then you tap into what I call the NPU, the non-plus ultra. And that power, that vein of creativity allows you to become more and more and more original.

So yeah, I just make it up. I make everything up. Almost everything I make up. I make up planetary tantra. I make up mythophrenia. I make up the super-learning event. I pull it out of my arse. You see what I mean?

And that arse, those arts of creativity of the human animal, are what need to be revived and must be revived for humanity to survive on this planet.

So I'm telling you, first off, in a rather roundabout way here, and playing with your minds and playing with your mystical ludic, your mystical ludic affinities, okay, I'm telling you that the super-learning event is a return to the artistic and creative capacities inherent in every single human animal who is capable of claiming those talents and disposed to do so.

So note my condition. Note the criteria. Note the standards that I bring to this definition and note them well, my friends.

The recapture and re-launching of the full range of the mythopoetic and creative powers of the human animal is not possible to everyone. It is only possible to those individuals who have the passion for that undertaking, are disposed to that undertaking, and have the capacity to commit themselves to it.

So the super-learning event is a challenge that I put to you in our time. But at the same time, I frame the challenge in a user-friendly way. At least that's my intention. And I pitch it to you in a way that comes across in the spirit of collaboration and play.

You know, I said that Planetary Tantra is a mystico-ludic adventure. Ludic means playful. There's a book, “Homo Ludens”, by a Dutch scholar named Johan Huizinga, H-U-I-Z-I-N-G-A, and that describes the play capacity of the human animal, the ludic capacity.

So your ludic capacity and your creative capacity and your mystical capacity all operate as a unit. And the timing of the super-learning event, which I'll get to in a moment, is critical. Because the timing of the super-learning event, which is right here, right now, and either you like it or you don't. Do you like me right now? Do you really like me? Do you like me right now? You have to like me right now, because right now is the only moment when this opportunity is capturable, can be captured.

It cannot be captured five years from now, or ten, or twenty. But those who capture it now can bring it forward into those future years and make sure that it endures, make sure that it's sustainable and they can provide for others to enter the super-learning event.

But the immediate nexus of the super-learning event is right now and if you like it right now or you don't. One more brief point of qualification before I proceed. When I say that I make it up, you want to bear in mind, or you want to ask yourself, well, on what grounds do I make it up?

And you can ask that question of anything you see. You can go to Fellini, and you can look at his film “Eight and a Half”, which is a major creative achievement of cinema in the 20th century. And you can say, what were the grounds upon which Fellini created 8 1⁄2?

Whenever it comes to creative invention, if you come to it with a sober mind, then I advise you always to ask these two questions of the author of that invention.

For instance, if you were to go to the material of, what's her name, Barbara Marciniak or Barbara Hank Clough, who I used to know in Santa Fe, and listen to their material, which is New Age material. I advise you to ask yourself the same question regarding what they put out that you ask regarding what I put out.

The questions, there are two basic questions to ask. One is, upon what is this creative invention based, founded? And the second question is, what is the agenda or ultimate motive of the individual who is presenting this creative invention? What do they seek as an outcome? And subsidiary to that question is, is the individual, such as Barbara Maciniak, or Michael Tsarian, or Jordan Maxwell, various new age teachers, what are they transparent about their agenda? Do they let you know where they are coming from?

Now I warn you that people who come to you under the umbrella of the so-called awakening of humanity today, who tell you that they are simply there to inform you of matters so that you can become awakened like David Icke, are not to be trusted because informing people, merely informing people with the intention of awakening them is not a solid or trustworthy motive because behind that there's always something else. Because why would you want to even bother to wake people up? See what I mean? Why do I bother to do what I do? You see?

So one of the, in a way this comes around to this super-learning event because one of the criteria that you need to observe when you participate in the super-learning event is critical scrutiny, discernment, and discrimination. You cannot be a Gnostic and you cannot be involved in the super-learning event, unless you become more and more discriminating and discerning.

And the questions that I just proposed are questions that need to be asked in every single case when someone is bringing you, you know, information or some spiritual message or spiritual teaching, in quotes.

Apply those questions. Is this individual transparent? Upon which do they, upon what? Excuse me? Do they base the creative invention that they are presenting? What's their agenda? And what is the ultimate objective that they seek to achieve by presenting you the material that they present?

If you apply those criteria, you'll find that the path narrows down exceedingly. The path narrows down and your intelligence can be honed to a fine edge of discernment.

Now in the super-learning event, applying those questions to the super-learning event, you can ask, well, John, what are you basing this thing on, the super-learning event, and what is your objective, what is your point in informing the world about the super-learning event, okay?

I want you to ask these questions and hold me to a standard by your own critical scrutiny. Do not follow me. I am a true……I used to say that a true occultist, I used that term for myself, one of my pretensions in the past, a true occultist, how is an occultist like a spy? Well an occultist doesn’t like to be followed. How is an initiate like a spy? An initiate does not like to be followed.

I don’t want to be followed. I want co-travelers so don't follow me, don't believe me, don't take what I say as dogma, but apply the criteria that I apply to myself, to me, at every point along the way as you're taking in what I'm putting out. Tak.

So far, so good. This would be a good place, I think, to remind you of how I came to the definition of the super-learning event developmentally. In other words, what did it develop from?

Well, the Gaia Navigation Experiment was a teaching experiment that I conducted from the spring of 2014, excuse me, 2011 until the spring of 2014. During those three years, you'll find a record of the Gaia Navigation Experiment online on Gaiaspora.org.

The purpose of the Gaia Navigation Experiment was to see if it would be possible for some witnesses of cosmic events and patterns to detect the manner in which the Aeonic Mother was resetting the divine experiment on Earth.

After many years of teaching and contemplating the Gnostic message, I had come to the point around, I don't know, 2006, 2008 maybe, where I was able to say, that correction, which was predicted in the Gnostic writings, could be understood as a momentous and unparalleled event in human history.

The correction of the Aeon Sophia, so I tentatively proposed some years back, could be compared to the reset of a program that had gone wrong.

So if you had some type of application in your computer, like I have Dreamweaver, which I use to write and load Metahistory, or I have MovieMagic Screenwriter, which I use to write screenplays, and suppose that that application and program got corrupted, then it would be necessary to go in and clear out the corrupted files and to restore the program to its initial integrity, perhaps with some advancement by rebooting features.

So, reset is the operative term for this period of three years, ten seconds of her time. And the operative mneme, that's N, that's M-N-E-M-E, it's really hard to spell that. Says spell it N-E-E-M, like neem oil.

It's not a meme, which is a trivial notion or catchphrase that is mindlessly repeated through the media. It's a mneme, which is a theme or motif that comes out of the deep self-remembering of the human species and it comes as a gift of the goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, a mneme.

So the operative mneme is the wisdom goddess resets the scales. And that mneme actually graphically describes an event that took place, an event that you can actually see in the sky in the graphic display of the constellations.

The constellation of the scorpion reaches up with its left claw and jars the crossbeam of the constellation of the balance or scales. The wisdom goddess, the scorpion mother, resets the scales. That is the mythological mneme or theme for the beginning of correction.

So correction actually began in March 2014 after a three-year process of reset. And what happens in correction is a totally unparalleled and unprecedented event in the entirety of human history, certainly in this kulpa of 26,000 years. And we are now down to the last 200 years or 11 minutes of that kulpa.

So when I brought the students and the crew as I called them, the crew of the Gaian Navigation Experiment, were those who stood with me on the navigation deck where I have my tools and my compass and my various rulers and the instruments required for navigating on the high seas and where I navigate by the stars, by the constellations.

So the crew were those who came and watched me do the navigation process during those three years. And as we came out of the reset of the divine experiment into the actual event of correction in March of 2014, I said, how are we going to follow how the Aeon Sophia accomplishes correction going ahead from this moment? How are we going to be able to follow it?

And of course there are various technical tools that are used in celestial navigation which are also used in mythopoetic navigation if you don't mind that phrase. And those tools are astronomical tools. So those astronomical tools are available to anyone who follows the G.N.E. and wants to learn from what was accomplished in the G.N.E. They are primarily the observation of the lunar absides.

Once each month the moon stands at its point most distant from the earth. Then it stands at its point closest to the earth and these moments can be observed. These moments refer to constellational positions which can be defined. Then there is the rotation of the lunar nodes in a retrograde cycle of 18 1⁄2 years through the constellations. And then there are other events such as the lunations or the monthly cycles of the moon, new moon, full moon and so forth.

So those are some of the navigational tools that I demonstrated. I showed how to use them. Anyone can learn how to use them. It's really not difficult. Don't be intimidated by astronomy. Basic astronomy is a joy to learn. It's an orientation to the ultimate environment in which you live.

The ultimate environment is the sky and that area of the galactic arm through which the solar system is sailing. And it's a joy and a thrill to learn how to observe that and to move with the mother ship, knowing where she is at any particular moment.

But I said to the crew, OK, reset is completed. And since correction, the correction of the Aeon Sophia, the diorthosis, to use the Greek word from the Coptic materials, is such an unparalleled and unprecedented event, it wouldn't be right to think that we can plot correction in the same way that we plotted reset. You see the difference?

We plotted reset meticulously. I mean, sometimes day by day, week by week, day by day, sometimes down to the hour and minute, and hundreds of us were together bringing our attention to the same moment of focus in plotting the procedures of reset, reset of the divine experiment on earth.

Then I said, well, it's going to be different moving into correction. Her way is vast and fast and indeed it must be said that there are many things that the Aeon Sophia is doing right now on this planet, in the weather system, in the anaerobic systems of the microbial soil of the earth, in the atmosphere, in the ionosphere, there are many, many things that she is doing which are inconceivable to the human mind. On her own terms, she is achieving her correction.

So naturally, we would like to know, we would benefit from knowing, is there some simple user-friendly method for tracking how humanity, how the human species can participate going ahead in correction.

Do you get me? Do you follow my drift? Do you really like it? Right now, do you like it? So you have to like it to learn it. Okay?

So I said, okay, it's simple. And it is really. Just follow the transit of Jupiter through the constellations. That's all.

Jupiter is the key, because Jupiter represents, within the framework of the solar system, the accessory or instrument through which the pleromic power of Thelete engages itself in correction.

Now, in the sacred narrative of Sophia, Thelete is the consort and counterpart of Sophia. He is the male component, she is the female component. They are the cosmic designers of the human species. And that is Gnosis. That is something that I know. That is something that not only I know, but many, many others know as well and they know it as truly and genuinely and solidly as they know their own names and they know their own addresses.

It's not a belief system. It's not New Age fantasy. It's not speculation. There is no narrative comparable to the fallen goddess scenario in describing the origin of the earth, and the origin of the human species, and the origin of the Archontic intrusion upon this experiment.

It is the only narrative we have that comprehensively, vividly, and intensively describes those events. And it's the only one we need. Because one cosmology, if it is true, is the truth. And it's the only one you need. Seek no more. But test it. Test it to verify that it is true and that it works for you.

So I said, look, we know that Thelete in some mysterious manner is working through the presence of Jupiter. So you have the relations between Jupiter and the Earth are extremely critical in correction. And I'm going to get back to that point at the end of this talk, by the way, regarding the recent revelations coming from Jupiter through the Juno probe, right?

So I said, all we have to do is follow the progression of Jupiter through the constellations. Anyone can do this. You can watch it in the sky if you have the privilege of living in an environment where you can see the sky at night.

And if not, then go ahead and download Stellarium for fuck's sake and watch it on Stellarium. You will see in October of 2016 planet Jupiter had entered the constellation of the Virgin, and it was conjunct the star Vindemiatrix, which represents the grail cup held in the right hand of the Virgin.

This is all graphics. This is ancient sidereal and stellar mythology. I didn't make this up. I didn't pull this out of my arse. OK?

And from that moment, October 2016, until November 2017, it transits the body of the Virgin. Jupiter moves against the background of the constellation of the Virgin, which is not the astrological sign Virgo, so do not confound the two.

And then in November 2017, coming up in a couple of months, it passes the star Cambalia, Lambda Virginis, Lambda Virginis, and it transits into the constellation of the balance or scales and that represents the conclusion of the initialization of the super-learning event. That moment is the moment when the installation of the super-learning event is complete.

Now you might recall that when I began this investigation I made two points which were pretty fucking outrageous if I do say so myself. The first point was that Gnosis is the knowledge of how the mind is designed to work. It's expert knowledge in the way that intelligence is designed to work at an optimum or genius level.

Therefore, the Gnostic addresses your mind with the knowledge of how your mind is designed to work. I do so, distinguishing me from any other teacher.

Secondly, I also said that in that process of Gnostic instruction, my voice operates like a surrogate circuit in your mind. And my voice is the device for installing the super-learning event in your mind. And that was true. That was an outrageous claim.

Yet I ask you now to consider that claim in a wider perspective. As a matter of fact, it's not I, the Gnostic teacher, who is installing the super-learning event in your mind. It is actually the Aeon Sophia herself who is doing so, and she is doing so by getting your attention with the Mandela Effect.

So if you go back and you review certain talks, for instance about Sophianic Baby Talk, what is Sophianic Baby Talk?

Well, I explained that the Aeon Sophia uses a psycho-acoustic trick of accessing your neuro-linguistic circuits through phonemes and homophones, which are evident in the genuine Mandela effects. This is actually how she does it. She gets access to that layer of your neural network, which consists of mycelium layers, laid down one upon the other.

And there is a region in the mycelium layer of your brain that is at the borderline between verbal and pre-verbal experience. It's at the place where you learn to speak and where you respond to baby talk, which is the first language that you respond to.

She has used the Mandela Effect, certain instances, to access your mind, to access your actual neuro-linguistic circuits at that precise level through what I call Sophianic Baby Talk.

And once she has access, and that's how long it takes her. It doesn't even take her a microsecond to have that access. She begins to install in your mind the new circuitry that makes it possible for you to bring your attention to the super-learning event. She encrypts the super-learning event in your mind.

Now you may wonder why I haven't devoted more time to talking about the super-learning event, right? I mean, I announced it at the beginning of this channel, right? February or March. And there I go again, right? There I go again, laying another big deal out into the world. This is a fucking big deal. This is a cosmic event happening to the mind of the human species in coordination with the PSI or the Planetary Sovereign Intelligence that produced your mind in the first place.

You know, I said in The Tragedy of the Mother, which is a preparatory talk for the super-learning event, that the Aeons know how your mind works because they designed it to work. Imagine a Mercedes engineer who gets behind the wheel of a new model of Mercedes that they brought out. A beautiful work of engineering coming from those evil Germans. Sits behind the car and takes it for a test drive.

The German engineer driving that car is not like you driving that car, is it, baby? No way. Because that engineer knows how every minute detail of the engine is functioning as he's driving the car. Well, that's how a Gnostic drives the mind. That's how I drive my mind.

Although I must say, I would compare my mind more to a to Formula One Maserati. There you go. Everyone has their little share of self-importance.

But the point I made in The Tragedy of the Mother is that even though the Aeons, Thelete and Sophia designed your mind and they know how it works at every point. They know what you’re thinking when you make toast. They don’t know what you’re going to do with your mind. So, the mechanic driving the Mercedes, who has designed the engine, knows how the engine works, in all of its functions, in all of its responses. But he’s free to drive wherever he wants to in that car, you see?

So, where are you and I going to take the super-learning event? Where are those who are up for this challenge going to go with the super-learning event? I'd like to present or let's say orient you in that direction in the remainder of this talk. So here goes.

I begin by reminding you of the 10-pack in Mythophrenia on metahistory.org. The talks that I gave and the text concerning the true nature of the supernatural are essential to entering the super-learning event. You cannot de-encrypt and access the potential of this super-intelligence escalation in your own mind if you have corrupt files operating.

Any corrupt files you have, especially regarding divinity and the supernatural, the nature of good and evil, those sorts of things, are going to interfere with your ability to access the new neural circuits that the Aeon Sophia provides to you, okay?

As I said, and I repeat this with even more confidence than when I said it the first time, you can delete everything you've ever been told about the supernatural and just listen to what I say in those talks, love and the supernatural and so forth.

You can delete everything that you've been told, everything that you've come to believe about “divine intervention”.

The correction of the Aeon Sophia, which is underway right now, which is highlighted in the super-learning event right here, right now, and will come to be highlighted in an escalating and syntropic series of events in the future is an instance of divine intervention, unlike any that has ever been previously conceived.

You only get it if you get the total novelty of it, if you don't see how it differs from every other speculation that has ever been proposed, every other prophetic fantasy coming from the Hebrew prophets or the Aztec Maya calendar extrapolated by people who don't know what the fuck they're talking about. If you can't see how it stands out flagrantly from any previous conception of divine intervention, then you're not getting it. It's ludic. It's playful. It's humorous. There's a huge factor of comedy playing through the Mandela effects.

Remember, that's a second super-cluster is centered on an American comedian who had a program called I Love Lucy. And what does I Love Lucy mean?

Well, I Love Lucy is your declaration of the recognition of the organic light of the earth, that the earth is a luminous body and that the true Lucifer is Sophia. How could it come in a more user-friendly manner, in a more light-hearted and playful manner.

But you cannot know what the clue, I love Lucy and the name Lucille Ball or the name Lucy von Pelt from Snoopy. You cannot tell what those clues indicate if you don't know what crime has been committed, if you don't have the over arching master narrative. And there is only one master narrative on this planet, for this planet, and about this planet.

So all of the genuine Mandela Effect clues are keyed to the master narrative, which is the ciphertext for decoding them. I have proven this through the previous talks.

So, you observe the Sophianic narrative in order to decode the Mandela Effect, plain and simple. At the same time, to prepare yourself for the super-learning event, you divest yourself of any corrupt files regarding divinity and the supernatural, and you turn your critical attention, your probative faculty, to the question, well, what is not true? Don't go looking for the truth.

You say, suppose you're some 24-year-old young woman today, and you're fairly bright. Getting into the subject of IQ levels right now. I'm sure that will produce another barrage of demented responses. But let's just say, you know, you're 110, whatever, you know.

You decide, oh, I really want to learn about physics and chemistry. And so you go and you buy these books or you look at YouTube clips of various documentaries with the intention to learn, with the intention to be taught, to be shown what is true, to be shown how geology works, how the geological evolution of sedimentary rock occurs in contrast to other forms of rock, igneous rock, to learn the dynamics of volcanoes.

And you go naturally and obviously in an ingenuous manner, in a sincere an ingenuous manner. You go into the subject looking for the truth. No, don't do that.

Go and look for what is not true first. What is not true will show you more. Go into quantum mechanics. Go into string theory, relativity theory. Go to those sources on the internet which are debunking those sciences and learn which is not true. Learn what is not true and divest yourself of what is not true.

That is actually a way of weeding the garden of your mind, clearing the debris in the garden of your neural networks so that the new growth in your neural networks is unimpeded. Another characteristic of preparation for the event is to hone your passion to learn and practice to identify what you want to learn, and I'm going to get to that in a moment, to redirect your attention to the primordial importance of the humanities, to think about the humanities, to go out and spend a day going around your world, just one day, and saying to yourself, well I kind of know what the humanities are, because John was saying, you know, this used to be taught to Greek and Latin authors, like the Greek tragedies, like, you know, Euripides, the Bacchae and these things, and to certain Latin writers, and the Renaissance philosophers and out of this came a body of values and perspectives known as the humanities and I'm walking around in a world where the humanities have been destroyed.

No wonder people behave the way they do. Spend a day living with the absence of the humanities.

So we're going back to the humanities through the super-learning event to recapture them and reinstate them. Also, another exercise to go through to hone yourself with the super-learning event is to walk through the world and look at what's happening here and there in education, in politics, in social controversies, in feminism, the social justice warrior phenomenon, and ask yourself, gee whiz, hmm, I wonder what it would be like to live in a society without the intervention of the third party.

I wonder what the civil rights movement or racial unrest or racial conflict would look like in the United States if it was just between the whites and the blacks to sort it out on a two-party basis without the presence of the third party without the Southern Poverty Law Center sticking its ugly pig-rat nose into the affairs of the Rhome.

So go through one of your days in that, one of your days in that mood, in that observation. That will prepare you for the super-learning event. Now, more specifically, I'm going to make a proposal in concluding this talk. And then I'm going to end with a rather sensational example of proof of the super-learning event. Because there is proof. In the Gnostic method you always look for proof, okay?

I'm going to propose that the super-learning event be regarded as a college or a university that you enter.

Now I remember when I was going to, when I applied to go to the university, New York University, NYU, when I graduated from high school in Maine, and I got accepted at NYU by the way, but my parents didn't have the money to send me there, which was a devastating blow to me.

So I wanted to go there and study French literature under Erika Ostrovsky and deepen my appreciation of Louis-Ferdinand Céline, who at the time was my favorite author in the world, one of the great, great novelists of the 20th century. Céline wrote “Journey to the End of the Night”.

So all that was blown away because even though I was accepted on my scholastic standards, which were in the highest rank in the nation, despite my efforts to do nothing, I didn't get in.

But during that rich moment when I was heading in that direction, I thought, what a great dream, hanging around Grange Village, 1963, 1964. Can you imagine going to New York University? I got the catalog and so I was looking at the courses that we would take. Anyone who entered NYU would choose these courses. And then you establish, you know, your minor and your major and that sort of thing.

So, I propose to you that I put before you now, for your future participation in the super-learning event, a manual or brochure of the courses offered in the super-learning event. And there are, in fact, nine courses offered.

Or it might be more accurate to say there are nine categories of courses offered, and within each of these categories there is a variety and diversity of different subjects that you can learn and different practices that you can undertake, things that you would master in your life for your own pleasure, for the pleasure of being accomplished at something, and for the pleasure of contributing to the society in which you live.

So personal accomplishment, the satisfaction of knowledge and practice, and contribution to society are the objectives here, and to reach those objectives, there is a curriculum of the super-learning event, which I call the Nine Muse Curriculum.

Now remember, some time back, I illustrated one of the talks with a classical Greek tableau of the nine muses. And who are the nine muses? They are the daughters of the mother muse, Mnemosyne, who is the goddess of memory.

So Mnemosyne is yet another epiphany, another expression of the Aeon Sophia. It's an aspect of her being, of her PSI, field. And within this range of the Mother Muse or the Goddess of Memory, there are nine specific channels, which can be considered as the courses for enrollment.

So you enroll in one of the schools of one of these MUSEs, which I've numbered M1 through M9. Now I've also put in The Classical Greek Names, but don't get hung up on that because I'm not here to inflict classical Greek terminology on you or to drag you into that sort of thing, although I am deeply steeped in that myself and it's valuable to understand certain elements of classical Greek culture as a basis of the humanities.

But I'm not going to go there now. I'm not going to take you there. I'll probably refer to the humanities before this channel is completed. But right now, let's just say you can refer to these courses for enrollment just by number.

So, you know, you can refer to M7, which is Erato, one of the daughters of Mnemosyne. But just say you're going to M7, you're going to classes that are through the doorway that is marked M7.

And I'm going to invite you to contribute in the comments section, starting now, and by writing me at GnosticCodex at metahistory.org, if you can't comment on YouTube because you don't have a channel, with a question of some area of the arts or sciences or some practice matter what it might be that you are attracted to undertake and if you don't see it listed here in the provisional list I'm providing then you can ask me, well, where would this go? Under what muse would this study and practice be listed?

So I've just included a very sketchy list. For instance, you see that M4 is Thalia, and under that I've put Ethology and Anthropology, and also I've connected it with one of the Dakini tutelary deities of planetary Tantra, which if the reference is there, you may or may not use it. You're not obliged to go to the reference.But to those who are familiar with Planetary Tantra, they would enjoy having this allusion.

Or we can go to M5, the Pomini, and that is the course of enrollment involving geology, the telluric sciences, marine biology and so forth. So what are you interested in learning? What are you interested in bringing forth from yourself in the super-learning event to a level of genius, to a level of high enjoyment? What would you like to undertake?

No matter what age it is in your life, no matter if you're in your 20s or in your 60s, it doesn't matter because the super-learning event is a completely new beginning in the entire spectrum of human learning. It's a completely new beginning. It's an escalated relearning process.

Remember I said at the beginning that one of the characteristics of the super-learning event is compression and speed, the speed of learning. It's a speed-learning, fast-track experience.

So you are required by the super-learning event to enroll yourself in it. And how do you decrypt what the Aeon Sophia is encrypting in your mind? Well, there are two factors in that decryption.

The first factor is, as I have just described, select yourself into a course of learning, something you are passionate to know about. It's an elective process. Just when you enter college or the university, you elect to take certain courses. So the first condition is that you must elect.

And the second condition is that you must attend to the prompt of your memory. If you are to decrypt what is encrypted in your mind, you must do so according to the parameters of this event, according to the dynamics, through the device of memory.

So each one of you as an individual at some point in the near future will find that something comes to your memory spontaneously. It probably comes out of that period of time, I would say between the age of 7 and 11, around the age of 9 or 10.

Possibly it could be earlier. With some people it could be earlier. And that would be a sign that your genius kicked in strongly at an early age.

But what will typically happen is that your memory itself, having been stimulated by the way that the Aeon Sophia is affecting memory to produce the Mandela Effect, will now produce a new effect. And that new effect is what I would call the Memory Prompt.

It's a memory prompt referring you back to something that was intensely important to you when you were a child. And when you can remember that, when it comes back spontaneously, as it will, you have to be attentive in order to be able to catch it.

It's like a flight of birds that goes by the window. You have to be attentive to the moment when the flight of birds goes across the frame of the window. And if you look a second too soon or a second too late, you won't see the flight of birds. So the flight of memory and the queue of personal memory is what you require to decrypt the super-learning event that she's installed in your mind.

And once you have that memory, once you recall it and restore it, it operates like a kind of ignition. It's a constant ignition. You know, when you drive a car, you turn the key and the ignition comes on, and then you drive the car in the ignition, the starter doesn't continue to turn. If it does, there's something wrong with the car.

But with human memory, in the re-engineering the redesign of human memory, the dynamic makeover of human memory that is being affected through the Mandela effect, in that design, the ignition is always on.

And the ignition for you to seize the super-learning event is this prompt from your own memory of something that happened to you compelling, powerful and beautiful when you were around 9 or 10 years old. So that's that. That's the orientation. That's how it is going forward.

I look forward to hearing your contributions of subjects, things that you might want to study and learn and master.

Present them to me in the comments section and I'll see if I can fit them into the 9 Muse curriculum. It's really important that as soon as possible you choose one of those 9Ms and you hold that 9M as a focalizing tool for you to handle what comes through the super-learning event.

So now finally I just want to close very quickly with a reference to something that happened during the month of July in precise timing, absolutely precise timing, with the stall of Jupiter in its own aphelion.

Now you may recall that I pointed out that Jupiter, which is correlative to Thelete and also represents a male warrior thunder god talismanic figure as seen in the figure of the Cernabas giant, okay, the macho male phallic warrior figure Tor or Wotan is also associated with Thelete.

I mentioned that the position of Thelete through May, June and July involved a retrograde loop around the womb of the virgin. And this was a really unique event which you could actually observe in the sky. And you might recall that I indicated granular detail of this event.

To wit, from the 18th of May until the 2nd of July 2017, Jupiter was in a stall. That means it was in a stationary direct. It was turning from going retrograde to going direct. It turned stationary direct exactly on the 11th of June.

But during that period, from the 17th, 18th of May to the 2nd of July, it was stalled in its own aphelion in 14 degrees of the sign Libra, which is in the womb of the Virgin, hence warrior in the womb of the Virgin.

And I pointed out that this is a remarkable event in granular detail and that the statistics of such an event occurring were extremely low. Well, what happened during this time, precisely during this time?

Well, the second half of May, an article appeared in Nature magazine, I think it was, in some prestigious magazine of science, recognized as conventionally legitimate, reporting on the findings, there's a term they use for it, the science data coming from the Juno satellite which was making close rounds around the planet Jupiter.

And the original article, it appears, was curiously brief and in a way, what's the word, restrained. It was as if the article did not care, it reported the findings of the of the Juno Probe, but it did not care to elaborate on these findings very much or to speculate. Well, why not?

Well, in the beginning of July, Thunderbolts, which is the Electric Universe people, and several other people came out commenting on this report that appeared in May.

So you see, it was exactly in the time frame. And they commented that it was no surprise that NASA scientists and other people in that game of the conventional fraud that causes self-science did not wish to elaborate or comment on these findings because in fact they completely blow out the existing paradigm of planetary evolution.

And so I'm saying to you that I claim that the proof of the super-learning event which is characterized by a blowing away or deletion of the fraudulent and erroneous science and the immediate emergence of the new and true science is demonstrated in these findings from the Juno probe.

Now get this. I'll provide some links. I'll get around to it. I just move too fast to go into these IT routines. I find them very boring. But I'll provide the links. Ultimately, they'll be on the tracking page.

Wal Thornhill of the Thunderbolts actually said, and I quote, well, this intel coming from the Juno probes indicates that Jupiter is actually hollow at the core, hollow core, hollow cost, hollow core. And he even said, quote, that it suggests the possibility of a hollow earth with an inner surface like a geode, end quote.

Well, I refer you back to the six nominal or nominative clues derived from the word Mandela. And one of the translations into English of the German word Mandel is what? Geode.

The Shakti cluster is a geode. It's a model of the turbulent life field of the planet in the form of a geode. And here is the preeminent Electric Universe spokesman Wal Thornhill from Australia saying, it looks now like the whole theory of planetary formation, the whole paradigm that conventional science pushes, can't hold up.

And we must begin to think of the possibility of “a hollow earth with an inner surface like a geode”. I have to tell you that it's impossible for me to communicate the excitement of this discovery.

Am I getting across to you? Do you like me now? Do you really like me? Do you really like what I'm saying?

Because I'm saying that in the summer of 2017, you lived through a moment of a paradigm shift and an overthrow of scientific error in favor of a new and true science that is comparable to the Copernican Revolution.

I mean it, I am not exaggerating. It is comparable to the overthrow of any paradigm of science that you can cite in history and its replacement by a new and true paradigm, and you lived at that moment, and that event is an example of the super-learning event, and how it works and how it can be and will be proven in one incident after another.

I said at the end of the GNE that when Jupiter moves into the Virgin, I said this in March-April 2014, when Jupiter moves into the Virgin we will begin to see the emergence of the true science of free energy physics and the overthrow of fraudulent quantum mechanics and relativity theory, and we would see the new biology, the new geology, the new astronomy, the new cosmology emerging spontaneously as if born from the body of the Virgin, Isis Sophia, the planetary wisdom mother, and that is indeed the case.

So I leave this talk at that point and I return in talk 56 on the subject of breaking the voodoo spell of Christianity. And until then, as always, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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