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Mandela Effect Decoded and General Gnosticism
#57 - MED - Sophia's correction, defeat of the Xenosh

#57 - MED - Sophia's correction, defeat of the Xenosh

Archive of #57 - MED

Hello once again and yet again this is JLL coming at you with Gnostic Intel on the internet. It's August 13th, 2017. This is Mandela Effect decoded upload number 54 and I'm calling it “Sophia's Correction, Defeat of the Xenosh”.

I want to say to start that this talk belongs to a kind of trinity with the two preceding talks in which I introduced the name Xenosh, and it stands with them as a solid group of three talks that belong together, they complement and enforce each other.

Since I've introduced this term, the Xenosh, this code term, I would also like to advise you to consider at your pleasure and according to your enlightenment and delightment, such as it is or may be, to consider calling yourselves RHOME.

Now, you know, ROME is a Coptic word found in the Nag Hammadi texts, in the Nag Hammadi writings. It's written in four letters, which are all Greek letters, because most of the Coptic alphabet is taken from the Greek alphabet, but it's only written in capital letters.

So, the Coptic alphabet in which these documents are preserved consists of the Greek alphabet, letters of the Greek alphabet, plus six additional letters, and they're all written as capitals, that is, in the upper case.

So, ROME is spelt Rho Omega Me Epsilon, just those four letters. And I pronounce it RHOME, giving an accent to the Epsilon as an A, so you could spell it in English as R-H-O-M-E, knowing that you pronounce the E like an A, like in ole, or you could spell it R-H-O-M-E-Y, or A-Y.

Well, no matter how you spell it, Rhome is the name for what you are as a member of the human species and it is a name for the species as a whole. At least I propose it to be such. Rhome in the Coptic writings is the equivalent of the Greek word Anthropos and those two terms are interchangeable. They humanity as a species, they refer to the human species.

So, you can say that humanity is Rhome, using the word in a collective and inclusive sense, and you could likewise say, I am Rhome. Now, if you say, I am Rhome, you say that as if you are standing in front of a mirror, and in this mirror you see humanity and you speak as a member of humanity to the reflection of your own species in your mind.

One of the great problems of humanity today is inherited from work in progress by the Telestai, the founders and leaders of the Mystery Schools. They had a great work in progress at the beginning of the so-called Christian era. They understood that the Piscean Age, as it may be called, based on the observation of the actual constellations in the sky, began around 120BCE, before the common era, which was the moment when the point of the spring equinox, that is to say where the sun stands on March 21st, passing south to north over the celestial equator, when that point stood at the transition point between the constellation of the Ram and the constellation of the fishes.

So the Age of the Fishes, or the Piscean Age as it may be called, began pretty close to 120 BC. Now the Gnostics of the mystery schools had inherited a lot of their intel from the Sabian order of ancient Persia, who were known to be veteran star-gazers. In fact, the Gnostics themselves were known in antiquity to be masters of reading the celestial code.

So the leaders of the Mystery Schools at that time were profoundly aware of a shift for humanity, a paradigm shift as we would call it today, and they wanted to prepare a teaching, a course of education of the human race, to cite once again that Romantic concept, in order to guide humanity into the Piscean age.

Well they weren't able to fulfill their goals in that respect because from the beginning of the rise of Christianity, the fanatics of that belief system targeted the Gnostics and the Telestai, and targeted the Mystery Schools, and destroyed their institutions and libraries, and murdered their teachers, and drove them into exile.

So, the Gnostics had defined a program for the Piscean Age that they were never able to complete. Due to that severely and extremely grave eventuality, humanity today is more or less spiritually lost and has been lost for quite a while. Why is humanity lost? In what sense is humanity lost?

Well, I would say that humanity is a species in search of a self. You see, the human species doesn't have a self. It doesn’t have a focal identity that every member of the species can own and recognize. When you say, I am Rhome, you not only say I am an individual creature, an individual member of the human species but I am also someone through whom the species lives.

The human species lives through you, it's the species living through you transpersonally. The Gnostics wished to give the instruction, the concepts, syntax, to guide the human community on earth toward that sense of transpersonal identity and transpersonal purpose.

Now I've talked a lot about this in my book, “Quest for the Zodiac”, where I introduced the idea not that you live for humanity in some humanitarian or sacrificial sense, certainly not, but that humanity lives through you. And I have shown, I would say confidently, that I have proven that the studies in phylogenetic transfer of peak human potential, that I demonstrate in my method set out in “Quest for the Zodiac”, I have shown that those genuine human individuals, men and women, who have achieved high creativity and high self-actualization, have been instruments of the genius of the species. Therefore, the human species acted through that individual member of the species.

So I propose to you that when you pronounce this word, Rhome, because the first letter is a Greek rho, which can be pronounced R-H-O, you feel it in your chest, you feel this word in your body. You are a member of a species stating your identity and your recognition of that species. I propose this term as a counterbalance to the term Xenosh.

The Xenosh define themselves as superior to and separate from the human species. Either they say that they are a higher species and therefore may be allowing in a token sense that humanity is a lesser species or they say, no, humanity is not even a species other than animals like cattle, like sheep, like donkeys. And this is how the Xenosh openly state their view of humanity. So if you ever encounter one of them, anywhere in the world, in a bookstore, at the theatre, in an airport, you need to bear in mind perhaps that when they look at you they do not see the human species. They see what they consider to be a lesser form of animal and they hold themselves to be supreme above that animal and apart from that animal in their focal identity.

You see, the Xenosh have an advantage over the rest of humanity in that they have a focal identity. But due to the fact that the Gnostics were not able to complete their mission and provide humanity with the proper education in self-identification as a species, well, those whom the Xenosh intend to dominate are at a great disadvantage.

So of course I've referred at moments to the derogatory term goyim, which means cattle or sheep or mere animals, and I've referred to the term gentiles, which is taken from from the Latin gens, meaning simply the people, but it doesn't even mean the people as human people, it just means a lesser, inferior kind of creature. Let's delete both those terms from our vocabulary in reference to ourselves. It may be useful to employ the word goyim from time to time because it refers to what the Xenosh think of the non-Xenosh.

But when you think of yourself and hold yourself as a member of humanity, you can say, I am Rhome. Humanity is Rhome. I am not a goy animal, an inferior animal. I am not a mere Gentile. It's all about what happens between the Xenosh and the Rhome. That's what this whole drama is about that's unfolding on the planet today.

In all of its details, in all of its complicated and convoluted situations and conflicts here and there, and the civil war that's now breaking out in the United States, subsequent to the Charlottesville event, it's all about the righteous third party turning the Rhome against each other. The Rhome never get a chance to work out their own problems.

Now there was a time when they did, but for about the last 150 years or so, the interference and intrusion of the Xenosh has been so momentous that members of the Rhome in communities around the world, in nations, in groups within those nations, have never been able to sort things out among themselves. And so we have come to this terrible, terrible psychodrama of orchestrated chaos, which the Xenosh dominate and in which they intend to carry out their ultimate plan.

They have a final solution, not just for the Germans, although they're at the top of the hit list, and then all white people, largely because they hate white people the most, and because white people represent the greatest threat to that plan, and after the white people, well, it's a piece of cake. They take down everyone else because there are no white people to defend them anymore.

So this is the way the world would go, were the Xenosh able to carry out their plan. So what are you saying, John? Are you saying it can all be summed up by us versus them? Well, I wish it were that easy. You see, the problem is that it's not Rhome versus the Xenosh. I'd like to bring it to the point where it is that. I'm going to do everything I can to bring it to the point where that is the basic and fundamental confrontation. But the way it plays out now in the world's psychodrama and in the realm of Realpolitik or whatever you want to call it, is that the Xenosh operating as the righteous third party, either covertly or overtly, either by stealth or by open tactic, pit the various factions of the Rhome against each other and get us to destroy ourselves.

Go back and look at the history of World War I. One of the first things that you will hear about World War I is that the destruction of human life was senseless. Why do you hear this term? All historians, almost all historians, no, I think it's unanimous. All historians of World War I talk about the senseless slaughter of young men at Verdun and in the Valley of the Somme. And they throw up their hands and they say, what was the point? Why did this happen?

You know, I lived in Flanders off and on for a long time during my life in Europe. And I lived not a stone's throw away from Flanders fields where poppies grow. And I have been to those valleys and those fields which are tranquil farm fields today, if they are not massive graveyards. And in those fields a hundred years ago, the most human blood that was ever spilled in one day was spilled there.

The most human blood that was ever shed, ever sacrificed in one day, was sacrificed and shed and poured into the earth of those fields, and I have been there. And the question is, who was fighting who and for what? Why? And no historian can answer that question, unless they factor into the equation the presence of the righteous third party.

So, it is the ultimate goal of the Xenosh to destroy the Rhome by having the factions of the Rhome destroy each other, brother against brother, like in the Bhagavad Gita. Nation against nation, white against white, white against black. It's no difference to the righteous third party. To the Xenosh, white against black, as you're seeing in South Africa right now, oh, it's a beautiful solution, because it appears to be a race war. Oh, whites hate blacks, blacks hate whites. No, it’s an orchestration of the third party, using white skinned people and black skinned people to destroy each other. And this is their MO, this is how they operate.

So, it's extremely important in the first place that I would leave you at this point in this, in my channel, leave you with a challenge that was left by the great Gnostic teachers and guides of humanity. The challenge to find an identity focus for humanity, that each individual, no matter of what race of the human species you belong, can turn to, to see your own reflection as a human animal.

Now, I've titled this talk, “Defeat of the Xenosh”, and in the previous two talks I've set up the equation. I've set up the plot. So certainly if you're following me now in this investigation, there's a couple of things that you're going to know with total certainty.

First thing is, that the array of so-called Mandela effects is a phenomenon of our time, a unique and bizarre phenomenon. And this phenomenon is an indication of a supernatural intervention into the human world.

So, the Aeon Sophia, who is the plenary sovereign intelligence, PSI if you will, of the planet, has broken in at the most mundane and banal level of human interests to attract human attention.

Now many people, I don’t know if it’s millions, some people would say it is? I don't know. Whoever has been affected by the Mandela Effect has the opportunity to decode it and look into the messages coming through the effect.

Now it's true, sadly so, and it seems to be getting worse among those who are dedicating their channels to the Mandela Effect, in my opinion, it seems that they are just not getting the message encoded into the effects.

So I want to return you to one point, which is in a way the summation of this channel, this Gnostic investigation. And then I want to take you to the next stage, where the channel goes in the remaining ten talks.

I have shown that if you decode, selectively, certain signals, certain instances of the Mandela effect, then you can decode within those instances a message which consists of themes. There is a plot, there are themes, and all the clues in the world don't count if you don't know what crime has been committed. If you cannot identify the motive the method and the opportunity of the criminal, then you cannot construct a narrative of the crime, and you cannot solve the crime, and you cannot make sense of any of the clues that will allow you to solve the crime. Right? This is my forensic approach. Right?

The Gnostic approach is forensic, it's absolutely unique and incomparable. If I have to say so myself, and you can't touch this, is what I say to anyone else who's talking about this phenomenon.

So, what are the two themes revealed so far? Well, I've spoken of the super-clusters. The first one carries the theme of the master race, accompanied with the theme of genocide. So, there you go. The Xenosh are writ large in the first super-cluster.

Remember that I pointed out at the beginning of this investigation that the sovereign supernatural power behind this investigation intends to get your attention by demonstrating material changes that cannot be explained in a rational or normal way. No, they can be explained in a rational or normal way. I've done so, but they can only be explained in a rational and normal way, which includes a supernatural factor.

So, if you are a materialist, rational reductionist, you can never explain the changes in the actual metal emblems and icons of Volkswagen and Ford. So those two icons which are at the center of the first super-cluster imprint into your mind the fact that something extraordinary is calling your attention to Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler. And what did Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler have in common? They had the recognition of the Xenosh and that is no small fact, my friends, no small fact.

Henry Ford dedicated his efforts to writing a long series of papers and essays, which were, I believe, published in his newspaper that he owned, “The Dearborn Independent”, and then also published as a separate book, which exists to this day and which you can find on the internet under the title, “The International Jew”.

And in this long work, in this long elaborate work, Henry Ford argued that the Xenosh were the foremost problem facing humanity. Moreover, when Henry Ford sold one of his cars, his Model Ts, he included with that car a copy of a document, The Protocols of the Learned Xenosh”, if you will. So, Henry Ford knew exactly what was going on in the history of the 20th century and his counterpart in Germany, Adolf Hitler, was also wise to the great danger facing not only the German people in survival of his country and his race, but to Europe as a whole.

He recognized that danger in the 30s up until 1939 and through the Second World War in the presence of the Soviet Bolshevik regime. As a matter of fact, Hitler attempted to defend Europe against a military invasion by the Soviet regime under Stalin. That is why he attacked Russia. It was a pre-emptive attack because he saw that the horrific Bolshevik Stalinist regime, which is a creation of the Xenosh, which had been cranking on for let's say 20-22 years from 1917 to 1939, was committing mass genocide, destroying the Russian people in the name of a revolution in their cause, which is a great fraud. And he saw that Stalin had created the military force adequate to come down into all of Europe, Eastern and Western Europe, and take it over by force and turn it into a Soviet nightmare.

And he called the central executive powers who were orchestrating this communist Bolshevik threat, this communist Bolshevik danger, he called them a satanic cabal. And by that term he referred to the Xenosh. So, the international agents of Ford and the satanic cabal, named by Hitler, are the same entity.

So, the first super-cluster brings your attention to the historical reality. Correction is about correcting the historical record. It's about revision and review, yes. Revision and review, historical revision and review, are the greatest threat to the Xenosh, because by those means, they could lose control of the narrative, which is a huge lie.

The narrative of World War I and World War II is a huge lie. But through that lie, they command power over the Rhome. Were they to lose power of the narrative, well that would be a great blow to them, and they are losing power of the narrative, of control of the narrative.

So, it makes sense that the Mandela meme, as it was originally intended as a psyop, was directed toward memory. It was intended as an attack upon your memory, upon your confidence of your ability to probe the facts with your probative faculty and to retain the facts and put the facts into a coherent narrative so that you see the clues that refer to the crime that's been committed. That faculty is the greatest threat to the Xenosh, imaginable.

And so the Mandela meme, Nelson Mandela, Dead or Alive, was initially launched, fraudulently fronted through Fiona Broome, as a deliberate PSYOP attacking historical review and historical revisionism. If not attacking the actual individuals who were responsible for it, such as Mark Webber or David Irving, or many others I could name, half a dozen others I could name, apart from attacking those individuals, no, attacking those individuals would bring tension to them and there's a risk then that people would say, hey, these people are talking about history based on facts in a way that's really convincing, compared to what I've learned about the Gestapo through Hollywood films.

So, that's what the Mandela meme, in its initiation, was intended to do. But, as I've argued, it has turned into something utterly different. So, you have the weird concept of a psyop intercepted. So now, the Gnostic future is here and I am able to bring your attention to the fact that the first super-cluster refers to the Xenosh and their genocidal agenda, Moonraker. Go read the plot.

The second super-cluster refers to the Rhome, the amber stain. What is the amber stain? It is the actual coloration in the nebular cloud of M42, which is the Orion Nebula. The coloration in that area of the galactic arm, where the Sun, Earth, and planets, are traveling, indicates the presence of the Anthropic genome seeded from the galactic core.

The seed of the Rhome, the seed of the human species, is in that amber stain, and the mother of the human species is Lucy, Lucifer, Sophia, the organic light who is also imminently present in the material body of the earth. So, the second super-cluster, according to the way I've decoded it, shows you that the Aeon Sophia is bringing your attention to herself and to her magical child, her progeny, the Rhome.

Now, there is a third cluster, and I will elaborate it. It's not exactly a super-cluster. It's of a different structure. I'm calling it the vampire cluster. It's a small cluster, and it's situated and configured in a different way than the two massive clusters considered so far. So, I'll get to that in the remaining ten talks.

But to conclude this talk, I'm at the halfway point right now, I want to bring your attention to a question. Now, I've lived with this question for quite a long time, since it began to dawn on me that Sophia's correction, as indicated in the Gnostic texts, was actually underway. And since I set up the Gaian Navigation Experiment over three years to track how she would set up her correction, how she would do a reset of the experiment between March 2011 and March 2014.

Since that time, I have reflected deeply, long and deep, on this question, and I wonder if you have done so as well. The question is: does Sophia’s correction allow or require, as you wish, the complete defeat of the Xenosh?

Now you can formulate this question in various ways. For instance, you can say, you can ask, is it possible that the complete defeat of the Xenosh could be achieved in Sophia's correction? I like that way of putting it. Big question mark at the end of that.

Is it possible that the total defeat of the Xenosh could be achieved in Sophia's correction? Well, here's the Gnostic teacher now, taking you close into my presence, drawing you toward me, in an intimate way, I'm speaking to you in an intimate and confidential way, as the Gnostic teacher. And the answer is, yes and no. Not necessarily.

Now I need to remind you that correction is the translation of the Greek word diarthosis and the prefix di- refers to division or divergence. It refers to a forking of the road in human experience on this planet.

So in fact, Sophia's correction really consists of two events, two corrections at once. In one of them, it doesn't matter if the Xenosh are actually defeated or not. And in the other, the challenge to defeat the Xenosh is the main event unfolding. I ask you to reflect extremely closely on that distinction.

Now, how can I say that it doesn't matter if the Xenosh are defeated or not? I mean, that's not acceptable. That's just unacceptable to say that, of course it matters. They are the paramount enemies of humanity by their own declaration. And how can humanity, the Rhome, survive and thrive in this experiment without the complete and total decimation and elimination of the Xenosh. Isn't that the highest desirable goal?

Well, certainly I desire that goal. I certainly do. Yet, speaking from the viewpoint of the Gnostic perspective on correction, I have to get across to you something that is quite subtle, but also really fundamental. You see, according to one way to present the Gnostic message about the Aeon Sophia and the true story of the Earth and the origin of the human species. According to that way, I can say, the Earth is a living entity, an Aeonic divinity, a Pleromic divinity. The Earth is the material and sensorial embodiment of a pleromic star goddess, whose organic light actually permeates the material body of the planet.

And what you call life on this planet, human history, the events of human experience, whatever you want to call it, the human story, the human drama, what you call all that is just a dream that she is having. She is dreaming the earth, Sophia is dreaming the life of humanity on the earth. You are in a dream, but it's not your dream, it's hers.

So, I've used the analogy of a lucid dream and I will continue to apply it more and more strongly in whatever I do in my Gnostic practice of teaching from this point on. I highlight to your mind, have you ever had a lucid dream? That's a dream you have, you’re asleep in your bed, your physical body is asleep in your bed, you're in your astral or dream body and suddenly in whatever situation you may be in, you realize, hey, this is a dream, but I'm awake in my dream, that's a lucid dream.

Now imagine that you're in a lucid dream, of which you are not the dreamer. You are not asleep in your bed. While you are having this lucid dream, you are awake. Right now, right now, listen to me, listen to my words, you are awake in a lucid dream that is of which you are not the dreamer, but you are a character in that dream.

So, correction happens in one sense for those human individuals who realize that they are actors and characters in the living dream of the earth. Those individuals love the earth, they adore and revere the planet and they observe the narrative of the planet, the fallen goddess scenario, as a supreme framing story of their own lives. They have a transcendent and transpersonal plot in which they conduct their lives. That is to live in correction. That is to be a living witness to the living dream of the wisdom goddess.

And that is deliverance from the nightmare of history in and of itself. That is one path of correction. And as for those who live in that way, their lives go along a path that becomes more and more every day, every week, in every incident, in every situation, it diverges more and more from the nightmare of the Archons and the Xenosh into another world, into another earth.

So, there is some kind of mitotic division of the planet happening. It is such a momentous event that really, it is really beyond the scale of human comprehension. But if you look at what I wrote in Director's Cut on Mythophrenia, you'll see my best attempt to bring it within the frame of comprehension. It's as if there are two movie reels running. One of them is called the fifth real, and that is the one in which the Xenosh are executing their plan and attempting to carry out their plan to dominate the world and to genocide all races or to retain certain survivors of genocide as their slaves and servants. This is their self-declared plan. That's the fifth reel.

But there is another reel, there is a splice-over of 11 minutes and 11 seconds down to the end of the fifth reel. And this splice-over is the alt reel. So watch your homophones. It's the other reel, R-E-E-L, it's the other movie reel, and it is also the other reality, R-E-A-L. Now, if you're in the alt “real”, your life and the circumstances of it diverge more and more frame by frame from the fifth reel. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in the alt real, if there is an assault upon the Xenosh by certain members of the human species which results in the complete overthrow and defeat of the Xenosh. It doesn't matter.

But in the fifth reel, it does matter. Bear in mind, however, and this is a paramount qualification, those who live in the art real, that is the splice-over of the last eleven minutes, going to a different film, a different version of the world movie, do not surrender the wish and the intention for the Xenosh to be entirely defeated.

No, in fact they hold that intention for those in the fifth reel. But you see the difficulty is the tragic parting of the ways of humanity, let's be frank about it folks. In Gnostic terms, goes like this. Kali says, “Either you are part of my supernatural magic or you are rubble”.

That's a really brutal way to put it, but that is not an unfounded sentiment, if I might use that expression. Those who live in the fifth reel are all of the individual specimens of humanity belonging to all the races around the world who are not intimate witnesses to Sophia's correction.

In fact, another way to state the diarthosis or the parting of the ways in the correction is that the correction involves one course of events for those who participate in it and another course of events for those who are oblivious to it.

So what's the story about those massive amount, the massive preponderance of human beings in the fifth reel movie, who are oblivious to the Sophianic narrative, who do not recognize that the earth is alive, who do not see the wisdom of the Aeon Sophia, recognizes her as their mother, you know. They are that part of Rhome, which may be rubble, along with the Xenosh and everyone else in the fifth reel.

But those in the alt real don’t necessarily take that view. You would care for them in the fifth reel to succeed in defeating the Xenosh. But what actually can you do about it? You know, the people in the fifth reel who can rise up and defeat the Xenosh don't have to know about the Aeon Sophia, the Fallen Goddess Scenario, or the Sophianic way of life to do that, because their path in that real is a solution on its own terms. And it stands apart from the solution for life, for your life, that comes to those who are intimate witnesses to the Aeon Sophia and who know her correction and how it works and who participate in it.

So, it's a really tricky situation, yet it's my intention to make it not tricky. I don't want it to appear tricky. I want it to appear crystal clear what happens in these two different courses of events.

So let me, to clarify this point that I would like to make now, and bring this talk to its conclusion, I’ll lead with another question. What would it take for the Rhome in the fifth reel, that is to say, more or less oblivious of the Gnostic intel on Sophia's correction, to oppose and defeat the Xenosh, utterly? What would it take for them to do that? And is it possible, is it conceivable that they could do that, even though they don't know what those in the alt-real know?

Look, I don't know how this is coming across to you, because you're not sitting in front of me in flesh and blood. I can't see your eyes, can't see the color of your complexion, expression drifting across your face, I can't see your body language. But from where I'm standing, this is one hell of a question. And I am going to be so bold and so arrogant in keeping with Gnostic know-it-all attitude, for which I am famous, as to propose an answer, the beginning of an answer.

In the first place, it will be impossible in the great global drama of affairs to overcome and defeat the Xenosh if there is not a sufficient faction of humanity who has been educated through historical revision and historical review. Because it is through memory of the actual facts of history that human animals find their moral bearing on current events. The past is a background for the moral choices in the present.

So, if for instance you are fortunate enough to follow the historical review and historical revision work done so far to present to the world at large the true history of World War II, if you know what the facts are, if you know what the true history is, you are compelled then to remember that history. There’s a memory that comes of things in history that you didn't necessarily live through and then there is the memory of things that you have lived through from the moment you are born, right?

So, I was born in 1945, I didn't live through the events of the second World War, from 1939 to 1945, but I have a memory of those events as result of the investigation of historical review and historical revision. And that memory of those events resides in me in the same way as a memory of events that I have lived since I was born. Because truth is the same. The truth based on facts and evidence is the same. And so that memory that I have of what happened in World War II, according to a narrative based on facts and evidence, compels me to certain moral choices.

But without that memory, people will not be compelled. You see? So, you understand why the narrative of the Holocaust is so destructive. Because if you install and indoctrinate a lie, and that lie becomes the acquired historical memory of people who lived after the events, then those people have no inspiration or compulsion whatsoever to act on the truth of those events. Because they've never known what that truth is. This is a horrific destruction of human morality, of the very capacity for human animals to act in a moral and responsible way. This is a terrible situation, grinding itself down to the last frame in the fifth reel.

Alright. That looks pretty grim, and on some days the world drama does look pretty grim. But let's consider a best-case scenario. Suppose that there were a sufficient number of people who knew the truth of history, the true facts. For instance, if you know the fact that Adolf Hitler brought his regime and all of the German people to the mission to defend Europe and the free world against Judeo-Bolshevik communism, then you have the moral bearing today to stand against communism.

So let's say there are such people in our midst. The recognition of the C-word is everything. It's communism, the consequences of communism brought into South Africa by the Righteous Third Party that are now playing out in South Africa. It's the consequences of communism operating through stealth methods in the United States through the 50s, 60s and 70s that is now playing out to turn the USA into the U.S.S.A. which is the Union of Soviet Socialist America, the Union of Soviet States of America, the U.S.S.A.

Communism is the greatest common planetary evil facing the Rhome, which can only recognize that evil on the basis of genuine historical memory. So let’s say that genuine historical memory is building and growing and converting people to a position of activism and defense of freedom across the world. What else would be required to turn the tide? What else would be required for the final and ultimate defeat of the Xenosh?

Well, something else would be required in my view. I think that the activism and the moral conscience, let's say the historic conscience of humanity that is currently awakening, of course, is a huge factor in turning around the world drama in Reel 5, the fifth reel. But in my view, there is something else that would be required.

You know, it's a plain fact, which anyone can spend four to six hours researching on the internet to establish this fact that the Xenosh have been expelled from hundreds of countries in the world, over the last 2000 years. The expulsions of the Xenosh are simply an historical fact. They have been thrown out of all the countries of Europe and in some cases over and over again from the same country when they came back into the country and reinstalled themselves. And when you read the historical records of the expulsions of the Xenosh, it's like reading a case file that a doctor might have written on the status of a patient attempting to rid itself of a parasite.

The Xenosh are a parasite upon the social organism and wherever they go, wherever they have gone, the social organism has attempted to eject them. It has a natural reaction of repulsion and rejection. The facts show that the policy of Adolf Hitler in the Third Reich in Germany was a policy of exclusion of the Xenosh, exclusion, not extermination. Two words both begin with X.

In fact, the record shows that the policy of the Workers' Party, the Social National Socialist Workers' Party, the policy of the third Reich, as it was called, was remarkably fair and even-handed and generous toward the Xenosh.

So there was a program, a well-ordered program, to assist them in emigrating from the country. They were not bodily thrown out of the country. And you can go read about it, it's absolutely remarkable. Few people know that the first place that the Israeli flag with the blue representation of the Star of David as it's called on it, the first place that that flag ever flew was in Germany. Did you know that?

Well, that's the truth my friends and what happened was that the German state, the Third Reich, made provisions for members of the Xenosh within Germany who were encouraged to migrate to Palestine to go to camps. And the Germans actually set up these camps for them to go and learn the skills that they would need when they arrived in that foreign environment of Palestine. And so there were training camps for these immigrants who were guaranteed that when they left Germany and arrived at their destination, they would have all of the money that they had in their banks and all of their, the value of their personal possessions would be restored to them in the land to which they immigrated, and the camps where they were trained and prepared for this transition flew that flag.

So the policy of exclusion was underway in Germany until the point where it was no longer feasible due to the conditions of war and at that time those Xenosh who remained in Germany were put in work camps, where they were treated very well. In fact, they were better off than most of the German people during the war in regard to health care, safety and nutrition. And the Red Cross records show that and the Red Cross records show the actual numbers of those who died in the work camps, none of whom died from gassing in ovens. There is not one single recorded case or one supporting autopsy.

So these are the facts and they describe, these facts give you a moral perspective on how the Xenosh were treated in that instance at that time. Needless to say, they haven't been treated so well in other instances where they were excluded and expelled from different countries. So the question arises, additional to historical revision and review, which would include the overturning of the Holocaust narrative, in addition to that, what else would be required to defeat the Xenosh?

Well, something really extraordinary would be required that has never ever happened in human history before, namely, the unification of many races and many countries and nations as one against the Xenosh, that is to say, a collective global exclusion of the Xenosh.

Now that could happen in correction as it plays out in the fifth reel in the world drama populated by those who are not intimate with Sophia's correction and the fallen goddess scenario. That could happen. But again, another deeper question. Let's go to the last layer, let's go to the last level. What would it take for the citizens of different countries, different nations, different cultures, those who speak different languages, German, French, Italian, Greek, Serbian, Russian, what would it take for those members of those societies, en masse, as a whole, to turn against the Xenosh? What would it take to make that happen? And is it plausible, is it feasible that that could ever happen?

Because were that to happen, then the total defeat of the Xenosh could be accomplished, even in the fifth real. That is to say, it could be accomplished in the world drama on a planetary scale. Now, I make no bones with you, and I do not lead you into false expectations, or into groundless expectations and make-believe scenarios. I don't know if it's possible for humanity en masse to turn against the Xenosh in that way. No, let me correct that. I know it's possible. I just don't know if it will happen. And I do not predict that it will happen.

But, I'm making this talk to bring the total picture before your minds, the total picture of the plight of humanity today. The Mandela Effect is not just something to play around with or to be dazzled and baffled by. No, it's not. It's a really serious call to the parting of the ways of the human race and it's a call to action.

So those in the Alt-Real, which gradually, frame by frame, departs from the Fifth Reel, still hold as their highest desire the defeat of the Xenosh, but they regard it in a different way than those in the fifth reel, who are not sufficiently informed or educated in the Gnostic perspective of this experiment.

So I leave you with those thoughts, those are deep and troubling thoughts, but there's a lot of substance there, a lot of substance that can lead to encouragement and strength and commitment. I will close by noting that I have provided as an illustration for this upload an image of the Creophoros, which is an icon from the Greco-latin period. It shows a man, who might be considered as a shepherd, holding on his shoulders a lamb. That's called a Creophoros, the lamb bearing figure.

And that was the figure that the Telestai wished to install in human consciousness as an icon of self-identification of the Rhome. There's a whole chapter in “Not in His Image” where I discuss what happened. It's the episode of the gospel of Hermas, and Hermas was intended by the Gnostics to be the image of humanity as a caretaker of the divine child, the lamb. So that image was extremely powerful and would have been an icon of imagination that guided humanity into the Piscean Age.

What actually happened was that the image of the Creophoros, the lamb-bearing shepherd of humanity, was replaced by the image of a man tortured on a cross who was falsely said to represent humanity.

So, you can see from those two images, in the contrast of those two images, the terrible plight of humanity as a species in search of a self. So, I'm going to leave you with that note and with that image and I'll pick up with the sequence of the ten remaining talks. I've sketched out more or less the content of seven or eight of them, so I know what I'm going to cover. A few surprises as always.

Be sure to look at the tracking page. There's a link to a clip. I don’t generally recommend or reference other clips, but there’s a link to a clip about the identity and agenda of the Xenosh. That's one of the better that I've seen and it really summarizes accurately where the Xenosh are coming from and what they intend for humanity.

So take a look at that, do your homework and until the next time, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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