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#56 - MED - The righteous third party

#56 - MED - The righteous third party

Archive of #56 - MED

Hello once again. This is JLL coming to you with Gnostic Intel on the Internet. It's August 4th, 2017. This is installment 53 of Mandela Effect Decoded. I'm calling it “The Righteous Third Party”.

It's a direct continuation of the previous talk which was entitled “The Division of Humanity According to Truth or to the Truth”, as you prefer. If you got the gist of that talk then you will understand that it means, it indicates that there is a natural division of the human species depending on the capacity to know the truth and the capacity to know the truth in turn depends upon the probative ability to look for evidence and facts and subsequently to base a description of events, actions or behavior on the evidence and the facts.

That's the operative definition of truth that I'm offering here. As a heuristic device, and as operational syntax for proceeding with this investigation. Now I said in that talk that I would get to the question of truth versus error by the end of the talk, and I didn't quite make it there.

So I will begin with that concept, that dynamic, that particular formula, truth versus error, by contrast to truth versus deceit. So that's where I'm going to kick off in talking about the righteous third party. I'd also like to say that I have decided to add another feature to this channel.

Due to the fact that some of the topics I cover require digressions, and I'm already talking an average of an hour with each upload, I've decided to set aside a second feature in which I can deal with digressions and questions that arise, troublesome and confusing points and issues that arise in the course of the exposition.

And so I'm going to call those digressions not footnotes, although they will be the equivalent to footnotes in a book, some longer, some shorter. I'm going to call them hoofnotes. Because in fact, what I am doing with this channel is a nifty little goat dance, which might be called the sorcerer's last dance. And since a true sorcerer is like an initiate in classical times, that is to say, a goat, because the initiates were called goats and compared to goats, then it's fair to say that I am doing a little goat-footed dance here.

That's the command performance. And from time to time I have to dance off into various tricky and touchy areas, and so I will not bog down the general exposition by such digressions, but I will dedicate interim recordings to those matters. And so there's an interim recording that goes along with this installment, number 53, and that is hoofnotes, number one, or hoofnotes for ME 53.

And the title of those hoofnotes is, Who is the truth core? I'm using the term the truth core. Watch your homophones, okay? Core, C-O-R-P-S, like the Peace Corps. So there was a Peace Corps, an idealistic social program of the 60s, and I'm saying that there is, in the natural order of human affairs, a truth corps, C-O-R-P-S. But you can also follow the homophone, and you can read it as a truth core, C-O-R-E.

In any case, you'll find my discussion of that subject, who is the truth corps, that question, in the hoofnotes. So, I won't go into that digression now. I can go directly to the developing and enduring themes of this investigation. And in this manner, I intend to stay more closely and tightly on course as I carry this investigation forward to its conclusion. So how about that? Tak. All right.

You know, truth versus error versus truth versus deceit. What's the thing here? What's the spin here? What's really the difference, truth versus error and truth versus deceit?

A great many problems in human society and a great many problematic situations through history, which worked out very badly, can be analyzed by upholding the difference between truth versus error and truth versus deceit, or to permutate it in another way, to distinguish between error and deceit. I think the distinction between error and deceit ought to be obvious to everyone.

If we are on a journey and we stop on the road and ask for directions, and someone gives us those directions, they may be correct. We arrive at our destination. The directions may be wrong. The person giving them may be in error, or we may make an error in following the correct directions. All this is part of the learning process typical of the human animal.

Trial and error, truth and error, this is how one learns. But if we pull over to the road and ask directions from someone who deliberately gives us wrong directions, then that's an act of deceit. And deceit is different than error. Deceit has an intention behind it. And it is a fact that deceit operates as a factor in human society.

However, once you have this simple formula before you, formula that I just set out. If you take a step back, you can ask this question, well, how does deceit arise and what is the operation of deceit? What are the operations of deceit that need to be discerned carefully, rigorously discerned, and that need to be detected so that you can face deceit and deal with deceit.

Mark Twain famously said, and I don't know, this is attributed to Mark Twain, sounds like something he would have said, it is easier to dupe someone than to convince them that they have been duped. It is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived.

So deceit is definitely a serious threat to social harmony and to the happiness and fulfillment of life on earth and life shared by human beings in a social situation. The point that I intend to make in this talk is that there is a certain kind of deceit that will arise and occur that is natural to human animals as a strategy. And the purpose of this strategy is generally of two sorts.

One is to achieve something that one wants. If you do not think that you can achieve it in an honest, open, and straightforward way, then you would resort to deceit to achieve your goal. And I would consider that to be an immoral deceit. But there’s another instance where you might use deceit to protect yourself.

For instance, if some thugs broke into your house and you found yourself in a desperate situation where your family was threatened and so forth, it would not be immoral to lie to these invaders, these intruders, and to deceive them in order to protect yourself.

So there is a factor of strategic deceit, which is acceptable. It is not based on an intention to mislead and be dishonest, but it's based on the necessity of the situation.

So I would submit to you, I would propose to you that you consider those two kinds of deceit to be endemic to the human species. No matter what race, no matter what culture, country, whatever, those two factors of deceit are endemic and normal. We're talking about an orthosis. They're normal and you can detect them and you can analyze them.

Now I submit to you that there is a further kind of deceit which comes from the righteous third party, uniquely. The Gnostics signaled about that deceit. They pointed out that the Archontic factor of deceit is something that the human animal was not initially designed to handle.

So if the two other kinds of deceit arrive, deceit for the purpose of cheating someone or deceit for the purpose of protection, if they arise in situations between human animals in any social order, they can be managed, they can be worked out. The people involved in those situations can work them out among themselves.

But when the Archontic factor of deceit comes into play, into this experiment, it introduces things that are beyond the human capacity, the normal human capacity to work out. And so the Archontic deceit operating through the righteous third party and through the Xenosh has an advantage upon humanity.

That kind of deceit and the evil that can be perpetrated through that kind of deceit has an advantage on humanity. When you know this, you can go back and look at various events and periods of history and go back to classical times. I don't suggest going way, way back. You don't need to.

Then you can come forward into historical times to the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, and you can detect that particular form of deceit which is Archontically spun, Archontically infected deceit, and you can track the way it has worked its way into the social order to the point of creating havoc, confusion, disorder, division, driving all human affairs into a state of orchestrated chaos that is actually unmanageable because the deceit operating from the Archontic inspiration through the Archontic proxies, the Xenosh, is to a certain extent beyond the capacity of human animals to manage. This is a very great fact.

So it's possible to make a distinction, and I consider it to be a valid and valuable distinction, between what might be called generic or normal forms of deceit that arise in human society in the social order and Archontic deceit which introduces and operates through an alien and extraneous factor.

This distinction is, in my mind, crucial to those of us today who would like to see some real results and some real change in the world due to Sophia's correction. It may seem that I've taken somewhat of a long loop here and deviated away from direct discussion of the Mandela effect.

Well, far from it. As a matter of fact, in this talk I'm going to come back to the heart of the Mandela narrative and describe the Mandela narrative, that is to say the life and mission of Nelson Mandela, as it plays out right now, today, this very day in the world, in South Africa, what is it about this very day, or let's just say the first week of August 2017, what is it about this very day I'm speaking to you about the Mandela Effect?

And why am I unique among all the people discussing the Mandela Effect who keeps going back persistently to the context, to the naming. I've insisted from the beginning that there are several ways. It's fascinating. It's a puzzle, isn't it? It's a riddle. It's an enigma. This is the Mandelic Riddle.

Well, it was intended as a PSYOP by some unknown agency. Ah, but at the same time, it's actually a breakthrough, the mother hack. It's a breakthrough of the plenary sovereign intelligence of the planet into the ordinary mindset of human beings.

But then again, there's something historical happening that's related to correction, which is exemplified in a particular dramatic way in the drama of South Africa. You see, this is the whole enchilada. And by that I'm talking about, yeah, a green chili chicken enchilada on a blue corn tortilla slathered with sour cream. Just to get your taste buds salivating.

Now that particular recipe may not be to your taste. I don't know. It's one of my favorite meals from living in Santa Fe. One of the few things I miss from the United States. Make up your own meal. Make up your own version of the total enchilada and see if you can get your taste buds salivating. Do you have taste buds for the truth?

Imagine an animal that salivates at the taste of the truth. That's the Rhome. That's the true human animal you were designed to be. Everyone knows the horrible story of Pavlov and Pavlovian training of dogs, getting them to salivate when a bell rings. And of course, all intelligent people in our time are aware of the application of the Pavlovian method to social engineering and behavioral control.

Well, that is all part of the evil and degeneration and disintegration of the social dynamic in our time. The alternative to that is to return to your true powers as a primate, as a human animal.

So just imagine that you could salivate when you hear the truth, that you could salivate at the thought of finding the truth, and not just finding it as others present it to you. It's a common project we're all working on together, those anyway, self-selecting people who are dedicated to truth, goodness, and beauty.

But just imagine that you salivate over your own ability to reach a description of what is true. That would be behavior, that would be a reaction in conformity with how you are designed and may your attention be rewarded by the truth so that you get a dopamine hit when you find it.

So, let's take a look at the nature of Archontic deceit and its relation to the Xenosh and the way it operates through the Xenosh. Or to put it another way, let's consider closely, diagnostically, how the Xenosh views Archontic deceit upon humanity, upon the entire human species, in such a manner that it produces problems which humanity was not initially designed to handle.

Remember that the Sacred Narrative of the Mysteries tells you that the Archons arose, due to an agitation in the area of the Kenoma or the Galactic Arms, due to the impact of Sophia plunging from the Pleromic core into the galactic arms.

Prior to the Earth arising as a metamorphosis of the organic light of the Aeon Sophia, and prior to the human species appearing on the Earth, the Archons arose, and it was a non-intended and unanticipated event.

So when Sophia and Thelete designed your human genome in the galactic core, they did not anticipate that you and I or any human animal in this experiment would be confronted with this kind of deceit. The scale and intensity and perversity and baroque complexity of this deceit is truly mind-boggling and extremely difficult to encompass, and it operates to break down and destroy human sanity.

So there is a tremendous challenge to sanity that comes with this moment of Sophia’s correction. This is the moment, yes, when some self-selecting members of the human species can get on the other side of the problem of Archontic deceit. So in the course of this talk, that's where I'm going to go.

Let's start out with an exercise using our metaphor of the crime scene, but we'll modify it a little bit. We'll say, look, we're not in the crime scene now. We're in the conference room where detectives gather, where the team gathers, the CSI people have the forensic evidence. We have file cabinets here with old cases that we can refer to and it's the typical scene you see in many detective films, many cop movies of the briefing, the senior officer or senior detective in this case would be me, is briefing you and on the wall you see the usual accessories of this process.

You see the photographs of the suspects and you see the lines that are drawn, sometimes made with string, connecting one nefarious operation to the other. And we're all sitting there in the debriefing room, the pre-briefing and debriefing room, and we're engaged in a profile of the perpetrator. Okay, as if we were profiling a serial killer like Hannibal Lecter, or if we were profiling the operations of a Cosa Nostra gang.

So we have the head and we have the hierarchical structure, you know. This is the operative metaphor today. This is the analogy to which I invite you. And within that frame, let's profile the Xenosh as agents of Archontic deceit.

Well, what do you see in the psychological profile of the Xenosh that allows you to identify them and thereby to detect their MO, how they operate? What do you see? Well, I advise you that what you see is rather complex. I've done my best to simplify the profile into several components, several elementary components. And I stand by my breakdown.

I trust strongly in the picture I'm going to present you now. This is one of the really outstanding contributions of this channel. You won't find this done anywhere else. You won't find this content anywhere else. But I advise you that there's a steep challenge in what's coming now in this talk, a steep challenge that you're going to need to take time to reflect and think and hone your discernment of the profile that I'm presenting.

To start out with, there are four factors in the components of the mindset of the Xenosh, okay? The first component is that there is a non-human factor. Well, you know what that is, obviously. We're talking, by the way, the Xenosh, are they human or are they Archontic? Well, it's a difficult question to answer.

The way that I've approached it through the years is like this, is to say, they are basically human stock. They were drawn from a certain racial selection, a certain demographic selection as it were.

When the Archontic intrusion occurred about 3,000 years ago in the Middle East, it occurred in a particular vector group existing at that time among what can be loosely called the Arabian peoples, the Arabian tribes. They can also be called Semites, but remember that Semite is not a racial qualification. Semite is a linguistic qualification.

So those who speak certain languages such as Arabic, Aramaic, Syriac, Hebrew and so forth are Semites. So among the Semitic language group and the Arabic demographics, the vector group appears.

The vector group is the actual group of human animals who were infected initially by the Archontic virus. Now remember, the Mandela effect through the six clues attached to the name Mandela contains a signal to that virus, to a form of it anyway.

By the way, I have to use the word virus very loosely. This is kind of problematical. You'll see why as we go along. There's an infection, a neural hack into the human animal that occurred in that specific place in the Middle East at a specific time. And so it was an intrusion into the human species that created the Xenosh. But as time goes by, the Xenosh become, in fact, less and less human. And it's really debatable today if the Xenosh of the primary infection, of the primary virulent strain, are human.

So the first factor is tricky. And let's say that there's a non-human element in the Xenosh. Now this is not such a remarkable or far-fetched statement actually because when you go to the Xenosh, when you go to their culture, when you go to their mindset, their writings as it were, their literature, you find that both in their literature and in many of the spoken testimonies that are on record today, well they say that they're not human.

In fact, they insist that they are superior, a superior and distinct species. This is the first characteristic in the profile of the Xenosh. The second goes along with this and works into this. It's a racial characteristic. So the Xenosh consider that they have a unique racial identity that sets them apart from all other races of the human species.

Remember, I like to use the term species for humanity as a whole. We are one species sharing in common the genomic template designed by Sophia and Thelete. But as that genomic potential develops in the planetary laboratory, as it develops on Earth at various times in history and as it develops in various climates and cultures of the Earth, it develops into racial strains.

So, there is a diversity, a variety of racial strains on the planet, obviously. There's more than just three, the Caucasoid, the Negroid and the Mongoloid, which is the Asiatic. There are many, many more strains. And these differences in the development of the human species make it extremely interesting.

However, however, the Self-Designated Racial Identity of the Xenosh stands apart from all the other human strains. So the slang term for all the other strains and races and ethnic groups and subgroups that has been used by the Xenosh themselves is the term goyim, which means, it's a derogatory term, it means cattle, sheeple, lesser animals. Gentiles is another term.

All races of humanity are grouped under this category as defined by the Xenosh who set themselves apart from all those groups. So there is a severe boundary of racial separation in the mind of the Xenosh, and they perpetuate that boundary by inbreeding. In fact, for the greater part of their history, coming forward from 1800 BC, they almost exclusively inbred.

They only started to outbreed and crossbreed in relatively recent times, and especially since around 1850. So looking at about 150, 170 years now in which the Xenosh, considered in their unique self-defined racial identity, have mixed with other racial strains. And there's two ways they do that.

Apart from inbreeding, which is to say only marry among themselves, they outbreed through the maternal line and they crossbreed through the paternal line. So, if you find a hybrid today, you find a human half-breed who has a mother from the Xenosh racial strain, then they have a mother who mated with a non-Xenosh. That's called outbreeding. And if it occurs that a father from the Xenosh racial strain breeds with a non-Xenosh, then you have crossbreeding.

And there is a massive amount of that has happened in the last 150 years and one of the results of that, speaking of deceit, is that the presence of the Xenosh in the world is a much higher proportion than the population generally stated. It's generally stated that the percentage of the Xenosh, Archontically infected human animals among the human race, it's about 2% say in any particular country like the United States, and something like 2% in the entire world. It's much, much higher.

But does Xenosh have a policy of not complying with census and population programs? They do not accurately report their numbers and they crossbreed and outbreed in quite excessive proportions. So there are many, many more of them than is generally believed. We move on to the third factor in the psychological profile of the Xenosh, and that is they have an ideology. They have a particular ideology.

They can see that the ideology is inherent in their racial identity and the ideology stems in some measure from the fact that due to the Archontic component in their genetics and in their neuro-physiological functions due to the infection, they have a belief system that conforms to their anomaly. They are anomalous. They are also, by the way, insane. And their presence in the world is the cause of insanity in the social order. They are systematically insane. It's something that needs to be looked at closely.

Anyway, I digress a little bit.

Factor 1, the non-human Archontic component.

Factor 2, a specific separatist racial identity.

Factor 3, an ideological racial identity connected with the notion of separation and supremacy.

Now let's look at some of the evidence here. Remember, we're in the briefing room. We've got all these pictures and diagrams on the wall. We're putting together the clues of a crime, which is the crime of the Xenosh against humanity. It's the attack on humanity by the proxies of the Archons. And I'm going to pull out some evidence that comes actually from the documents of those entities that we are profiling.

So I have here in front of me a printout from the Internet of a chapter of Deuteronomy number chapter 26 and there is a verse 27 and I have in front of me the Hebrew interlinear.

So I'm looking at a certain sacred text written in the Hebrew language and I'm looking at the transliteration of it and then the translation of it. You know the difference. Transliteration just is kind of piecing together a sentence in the text according to the words. This is the transliteration here.

“And Yahweh he affirms you the day to to be of to him to people of special as which he spoke to you and to to observe of all of instructions of him and to to give of you supreme over all of the nations which he made for praise”.

That's the transliteration directly from the specific Hebrew words. And the one word I bring to your attention is the word that is translated O-L-I-U-N, supreme. Now when you go to the translation, and there are of course many translations of this document, this is what you read.

“And the Lord hath avouched thee this day to be his peculiar people, as he hath promised thee, and that thou shouldest keep all his commandments, and to make thee high above all nations, which he hath made in praise, in name, and in honour, etc.”

And to make thee high above all nations. It doesn't say that. It says supreme. So the ideology of supremacy is written explicitly in the testimony and the literature which is peculiar to the Xenosh.

So it is an ideology of supremacy, I'm not making this up, this is literally the word, and it is what? And that equates to what? You can call master race ideology or master race supremacy.

So you see, this is the topic, the issue of the first super-cluster. Remember? This is the topic and the issue to which the Mandela Effect brings your attention when you get past the pings and you decode the messages that are contained in the signals that Sophia is choosing to elaborate her correction and to make her correction process known and accessible to those who have the intelligence to see it.

All in all, you could summarize, right here in talk 53, we could summarize and say there are three great themes in the decoding of the Mandela effect, three and three only, shown by three super-clusters, two of which I've already treated, the third remains to be treated.

First great theme is master race ideology. As I pointed out, it is impossible to have a master race as the Xenosh consider themselves to be. No bones about it. They don't hide that, do they? Yes, they do hide it. They both reveal it openly and hide it at the same time.

That's part of the treachery of the Archontic Deceit. Some of it is right out in the open. Some of it is held back and concealed. It's extremely confusing. It creates cognitive dissonance. It can drive you insane to try to work out how the diabolical insanity is operating here.

Nevertheless, there is that theme, and as I pointed out at the beginning of this investigation, you cannot separate a master race ideology from genocide, because by definition, the master race, which is not benevolent and which is anti-human, has the objective to destroy all of humanity.

It doesn't merely have the objective to wipe out the whites, who are now about 10-8% of the global population. You know, the white races, the Caucasian, Aryan, Nordic races, including Scandinavian peoples, including the racial components of my genetic identity, the Irish and the Italian, because I'm a hybrid of the Irish and the Italian, you know, the Greeks, the Iranians, by the way, who are not Arabs, but they are Aryans.

Well, these races, the white races, are the biggest, are the most significant racial minority on the planet.

So if there is any persecution of the white races in the so-called claims of white genocide, and if you're willing to consider that rationally, consider that possibility, that horror, that danger, rationally, based on the facts, then you have to say that the white races are an endangered minority on this planet.

The white races should have minority rights, but we're not going to talk about rights because that's a lot of bullshit, and that's the language actually that is used deceptively in a destructive and perverted way. So to stay on track here, the first super-cluster is about the master race, ideology, and genocide.

The second super-cluster is about the true identity of humanity, the Rhome, this luminous child who is born out of the organic light, from the milky light of the mother and nourished from her many breasts, as seen in the effigy of Diana of Ephesus. It's an effigy of the organic light. So that's the second main theme revealed through the decoding of the Mandela Effect.

And the third theme is the vampire theme, which is yet to be fully considered. Okay, moving on quickly and winding up this talk. The profile for you to study and to live with and study and look at this, but don't embellish it. Just look at the essential elementary descriptions I'm giving. Don't try to embellish it too much. It will become more clear and manageable in your mind if you just concentrate on the syntax I'm providing here.

The non-human Archontic component 1, the racial separation component 2, giving them a unique racial ethnic identity. They are a race unto themselves. 3, the ideological component which blends with the racial component. And then comes the factor of the Xenosh that is extremely problematical. I would say that when it comes to the characteristics and tactics of the Archontic mindset, that challenge the human mind, this factor I'm going to indicate now is the most challenging.

You know, the Gnostics warned us that the Archons are shapeshifters. Although they do have two primary forms as they live in their own domain, they have a draconic or reptilian form and an embryonic or alien ET gray form as it's recognized. But they also have the ability to shapeshift.

And the comparison I offer to you to grasp this ability is the example of a virus or a parasite that invades an organism and can actually shapeshift and evade detection. Tapeworms have been known to do this, for instance.

There are really frightening stories about tapeworms who enter an organism. So it's seen that a child is not well. There's something wrong. The child is wasting away. The child has a problem nourishing itself and it has also mental and emotional problems associated with some kind of health problem.

But if the health problem is not identified, then all kinds of speculation could be applied and all the speculation and theories and diagnosis that you might bring to such a situation would be useless unless you recognize the presence of a tapeworm. And then even once the presence of a tapeworm in the body is recognized, the tapeworm doesn't want you to know it's there and it can hide from detection.

The Archontic parasite can hide from detection. That statement applies not only to its biological and biochemical and physiological operations, but also to its social operations. The Archontic parasite, the Xenosh, in the human social order hides and conceals itself. But that's not even the worst of it.

The part of the viral pathology of this entity, this non-human agency in our midst that in my mind is extremely difficult to grasp is the manner in which it attracts support and enablement from other human strains and other races. So when I use the term XENOSH for the remainder of this investigation, I want you to bear in mind that I am not only referring to the Xenosh as such, defined by these factors of this profile, but I am referring also to what may be called their surrogates.

That is to say, those individual specimens among the Goyim and the Gentiles who actually admire the Xenosh, and who do their bidding, who serve them, and who in many instances want to be like them. There is something really diabolically clever about the Xenosh that allows them to subvert and enlist others to their purposes.

And it is a fact that were they not able to do this, were they not able to recruit surrogates as it were, then the Xenosh would not be able to perpetrate anything like the evil that they perpetrate on this planet or anywhere near the scale in which this evil currently is unfolding today.

They would be largely disabled by the lack of their enablers. They have enablers. And I'm of the opinion today that you may as well just include the enablers with the Xenosh. And you may as well consider them as if they were the Xenosh.

So for instance, if you look at a situation in a country like England, and you see someone like former Prime Minister Tony Blair or current Prime Minister Theresa May, these individuals, these politicians, are surrogates and enablers of the Xenosh.

They are not of the Xenosh. They do not fit the profile of the Xenosh according to these four components I've named, the non-human aspect, the racial identity, and the ideological identity, those three components. Nevertheless, they are in complete conformity with the operations of the Xenosh.

So, it's really, really important to understand that Sophia's correction requires the defeat of the Xenosh, and the defeat of the Xenosh requires the defeat of their enablers. Because without their enablers, there's not much that they can do on their own because they are hampered by the self-sequestering nature of their own identity. Isn't that obvious?

And for many, many years they isolated themselves by choice. They isolated themselves by choice. And their isolation is a handicap to them and has to be overcome by the operation of a memetic factor. It's actually memetic.

The Archontic trickster virus is memetic and it induces imitative behavior in other people. This is really one of the, as I said, this is a really difficult aspect to understand and I myself have not so far adequately and thoroughly set out the description of how this works.

But for the current purposes in bringing this particular installment to its conclusion, let me go to some examples, some direct examples of how the Xenosh operate both out in the open and through concealment, through strategies and tactics of treachery that are covert and then, on the other hand, that are overt. It's one of the mind-boggling things about the way it works. It's both in your face and out in the open, and yet when you go for it, having glimpsed that it's in your face, you can never quite find it because it's extremely elusive.

This behavior is characteristic of the behavior of certain biological entities, namely parasites. So the Xenosh represent a form of social parasite. It's an extremely clever and devious entity, and it enlists to its purposes members of those very societies and races which it is operating to destroy.

So that is why you find the situation today of a politician like Theresa May, who is actually destroying the country, like Tony Blair destroyed the Labour Party. These politicians who are in the service of the Xenosh, though they themselves are not Xenosh by primary definition, destroy their own social organisms from within. They are corrupted by the Xenosh and they in turn destroy the body social and the body politic of the particular country or nation to which they belong. And this is how it works.

Did you ever wonder, I'm sure you have, and I think, you know, increasing numbers of people wonder about this. Did you ever wonder why politicians do things that are obviously insane.

For instance, it's obvious on the basis of the evidence and facts that one of the motivating factors for terrorism in the UK, to the extent that it is genuine terrorism, genuine Islamic terrorism, and not a false flag hoax event, one of the motivating factors, as anyone would understand, is that Syrians and people from the Middle East come to the United Kingdom to enact revenge upon the people of that country for what the government is doing.

So the UK government is you know, backing a war in Syria against Assad or as it backed the war in Libya, the government is using its military powers to go and wage war on these countries and many innocent people are harmed.

So some of the people from those countries where people are being massacred come to the country which is the source of that and they take revenge, they commit terrorist attacks, right? In so far as they are genuine. I would say that's a genuine motive. You couldn't blame them for acting in that way. And so what do politicians do whenever there's a terrorist attack?

Well, they ramp up the attack in the country from which the terrorists are coming. And you step back and look at it and you say, well, this is insane. How can they do something that's so insane?

But when you know that there is a righteous third party involved, there is a third party, the reason why they are righteous is something that you need to consider very, very carefully. Why is it called the righteous third party?

The insanity happens because there is a third party that shouldn't even be in the equation. And it's always pushing for its own agenda, so it uses both sides. As far as the third party is concerned, it doesn't care if people in the United Kingdom get slaughtered by terrorist attacks or if the country is destroyed by Islam, nor does it care if Britain sends its military to Syria and the Middle East, wherever, and murders and destroys hundreds of thousands of people.

From the viewpoint of the Xenosh, who's the third party, they don't care about either side of that. They only care about their own interests and they present themselves because their presence can become obvious in political matters and in social policy. Because they are an active and obvious presence, they have to conceal the selfish insanity of their motives behind a mask of righteousness.

So that's why they can be called, they can be identified as the righteous third party. I'm going to have a lot to say about this factor of righteousness as the investigation winds up here. But right now let me give you another example of a master stroke of Archontic deceit.

The veritable think tank of the Xenosh that has had a tremendous impact in the 20th century in the Western world, and indeed the entire world, was called the Frankfurt School. And out of the Frankfurt School comes critical theory, and out of critical theory comes political correctness. And these formulas, these policies coming out of the Frankfurt School have been extremely successful for the Xenosh, and they originate with the Xenosh.

For instance, Herbert Marcuse was a leading ideologue of the Frankfurt School and many of the policies, all of the policies, I mean all of the policies, all of the social policies and social interpretations that came out of the Frankfurt School are insane and come out of the mindset of the third party.

So Marcuse, for instance, proposed this. He said in any society there are bound to be a majority and a minority. So there are minority groups, there are marginal groups, such as for instance LGBT people in the United States and in the UK, or there are some immigrant groups and ethnic groups are marginal, you know, like the Latinos who actually now compose an enormous factor of the US population. But they are not the majority.

So it's natural in the complexion of the social organism that there will be a majority component, ethnically homogeneous and morally and ethically homogeneous, and then there will be these marginal elements. So Marcuse comes along and he says, what you have to do for the sake of righteousness, that is to make that society better and to make that society a more fair society and one that conforms to the progressive ideals proposed by the Xenosh intellectuals. In order to do that, you have to agitate within the society so that the issues, interests and rights of the tiny fractional minority are given as much or more importance than the interests and rights of the majority.

So, for instance, you see in the United States there's a big deal about having gender-free toilets or having public toilet facilities that conform to transgender people and LGBT people.

Now, transgender people and LGBT people in the United States and other countries in the world are a minute fraction of the society. But according to the disruptive tactics of the Xenosh who parade themselves behind a mask of righteousness and progressive policies, according to them, the rights and interests of these marginal groups should be given as much consideration as the majority.

That is insane.

And what that strategy does is to destabilize and destroy a society. It actually tears apart the natural fabric of a society exactly as if you would tear apart a human body by pulling on the sinews and muscles until you produce screaming pain.

That's an example of a masterstroke of Archontic deceit coming from the Xenosh and in particular from that Frankfurt School which, if you don't know, is the origin of the whole program of political correctness.

So perhaps you can see from that one example, and I will provide others as well, that righteousness is both a mask and a weapon. The Xenosh hide behind righteousness, behind the higher moral ground. They often claim that the policies that they propose and they force upon society are for the good of society. And yet, it's obvious when you look at it that these policies are extremely destructive, and as I say, insane.

But at the same time, the mask of righteousness serves as a weapon, because if you question the actions of the Xenosh or their surrogates, well, they will say, well, you're not a good person, because we are proposing these things because we are good people.

We are proposing that children in schools in Sweden should not be should be allowed to consider that they could be any gender and they don't have to use the term boys and girls. In fact, we'll institute a policy that they don't use the terms boys and girls anymore and they don't use the pronouns he and she because that's for the better of them. That's for the progression of their humanity, you see.

So the righteousness is a ploy, it's a mask, but it's also a weapon because if you object to that, a deceitful tactic, then you are accused of hate and you are attacked for being hateful.

So the entire problem facing the world today now about hate speech is really about the Xenosh making a last ditch attempt to prevent any kind of criticism or objection to their intrusion into the world of the other nations. And they are pushing very hard for this.

So that is why the issue of hate and hate speech has become such a controversial topic. So in conclusion, I want to bring your attention to the photograph I am posting with this talk. It's a photograph from the era of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. And there you see, on the left, Martin Luther King. And there you see, to the right of Martin Luther King, someone, well, who appears to be a white person.

Now I want to signal you to something here. Regarding the strategies, or tactics is a better word, tactics and tricks of concealment of the Xenosh, one of their favorite tricks is to pretend to be white. The Xenosh are not white.

One of their tactics of concealment is to adopt names that suggest archetypal or typical white race identities. For instance, Michael Caine, the actor Michael Caine. Now Michael Caine is Xenosh by racial definition. So is Harrison Ford. So is Scarlett Johansson. So is the American singer and poet Bob Dylan, who takes his name from the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

These name changes, which occur in the thousands in the area of literature, arts and the entertainment, show how the Xenosh conceal themselves and pretend to be white. So the uninformed person will look at this photograph of Martin Luther King and they will see someone standing on the right holding the two scrolls of the Torah and the Talmud.

Now, what is this person doing, who is not white, displaying these sacred artifacts of the Xenosh in the front line of the civil rights movement? What, there you have it. There is an example, a clear-cut example, irrefutable example of the presence of the righteous third party. And it's a fact which you can easily verify by five or ten hours of research on the internet that the civil rights movement in the United States was largely founded and led by Xenosh and not by blacks.

And even the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, was not founded by colored people and was not staffed by colored people until up to a certain point. So the presence of the righteous third party can be over, it can be in your face, right out in the open.

Now I refer you back to one of the earlier uploads of this channel which showed the triumphant moment when Nelson Mandela was elected as president of South Africa. And there he stands on the dais, he has the communist flag behind him, Communism, by the way, is an ideology that comes exclusively from the Xenosh. It is their master race program of domination and division.

So there, clear as day, is the logo, if you will, of the Xenosh, the hammer and sickle, the color red. And there on the platform you see to Mandela's right, his wife at the time, Winnie Mandela, and what do you see to his left?

Well, it's not a white person. It's not someone from the Aryan, Caucasian, Nordic racial strains. It's someone who pretends to be white or allows people to assume that he is white. And that individual standing on the left of Nelson Mandela, whose name was Joe Slovo, was one of Mandela's handlers.

So who is Mandela himself? Well, he is a surrogate enabler of the Xenosh. I'm including a file. You'll find it by going to the tracking page that explains in detail who were the handlers of Nelson Mandela? Mandela himself was a black tribesman from Africa.

There are, I believe, about 16 or 20 tribes in South Africa who spend a lot of time killing and fighting each other. Of course, now the tribes have been united in the cause of a common enemy, which is the white man in South Africa who is now blamed for everything that is wrong with the country even though the country has been under black rule since Nelson Mandela became president in 1994.

And you will find from some of the links I provide on the tracking page that the black leaders in South Africa today are making statements that represent the culmination of the plan that was put in place by using Nelson Mandela as a surrogate.

That plan is for nothing less than the complete elimination of all white people from South Africa. And the blacks in South Africa, who again are surrogate enablers of a third party, are calling for that genocidal destruction down to the last white person.

They are openly calling for it today and there was a deadline stated by the president of South Africa, I believe, back in January 2016 of August 4th or August 6th. If all the whites do not return their land to the black population without compensation, then they will all be slaughtered and massacred.

And they have been slaughtered and massacred now at an alarming rate over the last 20-25 years. About 10 farmers a day, every day for the last 20 years have been murdered. And these murders, have you ever heard about how these murders take place? How these families, white families, what happens to these white families, to the young girls, to the grandmothers? Have you heard about this?

So the Mandela Effect, by its name, signals you to the events that are happening in South Africa today. And if you don't believe that white genocide is real, then you don't need to believe it. All you have to do is stand on the sidelines and watch what's coming. The fulfillment of the mission of Nelson Mandela is happening right now.

So many, many white people will suffer horrible torture and murder and many good black people will die as well in South Africa in the immediate future due to the plan and implementation and orchestration of the third party.

And all you're going to hear on the news is that there is a racially motivated civil war, blacks against whites, in South Africa. But this is not true. This is a deceit.

What's happening in South Africa now, as the culmination of Nelson Mandela's mission, and you can hear him singing about his mission in the clip I provide, is the annihilation of both blacks and whites in the interest of the righteous third party.

And this is how it's always done. This is how it's always done. This is how it happened in World War I. This is how it happened in the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. And this is what's wrong with the divine experiment on earth. This is a big part of what is wrong.

So, I'll conclude on that note. This is heavy stuff, I know, and we're not going to be looking at it again very often in the course of this investigation, I promise you.

But I did want to bring the discourse around one final time to this matter of the Mandela narrative and the association of genocide with the master race ideology of the Xenosh.

So take that to heart and until the next time, as always, thank you for your attention and may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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