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This is why COVID will never be over, despite what some may think

Former Pfizer CEO Dr. Mike Yeadon explains why COVID has always been with us and why it will never go away.

Exposing The Darkness
Exposing The Darkness is a reader-supported publication. To support my work, please consider becoming a paid subscriber. One-time or recurring donations can be made through Ko-Fi: Dr. Mike Yeadon: I respect Mark Devlin enormously. He took exceptional risks when he realised the business he was working in was corrupted beyond belief…
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For many DECADES, Jon Rappoport has been revealing why COVID has always been with us and why it will never go away.

Jon Rappoport
New Podcast: Yes, We're Living In A Giant Medical Experiment
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You might have to subscribe to Jon’s substack to listen to the podcast, but I suggest his information is worth it.

Finally, I think it is important to remember that all wars are banksters’ wars. How is war related to covid? Well the real purpose behind wars is simply to kill people and depopulate. This should be obvious, if you can accept it, since ALL so-called “nations” colluded in the covid genocide/democide … and they still push that shit vaccine!

The inner “elite” who rule “nations” are NOT at war with each other, but rather only at war with the public masses. The evidence is simple: it is currently June, 2024, an entire 4 years after covid, and despite TONS of doctors speaking out and evidence about the lies of covid, mainstream media covers it all up. There is ZERO accountability. Those responsible still hide behind lies and nobody has been jailed or hung yet.

Lying vaccine genocide is even worse than wars, IMHO, as the evildoers come in white coats, pretending to help, and get the people to unknowingly kill themselves and others. Do very many soldiers intentionally kill themselves, while also thinking they are doing themselves immediate good and helping others too? I’m not talking about war in general, as soldiers on both sides are usually deceived. I’m talking more about something like intentional “friendly fire”. Soldiers don’t usually intentionally shoot their own men and/or themselves, while thinking this is right.

So, patients are sort of consenting to being shot in the head, and some doctors are deceived into thinking vaccine “shots” are good. So, the guys in white coats AND their patients engage in friendly fire, while thinking it is NOT friendly fire. Most shot-takers take the shot because s/he thinks the shots are good (some coerced by various means), or they would not take the so-called “vaccine”. This level of deception doesn't happen in wars, as soldiers focus on those they have been brainwashed into thinking are their enemy. So I think intentional plandemics are morally worse than wars.

If you have not already come to the realization that banksters drive all the killing machines, including wars and vaccine genocide, I suggest go down that rabbit-hole and understand the truth. Perhaps the below video may help, where Maria Zee interviews Catherine Austin Fitts about CBDC financial enslavement that the establishment is pushing now. It may help my readers to understand the level of evil manipulation & control mentality the banksters have.

My post below, on my other substack, is about some hope the average person has now to beat the banksters, and survive the looming dangers on the horizon. Click below image to go to the article.

David Icke on banksters destroying financial independence


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