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The parable of, "You are in a Simulation: Here's how to Exit it (Neville Goddard)"

Original video on youtube

I will post the last few words of the video, where Neville’s words are translated a little for normal folk. :-)

In the later part of his life, Neville’s lectures and books were all about the promise, and not so much about the law of assumption, as Neville experienced the mystical experience of being born from above. In simple terms, it is when your spirit, that is God, becomes awake in you. The Christ is born in your skull.

And you finally see through this simulation. According to Neville, the promise is given to you regardless of what you do. The Christic powers will be awakened in you when you are ready for it, but till then you need to apply the law of assumption to build a perfect life for you, as we are here in this world to master the gift of speech and mind, imagination, as Hermes said. And only then will we be able to awaken the immortal within.

You see, in survival mode and in deprogramming of this simulation, the immortal cannot awake. So, you need to master your imagination first, to build a great life. Only then will you be able to have enough time and focus on receiving the promise. No soul that is lost in the trappings of this simulation is ready to be born from above. This is why Neville told the story of Jake and how death is not the end.

If you do not awake till the end of this lifetime you are restored back into this reality to do this all over again till you wake up. This is why Neville was so passionate about the promise in later years of his life. He knew how significant it was and how thrilling it was, but it turns off many people, as his way of teaching is very Biblical and Gnostic, but Neville openly admitted that he believed the Bible to be completely an allegorical and psychological drama and didn't believe in the historicity of it.

This is why I still quote verses from the Bible because the wisdom of Christ is profound. Because it is an amalgamation of much older spiritual texts like the Gnostic teachings of the Nag Hammadi library. Therefore, the blueprint to escape this simulation is still present in various scriptures of this world. You just need discernment to see what is profound and what is absurd.

You are the individualized spirit of God, wearing this garment of flesh and blood. Taking part in a game, a drama, a simulation. To experience the ecstasy of once again becoming one with God, after living through the horrors and limitations of this world.

But if you master the law, you become immune to the idea of second cause. And this is when you have made yourself ready to receive the promise. That is, the immortal rises from the skull.


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