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Tartaria discussion that shows we are in the truman-atrix??? NOTE: the video interviewer starts the video a couple of minutes late, so plz be patient or fast forward

Original video on youtube

For those unfamiliar with Tartaria theory, I provided the main video above to introduce the topic. Basically, the theory posits we are in the time of Satan’s “little season”, mentioned at the end of the Book of Revelation. Christ’s 1000 year millennial reign has already come and gone, a reality reset has already occurred, and memories have been altered so we don’t fully realize this. We are being tested, possibly in the great white throne judgment already, next stop lake of fire when you die. So get it right!

The Bible translates “hell” off of three words: Gehenna, Sheol, Tartaroo. Interesting that Tartaria is similar to the Greek word tartaroo. Could human-hell-realm be tartaroo, the place of restraint of disobedient angels, and perhaps that is where the human ego comes from? There are hints in phonemes. This link talks about definitions of Bible words. I will quote about tartaroo:

2 Peter 2:4

"Hell" comes from the Greek tartaroo, and it means "a place of restraint." God did not spare the angels, but He cast them down to a place of restraint, a kind of prison.

In Greek mythology, Tartarus was the lowest hell, the place where the Titans (who were defeated by Zeus) were restrained. It is described as being as far below Hades as heaven is high above the earth. As far as we can apply Greek mythology, we can understand that these angels were cast so far down as to be out of sight. Their place of restraint was so far down that one would think they would never be able to crawl out.

God is trying to get across that the angels have been defeated—cast down from heaven to the earth, as Revelation 12 shows. The earth, then, is a place of restraint, a prison, for them. Note: I covered the idea that humans could be incarnations of fallen angels at this link, taking it rather literally at the time, but see it now as mainly metaphor.

To add to the imagery, they are bound in "chains of darkness" (ie mental darkness of clouded understanding as I explain in the Noted blue link above). This amplifies the thought that Peter is making: The demons are restrained. There is some disagreement among scholars whether Peter uses the word that is translated here as "chains" or whether he means "silo." Almost everyone understands what a silo is. To an American, it is a tall, cylindrical object in which grain is stored. To the Greek, a silo was an underground pit where grain was stored. Whether it is a chain or a silo, it does not matter. God is trying to assure us that the demons have been restrained.

They are being restrained because they are facing judgment. Unfortunately for us, they are restrained in the place where we live! The earth is the silo, the storage bin. We are sharing this place with them. Worse, as they would see it, we are intruders in their space. They consider us invaders. (Note: Revelation poetry words about the evildoers surrounding the “camp of the saints” I suspect means trusting God with your life and “fire falls from heaven” is code for supernatural protection, no matter what crazy stuff may be coming in the near future)

Can anybody prove this? Of course not, since reality itself and people’s false memories conspire against the truthseekers. But there are little hints and clues and if you want/need to know, Originator-Creator-Oversoul has the ways and means to get the truth to you. Seek and ye shall find! Speculation abounds, but there is some good evidence for a major worldwide catastrophic reset around mid 1800s. The fellow below covers some more “evidence” and strange anomalies.

It is common, in today’s technological world, to try to explain Tartaria theory with tech analogies, online simulated role playing games, that sort of thing, as the metaphor is easy to understand. Everybody knows about computers, has played video games, or has seen movies like “Tron”, “The Matrix”, etc… so the concept is easy to understand. The hard part is accepting this IS our current reality.

The above video from Jason Breshears of is about Jason asking artificial intelligence (AI) chatgpt some good questions about the possibility AI already controls the world. Jason likes to describe things from a tech point of view. Jason’s deep research into history/chronology has Jason believing there is NO evidence for a missing 1000 years. He admits our history is too mathematically perfect to be real, so says we are living in a simulated construct, and yet Jason insists 1000 years could NOT be missing from a fake timeline? Doesn’t seem logical to me. Fake timelines are fake timelines, and could be easily manipulated then, if the Originator-Creator-Oversoul allowed it as “the final test”. No?

Rather than tech analogies, Gnostic scholar John Lamb Lash (JLL) describes similar phenomenon from the perspective of an altered state of consciousness, specifically the lucid dream of the literal Goddess Aeon Sophia, aka Gaia-Sophia, our living sentient Earth Mother. Lash also posits Sophia went lucid sometime in the 1700s and says Sophia created the Mandela Effect to encode a message to humanity at this late hour.

The movie, “Dark City” explores these themes, when a man named Murdoch learns his (and everybody’s) memory & reality is reset every night, for mysterious reasons only experimenting aliens know.

“Dark City” trailer below:

Whatever your view(s) on these issues, there is credible evidence that strange things started happening around 1700, including introducing build-up to the over-complexified nonsense theory of evolution (officially published in 1859 by Darwin) to disconnect people from any idea of an Originator-Creator-Oversoul. I dispel much of this nonsense in a unique narrative style at my origins website, although I include many scientific details as well.

The 1611 KJV of the Bible had the Apocrypha (books like First and Second Esdras, the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon, First and Second Maccabees, etc…). The Apocrypha was removed around 1880 and only old Catholic Bibles have it now. Jason Breshears, the history expert, admits the 1800s is the most mysterious century to him, and he doesn’t have as much data on it as other centuries.

Do we trust the manipulators of the Bible were inspired to remove these books? Or, could this censorship have more to do with hiding things that could help humanity understand the truth?

How about the supernatural censorship/changes called Mandela effect Bible changes, which MAY have been occuring since the 1700s, but only more widely recognized/shared now because of communications technology like the internet? JLL talks about Mandela effect Bible changes, and many other different categories of Mandela changes too, attributed to the Aeon Sophia.

The cry for worldwide freedom reached a fever pitch in the 1776 American revolution, and according to Jason Breshears of, the number 1776 figures prominently in the measurements of the great pyramid, bolstering his research findings that the Giza pyramid encodes major events in the human timeline.

The Apocrypha book called “The Book of the Wisdom of Solomon”, removed from the Bible in the 1800s, mentions Sophia by name, and calls her Wisdom, another name the Gnostics gave to her. I suspect the sacred feminine aspects embodied in the Gnostic Sophia mythos are indeed something the controllers of the world don’t want us to recover, lest it help us achieve victory in the truth.

Above video - link to youtube

Deception themes have been growing for hundreds of years, and the “truth versus lies” war seems to be reaching a denouement. Whether our consciousness exists inside some sort of sophisticated technology OR we are in a lucid dream of some sort of God and/or Goddess, REALITY IS NOT WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE!

Orig Archaix decode vid on youtube

For a variety of reasons, I suspect the year 1666 is when the being commonly called “Satan” was let loose for a “little season”, assuming the theory is true. More on that in future posts, but some intro information about 1666 is below:

  1. 1666 is an occult number, referring to 666, Mark of the Beast, the monetary enslavement system, within which you cannot “buy or sell” unless you believe the lie that you are only as valuable to God as a superficial number (ie the number identifying your “net worth”). The system treats you as a nothing burger, unless you have lots of fake numbers to define/enslave your mind’s/soul’s way of thinking.

  2. Intentionally created Great fire of London in 1666 to start a long term goal to enslave souls by considering them dead, unless individuals learn to discern between the dead corporate fiction called a birth certificate versus the living wo/man, and unless these souls legally take private ownership of the birth certificate and learn how to use it in commerce.

  3. Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 which became bastardized over time as the legal framework for this fraud, considering you “dead at sea” under admiralty law. Only your legal fiction ALL CAPS NAME is dead. You must inform your corrupt government you are alive, under Originator-Creator-Oversoul’s laws only.

  4. The rise of corrupt Jewish Sabbatean Frankism theology in 1666, based on Rabbi Shabbetai Tzvi’s claim to be the Messiah, and Tzvi’s claim that redemption is through intentional “sin”, especially sex “sin”.

  5. More in the video below from Jason Breshears of about 1666, Shabbetai Tzvi, illuminati, worldwide controlled central bankster system to energize the control-grid-system, etc…

  6. It is NOT a coincidence that the first recognized institutional central bankster was created in 1668, shortly after the year 1666, when I suspect “Satan” was released for a “little season” (scroll down to “Beginnings” in that link and read about how the powerful central Bank of England was created in 1694, mere decades after 1666, etc…). Every war is a bankster war. Do your own research to confirm, but here are a few videos to get you started!

Original video on youtube

Below is a brief clip from about the Bank of England and banksters in general.

Full archaix video on youtube

NOTE: the above clip is about 1 hour and 45 minutes into the full video on youtube

Although hundreds of years from 1666 to now IS a long time, compared to a human lifespan, it is NOT long compared to the total time humans are proven/documented to have existed in this reality/realm. Only a little over 5% of the human timeline, a “little season” indeed.


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