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Ramblin' man attempting to describe the Truman-atrix

Original Thunderwizard video on youtube

Ramblin man above, who likes to call himself “Thunderwizard” rambles some truths about: Mandela effect, Gnostics, and why Gnosticism became prominent in early Christianity, prism/prison duality, false beings of light/Archons, we are deity, etc…

I thought his confusing mishmash about quantum physics was interesting, and how particles don't know how to manifest (black color, white, or both, or none, until focus, attention, time causes to collapse to something), except every nanosecond, when somebody looks at YOU then particle becomes something. Armchair physics is mostly about high level abstract imagination anyway. Hope my readers find it interesting to consider.

I added my own words to describe his meme: Director (Higher self, white light, Spirit, Power self), Observer (Lower self, dark prism, Soul, Shadow self), Actor (flesh self, one light frequency, body, mirror self). Different words can be abstract and flexible, I find, to inspire contemplation & meditation around interpolation of ideas & concepts.

David Icke has his unique way of saying similar things in these two videos.

The clip above can be found at spot 1 hour and 25 minutes in the below video, if people are curious to hear more of archaix’s similar take from ancient texts.

But, I found I really resonated with the lady below, when she described the loosh energy of creation, which either positive or negative can create our “reality”.

I will leave it to my readers to decide if any of this enhances and/or points to my theory of the “Truman-atrix”.


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Section about inferences that we may exist in "The Trumanatix", a combination of "The Truman Show" movie and "The Matrix" movie. The meme of a single dreamer and/or shared dream through psychic connection(s) is also pertinent.