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An introduction to the Trumanatrix: Computer expert Rizwan Virk talks about our truman-atrix "reality"

Riz Virk talks about our simulated reality from many angles: computers, quantum physics, philosophy, video games, religion, Yogananda, DMT, movies, NDEs, Star Trek, Mandela effect etc…… my idea of the truman-atrix could be likened to playing a virtual reality game alone, no other players. Or, we could be in a multi-player simulated virtual reality game, hence a shared reality.

Is it possible to know which kind of game you are in? Are you sure I am a real sentient human who created this post to challenge your thinking? Or, am I just part of the game and NOT human at all??? :-)


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Trumanatrix evidence & parables
Section about inferences that we may exist in "The Trumanatix", a combination of "The Truman Show" movie and "The Matrix" movie. The meme of a single dreamer and/or shared dream through psychic connection(s) is also pertinent.