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Mandela Effect Decoded and General Gnosticism
#54 - MED - The Mandela meme exposed, Operation Broomestick exposed part 2

#54 - MED - The Mandela meme exposed, Operation Broomestick exposed part 2

Archive of #54 - MED

Hello again, and yet again, this is JLL coming at you with Gnostic Intel on the internet. It's the 31st of July 2017. This is installment 51. The title is “The Mandela meme exposed”.

And this is part two of my presentation on what I'm calling Operation Broomstick. So I worked through my minor IT problems, which as usual are due to my incompetence. And so now this investigation is back on course, as I would like it to be.

I feel like I was running a little rough. Mojo was running a little rough in that first talk, coming back after seven weeks. So let's see if I can smooth out the delivery a little in this current exposition.

I'll start with the conclusion of the last talk. How's that for a switch? I'll go directly to the takeaway. I'll go directly to the result rather than taking you through the process in which I achieved the result. And then I'll carry that result forward to another increment of insight.

I'll iterate the result or conclusion that I came to in the first talk on Operation Broomstick. And what was that conclusion? Well, quite simply, I concluded tentatively, based on the evidence available, which is in many respects not satisfactory, that some unnamed agency had launched the Mandela effect using Fiona Broom as the fronting party, you could say, and also, bizarrely, using her as the cutout.

Now that's a remarkable proposition, if I say so myself. I've read a great many spy novels. I've read all of John Le Carre's masterworks, including “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”. I mean, these are unsurpassed works of modern writing in the genre of the thriller and the spy novel.

I've also read a fair number of police novels and detective novels, as they used to be called. For instance, the writings of Raymond Chandler and Ross MacDonald. You probably haven't heard of those names, particularly the latter one.

But Ross MacDonald was an American writer who had his heyday in the 60s, and he wrote detective novels featuring his hero, Lew Archer. And the genre of this novel is called the hard-boiled detective story. This term hard-boiled is applied. It refers to the style of the novel, that it's very terse, very unembellished.

And actually a good part of a novel by Ross MacDonald, such as “The Goodbye Look”, will consist of police procedurals. Lew Archer goes out, he's informed of a crime or he discovers a crime and he goes out and he interrogates the witnesses and the suspects and he proceeds to work the chain of evidence.

And I've read many, many novels like that in years past and I find today that I can happily say that I probably honed my probative faculty in a fine fashion by reading those novels, by rehearsing the steps of the investigation and solving of a crime.

So on the basis of my skills as an old sleuth walking around in my crumpled raincoat like Columbo, you know, I'm sort of like a Columbo copycat, right?

Although some would say that Columbo was modeled after me, but that's just a Hollywood rumor. In any case, I'm happy to have the skill to be able to formulate this plot and invite you to savor this plot with me. This is a really fascinating plot.

Someone was used or someone agreed to be used to introduce a psy-op. And that same person serves as the cut-out for the psyop. This concept of cut-out is really important in the case of Operation Broomstick. So that's my proposition, my conclusion from the end of the last talk.

So now what I'm going to proceed to do is review some points that I made in that talk and work my way toward these three questions. One, how was this PSYOP actually set up? Two, who done it? Who may have set up this PSYOP? Unfortunately, that question remains in the realm of speculation. But I have a good hunch of who set up this PSYOP. And three, the great, great question of what was or is the aim or Objective of this PSYOP.

Now, before we proceed, I'd like to provide a distinction, one of those gruesome Gnostic nuances, so that we can be on the same page proceeding with this investigation.

I'm introducing to you here, right now, right here, the term the Mandela Meme, not the Mandela Effect, but the Mandela Meme. What is the Mandela Meme? Well, it is the meme that was introduced in the form of a question about when Nelson Mandela died.

It is the meme that operates on that unique case, the initial case of what came to be called the Mandela Effect. But the Mandela Meme is not the Mandela Effect.

In fact, you know from following this investigation that I consider the Mandela Effect to be the evidence and instrument of a divine intercession into the human mind. I do make this claim and I back it up by every word on every upload on this channel.

In my view, at this point, I can confidently say that there are ample grounds for calling the Mandela effect the correction effect. The Mandela effect, the phenomena associated with it, make no sense unless placed in the framework of the Sophianic narrative.

If there's another narrative someone can come up with, another master plot, into which this phenomena can be fitted and by which many instances within the phenomena can be decoded, tell me what it is. But as far as I know, only the Sophianic narrative presents the description of the crime that has been committed. And unless you know what crime has been committed, then all the clues in the world don't count.

So I am more confident than ever that the Mandela effect is something beyond human scope, but coming into the human mind. Its origin is beyond the human mind, but it comes into and affects and interacts with the human mind. And I've shown how this happens and I've demonstrated it on many occasions so far.

By contrast, the Mandela meme refers to the one specific case when this phenomenon was alleged, allegedly, identified and named that one specific case. That one specific instance represents the inception of a PSYOP, but the PSYOP didn't turn out the way it was intended to.

I hope to show by the conclusion of this talk, or maybe it will take a third one, I don't know, that the original psyop that was intended and launched via the story about Fiona Broome is still running. It runs in parallel with the genuine correction effect. The two things run in parallel.

So it's not as if the nefarious deed of the Psy-Op was defeated or cancelled by the genuine correction effect. The two things are proceeding simultaneously and I am certain that there are some individuals out there who have been deeply impacted and harmed by the Mandela Meme Psy-Op. Their sense of reality has been disrupted and deviated and they have been, what is the word, entrained or directed or manipulated psychologically, right?

Psychological warfare.

A PSYOP is a weapon of psychological warfare. I'm sure there's a great many people out there whose minds and memories have been fucking scrambled by this PSYOP and will be perhaps permanently damaged by it. Because what does it do?

Well, this kind of anticipates the third question I listed, you know, what is the objective or aim of the psyop? What does it do? It gaslights people regarding their own judgment of memory. It subverts and undermines the confidence that people have in what they can remember. And this is a deep assault.

The way this happens through the Mandela meme is a deep assault upon the human animal coming from other human animals. Bear in mind that I do not consider the Mandela meme to be of an Archontic origin or any kind of supernatural or superhuman origin. It is the product of, you know, business as usual, for fact's sake. You know, business as usual with the three-letter agencies.

Many of these PsyOps are running simultaneously all the time. So, the bizarre idea we're floating here is that the Mandela Meme was launched as a PSYOP with a certain nefarious intention, but then somehow another force came into it and turned it into something that it was not intended to be.

I said in a previous talk on Operation Broomstick that I'm a little bit hesitant because I don't feel I have a strong case to make due to the lack of evidence. We are, after all, looking at the operations of agencies who work in secrecy here. And secrecy is evil. Secrecy is wrong. I hate secrecy. But secrecy works.

And so it may be impossible ever to know who actually launched this PSYOP. Nevertheless, I'm beginning to think that there is a strong case. It's getting stronger in my mind as I proceed. So based on my growing confidence, how about this?

I'm going to say that something brilliant was guiding me at the beginning of this investigation due to the way that I made a distinction between the 15 cases or examples or categories of the Mandel Effect, changing book titles, movie dialogue, logos, etc., and the case that I consider to be sui generis, the original case. I set that apart, didn't I?

Go back and look at the breakdown. I'm beginning to see now that some good instinct operating in my probative talents compelled me to do that.

So I'm going to say that those 15 examples of the Mandela effect, which many people in the world, an undetermined number of people in the world are discussing, demonstrate the genuine effect, but they were never intended to arise out of the Mandela meme. Try to get your mind around that.

The Mandela meme was introduced with the purpose to undermine confidence in memory. Oh, well, I thought Nelson Mandela died in 1991. No, wasn't it later? Didn't he die around 2000? Oh, wait, he's still alive.

Remember, the conversation was supposed to have occurred in 2009 or 2010. Nelson Mandela was still alive at that time, or was he? Is it possible that Nelson Mandela died in 1991, as the residual evidence showed, and that he died again in December 2013? Is that possible? How could that be?

Well, I'll let that question float in your mind for a moment and get back to it toward the end of this talk or perhaps in the following talk. Tak.

So, where was I? Yeah, just make that point one more time. Let's make it clear that all the examples of the Mandela effect that we've been decoding stand apart from the question of when Nelson Mandela died and those effects in 15 categories, come out of the genuine supernatural event, the correction process.

They don't come out of the nefarious deceitful minds of whoever it was who set up Fiona Broome to introduce this meme as a weapon of psychological warfare. The Mandela meme is an assault on human memory. And I would just point out, in passing, that there is psychologically a link, an interdependence, a profound interdependence between memory and morality.

So, this is a rule of Gaian Ethics, by the way. In order to know how to act in a moral and correct, truthful and honest fashion, you have to remember how people have acted in that way. There has to be a modeling by example, and when you remember the modeling by example, this is the right way to behave in this situation. This is the correct, honest, moral response.

Then you respond based on remembering the correct example of behavior. So any assault on human memory, as you see occurring through the Mandela meme, really scrambling people's minds and scrambling their lives, is also an assault and intended to be an assault upon human morality. And this assault is coming from within the human fold.

Granted, the agents who operate in those secret societies and those secret three-letter organizations are demented. They are psychotics. They are psychopaths at best. They are archontified fiends, but they are still human animals who have contrived weapons against the human species.

And the ultimate goal of that kind of activity, which I call intra-species predation, is genocide of the species. Remember that genocide is one of the dominant themes in the decoding of the Mandela effect, that is to say of the genuine effects, as demonstrated in the first super-cluster that we examined. Right? Tak.

Now, let me direct your attention back to that document, the Mandela file, Operation Broomstick. I have a printout of it here. It's about six pages long. And let's go back over the cover story or the legend attached to the initial case of the Mandela Effect. Can you call it the discovery or whatever? Okay?

How was it discovered? Okay? Look again. Let's look again closely at the circumstances, the existing evidence, scant though it is, around this initial event and try to construct how this alleged conversation might have taken place and then see if it makes any sense.

Well, for one thing, I haven't done exhaustive research, but I must say on the basis of, I don't have the patience to be on the internet in that way, but I must say that I don't find that Fiona Broome is listed as a speaker at the 2009 or 2010 Dragon Con events.

Although I believe that she provides on her site somewhere a photograph of some admission badges. Yeah, she does. These are the badges you wear, the permits that you have to enter the conference to hang around your neck. And there's a photograph she provides of a stack of them for the Dragon Con like 207, 8, 9, 10, 11. Okay, so what?

A picture of these badges does not prove that she attended the event. If I have a ticket to a Mozart opera, it doesn't prove that I attended the opera, does it? I could have bought the ticket and not gone to the opera, or I could have forged the ticket.

So the evidence that she actually appeared at these events in any significant or traceable way is very skim. And the evidence that she even exists is skim.

But let's just say that someone who goes by the name of Fiona Broome actually does exist, be it a woman, be it a man, be it a griffin or a smurf. I mean, after all, it was Dragon Con. And let's picture that creature in a room with some other people mingling, conversing about the events of the day. So what happens?

Well, suppose that there is one of the people present in that conversation where this meme is said to have originated, is an entity that I will call agent X. And agent X is there mingling among the people, chatting with Fiona Broome, chatting with other people. And suppose that agent X, not Fiona Broome, brings up the subject of Nelson Mandela.

Yeah, you know, I was just thinking the other day about all the publicity and the state funeral and all the things that happened when Nelson Mandela died in 1991. I was just thinking about that the other day, out of the blue, right? Oh, well, wait a minute.

Someone else, either Fiona Broom or someone talking to her says, well, hold on a minute. What do you mean? Nelson Mandela didn't die in 1991. It's 2010. He's still alive. What?

Oh, yeah.

Well, let's go look on the internet.

Oh, well, yeah, he's still alive. Here's a report. Here are pictures of him talking just last week.

Oh, but wait a minute. I'm sure that he died in 1991. This is agent X.

Now bear in mind, this is a very, very twisty plot, my friends, and I do wish that you would enjoy this along with me and take pleasure in this little exposition, this little exercise in detective work.

Agent X, let's say that agent X knows that there is residual evidence that Nelson Mandela actually died in 1991. And there is, and you'll find it on the website and on the tracking page. Died in prison in 1991. And so agent X is planted in this scene with the intention of getting under the skin of Fiona Broome or introducing or suggesting to her something that will launch the meeting.

So agent X says, I'm sure I saw it and it was on television and everyone watched it and the other people are saying, you know, I think I remember that too. And then a couple of the other people are saying, oh no, no, look, I thought that he was dead. I didn't realize he was alive today.

But I thought he died like more, you know, more recently, like, didn't he die around 2000 or something? And someone else saying, Hey, come on, look, let's go look on the internet right now.

Obviously, he's alive today, you can find out where he is, you know, he's on a visit to some country as a freewill, goodwill ambassador for the UN because he's a Nobel Peace Prize winner. He's a great champion of peaceful resistance and human rights. That wonderful man, who can forget that smile? And he loves the Spice Girls. He's alive and kicking.

Oh, but wait a minute. Why do some of us in this room, this is agent X now, extemporizing. Oh, why do some of us in this room, including myself, seem to remember that he died in 1991?

Fiona, what do you think of that? Do you think that that could be kind of a paranormal quirk? Do you think that that could be an anomaly somehow due to paranormal activity rather than just a mistake of memory?

Because listen, I'm agent X speaking again. I'm really convinced that I remember he died in 1991. I remember seeing the funeral. I remember this. I remember that. Yeah, I do too.

I do too. A couple of other people chime in.

Well, do you get the trick here?

It's possible that that happened, that he did die in 1991, but that he was still alive when this conversation took place if there were two Nelson Mandela's, if there was Nelson Mandela and there was a double who survived him when he died in prison and who replaced him.

Now that hypothesis, I spin it out to you because it's coming up spontaneously as I'm developing this little scenario, that hypothesis belongs to the third question. No, to the second question.

Who would have created this PSYOP and why? So I'll return to that at the appropriate moment.

Well, right now, considering this hypothetical scenario of the conversation at Dragon Con, you get the picture? You see how it could have happened? It's entirely possible that if Fiona Broome really exists, although that is an assumed name, and she does paranormal investigation, communicates with the spirits of the dead.

It's interesting that her reputation as a paranormal investigator, in quotes, seems to highlight her role in communicating with the spirits of the dead, in going to graveyards things of that sort, haunted houses, hence she is accused of being a necromancer.

And is it just a coincidence that a woman whose trade at psychic fairs and events of that sort is contacting the spirits of the dead would be intrigued by the notion that people have two different memories regarding when a person died.

What is this thing about dead or alive? Dead then, alive again. What is this?

It is the Mandela meme and it is entirely specious. Entirely specious. It's a contrivance and a construction but there is a nefarious intent behind it and there is also a secret truth hidden behind it which I suggest or I just suggested is this truth.

Did Mandela die in 1991 or did he live on to die in 2013?

Yeah, which version is true? Well, the answer may well be both. So I want to really keep that in the back of your mind because this is a really important element in this reconstruction of the crime.

So back to that scene, back to that conversation, and whether it was her own idea or, as I believe to be more likely, the idea was planted in her mind, that moment was the inception of the PSYOP. And what happened from that moment on?

Well, I can't say because there's not enough evidence. Agent X planted the notion and prompted and coached Fiona Broome. So there's a handler to Fiona Broome. The evidence shows that Fiona Broome did not set up MandelaEffect.com or if she did, she didn't set it up in her own name. So was it set up for her?

Was she prompted and coached maybe in a way which was subtle and deceiving so that she didn't realize she was being played into the role of the person who would front this operation?

In any case, who is WhoIsGuardProtected. I mean, WhoIsGuardProtected, which is the registrant name of MandelaEffect.com. She didn't register it in her own name. It's registered in Panama.

Well, does that ring a few bells and set off a few red lights? You know, John Le Carre wrote a novel, not one of his best, called “The Tailor of Panama”.

It was made into a terrible movie. But it deals with the fact, as do a number of other well-known films, that Panama is a hotbed of CIA subversion and it's like the Club Med, the fucking CIA and the Mossad and everybody else that you can think of.

So, the Mandela Effect site is coming out of Panama bear that in mind. Okay, so far so good.

So leave that situation there for the moment and now let's follow the timeline in the PDF file and let's move ahead through the sequence of years and try to work out, hypothetically, how the Mandela Effect discussion which began at that moment, limited to that one case, could have expanded to include these 15 other categories.

Remember that I have said that the story, the narrative about the origin of the Mandela Effect can be stated in a short paragraph. It's a very thin narrative, very skimpy on words. In fact, as I noted, it gives me the impression of something that was written to be intentionally evasive and superficial.

And everywhere that I look on the Internet to see what people are saying about Fiona Broome and how this came to develop, appear to be cutting and pasting this same paragraph.

So the legend given to her, assigned to her, is really, really thin. And here is another paragraph that is often attached to that legend in whatever website you may go to to investigate how this whole thing got started. She writes, “People began reporting alternate memories in addition to those about Nelson Mandela. Visitors shared anecdotes and informal theories. Discussions ranged from chatty conversations to speculations based on data collected so far. The topic attracted scant attention and our discussions were informal”.

This is how we are supposed to believe that this is how the topic developed and gradually began to fill itself out with other examples. But as I said in the previous talk, and bear with me if I'm being tedious and repetitive, the other examples in the 15 categories are entirely different from the case of discrepancies in historical memory.

It's the easiest thing in the world to mistake a date or an event in history, isn't it? And not only that, but bear this in mind, it is easy to deceive people about dates and events in history.

So I may misremember when Elvis died or I may be misinformed intentionally about when Elvis died. You see? In either case, the faulty and fragile nature of memory is seen as a great liability.

So it's easy to attack people's memory because it's a faculty that is not strong. I'm reminded again of the initial stages of this investigation when we talked about toxoplasmosis. Statistics show that only one out of ten people is inclined to base their opinion on the facts.

That leaves an awful lot of range to mess around with the facts and to manipulate and change the facts of history and plant them in people's minds in such a manner that they would never know that they were deceived. Can you see?

The scope and dimension of what is operating through the Mandela meme psyop is pretty, pretty big and, in my opinion, extremely dangerous.

Now, if that is indeed the case, and the planetary animal mother, coming into her correction, coming out of her autism, scanning the circuits of the human psyche, tapping into the media that human animals use to record history and to communicate with each other, if she, the Aeonic mother, like a great mama lion detected that her species, her special child, the Anthropos, was under threat of such an attack that would virtually destroy its sense of reality at the roots of memory, then do you think she would take action? Do you think she would do something to intervene right in the area where that threat was arising?

She would go to the threat and she would contravene it and countermand it and use her supernatural power to turn it into something that it was never intended to be. Now, just to conclude this line of thought before I get down to the takeaway of this talk, which concerns whodunit and why, I'd like to refer you once again to the memo and to note four.

Significantly, one of the few, and there have not been many, very few, mainstream articles on the Mandela Effect occurred, or could be seen, in the Telegraph, which is a UK paper, I guess online as well, and that was published on the 20th of September 2016. Are you living in an alternative reality? Welcome to the wacky world of the Mandela Effect.

Well, of course, another thing I'd like to point out to you is that you and I on the detective team look very, very closely at the way that so-called witnesses and bystanders are discussing the crime. I find the discussions of the crime that occur in the mainstream media to be quite suspect.

Invariably, these discussions throw in within the first minute, if not the first 30 seconds, they throw into the consideration of the categories of phenomena of the Mandela effect the notion that it's all happening because we're living in a parallel universe or multiple universes.

And so this parallel universe idea, which I can show you, is entirely specious and demented, gets to be associated immediately with the Mandela Effect because of the way the PSYOP has been constructed.

And in that association to the parallel universe or other unverifiable and weird aspects of the paranormal, through that association, what is genuine in the effect is discredited and what is not genuine, that is the intent to destroy memory, is reinforced. Can you catch that?

So in rounding out the discussion here, the exposition, I wish I could be discussing it with you in person. I want to direct your attention to three quick points in the memo on page 5 and page 6. The first, as I just noted, is the article in the telegraph which says, “When Broome started MandelaEffect.com, she quickly discovered that there were groups of people who remembered other periods of history differently, such as insisting that the protester who defied the tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989 was run over by them. Some claim they were taught that in school."

Excuse me. But what does this wacky paragraph imply?

Well, first of all, it implies something that is quite improbable, of which there is no record of development. You know, I made the point in the first talk that where is the record of development of how research and expanding discoveries of the Mandela Effect occurred. Where is that record? Is it on Reddit? I don't know. I haven't read the Reddit forum.

I can't stand to read it because it looks really stupid and it's linear and I just see people babbling. There's hardly an intelligent word anywhere on the Reddit forums about the Mandela Effect. People are reporting effects or alleged effects and then they're just they're stalled on the ping.

This article claims that there was a development of which we have no evidence. Furthermore, in the way that the article states this, it reinforces the notion that the Mandela Effect, as Fiona Broome described it, refers to periods of history remembered differently or historical events remembered differently?

Well, of course, there's my point. That case of the Mandela effect by which it is named is not a genuine example of the real effect, is it? How bizarre is this? How ironic? I don't know if that's quite the word, but certainly it comes to mind. How twisted is this that this phenomenon is named after a case which is not actually a genuine example of the phenomenon.

The genuine examples of the Mandela effect are in those 15 categories, in the cases where you have residual evidence. But the Mandela meme stands in a class by itself.

The article goes on to say, “Some of them claim they were taught in school”. Hold on a minute. What does that suggest to you?

Well, it suggests to me that children can be taught in school different versions of history. And if that is the case, then they can be taught versions of history which are untrue. Now what is a subject, what is a topic high on the agenda of elementary education in the world today, in the Western world? What is an obligatory subject that must be taught to all children of say 7th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade? Guess what it is?

Remember your homophones. Is it the holocaust of the Jews or is it the “hollow cost“ paid in reparation by the Germans? Well, in either case, the holocaust is a story taught in the history books. And if you don't remember it the way that it's taught, well, then you're just a nut who probably believes in parallel universes.

You see where this is going. Second point. Look at what it says in the Rational Wiki. “The Mandela Effect is the pseudoscientific belief that some differences between one's memories and the real world are caused by changes to past events in the timeline. Many Mandela Effect believers believe it is caused by accidental travel between alternative universes”.

Well, this, end quote, this little paragraph is really badly written and extremely misleading, either by intention or out of sheer stupidity. In the first place, the Mandela effect is not a pseudo-scientific belief. It is an actual phenomenon. It is a memory anomaly, a mnemonic anomaly happening to untold numbers of people. It is not a belief, it has certain beliefs attached to it as explanatory theories.

So, if you recognize the Mandela Effect as genuine, it does not immediately follow from that that you believe we are living in parallel universes or that Satan is causing it to happen or CERN or anything of the sort because the Mandela Effect is a phenomenon of human memory and not a belief system. But they don't bother to make that distinction in the entry in Rational Wiki.

Finally, here's the cherry on the cake. I was looking at the program for the 2010 DragonCon event, which is possibly when this conversation happened. And included among the events is something called, wait for this, drumroll please, something called “Alternate History Track”. Now let me read this. I have to read this to you.

“Our official program will be starting at 10 a.m. on Friday with over 3,750 hours of scheduled events in only four days. What are you waiting for? Our exciting foray of regular events includes panels, seminars, workshops, films and anime showings, gaming, the masquerade, etc., etc., and one event entitled Alternate History Track. The ‘Alternate History Track’ is gearing up for a second exciting year of programming”.

Aha! So there was an “Alternative History Track” in 2009, which is the year she claims to have had this conversation.

“Artists, writers, designers, builders, and scholars will present their unique answers to what-if questions. ‘The Time Travelers Ball’ will be temporarily relocated to a larger venue, and there will be a separate showcase of fashion, both historical and fanciful. Learn about reimagined superheroes, historical warriors, lusty pirates, and attend an interactive panel where you can make history!”

I give it to you just the way it comes out in the evidence. Figure it. Feature it. In the atmosphere of Dragon Con, with people walking around in unicorn suits with rubber horns. There be griffins. There be Smurfs. And at this event, they're talking about, guess what? Alternate memories, alternate versions of history. Two events in 2009 and 2010.

And it just so happens that the first instance of the Mandela Effect, so named, comes out of those circumstances. Well, isn't that something? Isn't that special? As Church Lady used to say on Saturday Night Live.

So, on that note, we'll wind up this talk. Doing so, I'd like to remind you of that extraordinary line from Ex Machina. Very good film, by the way. Indie film. Much to learn from that film. And certainly this line was inspired in the mind of the writer and director. I'll give you my paraphrase of it.

Instead of seeing this event as deception, how about considering it to be proof?

I love that line. In a way, it's like the summary of the whole Mandela Effect riddle. It was launched as a psyop, which is an act of deception, and yet it turned into proof of correction. How fantastic is that?

And remember, whenever you think of the word correction, you must think in the sense of the dioethosis of correction. That is a two-way, two-part solution. It has two components, and the two components of correction can be defined in various ways.

But one way, which is the first way, the elementary understanding, is this. Sophia's correction has a supernatural aspect and an historical aspect. And the historical aspect requires and involves the correction of the historical record. So, the whole accumulation of clues, the whole concatenation and constellation of evidence in the psychic configuration we're investigating focuses at one point, the truth of correction for the human animals in the social order today, the truth of correction and the proof of correction, is correction of the historical record based on the facts, based on the evidence.

And you are involved in this if you are involved Gnostically in this investigation. You have a responsibility to hold up your part in knowing the evidence and insisting on the evidence of history because that is the only way to defend ourselves against the attack upon memory which destroys the true narrative of history.

Now I can't remember how World War II got started because I wasn't born yet, but I have studied and investigated the evidence coming from those who are directly in touch with the sources of those events. You have to go back to the sources. It's not the hearsay. It's not one author repeating another author repeating another author in a historical narrative.

No, you have to go to the source materials of history like David Irving did like Mark Webber does, speaking about the true role of Hitler on the Historical Review Channel. Historical Review and Historical Revision are part of your responsibility in doing something with the Mandela Effect.

You're going to do something with it. You're not just going to think about it. What would you do if I sang out of tune? What would you do if I told you an historical lie? What would you think if I told you an historical lie? It's not enough to just think about it. You have to think and then act. So there is a responsibility in the solution of this riddle.

The Mandela meme is not the correction effect. Let's go back in closing to that question, question that everyone asks when you read a spy novel or detective novel, like whodunit? Whodunit?

Who wants to attack human memory in such a manner that it causes people to gaslight themselves? People are gaslighting themselves over the Mandela Effect.

I don't watch too many of the channels now because, as I said, I think the effect, the genuine effects, are already faltering and fading as the Aeon Sophia, who is at the source of this phenomena, is directing it in a different manner.

She's directing it towards some other goal now, now that she has her attention. And yet I can see from scanning current entries and looking at some subscriptions I have of people who purport to be following this effect that there are more and more specious effects and less and less genuine ones.

And there are some people who post three or four times a day on their channels dedicated to the Mandela effect and they are spewing out the most ridiculous cases. They are gaslighting themselves so much that they're not just lost in the sauce, they're going under in the sauce. And it's a sad thing.

But it is, I believe, an obvious fact that the Mandela meme PSYOP has been successful in its objective in many, many cases. So the question, who done it? Well, I'll tell you my approach to this.

I'm walking around the room here, so I'll come over to the mic. My approach to this is based on a simple deductive technique, you could say. I'm deducing that the people who introduced the Mandela meme through Fiona Broome had a particular interest in Nelson Mandela in the first place. In other words, they chose Nelson Mandela to be the topic or the trigger for this event, for this assault.

So my deduction is those who did it are those who were involved with Nelson Mandela in the first place. Did you get my drift?

It's not by accident that Nelson Mandela was chosen to launch this psy-op, but it's not because Sophia inspired anyone to choose Nelson Mandela.

No, there are some people who operate in secrecy, and not so much in secrecy, some of them operating totally out in the open, who invested a lot in this person called Nelson Mandela. Did you know that?

Now somewhere around here I have a memo. I'll see if I can find it and link it for you or convert it into a PDF file that gives a list of the handlers of Nelson Mandela from the time that he was unknown and obscure all through his career, through the prison years and up into the time of his release from prison and going on, going forward to the time of his death. There was a lot invested.

There was an ultimate objective in creating this agent called Nelson Mandela. And that objective, by the way, is not quite, has not quite been achieved yet. It's a long-term objective that can be traced all the way back to the first time that Nelson Mandela shows up anywhere in South Africa, the first time his name comes up. It can be traced back to the initial circumstances of his life and who was around him.And in particular, the evidence trail shows that the Mandela narrative upon which this psyop is based is a construction of his handlers. And who were his handlers?

Well, they were Jewish communist infiltrators who went to South Africa during the apartheid era with the selfless and righteous intention to help the blacks and whites in South Africa sort out their problems. Because as everyone knows, the Goyim, all the nations of the world, and that includes the Blacks, the Chinese, the Latinos, and the Whites, and the Eskimos, and the Abos, the Aborigines, and the Apaches, and the Scots, and the Irish, all these tribes of the Goyim, well, everybody knows that we, because I belong to those tribes, can never solve any of our problems, can we?

And how lucky are we that there is a righteous third party that always comes in to every situation and solves it for us. The list of the Jewish communist handlers of Nelson Mandela runs, as far as I can recall, to at least 16 people.

One of them, whose name is most well known, is Joe Slovo, who was a Lithuanian Jew who went to South Africa, as I say, of no interest of his own personally, just in the sheer selfless intention to help those people in South Africa solve the problems of apartheid, even though under apartheid the black community flourished, their population exploded. And they had excellent living conditions in many instances, except when they chose to live in a different way.

And they had, for instance, excellent health care and hospital care. During apartheid, the level of hospital care for the general public, including all blacks in the country, was, I believe, the highest in the world. But there were problems. There were racist problems. And this segregation is a bad thing.

And so these Jewish communists came in and they happened upon a young man and they built him into a heroic figure. They had a lot invested in him. It was a long-term plan.

Now, as I suggested earlier, I think there's a strong case for assuming that their plan went bad when Nelson Mandela died in prison in 1991. But they wouldn't be deterred by that, would they? Because it is known that these agencies operate through doubles. What?

Saddam Hussein had four doubles, and it's not even still known to this day if the man who was tried and hung was Saddam Hussein or one of his doubles. Hillary Clinton has doubles.

So when the first Nelson Mandela died in 1991, as residual evidence shows, had to be replaced by someone else. He was sprung from prison. He became an international hero, a champion of human rights and equality between the races, which is an idea inspired by the great Jewish minds who were guiding him. You see?

And so I'm going to deduce that the people who handled Nelson Mandela and created that historical persona along with the narrative about it, which is the majority narrative, accepted by 9 out of 10 people, are the same people who are behind the Mandela meme psyop.

And for some reason, which remains to be considered, those agents and agencies working in secret deemed it useful to their ultimate objective to use the name of Nelson Mandela in a particular attack upon human memory, in a particular and specifically targeted attack.

I'm going to leave you with that thought. I'm standing here in my room and I'm looking down at the last paragraph of the copy from the DragonCon brochure 2010 or 9. 2010. Learn about reimagined superheroes and historical warriors. Reimagined superheroes.

I can think of a reimagined superhero. Adolf Hitler.

To some people today, Adolf Hitler is a superhero. He is a model, an example that can be carried in memory of a man who loved his own culture and nation and the people who spoke the German language and he loved all of European culture and admired England in particular.

And I remember that Adolf Hitler attacked the Soviet Union preemptively in order to prevent the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin from launching a massive military assault on Europe to turn Europe into a Soviet state. That's what I remember.

But then, of course, that's like believing in a parallel universe, isn't it? That's an alternate memory that doesn't fly with a lot of people, right? That's an alternate memory that is extremely objectionable, isn't it?

Who doesn't want you or anyone to remember the facts about Adolf Hitler on that memory line, my friends, on that memory line, the memory line based on evidence. Someone doesn't want you to remember it. Someone doesn't want you to remember the Nelson Mandela narrative that's based on evidence, the minority report.

And they don't want you to remember it so bad that they will not only promote with every means they have a false narrative, but they will even attack your capacity to remember the truth and to hold in your memory a narrative based on fact. They will even attack that.

Those who will attack your memory in that way are the same people who set up Nelson Mandela for his mission. And they are, as I speak today, going into August 2017, they are just at the point of consummating the mission that began with the creation of Nelson Mandela. And that is the story of what's happening in South Africa today.

So I will return to that story in the next installment on this channel. And until then, as always, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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