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Mandela Effect Decoded and General Gnosticism
#52 - MED - 60 effects decoded, summary of the investigation

#52 - MED - 60 effects decoded, summary of the investigation

Archive of #52 - MED

Hello again, this is JLL with Gnostic Intel on the Internet. It's the 10th of June 2017 and I'm here with installment number 49 in which I'm presenting a summary of the investigation so far.

I've been organizing the tracking pages, editing them, cleaning them up somewhat, and I have added a series of links to all of the tracking pages which lead directly to the texts that I've written independent of the tracking pages.

And that textual material, some of which is new, I'll get to that in a second, presents the background and premises of this investigation.

So you have not only the written material and the illustrations on the tracking pages, but there's also three or four other major essays that go along with this investigation that belong to the foundational concepts describing the breakdown of the different Mandela effects, the procedures that I undertake. And for the purposes of this talk, the analysis of categories, the analysis of instances of the Mandela effect arranged in different categories and according to vectors, clusters and themes.

So you might do well either now while you're listening or later on to bring up this page which is called Analysis and run through it to remind yourself of the vast territory that has been covered so far going four months into this mad little adventure of mine and yours.

So it looks like as of today I have covered about 60 instances of the Mandela Effect. Now I want to point out that to be precisely accurate, there are only probably 40-something particular instances, but some of those instances have multiple meanings.

Let me give you the example of a puzzle piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Here I have in my hand a typical puzzle piece. It has the formation of the tongue to insert in other pieces, and it has, let's say, one tongue and two inserts. That is the recognizable shape commonly seen in a puzzle piece.

But what is displayed on the face of this puzzle piece? Well, suppose it was some kind of bucolic scene composed in the entire jigsaw puzzle. Well, you might have on this single puzzle piece the ear of a dog along with a pole or a part of a fence and a little bit of grass or field where the dog is standing beside the fence.

So it's only one puzzle piece. You can hold it in your hand. It's a singular item. But nevertheless, it has three different distinct components, which are part of the overall picture of the jigsaw puzzle that you're constructing.

So I think that I've covered probably 40-something, 40, around 40, 45, particular instances of the Mandela Effect, but from those incidences or examples, I derive 60 clues to the crime that has been committed.

Another example would be the Mandela Effect of the Haas Avocado. Used to be H-A-A-S, that's how I remember it, and that is now the occluded form. The current form is H-A-S-S, HASS or HASS rhymes with PASS, rhymes with ASS, right?

Now that shift, that change is just one Mandela effect, technically speaking. But look what the decoding exercise, if you want to get snoopy about it, extracts from that one case.

Well, you have The reference to Rudolf Hoss, the reference to Rudolf Hess, which are two key figures in the narrative of World War II. Absolutely key figures. Because why?

Well, because Rudolf Hoss, the chief guard at Auschwitz, I believe, the story about him is evidence that the case for the Holocaust was contrived and trumped up and based on evidence extracted under torture.

Therefore, the clue to Rudolph Hoss is evidence that the supposed or alleged evidence for the Holocaust scenario is not reliable.

Likewise for Rudolf Hess, the story of Rudolf Hess is about a high-level German officer who parachuted into England in a last-ditch desperate attempt to win a peace agreement with the British because Hitler did not want to attack the British. He had to be provoked into it by Churchill. That's a fact based on evidence.

The story of Rudolf Hess is the end of a very long story, because if you go into the evidence about why he parachuted into England and what his mission was, and you trace it back to previous events, you'll find that Adolf Hitler made, I think it was, 17 attempts to achieve a peace treaty with the British, French and Continental Powers.

And the story of Rudolf Hess represents the last episode in that long effort to secure peace and avoid war. So that is part of the true story of the narrative of World War II, the evidence-based narrative.

So those two powerful narrative clues are embedded in the Haas clue. And in addition to that, the word Hass in German, H-A-S-S, means hate. Well, how could you get any more blatant than that?

You know, there's a big problem in the world today. I'm sure that you're all aware of it. Or if you're not, then you certainly are zombies of the highest order. That problem is hate and hate speech.

So you find, for instance, in a country like Britain and many places in Europe, people are arrested and put in jail and fined for things they say on a Facebook page or things they say in a text message which are deemed to be hateful, particularly incitement to racial hatred.

This claim of incitement to racial hatred is often used in regard to Islam, any criticism of Islam, which is of course totally ridiculous because Islam has nothing to do with race. It's a religious or political ideology. It's not a race.

But anyway, you get the point. It's not cool. You are not allowed to speak in a hateful way. The state is going to impose draconian laws against what is perceived to be hate speech. And already there are many individual examples of people who have been prosecuted and persecuted under these laws simply for expressing their opinion or their dislike of something or someone or some policy.

Remember that hate is an emotion and a force that belongs to the polyvalent array of meanings of the planet Jupiter. In astrology, if you are making an analysis of the personality of someone, and you want to diagnose what they hate and how the factor of hate plays into their social persona, then you look at Jupiter. Jupiter equals hate or antipathy. It's an indicator of that very highly charged emotion.

So, back to the word Hass in German means hate. Now, how come the name of the Haas avocado, H-A-A-S, has been turned to Hass, which means hate. And how come hate is without question the most incendiary social issue in the world today? And how come you can not hate anyone, you cannot hate certainly Muslims, you cannot hate a lot of marginal groups in the United States like homosexuals and lesbians and LGBTXYZ freaks. You can't hate those freaks. Even calling them freaks is hate speech. I just demonstrated hate speech.

But hold on. Just a moment there, my friends. Hold on just a second. Take a deep breath and tell me who is it that you can really hate to the end of the world and to the end of all time? Who is it that you are encouraged to hate? Right?

It's those evil Germans. The Germans carry the stigma of Hitler, the Nazis and the Third Reich. And is not Hitler the most hated individual in the world? Well, I have to tell you something. In very large parts of the world, Hitler is not hated at all, but he is hugely admired.

But we do find a situation in the United States of America and in Europe where Hitler has become demonized. And that syndrome is constantly enforced. So you are allowed to hate the swastika, which just came up, by the way, as a Mandela effect, not surprisingly.

You are allowed to hate Hitler. You are allowed to hate the Germans today for what their ancestors are alleged to have done 100 years ago or 70 years ago. I can't tell you how she does it. I can't tell you how it happened that Haas became Hass. How does she do that? How does that manipulation occur?

If you don't believe that it's a bunch of people on the internet, you know, in cubicles in these massive buildings which shelter the Google enterprise, you know, the Google Stasi surveillance system and mind control technology.

If you figure that the Mandela effect, at least to the degree that it's evident on the Internet, isn't being done by those trolls, by the changing of algorithms, by the manipulation of virtual media and codes, then how the hell is it being done?

And besides that, it's not just being done on the Internet. Apparently, if you go into a grocery store today, you go over to the fruit and vegetable counter and it says Hass Avocado. You gotta be kidding me.

If I was back in the States and I went into Whole Foods in Santa Fe, for example, Goddess preserve me, and I walked over there and I saw H-A-S-S Avocado, I would be in shock. And many people are in shock over the Mandela effect. And whether they like it or not, whether the people who dismiss it like it or not, it's a fact that these things have changed materially.

How can she do that? How can she have chosen the Hass avocado? The Hass avocado is sort of like now the forbidden fruit of the Mandela effect. If you bite the Hass avocado, you're going to taste Hass. You're going to have that taste of hate in your mouth.

And you need to ask yourself, who's putting the taste of hate in your mouth, the taste of hate in your mind, which is hate for only one particular group of people, regarding one particular event in history, surpassing all others.

All I can say is, she knows that. It's that way. The sovereign plenary intelligence of the earth lives out one second of her time in 108 days of your life.

Talk about a D-Wave quantum computer. Talk about the most powerful computers that IBM or any other company ever created, linking them together, banks and banks of computers as you see in these photographs or imagine the computer system, where is it, in Utah or Idaho under that huge dome, imagine the banks and banks of computers, the hundreds and thousands of miles of wires, the transistors, the receptors, imagine all the surveilling devices in the world feeding data into those computers.

That's nothing. That's popcorn. That's crackerjack compared to the way her mind works. She can scan every single human being on the planet continuously at every moment that you live. Not only scan your entire physiological and biochemical structure, she can scan what is happening in your mind.

I know all this because I know her pretty well. And I've been in direct and rather intimate conversation with her since March of 2003.

But I still don't know how she can pull this off. It is supernatural. There is something in it that is irrefutably not explainable by reason or by any human agency. Of all the fruits, of all the words, of all the play-on words, of all the homophones, of all the phonemes. How can she do that? I don't know, but that's what she's doing.

So, why am I going into this now? Well, of course, I want to talk about hate and being a subject that's, I believe, going to come through the Mandela Effect as it morphs into wherever it's going. Hate, violence, lethal violence, the moral imperative of violence, and morbido, which is the thrill to kill, not the duty to kill, not the necessity to kill in self-defense, but the thrill to kill.

So I expect these things to be coming through, and therefore I am highlighting this one particular example, the Hass avocado. Obviously, what's coming out of my mouth, what's coming out of my body and my emotions are the things that I urgently feel, the themes and motifs that I urgently feel are coming through the Mandela effect right now.

But in fact, I only brought it up to illustrate that there is one Mandela effect, Hass-Haas, which has three super potent clues attached to it, not to mention the clue relating to Rudolf Hass himself and the fact that he patented his avocado in the 1930s when both Hitler and Henry Ford were at the height of their fame and admired by a great part of the world, rightly so, for many things but in particular for the respect that they gave to the working class. Known in Marxist, Jewish, Communist jargon as the proletariat. Tak.

I guess this would be as good a point as any to underscore something for you regarding where you go, you, the individual, with this investigation from here on in your life if you determine to stick with it.

As this little undertaking of mine goes into the homestretch, I want to remind you that the correction of the Aeon Sophia has two aspects. One is supernatural or paranormal. You see that flagrantly demonstrated in the Mandela effect, in the case of those effects which are genuine and coded.

There are many dubious and non-genuine effects, that is to say effects not supported by residue, and apparently there are a fair number of effects that are not coded in any way. I haven't mentioned that or considered that point up until now, but you might bear that in mind and maybe if I don't run off at the mouth too much, I'll get around to making a comment on it sooner or later, why there are a great number of genuine but uncoded instances.

Anyway, the paranormal and the supernatural effect or aspect of this phenomenon is one thing. I'm doing my level best to show you how to handle that, not just to understand it, not just to draw some life-changing insight from it or realize something about yourself and the awakening of humanity that you didn't realize before.

No! No! The point is so that you can handle the power that she uses to create this effect because she offers her power to her witnesses. That's how she operates.

And the second aspect is, of course, and never, never forget this, it's historical and existential. You remember the concept of a cipher book? For instance, I just picked up a book and I'm going to say 120-1-5. 120-1-5.

Suppose you saw those three numbers on a piece of paper. Those three numbers code to a word. But how do you find out what that word is? The only way you can know what the word is is if you have the cipher book or the auxiliary text that corresponds to those numbers which represent a page, a line, and a word in the line.

Page 120, first line, fifth word in the line, hut, H-U-T. You can only know that that three number code gives the word hut if you have on hand the cipher book, which in this case happens to be the “Sacred Mushroom Seeker” Tributes to R. Gordon Wasson.

I've explained that the Fallen Goddess Scenario in its totality is a cipher text for the Mandala Effect. The clues that are presented through the instances of the effect have to be referred to the cipher text, which happens to be the sacred narrative of the fallen goddess Sophia.

But equally so, as I have shown, not in every case, but in many cases, the clues presented by the Mandela effect can only be read according to a cipher text, which is in fact the historical narrative of the 20th century.

Remember that the conclusion of the beta testing of the super-learning event, call it the beta testing, call it the inaugural phase, call it the log-on phase, remember that the conclusion of that is November 17th, 2017.

Well, what happened on November 8th? What happens on November 8th, 2017? Just 10 days before and timed closely to the conclusion, which is not the conclusion of the super-learning event, by the way. It's just the conclusion of the entry course.

Well, this year, November 8th, 2017 will be the 100th anniversary, the centennial, of the moment that the Jewish Bolsheviks took over the Russian Revolution when they entered the Winter Palace at, what was it, 2.10 in the morning. The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. 100 years.

This is no coincidence. Go back to 1917 come forward from the First World War from the Russian Revolution to the Second World War and into the Cold War which is a complete farce and a charade and into the current situation of the war on terrorism which is an even greater farce and a charade and apply the principle or rule don't know what to call it. Apply the technique that I suggested a couple of times already.

Don't seek the truth. First, go seek what's untrue. Go seek what's untrue. Go seek what cannot be supported and is not supported by any evidence. Go look at that first. Go see what's untrue about the official story of the Holocaust and what could not possibly be true and could not possibly have physically been done.

Go look at 9-11 and look at those aluminum, frail, hollow aluminum airplanes slicing into steel and concrete buildings. Go look at what is not true in the narrative of the 20th century.

And when that untruth and fraud and deceit, which is a massive system of deceit, fall away, then the truth snaps in, in a way that it never has before. And we're coming down to the finish line in the contest over the truth on this planet. The truth of the existential and historical narrative of the 20th century.

You know by now, if you followed this investigation, that a good number of the puzzled pieces contain allusions to Hitler, to Ford, to World War II, and to events in the historical record.

Likewise, the very name of the Mandela effect, ho ho ho, don't forget that one, that's not accidental either. How could she arrange it so that the paranormal interception that she undertook with agency would be named after a particular historical narrative that illustrates the primary cautionary message she wants to get across to her children.

How could she so arrange it that way? How come it's not the Hepburn effect? Or the Burton effect, named after Richard Burton? How does it come to be? What kind of quote, coincidence, unquote, can this be? It is not a coincidence, my friends. It is the intentional design of a superhuman agency working in a paranormal manner. Working in a way that is inexplicable, irreducible, finally and ultimately, to anything that we know in the laws of nature.

Yet, according to her laws, and she is nature, it makes sense and it works so there you have it. So as you proceed in your lives, do not ignore the fact that a good many of these clues that I've listed here, 60 of them, refer to actual historical events and we're not through with looking at those historical allusions yet. Just let me give you a little clue, and maybe this is all I'll give you, because maybe I won't even get around to talking about this at any further length. I am going to talk about the Mandela narrative in the next talk, number 50. That's going to be a real deal-breaker for some of you, probably.

But let me just remind you, like ET says, I remind you, according to that scene in E.T., so articulate, so brilliant, such brilliant filmmaking and direction on the part of Steven Spielberg.

The E.T. creature is there in the room with the two children, and it raises its thin, rather bony finger. Spielberg shoots the scene in such a way that the shadow of the hand and the bony finger of the ET falls right across the face of the child, and the bony finger goes right across the forehead of the child. This is the symbolic message, the shadow of the bony finger.

Well, in the Gnostic cosmology, the realm of the galactic arms, where the Archons appeared spontaneously due to the impact of Sophia's plasmatic discharge, is called the region of Haibe, H-A-I-B-E, which means shadow.

In the organic light there is no shadow and the organic light does not cast shadow. The shadow of the ET alien intruder goes over the face of the magical child of the goddess and the ET intruder points across the forehead of the child. Imagine the powerful power of the symbolism. Get this. And says E.T., “home phone”.

Homophone. Look at the E.T. I.T. medium which is a human creation but has the characteristics of an Archontic construct look at it, look into it, look at the internet and look for the homophones.

What sounds like but is spelled differently. It's alright to hate Hitler. In fact, you're encouraged to do it. It's virtue signaling. In my opinion, to call someone a Nazi is anti-German hate speech and should be, to be consistent with hate speech laws, people should be punished for calling someone a Nazi, if you want to operate in that framework, which I don't.

It's okay to hate Nazis and Hitler, and it's even okay to punish them, because you know who the punishing God is, right? Yaldabaya, the Lord of the Jews and the Lord of the Archons, is a cruel and punishing God.

So let's punish the Germans for what they do. And so not only are they shamed, and this is a pitiful thing to see. It breaks my heart when I meet Germans and I see them carrying this shame.

Not only are they shamed by the implications of an historical narrative that is entirely deceitful and does not tell the true story of what their ancestors did, but they gotta pay. They gotta pay big. They gotta pay reparation.

And so there's a big cost laid upon the German people. Not only the threat of their genocidal extinction, and I'm going to talk about that in the next talk in relation to the Mandela narrative, not only are the German people under threat of a final solution that was proposed in 1942 in a book called “Germany Must Perish”, written by a Jew, Theodor Kaufmann, and that is a fact.

A Jew proposed and introduced the term Final Solution in regard to the German people with a plan to sterilize and exterminate the German people and that book is still in print and you can buy it on Amazon.com and there's no problem with the book being banned because of hate speech.

So not only are the Germans under really a death sentence and man do they deserve it, those evil, evil Germans, but they have to pay through the nose and they've been paying reparation for the hollow cost. Oops!

Is that a homophone? How do you spell hollow cost? So, this is the reality of the historical drama in which you are living and in which you are implicated.

And there is historical force and verity in the Mandela effect and I will tell you right now speaking in my familiar arrogant and contemptuous way that I have no respect whatsoever for anyone commenting on the Mandela Effect and pretending to bring to the world a helpful interpretation of the Mandela Effect who does not take this fact of its historical relevance into account.

So, the Fallen Goddess Scenario is one cipher text for decoding the Mandela Effect. Keep that in your left hand. The narrative of World War II is another ciphertext for decoding the clues contained in the Mandela Effect, such as the Volkswagen logo, the Ford logo, the Hass avocado, the Moonraker film, and more.

All of those elements comprise the first super-cluster, and the central motif or theme of the first super-cluster, let me remind you, is a dual theme, master race and genocide. Let it be very clear in your mind, my friends, that you cannot ever think of master race and master race ideology without thinking of genocide. The two things go together.

In fact, the master race on this planet, the Übervolk, as they were called already in certain legal documents of the 19th century in Germany. The Übervolk, you think that refers to the Germans? No, it doesn't.

The master race, not the Nazis, have the mandate to exterminate all who are beneath them. So the question that you need to live with to be a responsible human being on this planet and act on your conscience once in a while is to know who is the master race, really, and who is the target of genocide according to the mandate of that race.

You need to know that. If you don't know that, you don't deserve to be here. You don't qualify as a human animal. You don't have humanity in you if you don't know who that is and how it's unfolding right here, right now. I'll get back to that point when I talk about what's unfolding in South Africa right here and right now.

You don't have to go back into history if you don't want to. Maybe you don't have the head for it, right? Maybe you don't have the interest, the concentration, the ability to read and study, to go to the source materials, or to the people who cite the source materials like David Irving. They're very rare, like Mark Webber of the Institute for Historical Review.

They cite the source materials. Maybe you don't have the time for that. Well, don't worry about it. I'll explain in the next talk that what's coming down the road is just as good as any mass genocide that has ever been committed on this planet in the past

So forget about the past. It's coming up in the future and you'll have a front row seat so get out your popcorn. Install yourself in a comfortable seat and get ready to watch because there is nothing that you're going to be able to do about it and you may not even be able to watch. You may not even be able to bear watching something that you are impotent to affect or change in any way, but I assure you that is exactly what is coming around the bend in 2017. Okay, okay.

I'm obviously feeling rather emotional today and emotional tirades and discharges are not entirely appropriate to the intention of this talk. So let me calm myself down and go back to the simple facts regarding what has been accomplished in this investigation.

On the page that I provide, in the new format, and there's an easy index to all the material now carried, that will be carried on all the tracking pages. Give me a moment to pull all this together. I'm the only one who's running this little adventure.

On the page entitled Glondella Effect Analysis, you'll see that I invite you to recall those vectors, those five vectors that I described in the page called Procedures. That is to say, the Mandela effect is a directional signal composed of vectors that guide human attention in five distinct ways.

One, toward the source of the effect. Two, toward the way the effect reveals itself in the decoding process, its particular properties that are seen by close forensic analysis. Three, toward the collective defect in the human mindset. Four, toward a pattern of engagement unique to each observer. Those are the biotropic clues. And finally five, toward what comes later in later expressions of the effect as it morphs into the full-blown magnitude of the super-learning event. Okay?

So then if you go through the inventory you'll see that the examples which are all numbered are grouped loosely in these various categories. So, for instance, the first group you encounter is Vector 2.

Well, how the effect reveals itself, how it tells you how it appeals to your mind, it makes itself user-friendly, how it works, it shows you how it works by prompting you, by coaching you.

For instance, Forrest Gump. Well, life is like a box of chocolates. Life was like a box of chocolates. It tells you that now you know what you're going to get if you're being snoopy. Are you going to be in a big fine mess over the Mandela Effect or are you going to be in a nice mess? Lucy, Lucille Ball. Lucy, you got some splainin' to do. What is the Gnostic investigation of the Mandela Effect? Some splainin'. Snoopy, the dog in the cartoons, Peanuts cartoon, is the probative faculty, the Bee Gees, cheesy Bee Gees, question, do you really want to know or do you really mean to learn, and on and on and on.

These are the clues that coach you to the way that the Mandela effect wants to reach you. Secondly you go, and there's many of those, secondly then you go down to how the effect points to its source, Lucille Ball, The Luminous Earth.

The goddess has wit. She's a wickedly funny witch. She has a comedic flair. Of all the actresses in the world that she might have chosen to highlight as central to a super-cluster, how can she choose this one?

Because she scanned everything. And she scanned it in a way that is really, really, let's admit it, inconceivable to the human mind. It's inconceivable how she does this. And there is a paranormal factor that can never be reduced to reason.

Yet, on the other hand, I must emphasize, speaking as an Nahual, that the supernatural is not irrational in the sense of being against reason. Reason can apprehend certain aspects of the supernatural.

And as a matter of fact, I can tell you for sure from first-hand experience that the supernatural itself can act in a reasonable manner. It has a reasoning flair. It has a super reasoning flair and it has a super super reasoning flair.

So go read Director's Cut. I dare you to read it. If you read Director's Cut, it will bring you to the limit of what your human mind can conceive regarding how the Aeonic projection of the world movie is managed.

Okay, so the inventory continues and you have denominative clues, you have Kit Kat, Tidy Cat, you have the six clues associated with the English translations of the German word Mandel.

Then you have the Ford VW Super-cluster, the clues that belong within that group. Then you have the Sophia Lucifer Super-cluster, Lucille Ball once again.

Now you see that in the way I've arranged this inventory, number four, Lucille Ball, the name of the actress, occurs in different groups, but it always remains number four.

So, I'm not counting redundantly like that. I'm not doing any redundancy to increase the number of instances. All in all, you'll find that there are 60 discrete instances in this inventory. And that ain't no small potatoes.

Finally, Vector 5, the purpose of the effect, how it points to the super-learning event, the amber mutation, mitosis, mutation of the Anthropos 11, epigenetics is the theme of one of the themes of the Mandela Effect array, and so forth and so on.

Then you come down to the Vampire Super-cluster, which is now in development. Yes, the Vampire Super-cluster. Interview with a vampire. Interview with THE vampire.

Now, A and THE are simple words in the human language. Their equivalents exist in any other language. And they key your NLP circuits in a particular way.

So if I say look at the car, your NLP reads that language in a certain way and you act accordingly. If I say look at a car, You act in a different way, don't you?

She knows exactly how your neuronal circuits interface with phonemes and grammatical syntactical elements of the structure of language. And she's using that capacity for language, which she gives you in the first place, to reach you with her message.

This is absolutely so brilliant and delightful. And if you really get it, how can your life ever be the same? How can your mind ever function as it used to?

This Mandela effect is a vector of fabulous transformation of human intelligence and restoration of the mind back to its initial genius setting.

The Mandela effect demonstrates the modus operandi of the anima mundi and it rhymes with lotus candy. But this lotus candy is not the kind that makes you forget as the proverbial lotuses in the times of Homer. It was the opium poppy, really.

No, this lotus candy makes you remember. Okay, still scanning through this inventory, references to the sacred narrative, you know. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. No, it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood.

If I say to you, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, you say, yeah, it's our neighborhood, their neighborhood, all around, yeah, yeah. If I say, it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, then you say, well, what neighborhood is this?

The Fallen Goddess Scenario is a narrative about events specific to the local area of the galactic arm, this neighborhood. And so on and so forth. Keeps going.

I mean, then we have some random ones, some loose floating clues, some puzzle pieces on the table, which I haven't examined yet.

And then, of course, there are many other examples that are not going to be considered in this investigation. You know, Cup of Noodles, The Champions, Song by Queen, Looney Tunes, you know, Monopoly, Does the Banker Have a Monocle, No Monocle, you know, Oxyclean, Spelled with a Y, Spelled with an I, you know, Mona Lisa's Smile Has Changed, that's very, very dubious.

That's not a good Mandela effect because there are many copies of the Mona Lisa with differences in the expression on her face. Oscar Mayer, Oscar Mayer, Chuck E. Cheese, Jif, Barbie girl in a Barbie world, JCPenney, Smithsonian Institute.

There you are again with me sitting around the table with a jigsaw puzzle. What I have done in this investigation is I have framed in the jigsaw, and the pieces that are inside the frame are the pieces we work, the individual pieces, the small clusters of two or three pieces and the super-clusters.

Outside on the table outside the frame, there's a pile of other pieces. I don't know. What are they? Why are they there? They what are they doing there? Do they belong to other puzzles, but maybe go go look at some of those pieces.

I would like to see someone you say Chuckie cheese JC Penney oxyclean the song about champions by Queen and Home Depot the Home Depot to create another jigsaw puzzle with another coherent narrative that compares to the narrative that I am teaching you. Let's see you do it.

Now I can honestly tell you I've wondered why there are so many examples of the Mandela Effect which are not going to fit into this investigation. There appear to be extraneous pieces. I've thought a lot about that and I have a couple of thoughts which I'll share with you right now.

First of all, I think she's using the shotgun effect just to get people's attention. You know, if I'm locked in a cell beside you and I want to get your attention so we can both cook up a plan to escape together, first I might just beat on the wall so you know that I'm there.

But then, after beating on the wall for a while, I might use Morse code or some other method to convey a message to you. So the beating on the wall is equivalent to all of these Mandela effects insofar as they are genuine and proven or supported by residue.

They are simply there to get attention at the level of the first attention. She uses kind of a shotgun method and I've often pointed out that the Aeon Sophia does use a shotgun method all through nature, and that the Aeons like to gamble on low odds.

So if you look at an oak tree, you'll find that thousands of acorns drop off the oak tree, but very, very few of them, perhaps only a handful, go into oak trees. That's the shotgun method.

I'd say she's using the shotgun method, which is typical of the Pleromic Aeons in their experiments to get the attention of the world and then to feed a specific signal into that attention once she has it. Okay?

I think another factor in the proliferation of many Mandela effects which do not appear to fit into the narrative, they don't fit into the jigsaw puzzle we're working, they may, might fit into it, but as far as it looks right now, they don't. I think another factor that can account for that is that there's a lot of gaslighting going on.

You know, some people would dismiss the Mandela effect purely as a psy-op of gaslighting, a nefarious psy-op used to confuse people. But you know, you don't have to gaslight people. They gaslight themselves. Why bother? Why go through all this bother of gaslighting people?

Most of the people in the world are already clueless, lost in the sauce and confused to the point where they can barely live their own lives. So why bother? I think that a lot of the Mandela effect I know, that a lot of examples are really bad examples.

Like this recent example that came up, came to my notice just a day after I finished the talk about the talisman. Someone who produces a great many Mandela Effect videos, some of which are valid. For instance, he produced a very impressive one about the mutations in the form of sharks, which is absolutely remarkable. Happens to be someone who likes sharks and who has studied sharks all his life, fascinated by sharks, and noticed that sharks today have different forms. They've mutated from what they used to be, from what he knows.

So there's a genuine Mandela effect connected with sharks. But for that one genuine effect, this particular individual proposes 20 others that are not valid. For instance, he came out just recently and observed that what's going on with the swastika? It's rotating in one direction and he remembers it as always rotating in the other direction.

Well, that's a specious example of the Mandela effect because, in fact, if you go investigate the swastika, which is an ancient Indo-European Aryan symbol representing sovereignty and the ultimate male power of the universe, the Shiva power, if you go and look at it, you'll see that it is represented in different ways, rotating in different cultures in clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

So, it cannot be, whichever way you remember it, it cannot be a Mandela effect, and you cannot misremember it. So you'll find that in Japanese Buddhism, it rotates clockwise. And in Tibetan Buddhism, you see swastikas that rotate counterclockwise. The swastika on the Nazi insignia on the Nazi flag has its arms pointing to the right.

And so its upper arms pointing to the right and so it is conceived as rotating counterclockwise to the way the upper arm points. Likewise the other swastika has its upper arm pointing to the left and it is said to rotate clockwise in the opposite direction.

And there are many examples of both through many cultures in the world over centuries and centuries of time. Provide a link to a page that gives you many, many good examples.

Another example of gaslighting, and this is one that really gets even me, is the position of the lights in a stoplight. Stoplight has three lights, red, amber in the center for caution, and then green.

So, is the green at the bottom or the green at the top? Well, now, now, the green is at the bottom. But some people are saying that they remember stoplights when the green was at the top. And there is interesting residue of stoplights with the green light at the top.

Now, dismissing the fact that that could just be a mechanical difference, you never know. Some municipalities, some cities, some towns might have the custom of, if it's not a uniform code, for instance, for all the states in the United States, some of them might have their green light at the top. That's possible as well.

What gets me is, if you ask me now that I've been exposed to this effect, for all the years I've been driving since the age of 15, well, do I remember the green light being at the bottom as it is now or being at the top? And I would have to say, you know, I don't really know.

And how is that possible? How could I have observed stoplights literally millions of times in my life in countries all over the world and I can't tell you if the green light is always at the bottom or always at the top.

So there's a gaslighting effect that happens around certain instances of the Mandela effect. And why does that happen? It's something that she does to show you how little you pay attention to what's in front of you, to show you how shallow, shallow as a Ford, how shallow your first attention is. It's not to shame you, it's to teach you something.

When you realize, when you have the shock of realizing, fuck, don't tell me that I've gone, I've stopped at millions and millions of stoplights and I can't remember whether the green was at the red or at the top.

When you get that shock, along with that shock comes the teacher's message, the kind mother's message, which is, you've got to pay better attention. You see?

So it's a learning. The Mandela effect has a learning aspect regardless of whether the effects are genuine or spurious. Unfortunately, however, there are a lot of spurious effects and there are a lot of instances of people who are proposing really far-out and far-fetched Mandela effects due to the fact that they are simply gaslighting themselves.

And that's not a way to handle this phenomenon. That's poor technique. All right, so I'm going to wind up now, because once again, I'm running up to an hour, and I don't like to talk this long, honestly. I'm getting tired of talking this long.

And yet, it's extremely difficult, as you know, to treat this material properly and correctly and adequately without going into some length. Let me point out quickly that there was an error in the last talk at minute 39 when I said the Virgin holds the Grail cup on her left. She doesn't. She holds it on her right.

There was also a comment that I made that Thelete uses Jupiter in a manner comparable to the way Sophia uses the Earth. You have to take that comment with a very big grain of salt. Do not go to any wild conclusions here.

Certainly, Thelete is not in material imminence in the planet Jupiter the way that Sophia is in the Earth. No. But what I meant to say was that Thelete uses the planet Jupiter in a way that complements Sophia's situation on Earth.

Being a galactic scale, pleromic Aeon, Thelete can use planetary systems and inorganic systems that arise within the galactic arms for any purposes which he chooses. And if you want to have a tentative understanding of this, I would propose this analogy, that Thelete uses Jupiter rather as a remote sensing and remote access device within the planetary system, within the solar system.

Remember, the Earth, Sun and the Moon are a three-body system composed of organic forces, inorganic and organic, but primarily they are organic and living forces.

The remainder of planets in the solar system are inorganic and Archontic. Thelete has reached into the inorganic Archontic structure of the solar system and is in some way accessing and managing it through Jupiter in a manner that is compatible with Sophia's correction and complements and assists her in her designs and purposes. It's the best I can do for right now. My splaining capacities are running rather thin these days, as you might have noticed.

One other point that might have confused you regarding the matter of signs and constellations. When I describe the position of Jupiter, I say it's in 14 Libra. I pronounce it Libra. Conventionally, it's pronounced Libra. That is an astrological sign.

Well, how can I say that Jupiter is in the constellation of the Virgin, but when I want to give you its position, I say it's in 14 Libra? Well, those two things are not contradictory.

The sign is not the constellation, but the sign frame of 12 signs of 30 degrees each provides a locational grid that allows me to refer to where planets are in the constellations. You see?

So 14 Libra, that designation, is simply a marking on a scale. It has nothing to do with the astrological significance of the sign Libra. So there's no confusion there.

For instance, if you're born, say, on June 3rd, of any year, this is what I would have said to you if you were my astrological client. You're born on June 3rd. That means that you are a Gemini with the sun in the head of the bull. So you're both.

You are an astrological sign Gemini. That refers to your personality and your social persona. But behind that format, behind that framework, in the deeper reaches of your human identity and your transpersonal destiny, you have the sun in the eye of the bull.

That's the mythopoetic or mythophrenic reference to the constellations. The sun in, what, 12, 13 degrees Gemini is the astrological and personal reference and the two things are not correlated. The two things do not equate. It is not simply a layover of one upon the other, so that you can exchange the values of the two systems.

The values and themes and information to be drawn from the real sky zodiac consisting of 13 visible constellations is entirely different from the information that you use to practice conventional astrology. Okay, so I'll leave it at that because I know that that's a terribly mind-boggling subject.

So let me conclude very quickly since I've gone two minutes over an hour, I may as well go a couple of minutes more with something that's really quite amusing to me.

One of the Mandela effects that has come up recently since the last talk where I spoke about the V's and the multiple V's in VV, the multiple V's in the Wonder Woman, in the witch, in the VV itch, in Wendy's braids, and many, many others that you can think of. It so happens that someone is saying, well, the lettering of the word visa for visa card has changed.

And now the V has some kind of detail on it. It has some kind of tab on it that it didn't have before. So, someone is proposing that this is a Mandela effect.

Once again, all attention goes to the V. And not only does attention go to the V, but look at the phonemes in the word V-I-S-A. V's. V's. That's a phoneme. Ah. Ah is sort of like ah or ah. Okay. V's ah, right?

V's, the phoneme, is the equivalent of the plural of the letter V. There are a lot of V's in the Mandela effect. And that's exactly what this effect, whether it be genuine or not, who cares? In some cases it doesn't even matter.

This Mandela effect is designed by the plenary sovereign intelligence of the earth in such a delightful and clever way that even spurious effects can serve her purposes in reaching us.

Now I'm reminded of a line from that science fiction film Ex Machina. Have you seen that film? It's an excellent science fiction film about the confrontation between an artificial intelligence, a female robot named Ava, and a young computer programmer.

And there's a line, it's quite a work of genius in certain ways, certainly it is a high quality science fiction film above normal standards, and there's a line in it which is absolutely a stroke of genius. And that is the line where the character who invented Ava, the I.T.A.I. genius, you could say, says to the young man who is interacting with this alluring robotic creature, Ava, get that, an A, a V in the middle, and an A, so there's a V in the middle of Ava and the two A's of Ava are also V's as I'll show you in a moment.

So there's a marvelous line when the inventor of Ava says to the young man who's being confused in his interactions with this robotic creature who's outwitting him, it appears, the inventor says, “instead of seeing this as deception, you should see it as proof”.

That is fucking pure genius. And that line can stand as a commentary on the Mandela Effect. Anyone who wants to can dismiss me. I realize I'm risking my reputation. I realize that I'm risking my cred as a scholar, as a, you know, self-taught whatever, as an authority, if you will. You know, as a comparative mythologist, all the badges that I wear, you know, like a boy scout with his merit badges, right?

I realize that I put myself at risk and there are many people who can just dismiss the Mandela effect as a psyop or as confusion due to misremembering and therefore it is nothing but a great act of deception perpetrated by people upon themselves and to them I would say instead of seeing this phenomenon as deception, you should see it as proof. Isn't that wonderful?

Finally, I'll close with the V theme. You know, another Mandela effect that has been noted for some time now concerns the letter A. A-V-A is the name of the robot in Ex Machina.

Well, the letter A in certain logos, such as the logo for the car Kia, K-I-A, has no crossbar. So people have noted, and other names too, other brand names or other products with an A in it, have lost the crossbar. I can't cite what they are, but there are numerous examples being brought forth as examples of the Mandela Effect.

And I say to you, recall the toggling, head over heels, of an M into a double V. The M, when you turn it upside down, toggle it, vertically, becomes a double V. Well, when you take the A, and you take out the crossbar, and you toggle it, it becomes a V. But hold on, it gets even better, because the A without the crossbar actually presents the Greek letter Lambda.


Now, consider the phonemes presented by this phenomenon. Lamb-duh. I rest my case. And on that note, I will leave you to the 50th installment coming soon.

And until then, may your attention be rewarded by the truth.


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